Weirdest Limo in Beverly Hills?

Well, maybe it’s the most boring limo.  This is a six-door limo, which pretty much means it was used by a funeral home or maybe an airport transport company back in the day.  Good news is it’s not a hearse, so the bodies weren’t in this thing.  Also, if you have a lot of kids, each can have his or her own door, which is a nice touch.  Beyond that, I’m not sure why anyone would want one of these, other than to be different – very different.

The seller only provide basics and an obvious dealer form-type description, but the claimed mileage is low at 49K (that’s a lot of funerals) and the condition certainly is good.  There is no reserve, so we’ll find out what the market thinks.

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Beverly Hills, CA
$880 with 20 bids
-Post by CG

This has the same number of doors on both sides, unlike early minivans.  Was it ahead of its time?


Hey, look, a boring 1983 buick interior, just like your parents or grandparents had!  It’s in good shape…

These 6-doors are pretty much the opposite end of the limo spectrum from Vegas-style, LED lit, bar-equipped shuttle.

The ad says 5.0 liter, so this must be the good ‘ol 305.  It’s awfully clean.

Ad text:

1983 Buick Lesabre 6 door
The above vehicle has been inspected, serviced and road tested.

This item has been inspected, it is a wide-ranging courtesy inspection.

You are always welcome to inspect it yourself or have a professional inspected it any time during the active listing.

Driven At Street And Highway Speeds. The vehicle performed excellent through all speeds including acceleration and deceleration.

Transmission Inspected. The automatic was shifted through all gears including reverse at various speeds and road conditions including incline driving.

Running Lights, Seat Belts And Brakes Inspected. Running lights and seat belts are in excellent condition, brakes are in excellent condition.

Air Conditioning Tested & Inspected.  Front &  Rear A/C blows cold with no leaks.

Inspected Hoses, Worn Or Loose Belts And Any Visible Leaks. All hoses and belts are excellent, with no visible leaks detected at all.

Engine Ran At Idle For 1 Hour. No heating or leaking issues present, the vehicle remained cool.

Autocheck Certification. Excellent score, top 1% of certified vehicles

Concluding Road Test And Quality Inspection. Road test and quality inspection performed, the vehicle passed final inspection with a score of excellent

Final Independent Evaluation: The Final examination of this vehicle indicates it is in very nice original condition with some signs of paint fading in various spots. It appears to have been well maintained.