GMC Sonoma Turned Psuedo-Rat-Rod

Rat Rod seems to be very loosely defined, these days, and this is an example. Most of this was once a GMC Sonoma/S15, but there’s not much left and a V8 has been shoved into it. The builder obviously likes chains (well, it is from a custom bike shop) and has done some cool little touches, but we’re not sure about the sum of the parts.

Special touches we like include crock pot lid air cleaner and piston shifter. Things that concern us include speedo jumpiness, shakes between 65 and 75 MPH and oil leak; but the seller is completely open and honest about these. Love it or hate it, a lot of work went into this and we hope the seller finds just the right buyer, who really likes chain.

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Inola, OK, USA (Don’t hate the 918!)
$4,000 with ZERO bids and four days to go

Yes, this is the finished product!

Yes, the “grill” is made of chain.

Rear view shows minimalist bed, trim in chain. We imagine that the side pipe placement dictates extreme caution when exiting the vehicle.

Interior is spartan, to say the lease, but we do see some remaining GMC in the door handle. Piston shifter is cool – too bad it shifts an automatic…

This is a Chevy 305 – not regarded as a great Chevy small block, but ample to motive a small pickup and sound good. Yes, that’s a crock pot cover on top and yes, it’s trimmed in chain.

Ad text:

Chevy Rat Rod
Turn key ready and absolutely one of a kind. 305/ 700R Drivetrain. Stock S15 rear end. Frame is “z’d” in the back. Drop springs in the front. Nice stance!! Has air shocks in the back. 10 gal tank. Bed is made from motorcycle drive chain. Sunroof from a Lexus GS400 also trimmed in chain. Custom windshield. Rear window is plexy. Radiator grill custom fabricated with chain. Air cleaner made from the pyrex lid from my ex wife’s crock pot. hehehe. Runs and drives great. HOWEVER THIS IS A RAT ROD SO THERE ARE SHAKES AND RATTLES AND WHAT NOT. Cab is not weather proof. Heater works great. Power steering and brakes. Gauges work. Speedometer bounces a little at 40 mph. Has a tiny oil leak. Side windows are hard to roll up. Very reliable custom truck. I get more thumbs up in this than anything else. I drive it on the highway all the time. It does have a little vibration around 65-75 mph. I’ll be happy to work with your shipper.

Feel free to call me with questions.
Classic City Cycles
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