Clapped Out Renault Alliance Convertible

We’re not sure what happened here, but we’re glad this didn’t start life as the relatively desirable GTA version of this car. What we have here is a basic four cylinder, automatic Alliance painted in some sort of bass boat paint and equipped with a cheesy hood and a “racing edition” badge.  Ugh.

The seller keeps it simple and calls out the custom paint and hood, also pointing out that this car doesn’t run well.  The poor running was likely a stock feature that showed up when this 80s Renault left the factory; so we wouldn’t worry too much about that.

What do we like here?  Well, this is a US market Renault product AND part of the ill-fated AMC/Renault alliance (thus the name).  Also, we support the rather odd displacement of 1.7 liters, though we lament the automatic trans.  If this stays under $500, maybe someone will make a Lemons racer out of it.  Of course, that would require a roll cage and perhaps a trans swap.  Maybe that hood can be made functional?

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Bohemia, NY, USA
$200 with two bids, no reserve and three days to go

These “scoops” were grafted on, as even JC Whitney knows not to offer parts for these.

There’s something oddly appealing about the extreme boxiness of this design.  That’s why we love the GTA so much.

We’re not sure, but it looks like the tail lights have been “enhanced” with trim.  Also, what the hell did this tow and why?

Finally, a close-up of the awful paint and “Racing” badge.  We assume the paint came from the Ranger Bass Boat brochure.

Interior is a cool, full red and appears to be in decent shape, considering the age.

Yep, the six figure odometer hasn’t rolled over.  That doesn’t matter, as we assume getting almost 94K miles out of this took a lot of work and parts.  At least, that’s what we’re led to believe about US market Renaults.

Here’s the mighty 1.7L four cylinder!

Ad text:

1985 Renault Alliance Convertible


The car does not run well
Custom paint ,
Custom hood scoops
Racing edition
Plenty of rubber on the tires
Trailer hitch
Engine 4 cyl 1.7

FrankenPacer! AMC Pacer 4×4

What do you get when you combine a 1976 Pacer with GM axles, an AMC V8 and International Scout transmission and transfer case?  Well, this…

Okay, it’s possible the V8 is original, but the rest is an interesting combination of parts and it results in a pretty amazing ride height.  Hopefully, this actually offers some off-road capability.  We find this one particularly strange, given AMC rather uniquely offered off-road capable hatchbacks in the form of the Eagle Kammback, SX4, etc.  Perhaps this owner just had the parts lying around?

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Dolan Springs, AZ, USA
$4,900 BIN with offers considered

This is definitely unique.  Running board is a nice touch, but we hope it didn’t sacrifice ground clearance.

Flag and eagle are very much appropriate here.

Truck bumper!

Rear also features a truck bumper, with spare attached.

Apparently, the hatch clears the spare.

These always had high floors, but one could still cram a fair amount of stuff in here.  We assume the driver of this sort of vehicle hauls a lot of ammo.

Hooray for manual shifters!

Patriotic theme carries over to the seats.  This is fitting for a “Spirit of ’76” vehicle, but we find no evidence that this was part of a factory special edition.

Here’s the AMC V8.  The seller lists some work needed, but it’s not clear that the engine needs much, if anything.

Ad text:

One of a Kind beautiful AMC Pacer. …

This beauty was worked on with love and attention. Converted to 4 wheel drive by adding General Motors front and rear axles. International Scout 4 speed trans and transfer case to the Pacer under carriage.Does have AC but needs work.. Runs and drives but needs a tune up and some work. It’s been setting for 2 years. Paint on top is fading, lower right windshield has a small crack. A rock pit on the left side of the windshield. Brakes work but need a vacuum boaster. Ignition switch is bad, tires are old and need replaced. Lots of things need redone. We have driven this car for years. Very good car that can be made into an attention getting very rare show car. It has been in several show magazines, and won many trophies in car shows.

AMC Concord Pro Street Surf Wagon

Woodgrain, surfboard, tubbed rear and small-block Chevy.  A winning combo?

We like wagons because of their do-everything nature.  Usually, that means they drive like a car and haul like an SUV.  Today’s feature car is perhaps less versatile, but still  has a split personality.  It looks like a utilitarian, early 80s woodgrain wagon and has been modified to drive like a drag racer.  While this car’s weight may not be optimized to win, we love the execution, which includes woodgrain on the custom cowl induction hood and a color-keyed, brown roll cage.

The owner is quite open about the car’s condition and needs, none of which are too serious.  Even at the buy-it-now (BIN) price, this seems like a good platform for some fun.  Anything less might be a bit of a deal.  The next owner will just have to decide whether to head in a street or track direction.  We hope they don’t change too much.  If not going all-out for racing, we’d consider staggered steelies, although the Welds are legit for the strip.

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$4,500 with ZERO bids, reserve not met, $8,500 BIN and six days to go
Endicott, NY, USA

What’s not to love here?  Yes, it seems the surf boards are included in the sale…

Seller points out that decals can be removed.  We’d consider that.

Check out the wide rear tires, which are mounted on 15-inch wide Welds.

Here’s the woodgrain hood.  Sure, the color may not be perfect vs. the side trim,but we love it.

Interior appears surprisingly stock because the roll cage is color-keyed and even the door panels are in place.  Owner states that the cage may not pass inspection at tracks.  Hmm.

Tach is a good idea in this application.  Drag shifter is also present and it looks like some auxiliary gauges are mounted in a custom panel with the HVAC controls.

The cargo compartment, while tubbed, wears matching carpet

And…it conceals a fuel cell.

Here’s what the owner believes is a small-block Chevy.  Note the woodgrain air cleaner and valve covers.

Ad text:

What says summer cruising more than woodgrain and surfboards???!!!……Here’s a 1982 AMC Concord Pro Street/Surf Wagon, it’s on the road and driveable, licensed and insured, but I’m calling it a project car that is nearly completed, just needing your finishing touches. Look at the pro street cars for sale, Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, and Mustangs. Dare to be different!! This is an original paint wagon that a  previous owner had professionally back-halved and caged to drag race. It was raced in the 90’s in the Midwest.  A lot of the drag racing components are still on the car. I can’t take the credit or blame for anything in the drivetrain or chassis. I bought it approximately 80% complete with the intention of making it fully street legal, but lack of time is preventing me from finishing it. It’s probably 95% complete now, I drive it daily when the weather is good, it’s garaged and hasn’t seen rain since I’ve owned it. My loss is your gain. Cruise as-is now and then fully complete to your liking over the winter to have done in time for next spring. Here are the details:

All original steel except lift off race weight cowl hood, wrapped in woodgrain to match the side panels. Hood is held on with Dzus fasteners.
Paint is original AMC Topaz Gold Metallic, I’d rate it a 7 out of 10, it’s still waxable, but has some chips, small dings, etc.
All trim is installed on car
All glass is good, side windows all roll up and down
Lights, turn signals, dash lights all work
Rear back half is done nicely with a complete subframe kit from Competition Engineering or equivalent, ladder bar, coilovers, panhard bar, etc. Large fuel cell under rear floor accessed through panel in rear.
Factory roof rack, and 2 decent surfboards complete the appearance
Lettering is all vinyl and can be removed if the advertising isn’t your thing

Nice 8 point roll bar with tip out bars
Original door panels, headliner, dash pad, etc.
Seats are great, no rips or tears.
Good  carpet, door sill plates, etc.
Retains most of factory wiring, key warning buzzer and dome light still work
Cheetah SCS shifter

Starting in the front, there is a custom built PermaCool Radiator and Optima battery. Starts great, never overheats, runs at 185 degrees in traffic on a hot day.
Motor – I was told it’s a 350 Chevy,  I never bothered to check, it runs great,  has some drips, has the usual bolt-ons,  Edelbrock intake, headers, and cam, Flowmasters. Still has the orginal Quadrajet that works perfectly. The air cleaner lid and valve covers have been hydrodipped to match rest of  woodgrain theme.
Turbo 350 with shift kit, works great
Rear end is a narrowed 9” Ford posi, 4 link, coilovers, shortened 31 spline  axles and new 4.11 Richmod gears with a new Yukon TracLok differential.
Electric Fuel  pump

Matching  Weld Wheels: 15 x 4 with Goodyear Frontrunners, 15 x 15 and 15.5/29 Mickeys
Manual  steering box, Manual front disc, drum brakes with new hardware in rear
Competition Engineering adjustable drag shocks in front
Clear title in my name.

Still Needs:
Needs a horn and wipers to pass NYS inspection, I did install an e-brake setup using Ford and aftermarket cables. I have a horn kit to install. Everything is there for the wipers, probably just needs power to dash switch.
Street legal front tires
Although it drives reasonably well and tracks straight, probably could stand a 4 wheel alignment to make sure everything is square.
While the roll cage is nice, the side bars may need a re-design to pass tech if you plan on putting it on the track
5 point harness is out of date
The usual odds and ends to complete to your satisfaction

NOT a Gremlin: AMC Eagle Kammback

These don’t come up often, and they always tempt us when they do.  From a distance, one might think this is a Gremlin; but it’s actually an Eagle Kammback.  Given the Eagle name, one expects four-wheel-drive and one will not be disappointed!  As an added bonus, this one features a clutch pedal.

The seller claims a lot of recent work including clutch and various seals; so there’s a chance this will be a good, reliable driver.  Mechanical parts should be easy to come by, given this engine was in almost everything AMC made for years.  Even the 4WD parts were shares across a great many Eagles.  The seller has replaced upholstery and carpet; so interior cosmetics are good, too.

At the current bid of $2,550, we see this as a bargain; but we don’t know the reserve and thus don’t know whether someone will get a good deal.

Click for eBay ad
Manchester, TN, USA
$2,550 with 33 bids, reserve not met and two days to go

Eagle had good front end brand consistency, meaning this might be mistaken for the common wagon from the front.  Naturally, we love the brown color here.

This is the Gremlin angle, with a similar, chopped profile.

Rear view has Gremlin in it, but this might be even weirder.

Here’s the manual shifter for the four-speed trans, as well as the excellent condition upholstery.

This does have a back seat and it’s in great shape.  Split-folding feature is nice.

Hatch has a tall floor, but decent cargo capacity and much more with seats folded down.

Here’s the ubiquitous AMC I6.

Ad text:

Up for sale is a 1981 AMC Eagle Kammback. I have been in the AMC hobby for many years and have worked to restore many of them, as you may know the Kammback model is very scarce, not many were produced, very few left. I need room in my shop to do my next AMC rebuild so its time to pass this one along to someone else.

This car has NO rust, and I know where to look. Frame rails, floorpans, rocker panels are all perfect. Car has original paint and other than a few places its very good for 35 years.

The car runs, drives and stops very well, Can be driven anywhere anytime. Starts immediately, runs smooth, shifts smooth. 4X4 works perfect

New or replaced by me:

New aluminum valve cover – this car leaks nothing on floor

New tune up parts – runs perfectly

New front axle half shafts

New belts and hoses

New Battery

New clutch, new seals on transmission and transfer case

New seals, bearings, pinions seal for rear axle

New exhaust cat back

New rubber seal around hatch window

New shocks all way around

New windshield

New carpet including back part, new spare tire cover

Front seats were redone in NEW NOS material (from SMS Auto Fabrics) and look perfect, rear seat is original and looks good

Has original owners manual and paperwork

All lights work as they should

Has spare tire and jack in place

Things you need to know:

Only have ignitions key, not door key (owners manual has key code so one can be made, I never locked it)

Has dent in front drivers fender and small crack in Krayton fender flare (see pic)

Rear hatch had a leak that messed up paint, I repaired and repainted back part flat black

Gas gauge works backward, full is empty, empty is full (PO installed new sender, prob not right one!)

Has aftermarket radio and PO cut bezel to make hole for it ( I have another uncut bezel that can go with car)

Front grill is not broken, but does have a spot where the plastic chrome is pealing a bit

Needs loved and driven, its super fun to drive. Just don’t be in a hurry when you stop somewhere, everyone will want to talk to you about your car. Again can be driven anywhere anytime.

Message me with any questions or if you would like additional pictures

Is Barcelona known for Velveteen Crush?

AMC had a great many special editions, some with ties to 70s designers; but this Barcelona Edition may take the cake – at least in terms of brownness.  And, really, shouldn’t we always measure that way?

This example appears to be in amazingly original shape. It’s not perfect, but it’s damn close, considering nearly 40 years have passed since its birth.  This features the 360 V8, which should sound good, despite being horrendously choked down by 1978.  Still, one can hope for quite a few low-end torques.  The interior of this beast is something to be behold, what with the seating surfaces and door panel inserts covered in “velveteen crush” (per the seller).

There’s no reserve on this one; so it’ll sell at or above the current bid of $2,600.  We think it’s still a deal at or near that price.

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Chattanooga, TN, USA
$2,601 with eight bids, no reserve and six days to go

Does styling get much more delightfully awkward?  AMC mastered that category through the 70s.

Here’s the profile.  Note the well-padded landau roof.  Wide whitewalls are a bit over the top – this probably came with “normal” whitewalls.

Tail lights are much more sporty than the car on which they’re mounted.  Color-keyed bumpers ensure no shortage of tan.

Is it surprising that this lives with an AMC enthusiast who is also selling a Gremlin?  See ad text for link…

Here’s the interior.  The loose, casual, velveteen crush is perfect for the period, especially with the fancy detailing.  The dash looks purposeful enough here – borderline truckish, actually.

Remember split bench seats?  You will is you drive this.  Note that the rear seat offers more of the same material.

Here’s the 360.  Things look clean under here and the newish Interstate battery could speak to good care and feeding.

Ad text:

1978 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition

Ok AMC fans I’m selling 2 cars out of my collection so someone else can enjoy these beautiful America Motors Classics…and free me up space to get more. The cars are a 1978 Matador Barcelona Edition and a 1974 Green Gremlin. There is no in between opinion on the looks of this vehicle, responses have been either love or hate. No doubt AMC had an eye for “different” designs and this Matador is a prime example. 78 was the last year AMC made the Matador and that year they only made 396 of the Barcelonas. 

This car has fittingly spent most of its life in Wisconsin, but by the absence of rust you would never know it. The previous owners said they garaged it every winter and brought it out at spring time. By the looks of the car, including underneath (pictured above) it seems to be the truth.

This highly optioned car has a 360 V8 with and automatic transmission, working AC, and AM/FM radio. The exterior color is 2 tone, Ginger Metallic with Sand Tan, it’s in very good condition with the exception of a small spot above the drivers door (pictured above). Also, has the padded landau top fitted around opera Windows and back glass. When looking for this model car it’s very hard to find one and when you finally do, the landau top is almost always rotted or completely gone. This top has 2 small tears near the opera windows (pictured above) but still the best shape of any I found. The tires are a brand new set of Coker whitewalls, a thicker whitewall than the original look, but I think they really make this car pop. There is also 2 new goodyear spares in the trunk along with original jack kit.

The interior is in very clean shape. Individual reclining seats in velveteen crush fabric with woven accent stripes, custom door trim panels, extra thick carpeting in the floors, dash and cluster in great shape, all gauges work as they should. The only thing that’s non operational is a hand clock right above the air controls. The AM/FM radio pickups very clear and the speakers put out surprisingly well.

The original 360 V8 motor is smooth, quiet, and shows no signs of age when you step on the pedal. The only two things I’ve done to this engine are replace the fresh air duct that runs to the air cleaner. The old one was ok but had a tear, didn’t want to sell it that way so I bought a NOS for $50 just to keep it original. It’s not on the car in the picture because it was being shipped at the time, but it’s on there now. The second thing I did was clean and grease the choke on the carb because sometimes it would stick. And that’s it, this car came to me in great shape thanks to great previous owners.

We all want clarity in our ebay purchases, so if there is anything you would like to know or see on the car, message me and I will do my best to answer any question I can. 423-xxx-xxxx, Joshua.

A $250 deposit is due within 24 hours of auction close. If you have less than 10 feedback please contact me before hand. 

Thanks for looking. Good luck!

Here’s a link to the Gremlin

WTF Jeep

Did you ever look at a Jeep CJ and wonder what it would be like if you deleted its ability to go over speed bumps, not to mention going off-road?  Well, here’s your answer.  The seller calls it the Testabassa SR.

The work here seems to be well done, but we question the project’s intent.  For those morbidly curious, the seller has provided a video of this beast in action.  There’s no doubt this is oddly appealing, but is it worth $49K or more?

Click for eBay ad
Los Angeles, CA, USA
$49,000 with ZERO bids, $75,000 BIN price and 1 day to go

As the seller says, this is truly one of a “kink.”  Despite aggressive tread, there’s no off-road ability here.

It’s still unusual up close.

In case the driving setting is too high, the air bags let this sit even lower.

Rear is, well, basic.

This beast appears to feature a full set of guages and perhaps the tallest shifter we’ve seen.

Seating area is as spartan as one would imagine.  Center console looks a little “wood shop”, but it works.  For anyone wondering, the squiggles on the metal surfaces are likely what the builder would call “grinder art.”

Here’s the SBC with Edelbrock dress-up items.  If well-built, the 420HP claim isn’t completely crazy, though dyno results would be interesting.

Ad text:

This Jeep is truly one of a kink, a beast, a monster. It gets more attention than anything also on the street.

Frame and chassis are from a Jeep Willys 1975, this car doesn’t need a smog check. Street legal.

Comes from a rebuilt Chevy small black, v8, 420 HP. A real beast.
Comp cam
New Crank from MABBCO Motors
All new seals and bearings
Bored .030 over
New mullins high capacity oil pump
New chrome oil pan and new filter
new HEI distibuter and 8.5mm wires
new chrome pullies
New Harmonic balancer
New Edelbrock dressing (well over $600 value with carb)
350 long headers
Edelbrock intake manifol
Comes with engine stand
010 block SBC 2 bolt main
Double roller timing chain and new chrome cover
also includes fuel pump, alternator, belt and everything on pic.
Also on the engine is a chrome Long Nose water pump.
All new seals and gaskets on entire build    

AIR BAGS, front and rear wheels.
All the hydraulic parts, tires, wheels, gas tank and so on are brand new.

Again you are bidding for one of a kind car.

You need to get a pair of seats belt, rear signal lights and connect the speedometer.

GOOD LUCK WITH YOU BID. Txt me any question you have 213 xxx xxxx

What’s Better than an AWD, Manual Wagon?

How about one modified to be a pseudo-Subaru Baja?

This was once an AMC Eagle wagon; but someone took an angle grinder to it and added too much diamond plate.  The end result is a not-so-weatherproof mini trucklet with a carpeted bed.  Wasn’t that one of the downfalls of the Lincoln Blackwood?

Fittingly bidding sits at $666 at press time. That’s not a lot of money, you’ll have to decide what this is worth.  Also, the reserve hasn’t been met; so who knows whether this will sell.

Click for eBay ad
Palos Park, IL, USA (surely nicer than Palos Verdes)
$666 with 7 bids, reserve not met and 6 days to go

This picture needs no comments.

Profile is just as groovy.  Wheels should be familiar to anyone around Jeeps in the 80s and early 90s.

The front…well, we’re not sure what all is going on there.  Bumper appears to be a rear unit from something else – perhaps the Cherokee that gave up its wheels for this car?  Mesh?  Check!

The “bed” is still carpeted and it

This “closed” shot reveals the full tailgate and some attempt at sealing off the rear.

Delightfully brown interior with plenty of faux wood grain are awesome; but the clutch pedal and shifter mean business.  Yes, that’s a hint of cool, plaid cloth, too. Considering the apparent lack of security in this car, the lack of a radio might be a good idea, although we’re not sure two-shaft radios get stolen anymore.

Let’s get one more look at that cloth.

Ad text:


1975 Jeep Airport Tug with Thing

No, this doesn’t come with a Volkswagen Thing, it comes with Thing from Fantastic Four. We have no idea why.

This is a CJ-5 that was modified to tow aircraft.  Why not?  Now that it’s duties are over, it’s just a really odd, narrow Jeep for the street or trail.  What’s not to love?

Click for Craigslist ad
Lake Forest, CA, USA (Could be around the corner from Oddimotive HQ!)

Apparently, the four-wheel drive is still in place; so this can be used for just about anything.

Interior is, shall we say, spartan.  Fuel is supplied by plastic gas cans.

Here’s another shot of that likeness of “Thing”.  Note also the narrow windscreen and the jack mounted in front of it.

Yes, an interior can get more basic than that of a consumer-grade CJ-5; but only so much so.

The rear looks even less consumer-grade.  We’re not sure this can be registered for the street.

Ad text:

Very rare 1975 jeep cj5 airport tug with original great running 4.2 liter straight 6 with 4K miles on original engine 
All wheel drive that engages easily 
4 speed manual transmission with granny gear 
Transfer case all working in great condition
This is a very strong off road vehicle that can pull extremely hard hence it used to pull and park airplanes back in the 70s 
Custom 15×8.5 turbine wheels single drilled 
All working lights 
Turn signal, stop lights 
Located in Lake Forest