Rare British Sport Car: Swallow Doretti

This little beauty is supposedly one of 263 made and uses Triumph TR-2 mechanicals with a bespoke, mostly aluminum, body and steel frame. We think that’s a winner, especially given the looks, which seems to take bits from early Ferraris and early Healeys. Plus, anyone who knows Jaguar’s origins would be excited about the Swallow tie-in. Continue reading Rare British Sport Car: Swallow Doretti

A Bond-Mobile that not a Movie Car or a Bug

Yes, Bond Cars made something before the Reliant Robin-based Bug.  This Equipe is based primarily on Triumph Herald parts, but with a unique fiberglass body that is rather attractive.

The seller provides good pics here, but not much info.  It seems the car was saved from the scrap yard and the engine doesn’t start.  Given the Triumph underpinnings, the engine should be too much of a concern – in all likelihood, just about any MG/Triumph four cylinder will bolt in.  We do think anyone buying this should be good with fiberglass, as that’s where the challenges will lie!  If this stays cheap, this could be a cool way to get something really, truly rare.

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Ovar, Portugal
$205 with 2 bids, reserve not met and 4 days to go

This is a relatively basically styled sports car and looks good overall.

As is often the case with fiberglass, this car has some interesting corner damage and likely had some DIY repairs.

Quad headlights, recessed grill and hood scoop make for a somewhat mean appearance (particularly vs. a Herald).

Rear end styling is rather plain and the trunk lid design is a bit boat-like, given its external hinges.

Yes, there is a top!

Fancy badges!

Interior scream classic Brit sports car, which we love.

There’s even a part-time back seat.

Entire bonnet hinges forward to reveal the Triumph four cylinder.  Once piece bonnet was probably easier to render in fiberglass vs. multiple pieces.

Ad text:

1 series Bond Equipe GT convertible 1969 with overdrive

UK Title

need full restoration Service,  floors with some rust and bonnet need some repairs.

The engine don´t start  car is  99% complete

very nice car saved from the yard, price for sell it like he is.

check our web page 


any information please contact us by message email or phone.

we will help loading & shipping worldwide

Triumph Spitfire / C4 Corvette Hybrid

What happens when you put C4 Corvette (the seller says “1983 Corvette”, but there’s no such thing) on a Triumph Spitfire mid-section?  Probably a lot of flex, but you also get this feature car.

The seller says this project is ready to be assembled, but the whopping two pictures included in the ad don’t show fenders or a trunk.  Any fenders attached to this will have to be massively wide, as it appears tat the rear track width is about the same as the wheelbase making this an almost square vehicle.

Clearly, this is a “why not” type of car, as there’s no logical answer to the question “why?”  To make matters worse, only an automatic transmission is included in the sale.  So…this wasn’t planned to be a sports car – just a weird cruiser with a lot of investment.  May we suggest the original 1984-ish Vette with its automatic would have served that purpose nicely?  We applaud the drive it took to get this far, even if we don’t agree that the plan was complete or sound.

Whatever you think of it, just know that the seller seems intent on recovering some of this mal-investment.  From an investment standpoint, you would be better off with Enron share certificates sold on eBay; but one could try to pick this up cheap and then fit a Doug Nash 4+3 manual transmission for kicks…

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Trabuco Canyon, CA (very close to Oddimotive HQ)
$20,000 (NOT very close to a realistic price)

Yeah…there’s this.

And there’s this.

Ad text:

1970 highly modified Triumph Spitfire. Custom made frame to accommodate the front and real clips of a 1993 Corvette. Engine is from a 1983 corvette with automatic transmission. Over $40,000 invested in parts and custom fabrication by Don Clar. VDO guages, custom roll bar, Cordova seats, tilt steering wheel, block hugger headers, side pipes, custom fuel tank, radiator and drive shaft. Ready to be reassembled. Includes the engine hoist. Reasonable offers considered

Triumph TR-6 with Nissan RB25DET Power!

Many a Triumph has seen upgrades over the years, often with American V8 power; but this owner took a different approach.  Purists may not like Japanese power in a TR, but this seems like the best way to get monster power into this while appearing somewhat stock and maintaining the smooth inline six cylinder theme.

The seller includes lots of background and it sounds like everything was well though out in this build. Brakes and suspension have been upgraded to handle the additional power, which is great news.  The attention to detail seems excellent here, as popping the hood doesn’t reveal a giant “NISSAN” logo or excessively modern/painted appearance.  Many parts were polished and/or hidden to appear vintage.

We love the end result, but we wonder what the market will say about final value.  It’s too bad this isn’t on eBay with a low starting bid, in which case we’d find out the value.

Click for Craigslist ad
South Pasadena, CA, USA
$45,000 OBO

The TR6 has truly classic British roadster lines.

Profile looks essentially stock, although the roll bar and racing seats are visible here.  Sadly, the Union Jack is missing.

Tire and wheel upgrades are visible here, but the proportions work and one would just think the upgrades were mild.

Front end is all classic Triumph.

Center exhaust is a nice, classy touch – much better than a fart can!

Non-stock dash might have been needed in order to move the engine back?  That’s not clear.  If not necessary, we’d prefer to see a more original interior.

Racing seats with harnesses are a welcome sight in something with this power-to-weight ratio.

This is an amazing swap and looks as close to correct as this engine ever could.

Brakes have been upgraded, thankfully.

Everything looks clean, tight and tidy.

Ad text:

This is the most sophisticated Triumph TR6 conversion every built. Certainly is the only one in existence. Project cost true fully over $95K and much careful planning and refinements over time.
It was professionally done by a local custom car shop in Azusa, CA. Photo of different stages are posted in the shop’s website. The shop’s info will be given to serious buyer in respect to the shop’s from work interruptions This is very unique and well rewarded accomplishment for everyone who contributed their efforts. It’s is fast , drives solid , cruises quietly and smooth at 70 mph at only 2500 rpm – yes good gas mileage for type of performance and exempt from CA smog. Car has been driven regularly and very fun. Not only just a conversion but much on capturing details of vintage racing and refinishing of the engine to look raw aluminum finish that contrasted with the beautiful British green similar to old Jaguar , Aston Martin engine bay . It does not look Japanese . Yes, this car can be track ready or a joy ride to see Panama Canal or visit the ladies in Central America . It’s art of automobile .

The stock drive train is fresh 30,000km Nissan Skyline GTR RD25 DET turbo charged engine with Greddy intake and drive train from Japan . It is bullet proof , much desired and reliable . Parts are easily available . Biggest intercooler possible proper fitted . Engine behind front suspension for balance and handling . Stock turbine has been replaced with custom made turbine for higher performance ability and durability . 

The car was track tested for safety after the conversion , performance and refinements as necessary .

Then the entire car was stripped and acid solution dipped to remove all pre-existing body work , corrosion and rust from hidden areas. This process cost $4500 alone. Then the high quality frame off restoration begins with modifications to dash and additional circles below front grill and opening for center tail pipe to give maximum ground clearance with custom made exhaust brackets for stainless exhaust system. Process are supported by shop’s posted photos. The car looks as impressive on the bottom as on top. Custom dash and interior without compromise to details . Finishing with canvas convertible top . it basically a brand new European sleeper hot rod .

In photos, notice the lower rear suspension arms are custom made raw polished alum with coil over shocks and disc brakes all around . 

Skyline 5 speed manual transmission with independence suspension limited slip 3:25 gear ratio rear end. 

Interior is insulated with heat/sound shield insulation . 

Body is laser straight and very detailed and nicely crafted for show.

This is a very special project very few dear to accomplish and has the ability to put this kind of money for the love of challenges and fun . This car is not for everyone. But for that special person who has the wealth of $45K as toy money and share the same interest and dare to unique and passion for fun, this is actually a bargain of a century that is turn key ready. Power to weight ratio is deathly. blow-off valve whistles as you shift with make that modern sport car think twice before the lights turn green. 

Can is currently registered, insured, and clear CA titled . No test rides unless has $45K cash in hand .
Will not tolerate negative opinions . 

Will only meet at busy public place for safety . Will go over this car in the most honest details as possible . 

Asking $45,000 or best offer

Best reach me by phone ( 626 ) xxx – xxxx

Scca custom racing 

Interesting Car, Strange Choices: Custom Triumph TR8

The TR8 was a short-lived, V8-powered version of the famously wedgy TR7 sports car.  Being British and having eight cylinders in the 70s/80s, you know the Buick-engineered, Rover-purchased 215 CID (3.5L, if you must) all-aluminum V8.  These are highly-regarded sports cars, but this owner decided that wasn’t enough.

The seller says this done in the style of at TR8 GT or TS8 prototype.  We’re not sure what he’s getting at, as GT might imply a fixed roof, like a GT6, and TS8 is a motorcycle.  Oh well, what we have here is a modified TR8 with claimed 300+ horsepower on a dyno.  That sounds good and the body mods don’t look too bad but the “Lambo doors” just seem inappropriate on a classic.  Actually, they’re inappropriate on anything except a Lamborghini.

The seller claims over $20K invested, and that’s believable.  Is this worth $12K to you, knowing you’ll need to alter the doors?  If the engine is as claimed and the suspension work was well done, this should be very fun to drive!

Click for Craigslist ad
Tarzana, CA, USA (such a great town name)

Being all blacked out and in horribly low resolution, the car is hard to see.  It certainly looks clean, though, and that guy looks happy.

This is all we get to see of the interior.  At least we can tell it’s not neon green.  The steering wheel looks like a nice choice, and the roll bar isn’t a bad idea.

Exhaust is larger than stock, but looks pretty good.  Offset stripe is a bit odd, given it doesn’t continue onto the hood.

Carbon-look is again a bit of an odd choice for a 70s design originally sold in the early 80s.  Not bad, though, and Z people get away with it.  We’d prefer stock, though.

Ad text:

This is the only car of its kind in the world. Built as a GT or TS8 Prototype. It is built on a rare 1981 Triumph TR8 North America frame as well as its Power plant was an original Aluminum Buick 283 V8 Stroked out to over 300bph on the Dyno test last. 17″ Custom Rims and Tires… CUSTOM BODY KIT. Vertical Doors, HID Conversion Headlights, Custom Paint and decals, Custom Interior, New TOP and Boot . All Custom upgraded suspension, Shocks, etc…. over 20k invested…. 12K obo call or text anytime

Triumph GT6 Was 70s Customization Victim

Just a couple weeks ago, we featured our first Triumph GT6.  Actually, we featured our first two in a single ad.  Little did we know one so good would come along so soon after that post.  This one did not survive the 70s without some delightfully tasteless modifications.
This overly customized beast sat in a field for way too long.  Given it needs floor pans, it seems clear that the aftermarket sunroof leaked. That’s always fun, as we now have a California desert car with rust issues.
We think the asking price here is far too much, but a close-up inspection will be needed to determine whether the engine is seized or has potential.  Still, that would be the difference between a $500 car and a $1,000 car, given the overall condition.  After all, our previously-featured two-fer was going for $2,500.
Would you touch this with a ten-foot pole?

Click for Craigslist adAntelope Valley, CA

Someone decided a brown-on-gold (or bronze) paint job with multiple pinstripes would improve this British classic, along with an aftermarket sunroof.  Ugh.  Oh, did I mention the side pipes?

This angle reveals more of the ‘interesting’ paint and some fancy pinstriping on the view-blocking C-pillar.  Also, yes, the side pipes are on both sides – the plumbing from the straight six must be ‘interesting.’

Here’s a rear view with a good look at those weathered louvers.

Front view shows things are not straight.  These chrome, small bumper cars are normally desirable, but this bumper needs work.

Classic, fully-opening, front-hinged bonnet is groovy and oh-so-British.

Yes, the hatch opens.

This is a close to an interior shot as we get, but the seller points out that no seats are included and the car needs floor pans.

Here’s the two-liter inline six.  It looks like it’s mostly there.

Ad text:

here is a RARE triumph GT6, these are hard to come by, I have never seen one on the road, this is a great project, car has all glass in good condition, has motor and transmission, this is a 6 cylinder inline motor. I don’t have much information on the car, this is how I purchased the car with a bill of sale, car has set in a field for many many years, it does have rusted floor which are available on ebay. this car has a sun roof that looks like an after market option. no seats. this car will make a great shell for a track racer. Not running now. It’s been siting for over 10 years. Don’t ask me what it will take to get it running, I don’t know. When I found the car it had no rims or tires, it took some 2 weeks to find these rare rims which are worth 800 plus. Price to sell, no low offers, this is a great price for a unique and rare sports car.

Save this Two-Fer from the Scrap Yard!

Oddly, we have never featured a Triumph GT6, despite it being a rarely-seen oddity among Triumphs.  The GT6 is a coupe based on the Spitfire roadster and features an inline six in place of the Spitfire’s four cylinder engine.  As we have been remiss in failing to feature one, we hereby present a GT6 two-fer!

This seller is offering not one, but two Triumph GT6 projects.  He or she openly describes both as being in “terrible condition” and needing “everything redone.”  This is primarily because they have been “sitting outside for 20 years.”

If the floor pans are solid, these may not be too far gone.  Would you fix up both or try to make one good car?  This pair could mess up the latter option, as they appear to be in similar condition (?).

Click for Craigslist ad
Valencia, CA
$2,500 for both

Car #1 is a red example, and the cool lines of the GT6 are clearly visible, despite something a bit beyond ‘patina’.  We can see it needs tires and paint – I’m not sure this will polish out.

Paint condition is similar from the back.  The bigger concern is the apparent pile of rust under it.  At least, I think that’s rust – I’d normally suggest soot from starting, but this car isn’t running.  From where did that rust come?  Best case would be it’s just the exhaust rotting away.

Interior is there, but confirms this was stored outside.  It looks like the sun has ruined almost everything, although the steering wheel may be fixable.  The good news is parts shouldn’t be too hard to find.  Is that a rat’s nest in the driver’s seat?

Car #1 has its engine in place, but both are noted at ‘not running’.  One would hope to get one of the two running with minimal investment, but the minimal info in the ad means one can’t determine much.  Dual carbs reveal sporting intentions and only the air cleaner is clearly missing.

Car #2 is white and also appears pretty solid from outside.  The front bumper is missing here.

Again, this car looks a bit better on the outside.  Rear bumper is attached.

This interior appears to be in similar, sun-baked condition, though we don’t see a rat’s nest here.  Was the red door a replacement?  It’s visible in the exterior shot above, so it does appear this is the white car’s interior.

Yes, they both have engines and they both lack air cleaners!

Ad text:


Rarely Seen Triumph TR8

I saw one of these on the road not too long ago, so was glad to see this ad come along.  Triumph launched the TR7 in 1974 as the successor to the now-iconic TR6.  This was a major change, including a move from purely 60s styling to then-modern, 70s wedge styling.  This car has, at time, been called the doorstop, but we here at Oddimotive have always found it attractive.

In addition to the styling change, the TR7 brough four-cylinder power in place of the inline six of the TR6.  While power was not far off the six, the torque characteristics didn’t quite match up.  What better idea, then, than to insert a V8 mid-lifecycle in order to create the TR8?

It so happens the then-almost-consolidated British auto industry had access to a V8, which it had purchased from Buick in 60s.  Does the V8 cause you to worry about weight in such a small car?  Fear not, as the “Rover V8” is off all-aluminum construction and is know to weigh about that same as many four cylinders.  This engine is basically the small block Chevy of the UK and appears just about everywhere.  Well, everywhere except a factory-stock Triumph Stag.

This car appears to be in great shape and the seller provides a lot of info.  We love the plaid interior and we love the oddball asking price!

Click for eBay ad
Berkley, MI
$9,001.13 BIN price with offers considered

Blue top stands out, which we like!  Federal bumpers…well, that’s just a fact of life.

Great from this angle, too.  At least the massive bumpers are pretty well integrated on these cars.

Here’s a taste of the profile.

What model is this, again?

Interior was very modern for 1974/1975 and is classic now.


Here’s that Buick-designed, all-alloy V8.

Ad text:

We’ve just finished a very thorough mechanical and trim recommissioning of this clean, original low mileage 1980 Triumph TR8.

If you are looking for a fun, fast convertible, this may be the one.

I’ve owned a lot of these cars and I can tell you this is one of the nicest all around TR8s I’ve ever driven.
It’s fast.
It’s smooth.
It’s quiet.
And, thanks to a few tasteful upgrades, my TR8 is more reliable today than when it was new. 
It also accelerates, steers and stops better than it did when it was new.

Here are the details:

FUEL SYSTEM:  New Edelbrock Performer 500 four-barrel and Edelbrock Performer intake. The carburetor has been properly jetted and tuned. The result: Fast acceleration, no stumbles or hesitations. The fuel line has been professionally plumbed in. The electric fuel pump is new.

IGNITION SYSTEM: We removed the troublesome Lucas distributor, coil and ballast resistor system. That mess was replaced with a simpler, more reliable Pertronix distributor w/electronic ignition, along with new 8mm spark plug wires, new spark plugs and a matching Flame Thrower coil.

TRANSMISSION/CLUTCH: The factory fill ATF has been replaced with GM Synchomesh oil for smoother shifts. Both clutch slave and master have been rebuilt. The shifter has been shortened two inches to give more direct shifts. It feels great. No crunching or grinding. The clutch is smooth and easy and the transmission works perfectly.

SUSPENSION: All four shocks are KYB gas charged units. All four springs have been replaced with the new 1-inch lower and stiffer springs. These two improvements greatly enhance the TR8’s already good handling. But now, the car does not dive when the brakes are applied. And it doesn’t lean nearly as much in corners. Also: The tie rod ends and ball joints are new, the front wheel bearings have been repacked, the strut gaiters and bump stops are new. Finally, I installed a needle bearing kit on the front upper bushings to smooth out the steering.

BRAKES: The proportioning valve has been recalibrated to send more pressure to the rear brakes. The front pads are new. Because the car has such low original mileage, the rear brake shoes are original and show almost no wear. New and correct rear-wheel cylinders have been installed and the brake master cylinder is new, not rebuilt.

INTERIOR: The carpet has been replaced with high quality and correct new blue carpet. The upholstery is in excellent condition, no cigarette burns or rips or tears. The top is blue cloth (expensive) and it looks great. 

ELECTRICAL: There are no electrical problems. All lights and gauges work as they should, as does the period 8-Track AM/FM radio, and the heater.

BODY: I don’t want to give you the impression that this is a show car. It is not. The TR got banged around a bit over the years and then it spent a long time in covered storage. There is bondo on several body panels, but the repairs were done to a very good standard and the car looks fine. It regularly draws compliments. There is NO rust. There never has been any rust. The repaint is very decent, but not perfect. The paint job is very respectable daily driver quality — a 5-footer. And could use a good buffing. There is no crazing or bubbling. This is a highly original TR8. It still has its original factory exhaust system and the rare radiator crossmember mounted air dam (used on A/C cars only and missing on nearly all TR8s).

WHAT DOESN’T WORK: The only part of the car that is not functioning is the air conditioning system. The a/c compressor clutch is noisy when you turn it on. I recommend a new compressor, since the system has to be opened up anyway. I have already purchased the Porsche Boxster fan upgrade and they will be included in the sale of the car ($450 value).

ON THE ROAD: The car is very, very tight. The front end has been aligned and the wheels and tires expertly balanced on a RoadForce balancing machine, which balances the wheel to the tire and then balances the tire and wheel. No front end shakes, just a smooth ride. It is no exaggeration to say that the TR8 feels new. The engine sounds great. At around 3,000 RPM, it makes that great turbine like-whoosh. Because it has the stock exhaust system with catalytic converters, it is really quiet. This is a fun car to drive, handles like a slot car. It is reliable and it needs no further mechanical work. If I were to keep the car, I would try to buff the paint and see what improvements could be made. Since the car does not need any bodywork, a higher quality paint job can be had for around $2,000 — assuming you remove the trim, which is easy to do.Mechanically, this car is aces. It is ready to be driven anywhere at any time.

AND FINALLY: I am happy to provide additional pictures. Need to see something, just let me know. Got questions? Fire away. The car is available for inspection and test drives. If you want to fly in to Detroit and drive it home, I would say come on. The TR8 car is good to go and totally trustworthy. And I would not sell a car I wouldn’t trust myself.

You can tell from me feedback that my reputation on eBay means a lot to me.  Thanks, Rich Truett

Non-Sports Car Triumph: Standard 10 Sedan

Most people think of the TR series of sports cars when the topic of Triumphs comes up.  A decent number might also think of the pocket-sized Spitfire or related GT6 or the rather interesting Stag grand touring cabriolet. With all that sports car and grand touring history, it’s easy to forget that there were Triumph-badged family cars at one time.

Most, if not all, of those cars were products of the purchase of Triumph by the Standard Motor Company.  Standard sold a decent number of vehicles in other markets, but was not well known in the US.  Today’s example is the Standard 10, which was sold as a Standard in many markets, but badged as the Triumph 10 (AKA TR10) here in the US. This is the predecessor to the better-known Herald.

Click for Craigslist ad
Long Beach, CA
Posted by CG

We heart the two-tone paint and classic lines here.

Interior is very basic, but the wood dash is cool.  This hints at the size of this car.

Ad text:

58 Truimph Sedan ,complete straight body, all windows complete, rebuild engine ,complete interior, good car to restore. Very Rare car, 3000$ contact 562-xxx-xxxx ,Art leave mesage.Will deliver if you buy it withen 20 miles.