1974 Opel Manta Luxus

Any Opel Manta is an oddball these days, but the Luxus luxury edition gets bonus points. The downside is that this one lacks a clutch pedal.

Aside from general 70s Opel awesomeness, one big advantage here is that this ’74 model is Califoria smog exempt, just in case someone wants to bring a non-rust-free car to the West Coast. Mileage is claimed to be about 60K, though the odometer is non-functional. This Luxus would have come with a vinyl roof, but the sellar points out that this roof is covered in black plastidip. We wonder what it looks like up close.

The price may not be right here, but we hope this cool little oddball stays on the road.

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Crimora, VA, USA
$4,200 BIN with offers considered, offers considered and 0.5 days to go

Opel Manta plus the “luxury” of a vinyl roof? Sure!

Front-hinged hood adds euro flair. As far as we know, the dog isn’t included in the sale.

This appears to be the seller’s idea of what this car could look like polished up (i.e. it’s not the same car). We love the rear styling, though.

The front right has made contact with something at some point.

Front sears look to be in pretty good shape. Velour was part of the Luxus trim level.

Wheel wears a typical wrap and dash appears to have only one crack.

The back seat appears to be in good shape – not too many shenanigans back here.

No signs of rust in the trunk, but we can’t see the critical corners.

Ad text:

It’s a 43 year old car. So please read my description carefully and ask any questions that might pop up. I want this to be a happy transaction for you and for me 🙂

Selling our 1974 Opel Manta Luxus, 1.9l, 4 cylinder with weber carb. Complete car, unrestored, no bondo, 3 speed automatic on the floor. Has original wheels and tires are not quite 10 years old, have plenty tread left (only drove it about 27k miles). All technical parts for maintenance and repairs are readily and reasonably available through (yes!) Autozone and ebay!

Only rust is at jack point on driver’s side front, and a lil surface rust from missing paint on passenger front fender – it got “modified” a few years back, and I took the fender off and straightened it out myself. No filler, no bondo! Anywhere!

I have a set of chrome strips to go around the wheel arches, spare side marker in good condition, and the headlight surround, that is currently off as well as the Manta ray and “Luxus” sign that goes on the fender. So the fender can be primed, and then painted.

We stopped polishing the oxidized paint two years ago with the plan to prep and paint it fresh, but we never got around to it. I have included a photo, how the car shines when simply polished by hand – stunning!
Just didn’t want to do it for this ad, for the new owner might want to bring the Opel straight to a paint shop, and then the wax would be such a pain.

The roof is not vinyl, but plastidip, which we put on to protect the roof. I wonder, if it had a vinyl top early in life, because it has the rare chrome strips that run around the base beneath the rear window…

I bought it from a Navy Vet in Colorado, whose best friend had it from new. The first owner put 17k miles on it and then passed, the Vet drove it to 34k miles, and I had it on regular tags for seven years, and then antique tags for the last three, because it doesn’t get much exercise with the other five cars we’ve got.
It would easily pass inspection (might need wipers?), if you don’t like the restrictions of the antique tags.

Odometer stopped working at 51896, and I am positive, that the Opel does not have more than 61k miles on it at present. Speedometer works fine. It feels tight and solid, runs strong, shifts well, doesn’t leak radiator fluid and marks its spot, like a good Opel would, every now and then with a drop of oil.

The interior is clean and tight, as well as the headliner.

There is one crack in the dash, and it is in the center. We always have a dash cover on it,which I guess has helped a lot to keep it as beautiful as it is. The fuel gauge is not working, and I do not pay much attention to the clock… Temperature gauge and idiot lights work as well as everything else you need to negotiate through traffic.

The parts I have replaced since I drove it from Denver to Virginia:

New windshield and gasket,
New alternator,
Electronic ignition fitted into the distributor
New tires (back then)
New brake shoes
New corduroy interior (seats, rear bench, door panels)
Regular filter and oil changes as well as the odd light bulb

$4,200 OBO.

Thinning the herd… Check out my other postings ;-).

If you are interested, I have accumulated various Manta-specific spares (plastic grill; rebuilt, still wrapped automatic transmission; etc), that you are welcome to purchase from me separately.