Highly Customized Suzuki X90

Because the Suzuki X90 just wasn’t weird enough on its own, this one has been modified into a wanna-be off roader. Despite the 39-inch super swampers, the seller advises that this car is for “sunny day driving, or mild to moderate off roaring.”  The sunny day warning relates to the complete lack of a top and side windows.

Needless to say, this customization has taken place in Florida.

Underneath all the weirdness is a 135K mile X90, which means a simple and serviceable powertrain.  Note, however, that the seller points out that the automatic (ugh) no longer shifts into overdrive.  That sounds like a great excuse for a manual swap.  This is offered as a running, but incomplete, project, as it sounds like the interior and electrical system are not finished.

The X90 was always a two-seater, and one might wonder if this conversion ended up with more seating, like this one.  In this case, however, any extra space created was used for a ridiculous audio system using what appear to be only the finest of pawn shop brands.  After all, where do you even get “one 18″ subwoofer, two 15″ subwoofers, two 10″ subwoofers, and four 8″ three way speakers”?

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Silver Springs, FL, USA
$500 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 6.5 days to go

Given the 1.6-liter four cylinder is still present, this intake must be only for show.  I’ll give the seller this: no one would guess this was an X90.

The rear is also completely customized.  This seems to be mimicking a side-by-side ATV.

Seats look straight out of a buggy, which is pretty cool.  This is also our only shot of he speakers. Note that there’s no mention of a head unit or amps.  We’re not sure how one would wire this up.

Ad text:

Up for sale is this totally customized 1996 Suzuki X-90. It obviously is not finished. It does however, run and drive. You can physically get in it turn the key, start it up,and drive down the road. This is not an everyday vehicle, although it is street legal. There is no roof, or side windows. It is made for sunny day driving, or mild to moderate off roaring. It has brand new 39.5″ Super Swampers, a stock 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engine that runs great, and does not leak or burn oil. There is enough room for a V6 engine swap, if you wish to do so. It has a custom made speaker box that contains one 18″ subwoofer, two 15″” subwoofers, two 10″ subwoofers, and four 8″ three way speakers. It also has a new battery. It has a four speed overdrive transmission, however there is an issue with it. Tough gear (overdrive) will not engage. It does however shift fine in first through third gear. The electronics in the interior need to be installed, and wired up, the rest of the interior pieces need to be bolted in, and the bodywork needs to be finished. This will make someone a great one of a kind, go almost anywhere fun vehicle. I could not get any decent pictures to load from my computer, so I took these ( with no flash available) for now. I will add good pictures asap!

FrankenPacer! AMC Pacer 4×4

What do you get when you combine a 1976 Pacer with GM axles, an AMC V8 and International Scout transmission and transfer case?  Well, this…

Okay, it’s possible the V8 is original, but the rest is an interesting combination of parts and it results in a pretty amazing ride height.  Hopefully, this actually offers some off-road capability.  We find this one particularly strange, given AMC rather uniquely offered off-road capable hatchbacks in the form of the Eagle Kammback, SX4, etc.  Perhaps this owner just had the parts lying around?

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Dolan Springs, AZ, USA
$4,900 BIN with offers considered

This is definitely unique.  Running board is a nice touch, but we hope it didn’t sacrifice ground clearance.

Flag and eagle are very much appropriate here.

Truck bumper!

Rear also features a truck bumper, with spare attached.

Apparently, the hatch clears the spare.

These always had high floors, but one could still cram a fair amount of stuff in here.  We assume the driver of this sort of vehicle hauls a lot of ammo.

Hooray for manual shifters!

Patriotic theme carries over to the seats.  This is fitting for a “Spirit of ’76” vehicle, but we find no evidence that this was part of a factory special edition.

Here’s the AMC V8.  The seller lists some work needed, but it’s not clear that the engine needs much, if anything.

Ad text:

One of a Kind beautiful AMC Pacer. …

This beauty was worked on with love and attention. Converted to 4 wheel drive by adding General Motors front and rear axles. International Scout 4 speed trans and transfer case to the Pacer under carriage.Does have AC but needs work.. Runs and drives but needs a tune up and some work. It’s been setting for 2 years. Paint on top is fading, lower right windshield has a small crack. A rock pit on the left side of the windshield. Brakes work but need a vacuum boaster. Ignition switch is bad, tires are old and need replaced. Lots of things need redone. We have driven this car for years. Very good car that can be made into an attention getting very rare show car. It has been in several show magazines, and won many trophies in car shows.

Two-Stroke Pre-Samurai

Long before the Suzuki Samurai graced US shores, Suzuki offered the LJ.   The Samurai was considered basic in the 1980s and this was just as basic in its day, featuring a 0.5L, two-cylinder engine.  Off-road capability was always part of the story, though.

This example is a (possibly more rare) tin top version and the seller claims it runs, but needs clutch cable adjustment.  The seller provides a fair amount of information, but appears to have no concept of run-on sentences, punctuation and/or paragraph construction; so this is a difficult read.  Still, we think this little truck is awesome and we hope it finds a loving new buyer who will address any critical needs and otherwise drive it like it is.  This seems too original to paint or otherwise restore…

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San Bernardino, CA, USA

Function over form is the name of the game here.  Note that a Suzuki enthusiast owns this.

Front end of L20 is different from its air-cooled L10 predecessor.

Here’s a better look at that tin top and a peek inside.

As with Samurais, the rear door is side-hinged on the Japan market side.  Older CR-V and RAV4 owners should be familiar with this annoying condition.

Door card pretty much looks like cardboard.

Interior appears to be complete.

Here’s the cargo area.  We love it this way.  The seller claims the seats were recently recovered and we hope that doesn’t just mean with plastic.

Here’s the mighty L50 two-cylinder, two-stroke engine.

Ad text:

Rare And Hard To Find Unmolested And Tin Top 1972 Suzuki LJ 20 2 Stroke Water Cooler Engine And Straight Related With Suzuki Samurai.Long Story About This Little Jeeps Most Of Them Was Imported By IEC”Intercontinental Equipment Corporation In San Diego Ca”Several To Nevada,Arizona And Some To Mexico.For The Last 25 Years I Be Owned All Years And Models Of Suzuki Samurai’s Who Well Know Has The Guinness Record On Climbing Highest Altitude In Chile,,3 Years Ago I Come Across This LJ And Purchase Them With The Intention Of Put Them Back To The Streets Because My Daughter Like It And Want It To Go To The College Now She Change Her Mind And Wants Different Car. In That Time The Car Was In No Operation Since 1996 Because The Gas Tank And Radiator Needs Repairs,,Now All You Need To Know About The Little Jeep The Gas Tanks Was Fixed And Redone 1 Year Ago I Clean All The Gas Lines And Clean All The Hoses The Radiator Was Made New With All The Interior Parts And Tanks In My Presence,Now The Engine Runs And Purs Like A Kitty The Front Seats Was Redone Has ”ALL” Functional Lights It Comes With The Original Tow Bar The Door Panels Are The Original Everything Is There Included The Original Owner’s Manual And Parts Manual Along With Clean Open Title .Now The Cons.The Suki Runs And Drives But Needs To ADJUST The Clutch Cable,The Speedo Don’t Work And The Windshield Wiper Motor Need To Be Fixed,The Car Obviously Has Scratches And Minor Dents Mayority On The Bottom Rocker Panels It’s California Car So With All The Goods And Cons You Still Interested On It Email Me And Ask Questions I Don’t Do Trades At ALL You CAN Found More Information ON LJ 10 Website Or You Can Google It AT August 1971 Motor Trend Magazine Called The Great RV Binge And See Who Was The Boss In That Competition.Also You Can Found For How Much He’s Brother Was Sold Back In 2011 In Barret Jackson Auction In Sccottsdale Arizona In Soft Top Version Restored ”My Personal Taste Unmolested Cars”I Will Add Better And More Pictures

The Anti-Donk?

It seems most sedans raised to this extent wear 26-inch (or greater) diameter wheels.  In this case, a Chrysler 300 body is mounted atop an older Chevy Blazer K10 frame.  This could be the anti-donk, or maybe this is the redneck donk.  In any case, this should actually have off-road capability.

The ad for this car is an entertaining read due to horrible spelling.  Here are a few examples:

“…Chrysler 300 on a k10 blazer Chasse”

“it is a custome build project needs battery and a starter to b drive able”

“car is located in new Mexico but I was thinking of takeing a trip out to cali…”

Also, the seller is willing to trade for a low rider.  That’s not exactly the same type of vehicle.  Anyway, there’s no doubt this is unique and, yes, we find it oddly appealing on some level.

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Greater Albuquerque, NM, USA

This speaks for itself.

Fade at lower right could be hipster filter or photo effect?

Nope, it’s a camera or user error.

Here’s the only shot of the interior.  It looks essentially stock, minus the shifter (trans or transfer case?).

Here’s the Small Block Chevy, which sits very low and rearward.  Technically, this is a front-mid engine engine!

Ad text:

Up for sale of trade one of a kind 2007 Chrysler 300 on a k10 blazer Chasse running a 350 4×4 automatic still needs a lil love it is a custome build project needs battery and a starter to b drive able lots of new parts willing to trade for a lowrider old school or let me no what u got to offer $8000 firm car is located in new Mexico but I was thinking of takeing a trip out to cali so I might b able to tow it out there if a good offer comes if interested thanks

Mid-Engine Military Volvo

We in the US didn’t see them often, but Volvo made some thoroughly impressive and interesting military vehicles over the years.  This C303 platform was under many truly a go-anywhere vehicles, and today’s feature is the “TGB 1111” variant, which means it’s the (sporty?) cabriolet version.

The seller provides almost no information, but we know this is powered by a midships-mounted inline six cylinder.  Those familiar with the luxurious Volvo 164 will recognize the B30 engine.

It’s not clear whether any top is included in this sale, which may or may not matter to the next owner.  It seems like this would have been a chilly ride with no top in Denmark.

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Lime, Mørke, Denmark
$2000 with 1 bid, reserve not met and 7 days to go

Cab forward design should provide a commanding view of the trail ahead.

Full roll bar could be good news for anyone who really wants to test this vehicle’s capabilities.

The last business to own the truck seems to have left its logo on the rear door.

Rear view – still not much to look at.

Interior is less spartan than suggested.  Hopefully, it is water proof?  Manual shifter look like a bit of a reach, but we’re happy to see it.

The rear-facing, right-side passenger can work on the engine whilst someone else drives!

Here’s a closeup of the logo – apparently a fence company, if are to believe Google Translate.  Note the interesting passenger layout and familiar SU carb.

Ad text:

“Brakes needs to be fix, for more info write”

 18000km fun truck

Psuedo-HMMWV Custom Off-Roader

The seller claims this was built for desert warfare at a cost of over $100K; but doesn’t say by whom nor how that adds up to a $9,900 asking price today.  Regardless, it’s certainly odd.

This was apparently built to be seriously durable and the images back that up, what with beefy axles and suspension.  Power comes from a Jeep Liberty Diesel – not huge displacement, but likely torquey enough.  Oddly, the seller claims front and rear air conditioning; so one can participate in desert warfare in comfort, if not style.

There’s no way this will be street legal; so how can we assess the value?  Perhaps $10K seems like a good deal if you have lots of private land on which to enjoy this thing…

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Kailua, HI, USAs
$9,900 BIN price

Ingress/Egress much?

Top-hinged front doors are, well, distinctive.  Overall styling is purposeful.

An inverter system is included in the sale and we guess that is/was hooked up to the outlets on the rear of the vehicle.

Interior is mostly cage; so this won’t carry a lot of people and maybe not even a lot of stuff.

Gauge ‘cluster’ is an all-in-one unit.

Here’s that rear.  One could construct a flat floor atop the tubes…

Presumably, this diesel is in the front.

Ad text:

selling a experimental humvee that’s in new condition. Its an extreme 4×4 built for the war in afghanistan and iraq its all custom built from the ground up. The frame is all steel pipe baja racing frame made in califonia, Currie axles with 4.56 gearing and air lockers front and back. It has 4 link suspension front and back with race runner air shocks and air bump stops, holley electric fuel pump, aluminum fuel cell, Drive train is from an 06 2.8L CRD turbo diesel 24mpg jeep liberty with automatic trans and 242 transfer case that has 2wd,part time 4wd,full time 4wd and low gear 4wd, Hydraulic steering,  Racepack UDX display dash, Quick release steering wheel, A/C front and back,Horn, headlights, Blinkers, Brake lights, Windshield wipers, Willow disc brakes front and back, Hutchinson bead lock rims with 315/75r16 bf goodrich m/t tires, It was hooked up with the Auragen 5000 watt alternator powering system but I removed it to put in a regular alternator but it comes with the humvee if you ever want to hook it back up again also comes with a spare hutchinson bead lock rim and tire. Everything on vehicle is almost like new and built very heavy duty. There is no vin# or ownership papers for this is a custom vehicle i can only provide a bill of sale not sure if you could make this street legal Ive never tried. This vehicle cost well over  $100,000 to build for sure I was told the frame alone was 30k. I will take it to matson for you to help with the shipping process I believe it will cost around $1500. to ship to long beach califonia from hawaii.  I have thought of every thing I could if you have any ? I’ll try to answer them as best i could..thanks

Plymouth Acclaim Plus Chevrolet Blazer Yields THE ACCLAZER!

What do you get when you cross a Plymouth Acclaim and a Chevy Blazer?  Behold, it’s the Acclazer!

The seller states that this currently has not title, but that perhaps one can be gotten.  I’m not sure public roads really need this, but that’s for the next owner to decide.  The 350 supposedly runs well and the tires are new.  What else could you possibly need to know?

Love it or hate it, this is the Acclazer.

Special thanks go out to Facebook’s Obscure Cars for Sale page for this one.

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New Paris, IN, USA
$284 with 4 bids, reserve not met and 5 days to go

Yes, indeed, this is claimed to be a functioning vehicle…

Things don’t look any better from the rear.

Inside, one finds tons of red velour.  Have we ever mentioned we miss full-color interiors?  While you’re here, note the transfer case shifter – not a normal Acclaim feature at the time.

Ad text:


AMC Eagle Wagon with Manual

Wagon body, inline six cylinder engine, all wheel drive and a clutch pedal – does it get any better?

Well, okay, there are faster and more attractive wagons that check those boxes, but they lack the retro coolness of this one.  The particular example has about 130K miles, which means the ubiquitous AMC 4.2-liter I6 is hardly broken in.  In truth, we’d worry more about insufficient mileage here than about wear.

The rest of the car seems to be in very good shape and the seller claims no rust.  The outside isn’t the coolest retro color (brown), but the full red interior is pretty awesome.  Speaking of outside color, this will need paint if you don’t want to pass off oxidation as ‘patina.’

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LeMont, IL, USA
Thanks to reader N.N. for this submission!

If you were around when these were still sold new, then you know this face.

Period turbine-type wheels work pretty well on this.  Most Jeep wheels fit and you’ll see lots of interesting choices on the interwebs.

More oxidation is evident back here.  That was common with silver cars for decades.

This example is fitted with proper off-road tires – ready for mud!

Here’s the money shot – throwback full-color interior and a manual shifter.  Faux woodgrain we could take or leave, but at least it’s original to the car.  If this car has any drawback, it’s the lack of a double DIN slot for easy installation of a unit with Android Auto and/or CarPlay.

Seat fabric is a nice touch and would be much cooler than full vinyl.  We can’t see the driver’s seat, but the back seat looks perfect.

High floor likely conceals the spare wheel/tire; so cargo capacity isn’t what one would expect.  Still, the area is large enough and it appears that the rear seat folds.

Ad text:

AMC = American Motors Eagle Station Wagon , UN molested, factory stock
currently has less than 130,000 miles, plated and insured, driving on good days only
This Wagon spent 99 percent of it’s Life at a Montana Air Force Base, 
Order up a CarFax report = VIN # 2CCCN3856GB700022
In line 6 cylinder 4.2 that runs very very good
Five speed MANUAL Transmission = very RARE
Shift on the fly FOUR WHEEL DRIVE 4×4
NO-Rust at all, see photo of the surface rust on the hatchback
Replaced the following list with in the last 1000 miles, and have the supporting paperwork 
windshield, brakes on all four wheels, clutch and bearing, tires, shocks, Blue tooth radio and speakers
Missing one speaker grill, and LR door handle and all four fender flairs 
Calls only = 630 740 three one 32

Monster Subaru Legacy Wagon with STI Engine

Yeah, the title pretty much sums it up.

The seller says this is an unfinished project, but doesn’t need too much.  We’ll see.  This uses a 2005 STI engine with Supra transmission, NP205 transfer case and 1985 Toyota pickup axles.  The parts sound legit – can you make it all work?  If so, you’ll have something truly bad ass!

There’s no mention of condition or state of completion on the inside, but the seller claims 60K miles.  We’re not sure whether that’s on the car or the engine…

Click for eBay ad
Belfair, WA, USA
$8,000 with zero bids and $15,000 BIN price and 1.5 days to go

That’s what we call articulation.

It’s a bit taller than stock.


This doesn’t exactly ride on stock bits.

Ad text:

Been a project since 2010/ the house and new Subaru have been soaking up all the money and its just sitting. 32k invested with records.

Don’t have to sell just seeing if there is interest so low ball offers will be ignored.

2005 Sti engine
Supra w series trans
85 yota axles
79 np205
DOM dual triangulated 4 link suspension with ballistic fab dual rate coilovers

Lots to list text or call 

Needs to be finished up, Full hydro/exhaust/radiator/turbo piping

Price is OBO and trades are welcome 

Trades: Service truck / Utility truck / 2015 STi parts / GOLD / Prospecting or mining equipment / Dillon 650xl / ATV or side by side / elcan specter Dr 1.5×6 / shop tools MAC / Other man stuff. Bobcat / skidsteer / backhoe / tractor / back hoe / TLB / excavator / earth m