Get to Know this Homemade Geo Metro Pickup

That’s right, folks, 1997 represented the end of a glorious run for GM’s often-confused, import-based Geo brand.  Does that make this a collectible?  Probably not – especially considering the continuation of the Metro as a Chevrolet product for several more years.  Today’s feature, however, isn’t really about brand heritage, it’s about yet another tiny hatch (AKA shitbox) turned into a pickup. If you think a Subaru Baja is just too practical, this might be the vehicle for you.

First – yes, this makes three Suzukis in a row.  Why not?

Small, FWD hatchbacks seem to make good pickups, or at least they tempt people into making them.  We’ll venture to say that this one is pretty well done and the only issue we see is the lack of a folding tailgate.  Given the diminutive size of the “bed” and the nature of the vehicle, however, we don’t imagine it holds the type of cargo that can’t be lifted over the sides.

Think past the custom work and this is a three cylinder, manual Metro with 118K miles, which means it’s barely broken in.  The seller has provided good pics and info, including some “in progress” pics from the build.  We respect that.

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Redlands, CA, USA

From a distance, the profile is vaguely similar to the Metro convertible.

Here, things look a little different.  Though we partially lament the lack of opening gate, the rear panels are pretty well done.

Chrome exhaust tip is a nice touch, but may over promise.

Here’s a look inside the bed.  You could probably get a few bags of fertilizer (or “bags of sand”) in there.  A beer keg might even fit.

Hopefully, the taillight lenses can be removed from the outside, as they’re not reachable from the inside at this point.

Pep Boys seat covers usually mean shredded seats, but the rest of the interior looks pretty good.WeatherTech (or imitation?) mats fit with the pseudo-rugged image.

In case you were wondering, the spare is behind the front seat.  The builder even finished the panel with carpet, which is better than what most do.

This little beast actually came with a tach!

Here’s the three cylinder in all its glory.

And…here’s one of the in-progress pics.

Ad text:

One of a kind, 1997 Geo Metro customized into a truck. Bedliner, custom back glass, two tone paint, chrome wheels, 80% tire life, low miles, new spark plugs, starts & runs great, 40 MPG, awesome gas mileage. Current registration, ready to drive. 

Brand Whore Eldorado

Remember the 1990s Cadillac Eldorado?  You know, the personal luxury coupe for the over bingo hall crowd and which put 300 horsepower through its front wheels?  Well, this one has suffered at the hands of someone with access to cheap vehicle wraps.

We count Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Gucci, Chanel (?) and Rolex among the clearly called out brands, but some argyle and houndstooth have been thrown in for good measure.

Underneath it all is a 138K mile car which the seller claims “runs great.”  Unfortunately, the seller saw fit to include zero interior or engine compartment pics; so you’ll have to use your imagination.

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Childress, TX, USA
$6,000 BIN with offers considered and 5.5 days to go

Well, this is certainly original.

Yes, the top surfaces are labeled.

One more look.

Interestingly, there was a Gucci edition of the Seville at one time.

Ad text:

If you are looking for a one of a kind, fun car to drive or use as a display …. We have the PERFECT car for you!!!!

Runs great and must be picked up. We will not deliver.

Located in Childress, Texas.  

We accept cash or cashier’s check.

Yule…er…Ute Tide! 1977 Holden One Tonner

Any car person worth his or her weight in dung knows that Australia loves its utes, but not everyone knows that genuine chassis cab configurations were available at times.  Today’s feature is a 1977 Holden HZ One Tonner and is one such beast.  Oddly, this one found its way to Indianapolis.

Mileage is stated as 67K, but it’s not clear whether that’s accurate.  In fact, the seller provides precious little info, but claims to have been driving it and claims it can run on propane (something that wasn’t altogether too uncommon at one time).  The 253 CID (ugh…4.1L) V8 probably won’t amaze anyone, but will sound good and work well enough.

The ad says this is a 1977 “HZ” model, but several things tell us it might be newer.  As a matter of fact, this looks remarkably like a 1985 Holden “WB”.  Regardless, what would you do with this oddity?

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Indianapolis, IN, USA
$4,509 with 8 bids, reserve not met, $7,000 BIN price and 1/2 day to go

Yes, this is an amalgamation of a very parental (or police?) 70s or 80s GM sedan and a flatbed truck.

Here’s the bed.  We think a stake bed would be more useful unless this is going to haul ATVs, karts or engines.

From this angle, things look pretty normal.  This front end is pretty clearly WB.

Of course, this features right-hand drive.  Interior is what one would expect in a GM from this era, though the steering wheel looks very aftermarket.  Unfortunately, that’s a column-mounted automatic shifter; so this isn’t a three-on-the-tree car.

Seats don’t look stock for 1977 and neither does the center console.  Hmm.

Here’s the 253 V8 with a strange air filter arragement atop the small carb.  Presumably, that has something to do with the propane conversion.

Ad text:

This is an Australian Gm. factory produced pick up.

1977 Factory model , it powered by a GM engine 253 cubic inches and a trimatic  transmission with a Borg Warner rear end .

It runs on Gasoline and also can  run on propane for long range driving .

It has a Indiana title clear .

I imported it it a few years ago and have been driving it

It drives very well and in good condition .

Kevin 317 xxx xxxx

Set your own Rekords in this Shift-it-Yourself Opel

With some funds, any European auto fan can score a 1980s BMW, Mercedes or even Audi; but this Opel Rekord will stand out in any American crowd today.

This is the 2.2i version, which came with the most sporting engine available, and this also has the Irmscher sport package, which consists of mostly cosmetic goodies.  The seller claims a number of mechanical upgrades vs. a non-Irmscher; but it seems some came on all of the 2.2i models.

Miles are either 51K or 151K and condition appears to be original and very good.  We love the manual trans and the sporty Recaro seats, as well as the mostly plain-Jane sedan wrapper.

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Iron River, MI, USA
$5,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and six days to go

This is the best exterior image provided.  For some reason, there are no shots of the front.

Rear has a certain “American-owned European” look, which reminds us somewhat of the XR4Ti/Sierra and maybe the Scorpio.

What car would be complete without a decal on the fender?  Also, Ronal wheels are labeled Irmscher for good measure.

Cloth-covered Recaros.  It officially does not get better than this – short of harnesses.

Simple, analog gauges look purposeful and sufficiently European.  Note reliable, manual windows, manual shifter and, perhaps most importantly, six cassette storage slots!  Those were the shi!t back in the day.

Ad text:

European VIN No.:  WOL000016F1252397. This is a 1986 Opel “Rekord Sport”, a limited edition of only 500 built by the Opel tuning company “Irmscher”.  “Irmscher” is for Opel what “AMG” is for Mercedes Benz.  Opel has been owned by General Motors for a long time and there is a lot of product- and engineering sharing going on.
The engine is a 2,2 Liter 4 Cylinder with mechanical fuel injection rated at 130 HP (SAE), top speed 120 MPH, weight 1165 kg (~2600 lbs.), 5 speed manual transmission.
The modifications by “Irmscher” to the standard Opel Rekord “GL” model are:
1. increased engine capacity from 2 Liters to 2.2 Liters
2. lowered suspension and increased track width – live rear axle w. trailing arms, “Monroe” gas shocks and separate coil springs,  rear drum brakes,  independent front suspension w. disk brakes
3. tuned exhaust system with exhaust headers, 2″ exhaust piping and 3″ chrome end pipe
4. front and rear spoilers and aero all around package
5. 4 spoke leather steering wheel 15″ diameter
6. “Recaro” sports seats upholstered in tweed fabric
7.  full instrumentation including tachometer, oel/pressure- and volt meter
8.  opening dark tinted glass sunroof by “Augros”
9.  AM/FM, cass. deck stereo w. multiple speakers
10. aluminum wheels by “Ronal” especially made for “Irmscher”
This car is all original, it was never fully repainted and was never in an accident.  The 5 digit odometer shows 51600 km, but I have to assume that the total km are 151600.
This Spring, the car was inspected and some fuel lines and water hoses were replaced.  A new battery, new ignition cables and a new set of  performance radial tires in the size of  215/60X15 were installed.  Opel owners manual, original “Irmscher” sales brochure and price list as well as US import document papers come with the car.  The vehicle was imported into the US by the seller in 2012 and it has a clear Michigan title.
This is a very responsive and sporty car and it gets 30 – 35 MPG!

Best of the Worst: Low-Mile, Manual Trans Cadillac Cimarron

Remember the Cimarron? Yes, it was Caddy’s J-Body, which means it shared many a part with the Chevy Cavalier, among too many other variants.  Any surviving Cimarron is an oddity today, but low-mileage, manually-shifted example is something truly special – slow, but special.

At $2,650, why not pick up this unusual bit of terrible GM history?  If it was closer, this might find its way into the Oddimotive fleet.  We’d want to check out the trim in front of the rear bumper, however, as it looks like this car might have taken a “love tap” at some point.

Shout out goes to the Facebook Obscure Cars for Sale page for this one.

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Export, PA, USA

In pictures, this doesn’t look as terribly cheap as these seemed back in the day.  Surely, it does in person.

From this angle, only the wheels and a few trim items indicate this isn’t a Cavalier (or Skyhawk, or…).

Is there a problem with the quarter trim, or is this how GM built ’em?

The front at least has some Caddy-unique items.  Fog lights pretty much meant business back in the day – too bad this car couldn’t back it up.

Things are only mildly better than a Chevy here, but the manual shifter is a nice sight.  Condition supports the claim of very low mileage.

Caddy was nice enough to provide a tach on the manual-equipped Cimarron.

Seat leather is reminiscent of other period Cadillacs.  This does, at least, have power seats, too.

Rear seat has matching, classically Caddy leather. Leg room is hard to judge here, but we imagine there’s very little.

A sideways, naturally aspirated, inline four.  Doesn’t that just scream Cadillac?

Ad text:

International Motorcars of Pittsburgh
5882 Kennedy Ave Export, PA 15632

Enter this link to see more images plus all other inventory we have available:
1985 Cadillac Cimarron Sedan

Price: $2,650.00
VIN Number: 1G6JG69P3FJ504504
Engine: 2L I4 8V
Stock No: 4504
Warranty: None
Miles: 49800
Interior: Brown
Trans: 5-Speed Manual
Exterior: White
Power Door Locks
Power Windows
Power Drivers Seat
Power Brakes
Rare 5-Speed Manual Transmission
1 Owner Car
Only 49,800 Original Miles

Hideous Gucci GMC Denali

If you find this tasteful, you should buy it.  You should be institutionalized.

Where to begin?  This thing has two-tone black/Gucci pattern exterior paint/wrap (?), lambo doors, 30-inch wheels and the interior one would expect on such a thing.  Also, per the seller, it has “waterproof speakers under inside the hood by the grill.”  Okay.

The interior description includes ostrich and Gucci; so you get the picture, even if the seller didn’t include any good ones.  As you’d expect, the audio system is over the top and eliminates all cargo room.

Mechanically, the power train and drive train are stock, which isn’t surprising on this type of rig.  Air suspension has been added, however, along with backup batteries for that and the audio system.

So, it’s not practical; but, to be fair, it is clearly described as a show truck.  What type of show, we don’t know.

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Austin, TX

The doors are obvious, but we don’t think Yukon hoods were meant to open that way.

Note the Gucci patter in the silver areas on the exterior, as well as the massive wheels.  Even with air ride, the ride can’t be too comfy.

This is the only real interior shot we get, but it’s all anyone should want to see.

Audio system is certainly impressive. Rear visibility – probably not so much.

Ad text:

2000 GMC Yukon Denali Gucci Custom 5.7L 8 Cylinder Engine, 5 Speed Automatic Transmission.

So Im selling a one of a kind Gucci Denali, very very rare. It has been my pride and joy but have to let it go. I used it for many car shows and have won many 1st place trophies, if your gonna keep showing I’ll give you all my trophies.

So why is it one of a kind, and very rare let me tell you. Everything works perfect, garage kept year round, one owner, non smoking.

So for the mods: Let’s start on the outside. It’s a two tone paint, original black and Gucci pattern on the lower half as u can see in the pics. Has Lambo doors, they go up 90%, Has a tilt hood, both kits are high dollar kits no BS. Also has custom Escalde vents, to top it off it has 30’s with a low pro tire. Comes with one of a kind custom air ride kit, made by Air ride suspension. This kit was special made just for my truck. It has front, back and side to side and come with a digital display. Has 2 5 gallon tanks and 2 compressorsvery fast to fill air back up. Once again look at the pics. It also has waterproof speakers under inside the hood by the grill. Engine has never been worked on it’s a 5.7L only thing I did was a K&N ram air kit. Engine is kept very clean and oil changed regular.

So the inside once again one of a kind custom interior. The seats are black and gray with black ostrich. The doors are also black ostrich and bottom of doors are Gucci. The head linear is all Gucci with custom lighting. For the sound system it has 7″ in-dash Kenwood with every option u can think of, 6 tv’s, headrest and sun visors. For the mids and highs it has Focal speakers all around and custom kick panels with very loud horns, once again see pics. The back end has a ported box with 4-13.5 JL Audio top of the line subs JL has. For the amps I went with MTX Audio. One large amp is pushing all subs and the other 2 amps are for the mids and highs. It has 3 TREO Audio battery for believe me no lights are dimming as you hear your music. One battery is under the hood to run the truck, and the other 2 are hiding behind the big box. The truck is wired for indoor car shows with a large compressor, so you can leave your music on all day at the shows without a problem. Once again it’s a one of a kind rare Gucci Denali.

Please dont call about I can help you sell it!! DON’T NEED HELP SELLING IT!

Rare Custlass 442 Salon with Four-Speed Manual

This is one seriously rare and odd beast – the ugly “Salon” version of the late 70s Cutlass in 442 trim with four-speed manual!  Note: when we say “ugly”, it means we want it.

The seller claims to be daily driving this oddity, which bodes well for a future owner – at least is hasn’t been sitting.  130K original miles are claimed and it has had the trans rebuilt recently.  The seller provides quite a bit of information and good pictures.  What’s this worth to you?

Click for eBay ad
Seattle, WA, USA
$2,200 with one bid, reserve not met and two days to go

Front half look normal – back half, not so much.

Non-matching hood and fenders add street cred among domestic fans.

From this angle, this could be any Cutlass, which it seems every family owned back then.  Remember when moms drove two-door cars?

Here’s where things get strange.

You’d think this oddly-shaped vehicle would have a hatchback, but you’d be wrong.

Interior is pretty much standard late 70s Cutlass, but has ample 442 badging and that prominant shifter.

Money shot!

The engine compartment shows use, which is a good thing.

Ad text:

“THE BODY: The body is solid, having minor door dings here and there. NO rust through that I have found. Its does need paint…INTERIOR: Headliner sags, both seats need recovered, cracked dash, gauges workMECHANICAL: Runs and drives great, needs shocks, a fresh clutch kit it has clutch chatter, and valve guides, I do have a rebuilt set of 305 heads cost $350 to have done that I will include with the sale.”

1978 Olds Cutlass Salon Brougham w/ 442 package. 305 4bbl, rare saginaw 4 speed (reblt) w/ a Hurst Shifter. Options, PS, PB, Tilt, Cruise, AC (not working), Gauge package w/Tach, bucket seats (passenger seat reclines), rear defrost, recent dual exhaust. Out of 2541 Olds 442s built in 1978, 1180 of them were built in the Cutlass Salon Brougham body, and 1-3% of them came with a 4 speed and only with a 305 engine, which puts the production numbers somewhere between 11-35. The car is not perfect, but it is solid and about 99% complete, only missing the Horn emblem for the sport wheel (sport wheel included, missing the factory Air cleaner, and the AC compressor. This car is my daily driver, its weird, its odd but always gets thumbs up even with bad paint. Fly in, drive home.

On Jul-11-15 at 13:41:50 PDT, seller added the following information:

On Jul-12-15 at 13:14:39 PDT, seller added the following information:
reserve is at $2201… let the bidding begin

On Jul-13-15 at 06:51:08 PDT, seller added the following information:
I should mention  that I do have the car listed locally, and reserve the right to sell the car locally to a local buyer.

On Jul-13-15 at 17:31:40 PDT, seller added the following information:
Okay, Ive received a lot of emails that have asked the same questions, So I will answer the more common ones on here instead of repeating myself over and over again. 

The car does have a new battery, It does have nice “OOOMPAAA -OOOMPAAA” dual glass packed exhaust, the engine doesnt use oil, but it does make a puff of smoke when you first start it up valve guides), which is why I had a set of heads redone for the car, its just the front shocks that are worn, the 4 speed was overhauled prior to me, but has less than 3000 miles on it, the clutch works fine, it just has a little chatter when you first start out, Im sure the pressure plate and/or flywheel needs to be turned, Seattle hills are hell on clutches, The gauges work including tach however the oil pressure gauge has a mind of its own, ive added a new sending unit, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, there is an owners manual, the jack, jack base and tire iron is all there, I do not have a spare for it. the bumpers on both ends are VERY straight and bright, the only dent it had when I got it was in the RF fender, it had a crease, so I replaced it with another 442 fender, it has new headlights, and I also have another set of taillights for it as well. I imagine the A/C would work if it had a compressor and a pressure hose, thats the only thing missing, the cruise did work until the other day, Im thinking it is a fuse,  I have not researched that yet. YES, the car runs great, but could most likely use a tune up, the spark plug brand is “MIGHTY”, which I know my dad used in his shop back in the 80s, but it has ran so good this far I havent bothered to change them,.. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.  

Was this your Mother’s Oldsmobile?

We’re going out on a limb and saying no, as this appears to be a 1991 model with a bit over 12K miles and no evidence of sticky fingers, Cheerios or other messy kids’ stuff. The question is why?

If you want an Olds Silhouette, this is the one to get.  Will anyone want one badly enough to pay almost $9K?  That seems a bit higher than the expected 24- to 25-year residual on a minivan.

The condition of this car supports the mileage claim in every way; so this poor thing has been sitting with minimal use.  Again…why?  This is our second Olds Silhouette feature.  The first was a sighting post and paled in comparison to this low mileage classic.

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Orange, CA

Here’s the famous Dustbuster nose of the GM U-Body minivan.  These are all odd, but the Olds wins for having the most decals of the trio.

Here’s the silhouette of the Silhouette.  Yes, the driver sits THAT far from the base of the windscreen.

Rear quarter isn’t too odd or exciting except for the extra side decal noting the model name.  It’s always a good sign when you can see two model name decals from one angle.  Plus, yes, those stripes continue ’round back.

Dat ass!

Interior is pretty tame and this example is certainly in great shape.  Oldsmobile products were often the least cartoonish of GM products in the 80s and 90s.

This doesn’t look like it toted any messy kids.  It does have miniblinds, however, which is kick ass.  Note the far side seat in the second row – that’s an integrated baby seat!  Of course, there’s no door on that side, so the mom was suppose to lift the kid across (?).

In case the front passenger was prone to forgetting the model of the vehicle, is was molded into the switch plate.

The climate controls show a small bit of GM cartoonish bubble shape, but this is nothing like a period Pontiac.

There’s decent cargo space behind the third row.

This van features an internal combustion engine.  That’s about how exciting a GM 3.1 V6 ever was.  These were available with larger displacement V6s later in the lifecycle.

Ad text:

1991 Oldsmobile Silhouette MPV MiniVan 7 Passenger. This vehicle only has 12,207 GUARANTEED ACTUAL MILES!! You read it correct. This is one beautiful pre owned vehicle. It even comes with a 6 Month/6,000 Mile Limited Vehicle Protection Plan included. It is equipped with Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Front and Rear Air Conditioning, Deep Tint Glass with Window Blinds that close for more privacy, Power driver seat, Individual rear passenger seats with an integrated child seat, Power side view mirrors, Premium alloy wheels. We have completed an extensive 100 Point CERTIFIED inspection where all maintenance items were performed including a brand new set of tires, new battery, new wiper blades, serviced air conditioning system. This is truly one of a kind that would make a great family van. It has a flawless vehicle history report. It would be hard to find one any nicer. We welcome the opportunity to show this vehicle in person, or if you are out of the area, we will make it available for a professional inspection company of your choice. We will gladly arrange shipping at our dealer wholesale rates if needed. Trade-ins are welcome. Please call or email us for an appointment. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. 

ABOUT THE SELLERS: My wife and I were in the New Car Dealership business for 30 Years. Several years ago we exited the business and now the two of us search the country for unique low mileage vehicles. We go through the vehicles that we offer from front to rear, top to bottom. Every vehicle that we offer has been inspected and the maintenance performed. We are meticulous in our offerings and welcome your inspection prior to purchase. We do not have a lot like a traditional dealer that is open to the public, but merely offer our cars by appointment, one at a time. Thank you for looking. 

Taxes and Fees: California buyer’s are subject to sales tax, smog fees of $50.00 plus $8.25 for smog certificate when applicable, documentary preparation fee of $65.00 in addition to the purchase price. Out of State buyer’s are only subject to the documentary preparation fee of $65.00 plus the purchase price when the vehicle is shipped out of state by a licensed carrier. Thank you for looking and we hope that you have a great day! EXECUTIVE BUSINESS WHOLESALE

Time Capsule Aurora?

In 1995, GM decided to breath life into Oldsmobile with more than just a “not your father’s Oldsmobile” ad campaign.  This time, the brand got a dramatically different mid-sized luxury car with V8 power.  Thus, the Aurora was born!

Despite looks, handling and an engine that were fairly highly regarded, Oldsmobile would close up shop about ten years later.  So, this car wasn’t enough.  Front-wheel drive hampered it as a flagship and the price hampered it as a big seller for GM, despite the addition of a lower priced, V6 version late in its second generation.

This car is a claimed time capsule with about 97K miles, although the seller spent much more time writing about the Aurora, in general, than this particular car.  The images also suck; so this ad makes a big initial statement and then turns into a let-down.  The car does look clean in the images, so the time capsule name could apply, though I would tend to apply that to a lower mileage car.

Click for Craigslist ad
Irvine, CA

Ad text:

Do you want a car that…

Looks like nothing else on the road today…or ever?
Has extremely low miles for its age?
Has the same drag coefficient as a McLaren F1?
Can run with absolutely no coolant in the engine for 50 miles?
Comes with every service record during its life in the hands of my anal-rententive grandfather?

If so, then look no further than this beautiful 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora. The car of the future – as imagined by Clinton-era optimism for a brand now forgotten and killed by General Motors a decade ago.

Get out your Ouija board and ask any Oldsmobile enthusiast about the company’s rich heritage. Founded in 1897 by Ransom E. Olds, “Oldsmobile” has the honor of being the oldest U.S. automotive brand, and had a history of luxury and innovation.

The Aurora was indeed the car created to save Oldsmobile – and it actually started to, except all the other models sucked, and just one decent car wasn’t going to cut it.


First of all, this car is safe and strong – so rigid, in fact, that during its development, the Aurora broke GM’s test equipment used to determine its crush point. GM stated, “The roof structure withstood more than 8,000 pounds of force in a crush-resistance test — far exceeding the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for passenger cars — before the test equipment simply gave out.” As it turns out, GM put the weight of the entire Oldsmobile division on the Aurora, and finally succeeded in crushing it along with their longest-standing nameplate in 2004.

Based heavily on the GM “Tube Car” concept shown in 1991, the Oldsmobile Aurora’s overall styling was meant to be futuristic, aerodynamic, and unusual. The windows are frameless, the body is sculpted like a sea creature, and the taillights stretch the entire width of the rear. It is an original design meant to make the German sedans that consistently outsold American cars look boring back then.

The tires are Michelin HydroEdge with enough tread left to circumnavigate the Earth. It has been garaged its entire life, so the paint is in good condition with ZERO clearcoat failure or oxidation. There are a few minor dings and scratches, however. Also the right side mirror is white. 


The most exceptional thing about this Aurora is the state of the interior. The leather is is soft, supple, and in perfect condition. The carpets are in great condition as well. The original floormats are included and stain free. Honestly, it looks new inside.

The climate control is dual-zone and automatic. The heating and air-conditioning both work of course. On the steering wheel, there are controls for fan speed, temperature, and audio functions.

The stereo is acoustically balanced, has both a cassette and in-dash CD player, and is the original unit that came with the car when it was new. All the speakers work.


This car has a V8… A good old-fashioned (but modern enough with 32-valve DOHC fuel-injected Northstar goodness) V8. Although it makes the same 250 horsepower as a Lexus LS400, this motor has 556 fewer engine parts. The 4.0-liter Aurora V8 engine was also used to break a 25,000-kilometer (15,500-mile) speed and endurance record previously held by Mercedes-Benz. That said, it does have a slight coolant leak near the radiator expansion tank, and the valve cover gaskets are beginning to seep oil.

Aside from routine maintenance parts, everything in the engine (and on this car in general) is original, unmolested, and factory-approved. This fact in particular sets it FAR ahead of the greased up used-car-lot mystery mobiles and dirt-driveway Craigslist ads.


Nobody drives these. When you see one on the road, it might as well be a Duesenberg, because no one ineligible for Social Security will have a clue what it is.

So if your seach for an economical automobile includes Honda Accords with peeling paint jobs and styling modifications that only the right combination of youth, poverty, and poor taste can manifest, ask yourself why you wouldn’t rather be coddled by a stanchion of American automotive history instead.

(more/better pics to come)