GMC Sonoma Turned Psuedo-Rat-Rod

Rat Rod seems to be very loosely defined, these days, and this is an example. Most of this was once a GMC Sonoma/S15, but there’s not much left and a V8 has been shoved into it. The builder obviously likes chains (well, it is from a custom bike shop) and has done some cool little touches, but we’re not sure about the sum of the parts. Continue reading GMC Sonoma Turned Psuedo-Rat-Rod

Studebaker Business Coupe on Ford Explorer Frame

Why not?

According to the seller, everything here works. The next owner will need to decide whether to keep the rat rod concept going or repaint.  We think it should probably stay this way, but it’d be tempting to seal up that hood, if possible.

Apparently, this carries a clean Studebaker title; so this may not be hard to register.  Even in California, the inspector just needs to match the VIN.

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Winter Springs, FL, USA
$10,500 BIN with offers considered and 2.5 days to go

One could go sleeper on this one, but the seller has decided not to, as the wheels look modern and the open hood concept reveals the (relatively) modern engine.

Usually, open hood sections on hot rods reveal chrome, headers and big carbs. Not here.

Rear looks remarkably normal.

Much of the interior is Explorer; but door panels appear to be original to the body.

Even the rear seat is here, as are the front shoulder belts.

Trunk pales in comparison to stock Explorer cargo area; but at least there’s some room.

We think the modern sunroof is a creative touch; but we wonder whether it leaks.

Here’s a sideways shot of the Ford 302.  Many knocked the pushrod V8, even 17 years ago; but it works and parts are easy to find. Fuel injection should mean this Studebaker starts every time.

Ad text:

1941 Rat Rod / 5 Window Business Coupe, Sitting on a 2000 Ford Chassis, 5.0 V-8, PS, PB, Tilt, Cruise, AT Shift in Floor, All Wheel Drive, Resto Mod Dash,  Sitting on 17″s, The Floor & Trunk pans Do Not Have any Rust Out. They are from the 2000 Chassis. New Starter, Battery, Alternator, Fuel pump, Professionally Custom Built. Channeled 7″, Leather Buckets, Console, 2″ Gauges, Too Much work to list. Taking years to build ! ! ! Original Modified Hood, Working Electric Factory Ford Sun Roof / Moon Roof.  Retractable Shoulder Harness Factory Ford Seat belts in front. One of a Kind, Street Rat. THE FLOOR PANS DO NOT HAVE ANY RUST HOLES ! Tagged and Insured, Road Ready. Head Lights, Tail lights, Brake Lights, Blinkers, Horn, all in working condition. Some minor additions needed, Door glass installed, Wipers wired up, ect. Will consider partial trades and cash. Will take trade in of other Rat projects, Corvette, Motorhome, Camper, Vacant Land, ect. What Do You Have ? Lets Make a Deal !!!!  $1000 Cash / Bank wire / PayPal deposit due within 24 Hours of Buy It Now Purchase. Balance due within 3 days. Can help with shipping arrangements. Buyer responsible for shipping cost. 

Clear Clean 1941 Studebaker Title ! Asking $10,500 Cash or Cash & Trade . . . . . . . MAKE ME AN OFFER ! ! ! ! ! ! THIS IS A MUST SEE ! ! ! START THE NEW YEAR OFF RIGHT, BUY YOURSELF A TOY. . . . . . . . . .

Rat Rod 1967 VW Beetle

The brown is strong with this one.

Here we have a heavily rat rodded ’67 Beetle with luggage rack, rear fender skirts and many a personal touch.  This is truly an oddity and we’re definitely drawn to it!

The engine is a 1641 and was rebuilt within the 4K miles, per the seller.  The exterior is what it is.  The seats need upholstery, but are apparently covered with Mexican blankets for the time being.  Unfortunately, almost none of the interior can be seen in the pics provided.

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Houston, TX, USA
$3,900 with ZERO bids and six days to go

Weird trim, fender skirt and, yes, an evaporative cooler!

Front shows some of the intentional patina.

“Honk if I am on fire” is one of my favorite decals.

We like this one…

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) this is the only interior pic provided.  The eight ball is a steering wheel knob and it looks like the shifter is a tap handle.  Okay.

Here’s the rebuilt 1641cc engine, which, the seller claims, was recently rebuilt.

Ad text:

* I have interest in the car locally, so as a reminder,  I reserve the right to withdraw the car from this auction for any reason, and at any time.  If you are serious, let me know.  This car will sell.  Thanks.

1967 one of a kind Fun bug. Pictures tell it all. Motor is a 1641 with a big Weber carb.  Covered about 4000 miles on rebuilt motor.  NEW tires, all 5, made to look vintage.  easily removable skirts.  Seats need upholstered; now covered with Mexican blankets, as is the headliner.  Has a radio and speakers.  Runs great.  Any questions will be freely answered.  I did not build this car, but I know the owner personally and can get an answer to any question I cannot answer.  Shipping is owner’s responsibility.  Sold as, where is.  No Warranty Implied or Given. 
$500 non refundable PayPal deposit due in 48 hours, and balance in cash or Wire Transfer to my Bank within 72 hours.   I reserve to withdraw the car at any time during this auction for any reason. 

 Thanks for looking.

Rat Rod DJ-5

This little Jeep likely started life as a rural mail truck with a Buick/Dauntless V6, but the current owner saw fit to cram in a Dodge 318 and 727 Torqueflite.  It’s a two-seater with a tiny bed, but should be all one needs to tool around a Florida Key or go to Cars and Coffee in warm conditions.

The seller has done a good job of describing this little beast: “This thing is a head turner for sure…people seem to love it,probably because it’s so ridiculous and unnecessary. It’s loud, obnoxious, rides like a go-kart, but fits in small parking spots….it’s perfect for Key West and that’s all I’d recommend it for; its not a cross country cruiser. I didn’t build it for aesthetics or comfort, just to be a one of a kind toy. “

Note that no 4WD Jeeps were harmed in the creation of this toy, as these little CJ-5s featured 2WD from the start.  Basically, this is a small step up from a tractor, but the 318 with open exhaust should provide plenty of grunt in this lightweight beast and is guaranteed to produce a sound that inspires plenty of smiles.

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Key West, FL, USA
$3,700 with ZERO bids and 1.25 days to go

No one can say this isn’t unique, and we imagine this truck sounds great.

As previously noted, there will be no mistaking this for anything else.

Front looks fairly normal, save for the missing hood.

Rear features nice wood making up a largely useless bed.  Still, for cruising Key West as low speed, one could put a couple passengers back there.

Rear view shows LED lights.

Interior is about as spartan as one would expect.  Hunk ‘o wood dash is a nice touch.

Sears are as utilitarian as the rest.

Here’s the Dodge 318 with the custom, partial headers described by the seller.

Ad text:

I am begrudgingly selling my rat rod jeep project that I’ve built over the course of a few years. 

Originally a CA car (except for the last 2 years it’s been here in Key West), I bought it in the San Francisco Bay Area after someone had crashed into the rear while it was parked on the road. It barely ran, had the original straight 6 in, and was a mess. 

For those of you who don’t know, the DJ-5 series is an automatic, 2wd jeep from the factory. Often used as rural mail trucks, the DJ-5 often comes right and drive. This is a left hand drive, but I suspect that someone changed it to LHD before I got it. 

Anyway, after I bought the truck, I quickly realized it was in worse shape than I thought – bad transmission (old borg warner garbage), the rims were bent, the entire back half of the truck was crushed…just a mess and not worth restoring to it’s original glory. So, I decided to have fun with it and make a one of a kind toy. Since I knew I was going to be moving to Key West, what better than a tiny, open air hot rod?

I cut the entire back half off the truck and custom built a small pick-up bed, complete with a redwood base, and LED tail lights. I also installed new rear shocks, and a new gas tank with sending unit. I built a roll bar (not load bearing) to support the custom vinyl top which is necessary for that intense FL sun. 

The dashboard was bent and the guages were broken, so I built a redwood dash to match the bed, installed new gauges and indicator lights, and threw on a dock cleat “oh shit” handle on the passenger side. Two waterproof marine seats rounded out the interior.

I decided that the straight 6 just wasn’t going to cut it. I found dodge 318 cubic inch V8 (casting# 4104230-318-3, which google says is a “race engine”) that was paired with a torqueflight 727 automatic transmission. I figured why not, and bought it. I yanked out the old 6 cylinder and transmission and shoehorned this giant motor in this tiny chassis. It required fabricating custom motor mounts, custom transmission mounts, and a custom drive shaft. 

In order to fit the engine, and the new 4 core aluminum racing radiator (with electric fan) into the engine bay, I had to push the nose of the truck forward about 4 inches. In doing so, the front fenders and hood had to go. I made a simple sheet metal hood and went ahead with the fenderless hot rod look.

Obviously, no one makes an exhaust system for a 318 crammed into a ’73 DJ5, so I had to buy header flanges and just throw on some short turndowns as zoomie headers. I welded some large nuts inside the pipes to give it a touch of back pressure. However, I have 25′ of flexible exhaust tubing, 2 collectors, 2 old flowmasters, header wrap, and all the associated hangers/hardware necessary to create your own headers. I haven’t gotten around to taking on that project yet, so I will be including all those materials along with the jeep. 

After getting the engine all set up, I removed every inch of original wiring and threw it away. I installed brand new wiring from front to back, and threw in a new fuse block. I also added recessed LED marker/turn signals in the front, and took a few leaf springs out to let it sit a little lower.

I changed out the original rims because they were bent. I also chopped about 7″ off the windshield because the wiper motor and linkage was missing when I bought it. So yeah, this is a sunny day car since there’s no wipers.

After getting everything all set up, I sprayed the whole truck in a 2 part tractor enamel paint. It’s supposed to be rather resilient and seems to be holding up so far (3 years). Since I’ve had it, it was always garage kept in CA, and under a car cover here in KW. The truck is virtually rust free for being 43 years old. 

Since getting it on the road I’ve done a transmission service, tune-up, new points, newish battery, fuel pump, and 4 brand new tires…they have about 7 miles on them. 

This thing is a head turner for sure…people seem to love it,probably because it’s so ridiculous and unnecessary. It’s loud, obnoxious, rides like a go-kart, but fits in small parking spots….it’s perfect for Key West and that’s all I’d recommend it for; its not a cross country cruiser. I didn’t build it for aesthetics or comfort, just to be a one of a kind toy. 

I’ve put countless hours into this thing and a lot more money than I’d care to think about.

Please don’t waste my time or yours. No joy rides or other time-wasting nonsense. I’ve got a clean FL title in my name…cash talks.

Local pickup only, no warranty, as is.

Shortened Corvair Hot Rod

The title pretty much says it all!

Yes, this is a hot rod/rat rod built on a Corvair platform and which has been greatly shortened.  What’s left of the car shouldn’t weigh much; so the Corvair flat six should move this pretty well.

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Dana Point, CA, USA

Most would assume this was Beetle-based.  They’d be wrong, but it’s understandable, given the engine location.

Low hood means this has no luggage space, but we’re thinking this isn’t exactly a road trip car.

Rear reveals fuel tank and tall stacks leading to the carbs.

Person for scale.

Here’s the engine, which has received some serious cleaning and polishing.  Hopefully, fuel proximity isn’t an issue (?).

Ad text:

One-Of-A-Kind, mini Rat Rod built on a 1960 Corvair chassis. The all-aluminum body was masterfully fabricated by an aircraft builder. Street legal. 

Runs / handles great and really scoots! Turns heads everywhere she goes! Great for cruising the beach, Coast Highway, or wherever you need to go…in STYLE. Very fast!

$8,500 O.B.O. 

Serious inquiries only, pleases. No trades.

Dually Rat Rod with or without Engine

Ah yes, the “Rat Rod” concept.  It seems it can be used to describe just about anything rusty and incomplete, but we’ll venture to say that this is pretty close to the original intent.

This is based on a 1926 Model T and a 1958 Dodge dual-axle truck.  It looks like the basic structure is complete, but there is no interior at all.  As such, this is a bit of a blank canvas.

Also, although it’s huge and clearly visible in the pictures, the Cummins diesel pictures in the ad is NOT included in the base sale.  Apparently, arrangements can be made to sell it, though.  So, either go with what might or might not have already worked, or consider power to be part of the blank canvas situation here, too.

Click for eBay ad
Menan, ID, USA
$900 with ZERO bids and one day to go

Long, low and with big ass wheels.  That’s the theme.

You don’t need a hood on this sort of Rat Rod project, so don’t count that against it.

This should be labeled “serving suggestion”, as it’s a closeup of an engine not included in the sale without extra cash.  It’s not exactly light weight…

Ad text:

This is a auction for a rat rod project. Its a dually made for a diesel rat rod. The project has been constructed from a 1926 ford model t coupe and 1958 dodge dually axles. The engine and transmission have not been installed and are not included with the sale. If the buyer is interested in the Dodge cummins seen in the picture and the NV4500 transmission, other arrangements can be made to sell it as a package. 

Odd Couple Two-Fer

Most two-fers offer two like cars, as it’s often a collector of a particular make or model.  Today’s, however, includes a 1930 Studebaker and a 1961 Ford Falcon.  I’m not sure these have anything in common,except, perhaps inline six cylinder engines (?).

Given the two cars, it seems unlikely that just the right enthusiast buyer exists; but, in this day of bubble-fueled car flipping and barn find mania, perhaps the right buyer (likely aspiring to be Wayne Carini) could come along to buy both and sell one or both.

The Stude is a project, supposedly with all parts.  It may not have run since the 40s, so assume it will need everything mechanically, as well as cosmetically.  There’s no mention of whether the engine is seized, but we can assume it is.

The Falcon is a claimed daily driver.  This is a six cylinder car, which means it could be a fun cruiser or a swap candidate.  I imagine a buyer driving for a while, keeping the rat rod look and swapping in a 260 or 289.  Of course, you could always go wild and go bigger.

Are you the right buyer for this odd couple?  If so, the price may not be bad, depending on the parts value of a 1930 Studebaker.

Click for Craigslist ad
Central Valley, CA
$5,000 for both

Here’s the Studebaker’s profile.  It looks pretty complete from this angle, but beware.

Front end looks good, too.

Rear is all there, but where did the hood go?

And the roof?  At least an engine is present!

Interior needs everything, including floor pans.

Here’s the Falcon, which has a cool, rat rod look.

Profile is classic, early Falcon, but it’s sitting low.

No massive dual exhaust here.

Interior is in pretty good shape, although we must presume that the leopard print covers are hiding poor upholstery.

Inline six power with a tiny carb!

The spare wheel may be the cleanest thing on the car.

Ad text:

I have for sale a unique 1930 Studebaker ($2500) and 1961 Ford Falcon ($3500). 

The Studebaker has been carefully disassembled and currently has the cab/motor/tranny on rolling chassis (w/new tires). All body / interior parts that have been removed have been stored inside and will come with the car. This is an old barn find from South Dakota that has 1947 plates. CA clean title and non-op.

Falcon runs great (daily driver) and has the following “new” items; tires, front glass, radiator, fuel cell, fuel pump, front/back window rubber, door rubber, window felt, battery, custom interior, brakes / wheel cylinders / master cylinder, custom F100 grill, shocks, etc. The trunk is filled with many “extra” Falcon parts (old and new) that I have collected – these will come with the car. Clean title and currently registered with Y.O.M. 1961 yellow/black CA plates. 

I am willing take a loss and sell both cars for $5,000 (too many projects). Please call show contact info for more information. Cars are located in the Central Valley (Visalia)!