Cowavanagon, Dude!

We don’t need to add much here – this is a 1990 Vanagon converted into some sort of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party van.

The concept is bizarre, but we love certain quotes from the run-on description:

“In addition to this auction I am including a replica Leonardo suit from the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Motion Picture Movie.”  (Yes, that’s a motion picture movie)

“All head rests are custom to represent each respective ninja turtle and their weapon of choice.” (I’d be pissed if this was not the case)

Supposedly, the stock 2.1 liter Wasserboxer H4 has recently been rebuilt.  This features an automatic transmission; so it’ll be even slower than most.

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Henderson, NV, USA
$15,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and five days to go

Yes, there’s this.

This is pretty much the only side view included. We’re not sure how those windows work as far as actual visibility.

Rear view reveals the custom spoiler (useful at the van’s ~80MPH top speed?) and more of the odd window treatment.  Maybe Turtles fans will understand the graphics.

Yes, this van has a mouth.  Also, the suit is included in the sale!

Front features custom leather and seat belts!

Here’s the rear seat with custom leather and those “interesting” head restraints.

Interior shots here aren’t the best, but you get the idea.

Yes, this has added subwoofers!

Ad text:

This one of a kind 1990 VW Vanagon has been completely overhauled into a life size replica of the 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon Party Wagon. In addition to this auction I am including a replica Leonardo suit from the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Motion Picture Movie. The Van itself has been completely gutted and Dynomatted, from there the seats have been custom leather reupholstered to match the turtle body theme in the front seats (with matching seatbelts) as well as black leather with green stitching throughout the entire back of van. All head rests are custom to represent each respective ninja turtle and their weapon of choice. Also includes mini bar, Custom limo remote controlled lighting, Custom center console with light up bottle of Ooze and tv screen, head rest DVD screens and flip out DVD/CD/MP3 head unit/ Rear view backup camera, 2 10inch subwoofers and amp stealthy installed under reclining rear seating…  all hooked up to a brand new additional auxilary battery for show purpose. The van was custom wrapped to match the Cartoon version as well as front grill swapped out to round LED headlights via older model VW Vanagon grills. Custom welded wing/spoiler attached to the roof as well as powder coated wheels (with spacers for more aggressive toy look) and limo tint throughout. This is thee ultimate party bus and every ninja turtles fans Dream vehicle!!!!! Thee 2.1 Water cooled engine has just recently been completely rebuilt, AC recharged,  2 brand new duralast batteries installed, new fans, belts, new radiator, new distributor, new master Air Flow censor, valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, cap rotor distributor, new seal gaskets, Full tuneup and oil change  with too many upgrades to list..  totaling over $7k in engine work and tuneups…. this van is ready to roll with all receipts and descriptions of work done from reputable Volkswagen certified Shop and custom modification car shops in Las Vegas, Nevada. Any Questions Please feel free to ask. I have many pics and receipts for most all work done. Own this one of a kind Ninja Turtles piece of memorabilia and be the center of attention wherever you go. SELLER will be responsible for shipping and deposit within 48 hours of end of bid via paypal, with final payment to be discussed at close of auction. If you will be in the Las Vegas area I will be more than happy to go over all modifications with you in person and show you what this project has entailed. This has been my hobby and project and would love to see it go to a great home… just in time for Coachella, Burning man, music festivals, Comic con, Cosplay,  marketing, business ventures, camping, charity events, parades etc. Video available on . Happy bidding and Cowabunga!!!!

Westfalia Vanagon Wearing Gulf Livery

VW T3/Vanagons are some of the slowest vehicles one can love.  Trust me, I own one.  Still, these are true enthusiast vehicles which offer a lot of fun in camper form.  Someone decided that today’s feature would be better off with Gulf Livery to give off a racing vibe, for better or worse.

Don’t worry, this one’s still slow.  It has dual carbs, but that can only do so much.  These air-cooled versions are generally regarded as being even slower than the water-cooled versions.  This should be good in mild climates, but one has to watch out for overheating when struggling up hills.

We think this is a cool-looking van, but we’re not so sure the paint scheme adds to the value.  We’ll see what the market has to say…

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Seattle, WA, USA
$1,600 with 18 bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

Yes, this even has a Gulf logo to go with the paint.  The lower cladding was taken from a later van.

Top still pops!

This air-cooled Vanagon lacks the lower grill of its water-cooled, younger siblings, but someone installed the later, square headlight grill.  Bumpers were painted to match the scheme.

Rear carries on the paint scheme and wears an RS badge, presumably emulating a Porsche.

Here’s the combination cargo area and bed.

Here’s the cluster in metric.  Basic Vanagons had a clock in place of a tach in some years.

Interior is standard Westy with no AC.  Upholstery has been replaced, however,

Here’s the air-cooled flat four with its dual-carb setup.  Hopefully, it does put out a little more power than stock.

Ad  text:

Nothing says “honey, we need to sell the VW” like “I’m pregnant”.

We thought this would be a fun, adventurous van to tramp around in. Instead, I’m having a kid.

This vehicle Canadian and previous owner had lots of work done it and the receipts to show it, including gas tank (5/2016) transmission (4/2016) dual carburetors (3/2016), double battery system (2011) and a new 2.0L engine (2009).

The mileage and speedometer are in metric, and it has 281,00 km, which comes out to  about 168,600 miles. (Though not sure how many on the new engine.)

This van is a beauty! 

Custom paint job really stands out, and strangers may want to drag race you at stop lights. Could make a cameo in the upcoming Fast/Furious installment (Vin Diesel, I’m awaiting your call). 

Dual carb engine gives it more oomph than the standard air-cooled Westies. 

Canvas is good, interior is nearly immaculate and it all has a cool blue color that matches the exterior. Windows are tinted all around.

Camping gear -stove, fridge- work well.

It has a bunch of other gadgets that I sadly haven’t even gotten to explore, like the interior heater and dual battery system.

In addition to work from the previous owner and have had some minor work done since getting it (fuel pump connection replaced, heater box replaced, propane tank removed.)

Like most 1982 Vanagons, this one has some minor things that you may or may not want/need to address -blower motor fan, faulty gas tank gauge, minor seam rust, etc etc- the things you should expect from a 34 year old vehicle!

Feel free to call, text or email with questions.

Thank you and happy bidding!

T3 Syncro + Ambulance + Greenland = Win!

What kind of fool doesn’t have a Danish military vehicle and a vehicle that served in Greenland in his or her collection?  If that’s you, here is one vehicle which will check both boxes!

Given there are very few roads near the Danish military base where this van once lived, it has only 5,029 miles.  I’d be more worried about issues deriving from lack of use here, vs. anything being worn out.  The superstitious among us will also worry about haunting.  With all the war and bloodshed in Greenland, who knows what happened in this ambulance.

$44,700 is a lot of money, but Syncros tend to bring the big bucks.  It’s hard to say whether this ambulance is as desirable as a low-mileage camper or truck.

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Yucaipa, CA

Things look pretty normal up front, although the seat material is more industrial vs. a US market Vanagon.  Apparently, ‘service’ vehicles also had speaker delete available.

I imagine the extra switches have to do with sirens and lights.

Yes, this pretty much looks like an ambulance inside.

Ad text:

$44,700 or best offer!

Attention Syncronauts…He we go again!!!

Last time we brought you the Dingman 14K Mile Hard Top Syncro and before that, the ultra-rare 48 Mile Tristar DOKA. There’s no K missing, that really is 48 miles.

This time we have an extraordinarily rare, unique, and nearly mint condition 1989 Syncro (4×4) High-top Ambulance that served the Danish Military at a base in Grönnedal Greenland since its birth. Being an emergency and military vehicle, it was meticulously maintained and runs perfectly. It is now on US soil and ready to enjoy.

2 Knobs, ready for a 3rd! It has a full locking differentials (both front and rear posi-traction ). Grönnedal only has about 5 miles of roads on the base, so the best thing about this Syncro is the mileage. . .only 8095 kilometers (that’s only 5029 miles). One of the lowest mile Syncros on Earth.

ZERO rust, waterproof front seats, NEW Hankook 195 R14 RA08 tires, dual floor mounted fire extinguishers, working emergency lights, CB, front and rear exterior spotlights, siren, and a gurney. .’s basically a fully functioning ambulance. Perfect for playing German Ghostbusters on Halloween, or as a showpiece addition to a military or other vehicle collection. Small dents and other dings will be repaired before delivery. It’s NOT smog compliant in any state, so it’s being sold as a hobby vehicle or non-op (even though it runs perfectly). If you buy it, you will need to add smog equipment to make it compliant for your state.

This is another I would love to keep and convert to a Westfalia Syncro Camper but alas it is for someone else to do or to keep it the way it is as a classic part of VW Syncro history.

Random Sightings Volume No. 486-DX2

Here’s a random collection of my recent sightings.  – CG

First is a Pinto wagon parked in my employer’s parking garage.  No, I don’t work for Ford.

Click through for much more…
More views of this deliciousness!

Now a few from around Oddimotive HQ:

This is sighted regularly on our own street.  Of course, that means there are TWO Vanagons, including Oddimotive Mobile HQ.

This gem was parked while I was walking the dog.  A very nice 914-6 has been spotted at this house before, so I’m not sure what’s up with the shell.

Wait, what was that in the background, you asked?  I see this one regularly…

Hopefully, this is work-related for someone…