Potential Kabinenroller Deal: 1955 Messerschmitt KR200

The Bruce Weiner microcar museum auction, in 2013, set a high bar for microcar prices, as some of the best example of the rarest and most desirable among the breed went up for sale. It seems that Isettas and Messerchmitts have kept fairly high prices ever since, so this Messy will be a deal if the bidding doesn’t go up too much and the reserve isn’t too high. After all, what’s not to love about a three-wheeled microcar made by a German aircraft company?

Condition here appears to be great and the seller claims a complete cosmetic and mechanical restoration within the last four years. Probably someone picked it up when these were 10K and the Weiner auction justified a restoration. Regardless, we’re excited that someone could get a deal, so we hope the reserve isn’t too high. Most of all, we hope this little oddball puts a smile on a new owner’s face and bewilders some Cars and Coffee attendees. That will mean enjoying about ten horsepower, but in a package that weight almost nothing. We also love the way these cars reverse, as the engine is stopped and restarted, rotating in the opposite direction. That means all four ratios are available in forward or reverse!

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Memphis, TN, USA
$17,100 with 24 bids, reserve not met and 1/2 day to go

There’s really nothing else quite like a Messerschmitt – love it or hate. Naturally, we love it.

This is the soft top version, which still has an aircraft-inspired canopy design, but allows open-air motoring.

Here’s that awesome canopy opened up for entry.

Theoretically, two kids can fit in the rear, or perhaps one adult.

Steering yoke shows a bit more aircraft influence.

This little (191cc) two-stroke, single cylinder engine could supposedly take this thing to 55mph or so!

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1955 Messerschmitt kr200 matching numbers engine and trans. Nicely restored approx 4 years ago, all paint and body work were professionally done. Engine was completely gone through as well as all other mechanical components. Vehicle runs and drives great. Car looks great and needs no additional work.

I have attached several photos.

If you have any questions please give me a call xxx.xxx.xxxx

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