Zoe Zipper Three Wheeler

From the microcar files, we have this Zoe Zipper, which was a rebadged Mitsuoka Motors BUBU 501. This little three-wheeler was supposedly capably of 45 miles per hour, but we imagine that’s terrifying. Regardless, we love it!

These example apparently had minor front end damage, but it looks good overall and the seller claims it starts and runs well. Output was reportedly a whopping five horsepower in this little beast, the engine is attached to the rear wheel,  which also steers. In that sense, this is a reverse Bond Minicar.

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Ithaca, NY, USA
$3,650 with three bids and two days to go

Styling here reminds us a bit of the Citicar/Commutacar and the size reminds us of the Zagato Zele.

Okay, we also see some HMV Freeway here.

Yes, the rear is rather simple. Note the Isetta in the garage.

How does the size compare to the Isetta, you ask?

Yes, this fits in a Ford Ranger bed.

This is a true single seater.

We love the red warning at 30 KPH.

Ad text:

This is a Zoe Zipper microcar made by Bubu with a 49cc drivetrain by Honda. I bought this for my wife a few years ago but she won’t go near it but it gets a lot of attention esp at car shows. One of these sold for $13,400 at Hershey last year. You could get this for a lot less.
It starts easily ,runs well and drives as you might expect. It has one wiper and headlight ,turn signals,gas gauge and horn. Everything works. It has a centrifical clutch and a electric motor for reverse. I am 65 years old and 6ft 2 in and can get in it with difficulty. Vin AE01 1140045 Sells with bill of sale. It has minor body damages (see front valance) from storage. It has a new battery and two wheels and tires.
Two men can pick it up and put it on my Ford Ranger.