Salesman’s Hot Rod? 1968 Mercury Montego MX Four Door with 390 and 4-Speed

For those not old enough to remember, and for those who forget, it seemed that no one except salesmen and some realtors drove four-door, US domestic non-luxury cars back in the day. As recently as the late 70s, the best-selling car in the US was the Olds Cutlass, most of which were two-door sedans. The big families stepped up to wagons and vans, leaving the four-door for work and (oddly) retirement duty. Given all this, four-doors historically had a bit of a stigma and, more recently, they haven’t ridden the wave of increased collector prices. That makes really nice four doors oddities and, as such, we love ’em. Today’s feature is a 1968 Mercury Montego MX with bid block (390) power and a four-on-the-floor!

Periodically, we see swapped four doors for sale; but the seller here has a Marti report documenting original equipment. Further, this car looks perfect in dark red/maroon with black vinyl top and those original GT wheels. Its four-door nature retains sleeper quality, but we imagine the 390 with headers gives things away a bit.

Depressed four-door prices made them bargain used cars for smart families back in the day and that holds true for enthusiasts today. This won’t be a great collector investment, but it should be reasonably to purchase, it won’t likely lose value and it will likely provide a lot of fun (with the option of a couple kid seats in the back). This is also cheaper to buy and maintain than another of our favorite four doors, the Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3…

Just note that this one may need diff work:

“Runs great car has 325 trac loc factory I believe it’s broken noisy .””

Click for eBay ad
Westfield, MA, USA
$6,550 with 21 bids, reserve not met and one day to go

With the engine off, this is a sleeper, although closer inspection reveals it wears the best 15-inch tire one can buy today, the Pirelli P6000 (see pic in ad).

Exposed exhaust gives things away a bit.

Front end, of course, matches the two-door Montego (and isn’t too different from a Torino), which was a handsome car.

Grandma’s car styling is perfectly clean and, yet again, we like the dual exhaust.  Was it that exposed when stock?

Here’s a money shot with the four-speed.  Note the bench seat – this car technically seats six adults!

Very rare in a four door is a tachometer!

The engine has a bit of dress-up, but some of these had chrome bits when stock. Supposedly, it was rebuilt about 6000 miles ago.  Power steering is present, but no AC.

Ad text:

“Car is in very nice condition never had rust or any repairs. Car was repainted years ago . This is a one of one production car . Comes with Martin report original motor and trans motor was rebuilt approx 6000 miles ago I believe the top was replaced also car came from calf . Runs great car has 325 trac loc factory I believe it’s broken noisy .”

this is 1968 Mercury montego 390 Mx 4 speed manual transmission  4 door  power steering   ,Power brake,  posi traction ,4 barrel carb

Car has hooker headers and dual exhaust. Car runs great   I just don’t drive it enough.   Car has 15 inch Ford gt wheels with Mercury man center caps very rare. This is a documented one of one production car with Martin report.   Do not waist my time with money orders or scams. cash and u pick it up it’s that simple car will not leave until paid in full threw paypal or cash no checks at all. All shipping is up to buyer . Car must be picked up within 1 week of sale . 

Rare American Bantam Boulevard Delivery Microcar

American Bantam was a short-lived Microcar maker, which spun out of the bankrupt American Austin in the mid-to-late 1930s.  Despite only about five model years of production, these Austin-based cars existed in several body types.  This “Boulevard Delivery” is one of the most interesting and collectible.

The seller provides little information, but says the car is in “very nice”condition.  We have to assume that means it runs and drives.  The photos certainly do seem to back up the claimed condition.

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Lake Forest, IL, USA (the OTHER Lake Forest)
$8,300 with 37 bids, reserve not met and five days to go

We love the unique shape and style here, what with the odd combination of micro size and art deco details.

The lighter-painted coves really pop better from this angle.

Interestingly, there’s no opening at the rear.  Loading/unloading was all from the inside.

Interior is simple and functional and it appears to be in very good shape.

Here’s the cargo area.  Is that a creepy doll??

Engine is a small four cylinder, but we don’t know much about it. Just assume it’ll have microcar “performance”, meaning it’s probably a blast to drive this slow car fast.

Ad text:

1939 Bantam Boulevard Delivery 
Rarest of the Rare!

Here at MissChiTown, we assist collectors with the marketing of their collector vehicles and we have had the opportunity to visit many major car collections through out the United States. Interestingly we have seen many of these little Bantam cars in some very sophisticated collections.  These Bantams certainly seem to appeal to collectors whether their primary focus is on Ferrari, Antique or Classic cars – everybody loves the Bantams!  The Bantams popularity besides the fact that they are a fabulous piece of design art, they are also fun to drive.  

In the world of Bantam collecting everybody agrees that the Bantam Boulevard Delivery is the crème de la crème of Bantams due to the scarcity (only five believed to exist).  To find one that is restored and in such beautiful colors as the one in this eBay auction is a very rare opportunity.  

This car was restored in the late 1990s and would be an attraction in anybody’s collection.  

Check out the pictures and you can see that this car is in very nice condition.  It is believed that the 19,000 mileage on the odometer is original (note no documentation to prove this).  Everybody can bid because the private sellers have a set a very reasonable reserve.  (Please do not ask reserve).

One thing for sure, you can park this Bantam Boulevard Delivery next to a Duesenberg and as many collectors that want to see the Duesenberg will also want to check out this Bantam.  We assure you that this car does attract the attention anywhere you go.

You can bid to win and be happy that you did.  

However we try to answer all questions in a timely manner.

Time Capsule Topaz: Two-Door with Five-Speed!

Soon, we’ll have a whole generation that doesn’t remember Mercury, Ford’s red-headed stepchild.  That’s sad, as the brand had a few real performance gems over the years.  This isn’t one of them, but it is a last holdout of the 80s, even though it was sold in the 90s.

The Topaz, of course, was Mercury’s twin to the much-maligned Ford Tempo.  This is the car that makes people realize just how good the Mondeo-based Mystique and Contour “world cars” really were.  Still, there were bright spots: AWD in some cases, a Mazda diesel and even some V6-powered performance variants.

Today’s feature isn’t one of the special editions, but it’s interesting for a few reasons.  First, it’s amazingly well preserved while most of these have rotted away.  Second, it is a two-door variant with manual trans; so it is ostensibly sporty.  Third, its full red interior reminds us that OEMs once invested enough to make that many parts in different colors.  Those days are long gone.

At under $5K, it’s hard to say this isn’t a bit of a deal; but one has to wonder what to do with it.  It’s rare that a Tempo or Topaz is worth more than $1K.  This one checks the box because of its condition and mileage, so any change to that might rapidly make this a $750 car.  So, this is a bit of a conundrum, but we think it deserves to be saved.

Click for eBay ad
Canton, GA, USA
$4,990 BIN

Styling was cleaner and more modern on these later Tempos/Topazes.  The front “light bar” was a brand/family theme derived from the Sable (of all things).

This is a relatively friendly face and one some of us used to see often – usually in our rear view mirrors.

Profile reveals this car’s “coupey-ness” and quality alloy wheels.

Would anyone ever really use this “luggage rack?”

Apparently, the tail lights work.

Here’s that beloved, full red interior.  Big caveat  – we don’t know what’s under that dash cover.  Also, yes, this car has mouse belts!

This even had a tachometer!

Rear seat, of course, shows no wear.  Not surprising, consider the fronts don’t, either.

Trunk seems ample in size for the size of the car and it looks like original (?) floor mats are included.

Here’s the non-exciting, 2.3-liter I4.  This produced around 90HP when new.  The best claim to fame here might be sharing an engine with thousands of Mustangs…

How about a genuine Topaz Monroney label???

Ad text:

Nice 1-owner rock solid 56k org mile Colorado rare 5-speed Topaz GS Coupe! This is a super clean 2.3L Fuel inj 4cyl  5-speed Merc! Very rare that org owner had the foresight to take extra special car of this gem! This baby has survived the years and is still looking great it looks more like a 5 or 6 year old not a 23 year old! Runs and drives nice and tight and strong! Nice original paint that looks great! Nice red cloth interior! Clean engine bay. Clean undercarrage. Well equipped with cold ac, nice factory alloy wheels, luggage rack, original am/fm/stereo cass, spare tire and jack in place and look to have never been out, leather wrapped shift knob, factory floor mats, power mirrors and more! All books/manuals and original window sticker! This car has had years of pampering and care how many Topaz’s have survived like this one and how? I can tell you just about none much less a rare 2 door 5 s-peed rust free version most lived in the rust belt but not this one! If you want a nice original and had one of these years ago heres your chance to relive the dream! So may of these are very junky beat down and not in the shape our little fella is in so weigh your options you can buy a beater and fix it up and bet you will have more spent or just buy this gem and enjoy it now! Vehicle is parked in our showroom it is that quality so please call ahead to set up a time to ck out!

Awesome LeMons Buy?

So, this went over the $500 limit; but it seems like  the ultimate LeMons car.  This is a Fox-platform Mercury Cougar with the turbocharged 2.3L four and five-speed manual.  It looks like every piece of sheet metal on this car has damage and/or rust and the dash has seen too much sun.  That seems like a race car opportunity to us, assuming the rust is not in structural bits.

1) Body needs work?  Check.
2) Engine needs work? Check!
3) Not worth restoring? Check!!

Well, we think it’s worth restoring from a coolness perspective, but it will make no economic sense.  So, why not strip this Cougar’s interior out, sell off the good bits, rebuild the engine with performance mods (plenty are available) and stiffen up the suspension to make an awesome racer?

Someone already bought this one, but we had to post it.  Hopefully, it goes to some sort of loving home to see another life on the track or as the sleeper it was meant to be.

Click for eBay ad
Middlebury, VT,  USA
Already sold for $610 with two bids

Here’s the “formal” Mercury roof line.  Silver makes this even more of a sleeper vs. the red and blue XR-7s and Turbo Coupes that come up periodically.

Have you seen the light?

Front end would be indistinguishable from a T-Bird withouth the grill change.

Rear has fancy “Cougar head” lights.  Also, there’s no CHMSL on this 1984 model.

Here’s an idea of the kind of rust we’re talking about.  Hopefully, T-Bird doors fit, as full door replacement might be the best idea is one wants to “restore” this.  The seller included more pics showing rust bubbles along the lower side/rocker trim.

The interior appears to be very nice overall, although the dash is cracked.  In a sense it would be a  shame to gut this, but the parts might have some value, given the good overall condition.

Back seat looks new.

Trunk is ample.  Your humble host has previously fit a keg in the T-Bird equivalent.  Note the head gasket…hmm.

Here’s the cool turbo four – Ford didn’t even both to relabel this as a Mercury engine.

Ad text:

This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to restore or mod a great car from the 80s. Only 6,171 of these XR-7 were made in 1984 and a small percentage of those were manual transmission like this one.  This car needs some work but does run.  It burns oil so probably needs rings and/or valves replaced.  Turbo works.  Will need brakes and tires, but the frame is in good shape (just had it looked at by a mechanic).  The interior is in pretty good shape and is leather.  This car has had only two owners, my Father-in-law and me.  It’s a cool car and I wish I had the time to work on it but I just do not.  Please contact me with any questions. Buyer will be responsible for vehicle pickup or shipping but I will help in any way that I can.

Why? Nearly Perfect 1990 Sable Wagon

The seller claims this was a grandparental car from new, and that’s the only explanation we can think of for its condition.  Any Sable in good condition is an oddball in 2016; but this wagon with full blue interior and upgraded engine is a true gem.  Would you drive this?

The seller claims under 55K miles and that everything works.  Basic maintenance was recently done to keep it running; so there’s a good chance this is ready to roll.  We don’t know the reserve, but the low starting bid means we’ll see a market price.  Anything under $2,500 seems like a bargain; but the buyer will have to decide what to do with this.  With minimal investment, not a lot of money is at risk if one decides to start adding miles.

Click for eBay ad
Long Beach, CA, USA
$217.50 with four bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

This looks space-age at launch and still look unconventional today.  At Oddimotive, we consider that a good thing.  Note the desirable basket weave wheels (apologies to Bimmer fans).

Here’s the Mercury signature lighting from the era.  This was, at one time, a common sight in one’s rear view mirror.

This is familiar to me, as the former owner of a 1986 T-Bird.  Ford and Mercury were apparently pretty consistent.  Condition appears to be great.  Aftermarket head unit sticks out like a sore thumb, though.

Digital dash actually works!

Driver’s seat shows only minor signs of use.

Rear seat appears to be perfect and all carpet is in excellent condition.

Again, condition is amazing here.  The dark blue reminds me of my 1998 SVT Contour.

Cargo space is ample, as one would expect from this best of body styles.

You’re damn right there’s a tail gunner seat!

Here’s the sideways, 3.8 liter V6.  These were exciting (save for the supercharged T-Bird/Cougar version),but were decently torquey.

Ad text:

Classic, now almost vintage, Garaged, near perfect 1990 Mercury Sable LS wagon in mint, ultra low mile condition.  Only 54,9xx original miles from new.  No accidents.  I am third owner (and first two were grandpa to his grandson)  Car has always been in the Bellflower, CA area since new, and always garaged. No rust anywhere.  Original paint in excellent condition with only minor scratches and minor chips.  Clear coat is perfect.  Interior is truly like new with perfect dash, perfect leather on steering wheel- supple, no discernible wear and tear, no fading..  No leather stains, cracks or really noticeable wear from new.  The condition really has to be seen in person to be appreciated.  The headliner is perfect with no drooping at all.  Fully loaded including dual power seats, power antenna, 3rd row (technically seats 8).  This was not used as a family vehicle so the carpet, seats, headliner and door panels are just really like new.  I know I keep saying this, but it really is.  Dash has no cracks or sun wear.  Full digital dash including fully working trip computer.  AC works all functions but could use freon.  Power antenna works as new.  Factory rims with BF Goodrich tires in excellent, clean non curb rash condition.  Keyless (pad) entry works as new.  And the best part is the really cool front end with full lighting all the way across.  Clear, non cloudy headlights.  Has newer Pioneer CD with AM/FM USB and aux input, with new Pioneer speakers.  

Has driver airbag.  Comes with original factory service manual.  

Brakes in excellent shape.  Recent work includes hoses, belts, new valve cover gaskets.  Starts with one turn, no weird noises or lifter sounds.  Passed smog easily.  Runs great and cool, no overheating, excellent steering and transmission.  Drives like a car with 54,000 miles should.  

Any questions text xxxxx.  Clean title, no accidents, garaged.  No rust.  

This is not a Volvo, Chrysler Dodge, Jeep, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda, Accord, Civic, Malibu, Impala, Taurus, Camry, Toyota,

AMC Concord Pro Street Surf Wagon

Woodgrain, surfboard, tubbed rear and small-block Chevy.  A winning combo?

We like wagons because of their do-everything nature.  Usually, that means they drive like a car and haul like an SUV.  Today’s feature car is perhaps less versatile, but still  has a split personality.  It looks like a utilitarian, early 80s woodgrain wagon and has been modified to drive like a drag racer.  While this car’s weight may not be optimized to win, we love the execution, which includes woodgrain on the custom cowl induction hood and a color-keyed, brown roll cage.

The owner is quite open about the car’s condition and needs, none of which are too serious.  Even at the buy-it-now (BIN) price, this seems like a good platform for some fun.  Anything less might be a bit of a deal.  The next owner will just have to decide whether to head in a street or track direction.  We hope they don’t change too much.  If not going all-out for racing, we’d consider staggered steelies, although the Welds are legit for the strip.

Click for eBay ad
$4,500 with ZERO bids, reserve not met, $8,500 BIN and six days to go
Endicott, NY, USA

What’s not to love here?  Yes, it seems the surf boards are included in the sale…

Seller points out that decals can be removed.  We’d consider that.

Check out the wide rear tires, which are mounted on 15-inch wide Welds.

Here’s the woodgrain hood.  Sure, the color may not be perfect vs. the side trim,but we love it.

Interior appears surprisingly stock because the roll cage is color-keyed and even the door panels are in place.  Owner states that the cage may not pass inspection at tracks.  Hmm.

Tach is a good idea in this application.  Drag shifter is also present and it looks like some auxiliary gauges are mounted in a custom panel with the HVAC controls.

The cargo compartment, while tubbed, wears matching carpet

And…it conceals a fuel cell.

Here’s what the owner believes is a small-block Chevy.  Note the woodgrain air cleaner and valve covers.

Ad text:

What says summer cruising more than woodgrain and surfboards???!!!……Here’s a 1982 AMC Concord Pro Street/Surf Wagon, it’s on the road and driveable, licensed and insured, but I’m calling it a project car that is nearly completed, just needing your finishing touches. Look at the pro street cars for sale, Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, and Mustangs. Dare to be different!! This is an original paint wagon that a  previous owner had professionally back-halved and caged to drag race. It was raced in the 90’s in the Midwest.  A lot of the drag racing components are still on the car. I can’t take the credit or blame for anything in the drivetrain or chassis. I bought it approximately 80% complete with the intention of making it fully street legal, but lack of time is preventing me from finishing it. It’s probably 95% complete now, I drive it daily when the weather is good, it’s garaged and hasn’t seen rain since I’ve owned it. My loss is your gain. Cruise as-is now and then fully complete to your liking over the winter to have done in time for next spring. Here are the details:

All original steel except lift off race weight cowl hood, wrapped in woodgrain to match the side panels. Hood is held on with Dzus fasteners.
Paint is original AMC Topaz Gold Metallic, I’d rate it a 7 out of 10, it’s still waxable, but has some chips, small dings, etc.
All trim is installed on car
All glass is good, side windows all roll up and down
Lights, turn signals, dash lights all work
Rear back half is done nicely with a complete subframe kit from Competition Engineering or equivalent, ladder bar, coilovers, panhard bar, etc. Large fuel cell under rear floor accessed through panel in rear.
Factory roof rack, and 2 decent surfboards complete the appearance
Lettering is all vinyl and can be removed if the advertising isn’t your thing

Nice 8 point roll bar with tip out bars
Original door panels, headliner, dash pad, etc.
Seats are great, no rips or tears.
Good  carpet, door sill plates, etc.
Retains most of factory wiring, key warning buzzer and dome light still work
Cheetah SCS shifter

Starting in the front, there is a custom built PermaCool Radiator and Optima battery. Starts great, never overheats, runs at 185 degrees in traffic on a hot day.
Motor – I was told it’s a 350 Chevy,  I never bothered to check, it runs great,  has some drips, has the usual bolt-ons,  Edelbrock intake, headers, and cam, Flowmasters. Still has the orginal Quadrajet that works perfectly. The air cleaner lid and valve covers have been hydrodipped to match rest of  woodgrain theme.
Turbo 350 with shift kit, works great
Rear end is a narrowed 9” Ford posi, 4 link, coilovers, shortened 31 spline  axles and new 4.11 Richmod gears with a new Yukon TracLok differential.
Electric Fuel  pump

Matching  Weld Wheels: 15 x 4 with Goodyear Frontrunners, 15 x 15 and 15.5/29 Mickeys
Manual  steering box, Manual front disc, drum brakes with new hardware in rear
Competition Engineering adjustable drag shocks in front
Clear title in my name.

Still Needs:
Needs a horn and wipers to pass NYS inspection, I did install an e-brake setup using Ford and aftermarket cables. I have a horn kit to install. Everything is there for the wipers, probably just needs power to dash switch.
Street legal front tires
Although it drives reasonably well and tracks straight, probably could stand a 4 wheel alignment to make sure everything is square.
While the roll cage is nice, the side bars may need a re-design to pass tech if you plan on putting it on the track
5 point harness is out of date
The usual odds and ends to complete to your satisfaction

Rare Manual 1976 Olds 442 in Lovely Green

Yes, these 442s and Cutlasses were available with a five-speed manual whilst most pony cars were chugging along with four-speeds well into the 80s.  We don’t know why, but we know there’s a lot to like about this big, green beauty.

Probably, Olds getting a Borg Warner five-speed had something to do with fighting imports.  Regardless, the odd combination of a small, 260 cubic inch (4.3L) V8 and manual is appealing.  Considering the optional 350 was rated at 170 horsepower at the time, we must assume output in this one is very low.  Still, it should sound like a V8 and the seller points out that it does indeed, especially with the headers and custom dual exhaust on this car.

Want to celebrate the 70s in unique style?  This could be just the ticket.  Bidding is up to $8,200 and there’s no reserve; so someone will get it.  Indicated mileage is very low and the condition backs it up, but the seller rightfully states that it can’t be proven to be original.

Click for eBay ad
Yucaipa, CA,USA
$8,200 with 24 bids and 2.5 days to go

Green and white is actually quite appealing on this car and we love the color-keyed, styled steel wheels.

Here’s a peek at the dual exhaust.

Interior also features a nice combination of green and white and it appears to be in great shape.

Yes, there’s a functional back seat in this big beast.

Here’s that little V8.  We have no idea what level of aftermarket support is available.

Ad text:

Ready for the local cruise night! Show up in this cool and rare 1976 Oldsmobile 442 “W29” hardtop coupe in beautiful Lime Metallic with the White stripe package and you are bound to get attention! What really makes this 1976 Oldsmobile 442 stand apart from others is the factory drive-train option! This 442 was ordered with the optional Oldsmobile 260 V8 engine and the “rare” Borg Warner 5 Speed manual transmission which was only available in Cutlass & 442 Models for 1976-1977 and in very limited numbers! This is a low production 442 in a stunning original color combination and it’s powered by the most unusual if not the rarest drive-train combination offered in 1976! Only 9,576 W29/442’s were built in 1976!

This 442 is said to have only 44,000 original miles and the title shows the 44,000 actual miles but I have no other documentation to prove the actual mileage on the car.The engine compartment is nice and clean.The 260 V8 engine starts easily and runs very well with no unusual noises,leaks and no smoke.The engine is completely stock with the exception of a pair of Hooker Headers and dual exhaust with catalytic converters and chrome tips installed by a previous owner.The headers and dual exhaust give the engine a nice deep rumble.The 5 speed manual transmission shifts easily with no unusual noises, no grinding, no popping out of gear.The clutch feels good also.It really drives nice down the freeway also! The wheels are the original Oldsmobile 15×7″ Rally Wheels or the SSIII style wheels in original Lime Metallic with all of the original stainless inserts,trim rings and center caps.The tires are newer BF Goodrich Radial T/A’s (P225/70R-15).All the exterior lights work correctly.The power steering and power disc and parking brake work nicely also.

The body on this 442 is in pretty nice shape overall.The car is very straight and quite solid.The Lime Metallic paint has a great shine and there is plenty of metallic in the paint which gives it an absolutely awesome look in natural sunlight.It has been hand waxed and holds a great smooth shine.It does have some typical minor nicks,chips and touchups. All the doors, hood and trunk have nice gaps and close properly.The glass is clean and clear.The chrome looks good and bumpers are straight.The frame,trunk and floors are solid and rustfree.All the weatherstripping is soft.The Bright White interior is in good shape overall for its age.The front bucket seats swivel nicely and the white vinyl looks very good.It is equipped with AM-FM stereo with windshield antenna and electric rear defroster.The carpet appears to be newer and the headliner,door panels and sunvisors are in good shape.The windshield wipers,courtesy & dome lights and  key buzzer all work! The original green consolette is in great shape. The original 5 speed shifter is in good operating condition with it’s original 5 speed shift knob with the shift pattern still legible.The original owners manual and build sheet are included also. Perfect cruise night car and just a blast to drive!

NOT a Gremlin: AMC Eagle Kammback

These don’t come up often, and they always tempt us when they do.  From a distance, one might think this is a Gremlin; but it’s actually an Eagle Kammback.  Given the Eagle name, one expects four-wheel-drive and one will not be disappointed!  As an added bonus, this one features a clutch pedal.

The seller claims a lot of recent work including clutch and various seals; so there’s a chance this will be a good, reliable driver.  Mechanical parts should be easy to come by, given this engine was in almost everything AMC made for years.  Even the 4WD parts were shares across a great many Eagles.  The seller has replaced upholstery and carpet; so interior cosmetics are good, too.

At the current bid of $2,550, we see this as a bargain; but we don’t know the reserve and thus don’t know whether someone will get a good deal.

Click for eBay ad
Manchester, TN, USA
$2,550 with 33 bids, reserve not met and two days to go

Eagle had good front end brand consistency, meaning this might be mistaken for the common wagon from the front.  Naturally, we love the brown color here.

This is the Gremlin angle, with a similar, chopped profile.

Rear view has Gremlin in it, but this might be even weirder.

Here’s the manual shifter for the four-speed trans, as well as the excellent condition upholstery.

This does have a back seat and it’s in great shape.  Split-folding feature is nice.

Hatch has a tall floor, but decent cargo capacity and much more with seats folded down.

Here’s the ubiquitous AMC I6.

Ad text:

Up for sale is a 1981 AMC Eagle Kammback. I have been in the AMC hobby for many years and have worked to restore many of them, as you may know the Kammback model is very scarce, not many were produced, very few left. I need room in my shop to do my next AMC rebuild so its time to pass this one along to someone else.

This car has NO rust, and I know where to look. Frame rails, floorpans, rocker panels are all perfect. Car has original paint and other than a few places its very good for 35 years.

The car runs, drives and stops very well, Can be driven anywhere anytime. Starts immediately, runs smooth, shifts smooth. 4X4 works perfect

New or replaced by me:

New aluminum valve cover – this car leaks nothing on floor

New tune up parts – runs perfectly

New front axle half shafts

New belts and hoses

New Battery

New clutch, new seals on transmission and transfer case

New seals, bearings, pinions seal for rear axle

New exhaust cat back

New rubber seal around hatch window

New shocks all way around

New windshield

New carpet including back part, new spare tire cover

Front seats were redone in NEW NOS material (from SMS Auto Fabrics) and look perfect, rear seat is original and looks good

Has original owners manual and paperwork

All lights work as they should

Has spare tire and jack in place

Things you need to know:

Only have ignitions key, not door key (owners manual has key code so one can be made, I never locked it)

Has dent in front drivers fender and small crack in Krayton fender flare (see pic)

Rear hatch had a leak that messed up paint, I repaired and repainted back part flat black

Gas gauge works backward, full is empty, empty is full (PO installed new sender, prob not right one!)

Has aftermarket radio and PO cut bezel to make hole for it ( I have another uncut bezel that can go with car)

Front grill is not broken, but does have a spot where the plastic chrome is pealing a bit

Needs loved and driven, its super fun to drive. Just don’t be in a hurry when you stop somewhere, everyone will want to talk to you about your car. Again can be driven anywhere anytime.

Message me with any questions or if you would like additional pictures

Post Super Bowl Panther: ’98 Grand Marquis with 5MT Swap

Despite rolling on an ancient platform and being known mostly as police and bingo hall cars, there’s something interesting about the Ford Panther platform cars.  They offer low prices, V8 power, rear wheel drive and a big dose of simplicity.  Today’s example solves the biggest shortcoming, which is the exclusive use of automatic transmissions by Ford.

Had the Panthers won the Super Bowl, we wonder if this would have been up for sale in February with a ridiculous price.  Probably not…

The seller mentions some (hopefully minor?) rust issues,but this is – fittingly – in Florida, where cars just rust away in the salty, humid air.  Hopefully, this can be saves, as the MT swap was a great idea and the other mods are relatively subtle.

The non-functional hood scoop is from a 1983 Mustang and it looks like the fog/driving lamps were added.  Beyond that, this appears to ride low and have a small rear spoiler.  The driver confesses some cosmetic needs and indicates that rear shock are needed.  We’d investigate what’s already on the car and use the opportunity to maximize suspension performance.  If the price stays close to this opening bid, this could be a fun driver for someone.   Mileage is low; so this should be around a long time – again, as long as rust is stopped.

Click for eBay ad
Sarasota, FL, USA
$2,500 with ZERO bids and two days to go

The exterior mods take away the sleeper effect to some extent; but this will always be mistaken for a police car when viewed in a rear view mirror.

Profile looks mostly stock; but the hood scoop does protrude and we’re not sure these Crown Vic wheels were available on the Merc.  Maybe they were??

The ad indicates the car was “slightly sideswiped” on this side.  We’re not sure where.

Here’s the intimidating front end and another look at the thoroughly-non-functional hood scoop.  Driving/fog lamps were an interesting idea and the installation could be worse.

Rear shows obligatory custom badges and extended dual exhaust.  It’s not clear whether the exhaust system has any mods or these are just tips.

From this angle, the interior looks basically stock and reasonably clean.

Here’s the money shot for this car – really the only reason it’s here.

Ad text:

Custom 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis. Only 90k miles.Original 4.6 v-8 engine with a 2002 Mustang Tremec TR3550 five speed manual transmission.The conversion was done at 75 k.  Mercury Marauder cluster, console, dual exhaust and trunk spoiler. K&N filter, SCT tuner. 1983 Mustang GT hood  scoop. 327 Trac Loc rear. Runs, drives and stops well. Cold a.c., tinted windows and cd stereo with subwoofer. drive as is or restore. Has droopy headliner and cracked leather,  typical of an 18 year old car. The lighting control module is in need of replacement as well as the rear shocks. the air bags are fine and the compressor is working. Slightly sideswiped on passenger side. Some rust on front fenders and on the frame is present, previous repairs have been done but more are needed. car is sold as is with a clean Florida title. No warranties expressed or implied.

Among the Best “Lost” Car Names?

Most people knew the Plymouth Fury as a police car; but, if we step back and ponder it objectively, isn’t it a great car name?  Too bad it’s gone, along with the brand which sired it.

While it’s not the first body style we think of, we’re pleased to present a Fury Sport Suburban Wagon for your enjoyment…

The seller bought this wagon from the original owner and embarked on a restoration.  The result looks great to us and the $7K opening bid doesn’t seem unrealistic.  Given rust repair and the parts tally, it seems at least that much was spent getting this car to its current condition. Click the link in the intro for all the eBay details.

Tail gunner seat?  Damn straight!

Green interior with woodgrain is absolutely beautiful in a 70s way.  We love the bench with armrest and the eight track player!

Here’s the original 360.  These weren’t among the best Mopar performers, but it should be torquey enough to move this pretty well and it should make nice noises.  For once, we’re perfectly happy to see an automatic trans…it’s well suited to this family cruiser.

Ad text:

Fantastic opportunity for first time buyer or scrupulous 70’s Mopar wagon lover…No stone unturned…No surprise and nothing left undisclosed. 

All questions welcome…More pictures available upon request…

A true “garage find”, Olive, as it is named by my wife, spent its entire life in Temple, Pennsylvania and was bought “sight unseen” in August 2013 from the widow of the first and only owner in 41 years. Described as a “no rust” and “always garage kept” original car by the old lady, this marvelous wagon was seldomly used from 1984 until 2013…95,060miles is the last mileage written on the 1984 “ Quaker State” oil change sticker found on the driver door inner fender.

Soon after taking delivery, a 3 months mechanical/body “frame on” refresh was commissionned to a local professional car restoring shop in order to bring our dreamed wagon back to glory. All rust (yes old widow do lie…) below the left/right chrome line was expertly removed, metal cutted and replaced the old fashionned way and repainted to match the paint above the chrome line. No short cut taken and no bondo used. Fantastic body work done by the restorer. It should be noted that in order to preserve the “patina vintage barn find look” the car was not totally re-painted and paint above chrome line is not “show type” but in driver condition with various touch up done over the years, surface scratches and imperfections. Front and back bumper very staight and without rust, chrome reflection is driver type in good condition. All chrome trims in good condition. The wagon show very well and attract attention wherever it goes.

Very well maintained, this large beauty runs and drives beautiful. The engine compartment is all stock and clean. This car always starts right up and float down the road like new. It has its original matching 360ci V8 engine that runs great and the original Torqueflite 3 speeds automatic transmission that shifts smooth. It is also sitting on a set of almost new Cooper white wall tires.

– 102,322 original miles
– Rare Top Hat Edition (Power Disc Brakes, Air Conditioning, Tinted glass all -around, Am/FM Monaural Radio, Rear Speaker, Clock, Undercoating, Bumper Guards, Light Package, Automatic Speed Control, 3 Speed Wipers, Mirror on Passenger-side, Head-light time delay)
– Clean Interior in very good condition
– New carpet and Dynamat all the way around, front/back seat area/third seat area
– New woodgrain trim
– Working AC and Heater
– New heather cable and control
– Non working radio. Spent $ to fix it, did work for a while after comming back from the electronic shop…Suspecting antenna problem.
– Vintage NOS Bristal 8 Track player in full working condition. Rare “Elvis Presley Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite” 8 track tape in the player.
– Non working clock
– Two small crack in the dash. Two small cut in vinyl front seat
– One windshield chip professionally repaired
– Professionally recored radiator
– New brake booster/Master cylinder/Hoses/Calipers
– New electronic ignition module
– New rebuilt hideaway headlight motor
– New wiper motor
– New alternator
– New starter
– All new direction including ball joints, tie rods, etc
– New wheels bearings
– New premium exhaust tube & muffler
– Full tune up including spark plugs/plugs wires/ignition coil/rotor/pcv valve/all filters/all belts/all oils/new battery
– New water pump and new hoses (April 2016)
– Clean engine bay, new paint on valve cover and others parts
– Vintage one piece front/rear “Presidential” floor mats
– Fully working dual action tail gate and tail gate window
– Rare original hubcaps
– All rubbers and seals (weatherstips) in perfect condition
– Etc…Lost track of every little things done to improve this beauty…