“Stoopid” 1990 S10 Blazer with Supercharged SBC Swap and Too Much Yellow

This is not subtle, not understated; but we like the swap. Can it be saved?

Someone put a lot of time and money into this truck and the work looks to have been well done.  We wonder what it would cost to change this to more of a sleeper look in black or another dark color.

The engine is a Corvette-sourced 350, though we’re not sure of the generation.  A Paxton supercharger was added for good measure and the seller claims 400HP. Regardless of actual output, that should be a big upgrade vs. the 160HP 4.3L V6, which was standard in 1990.

Given the interior was treated to way too much yellow, we think this only has potential if it stays close to $5K, as we’d want to paint it and reupholster. If, however, you like yellow, this may have more value to you.

The body has been converted to panel delivery, which is interesting, and it looks like a speaker panel (or box?) has replaced the back seat. We’d make different decisions there, too, as this isn’t IASCA in 1991. That being said, the seller indicates that the stereo is “optional and extra”, so there’s hope.

Our biggest concern is that the images are all taken in a garage. Does this truck actually move under its own power?  Claimed mileage is 64K, but we don’t know if that’s the truck (likely) or the engine.

Click for eBay ad
West Olive, MI, USA
$4,550 with three bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

Graphics don’t ooze taste or subtlety anymore than the color; but the panel delivery conversion is pretty cool.

Here’s the name inspiration.  Most will agree, some using the literal interpretation, and others the street version.

Obligatory Corvette-inspired “roll pan” with tail lights is present, as one would assume.  After all, this is a modified GM truck product from the 90s.

350 badge is pretty cool.

The overdone yellow theme carries over into the interior, unfortunately.

How ’bout them speakers?

And them speakers?  It’s strange that unfinished particle board is present here, given all the yellow elsewhere in the interior.

Small block Chevy swaps are fairly common in these S10 Blazer and this looks pretty well done.

Here’s the small Paxton supercharger.

Ad text:

1990 S10 Blazer, Custom corvette yellow imron paint, Custom Corvette Roll Pan.
Custom Corvette engine, Supercharged 5.7l 350, 400hp. March pulley set, Billet brackets and accessories. Custom sewn seats and interior, All new parts, no rust, stored in heated garage.
Over $30,000 invested. Built 700R4 good to 1200hp. Stereo optional and extra.

Hideous Gucci GMC Denali

If you find this tasteful, you should buy it.  You should be institutionalized.

Where to begin?  This thing has two-tone black/Gucci pattern exterior paint/wrap (?), lambo doors, 30-inch wheels and the interior one would expect on such a thing.  Also, per the seller, it has “waterproof speakers under inside the hood by the grill.”  Okay.

The interior description includes ostrich and Gucci; so you get the picture, even if the seller didn’t include any good ones.  As you’d expect, the audio system is over the top and eliminates all cargo room.

Mechanically, the power train and drive train are stock, which isn’t surprising on this type of rig.  Air suspension has been added, however, along with backup batteries for that and the audio system.

So, it’s not practical; but, to be fair, it is clearly described as a show truck.  What type of show, we don’t know.

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Austin, TX

The doors are obvious, but we don’t think Yukon hoods were meant to open that way.

Note the Gucci patter in the silver areas on the exterior, as well as the massive wheels.  Even with air ride, the ride can’t be too comfy.

This is the only real interior shot we get, but it’s all anyone should want to see.

Audio system is certainly impressive. Rear visibility – probably not so much.

Ad text:

2000 GMC Yukon Denali Gucci Custom 5.7L 8 Cylinder Engine, 5 Speed Automatic Transmission.

So Im selling a one of a kind Gucci Denali, very very rare. It has been my pride and joy but have to let it go. I used it for many car shows and have won many 1st place trophies, if your gonna keep showing I’ll give you all my trophies.

So why is it one of a kind, and very rare let me tell you. Everything works perfect, garage kept year round, one owner, non smoking.

So for the mods: Let’s start on the outside. It’s a two tone paint, original black and Gucci pattern on the lower half as u can see in the pics. Has Lambo doors, they go up 90%, Has a tilt hood, both kits are high dollar kits no BS. Also has custom Escalde vents, to top it off it has 30’s with a low pro tire. Comes with one of a kind custom air ride kit, made by Air ride suspension. This kit was special made just for my truck. It has front, back and side to side and come with a digital display. Has 2 5 gallon tanks and 2 compressorsvery fast to fill air back up. Once again look at the pics. It also has waterproof speakers under inside the hood by the grill. Engine has never been worked on it’s a 5.7L only thing I did was a K&N ram air kit. Engine is kept very clean and oil changed regular.

So the inside once again one of a kind custom interior. The seats are black and gray with black ostrich. The doors are also black ostrich and bottom of doors are Gucci. The head linear is all Gucci with custom lighting. For the sound system it has 7″ in-dash Kenwood with every option u can think of, 6 tv’s, headrest and sun visors. For the mids and highs it has Focal speakers all around and custom kick panels with very loud horns, once again see pics. The back end has a ported box with 4-13.5 JL Audio top of the line subs JL has. For the amps I went with MTX Audio. One large amp is pushing all subs and the other 2 amps are for the mids and highs. It has 3 TREO Audio battery for believe me no lights are dimming as you hear your music. One battery is under the hood to run the truck, and the other 2 are hiding behind the big box. The truck is wired for indoor car shows with a large compressor, so you can leave your music on all day at the shows without a problem. Once again it’s a one of a kind rare Gucci Denali.

Please dont call about I can help you sell it!! DON’T NEED HELP SELLING IT!

Dumped 4-Runner Project

Like yesterday’s Cutlass lowrider, this is an incomplete project based on a terrible idea.  Is it too late to save it?

Let’s try to figure out just what we have here.  It’s a ’92 4Runner on hydraulics, it has no engine or trans, it comes with a right-hand drive dash and steering box (not installed) and it supposedly lays on the pinch moldings with 20-inch wheels (whatever that means), but said wheels are no included.

Maybe the seller will get damn lucky and find just the right buyer.  Note that the seller will consider throwing in a Toyota pickup as part of the deal (huh?).

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Ramona, CA, USA

Yep, it’s low.  Really low.
Did we mention it’s low?

The extra, RHD dash has been thrown inside, but it’s not clear whether anything is or was wrong with the stock LHD unit.  Hmm.

Ad text:

I have a 1992 Toyota 4runner here. Go-Ez customs built a 3/4 chassis for it. It’s on a 2 pump hydro set up. Brand new cylinders and hoses but the pumps are used. Currently lays pinch molding on 20’s with 225/40R20 but with different tires will lay rockers. Currently has some stock wheels on it. The interior was removed for the stock floor body drop and just loaded back inside. I have recently purchased a a right hand drive dash and steering box for it. the stock back seat will fit in its stock location. I DO NOT HAVE A MOTOR OR A TRANSMISSION. all the wiring is still there for it. It was a 3.0 V6 and an auto. I am sad to have to do this but i am not sure when I am going to be able to finish this project. Asking $4K o.b.o. or trade for something running and driving. The 4 Runner is currently on non op status with DMV. I am located just outside of San Diego CA. I do have a trailer and can deliver for the right deal. I also have an 86 standard cab daily driver I would be willing to throw in to the right deal. Hit me up let me know what you got.

Supercharged Mercury Mountaineer

Remember the Mercury Moutaineer?  If so,why?  Anywho, this was a badge-engineered Mercury Explorer, which means it was available with the 4.9-liter V8 previously used in the Mustang and just about everything else.  Someone decided to modify this one for street performance, which, in and of itself, is odd.

The seller includes several pictures in the ad, all seemingly from different times.  That always makes us worry, as the current condition is not well documented.  Still, if you arrange to view this oddity, you can verify that.

Quite a bit of info on the mods and history is included in the ad (and pasted below); but we’re not sure who built it as a “prototype” and there’s no link to the alleged magazine article.  It does sound like it was thoroughly upgraded, so it might be pretty darn fun.  We’d go for a stripe delete to make a sleeper; but that’s a personal choice.

Click for Craigslist ad
Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Yep, this is an Explorer with a Merc grill.  This partcular one has Shelby-esque stripes adn custom wheels.

Here’s a shot from a track.  Note the different wheels and the windshield banner.  When was this taken?

Here’s another mystery photo.

Here’s an apparent drag strip shot with those same wheels from the track.

The interior is all stock Explor…er…Mountaineer, with added a-pillar guages.  The column shifter must be fun on the track!?  Note the double-DIN head unti, which means you can add modern navigation with Anroid Auto and CarPlay.

Here’s the 5.0 (well, 4.9…) liter V8 with the supercharger to the left.  The supercharger seems to be a Powerdyne unit, which may or may not have been marketed by Ford Racing (based on interwebs research).

Ad text:

For Sale: 1998 Mercury Mountaineer/Ford Explorer SportTruck prototype study
This SportTruck is 1 of 1 and was built for over $50k in 1998 as a prototype to be sold by Ford Motorsport dealers. It was track and dyno tuned and was also featured in a 1999 Turbo Magazine article. Seeking $6995 or best offer.

Ford 5.0L V8 w/ 6psi Powerdyne Supercharger (CARB legal) and K&N Air Filter
Ford 4R70W 4-speed Automatic Trans w/ furnace-brazed Torque Converter and
shift profile modifications by California Performance Transmission (Art Carr)
BellTech Suspension – 2.5-in drop
Custom torsion keys, rear leaf springs and re-valved performance shocks
Uprated front/rear sway bars and bushings
Fittipaldi Tubulare Wheels – 17- x 8-in
inc. color-matched gold spokes and also carbon fibre spoke/center cap kit
Performance 255-50/17 tires
AutoMeter Instrumentation on Pillar Pod – Vacuum/Boost and AFR (Air-Fuel Ratio)
Bassani 3-inch Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System with Chrome Tip
Ford Motorsport LSD
Running Board and Roof Rack Delete 
Custom Toreador Red/Dark Toreador Red/Gold Color Key Paint w/ Dual Rally Stripes

Recent maintenance items include new alternator, battery, tires, front shocks, front/rear brakes, upgraded radiator

This is a one of a kind vehicle and you will not find another one even close. It will lap the race track with the best sports cars and still make a run to Home Depot or Vons. Runs very strong, passed a recent smog exceptionally well and is good for title transfer. Some clear coat oxidation which can be easily addressed if desired.

An Oddimotive-Worthy Crossover?

Why, yes, this is Oddimotive-worthy.  Here we have an unusual, manual-transmission-equipped BMW X3 3.0i.  Did your family recently expand to the point that you need a little more kiddo and cargo space?  If so, this could be a cool daily driver.  You’ll even have AWD should you need it.  It’s true you can get a super-rare X5 manual, but it will have the same engine as this and add over 500 pounds of weight.  That doesn’t make sense to us.

This was an underwhelming vehicle when it was new and one was expected to pay a new BMW price to obtain it.  As an affordable used car, however, this makes much more sense.  The performance, including braking and handling, was always praised on this vehicle; but certain cost-cutting measures screamed “cheap!” in the face of the $40K+ (11 years ago!) price.  Under 10K and in black, it’s all good.

The seller states this needs a trans mount replaced and it’s included in the sale.  The asking price is a bit high vs. the online guides; so we recommend a buyer willing and able to take on the mount replacement (and perhaps some other maintenance) go in armed with the KBB and NADA printouts and try to get at least a couple thousand off the asking price.  As the seller states, “the worst I can say is NO.”

Click for Craigslist ad
San Fernando Valley area,CA
$9,000 OBO

Normally, we’re not big Gen 1 X3 fans because all of the very non-luxury black plastic stands out vs. the paint.  This black X3 hides it all pretty well, though.

Again, the black X3 looks much better than any other color.  Overall look is fine for a crossover – more functional than visually stimulating; but it doesn’t look particularly dated at eleven to twelve years old.

These really were styled to be baby X5s.

Here’s the money shot with the 6-speed manual shifter.  This is not a navigation car, but that’s good at this age.  Find a quality shop to put in a CarPlay- and/or Android Auto-capable aftermarket unit and you’ll be good to go.  Note that this German vehicle actually has at least one cupholder!  Amazing!

There’s enough room back here for kids and adults can survive when you pick them up from the airport.  Isn’t that all you need?  These X3s had too much hard plastic to justify their prices when new, but we just don’t care on the used kid hauler market.

Personally, I like this functionality – not all CUVs can handle a bike in the upright position.   Notably, the 40% side of the rear seat is up and could still handle a car seat.

Here’s the 225 horsepower, 3-liter inline six.  Power delivery should be delightfully smooth.

Ad text:

9000 Or Best Offer – the worst I can say is NO.
Must sell as I’m leaving the state and can’t take this with.

If you appreciate a well built, safe and stylish car that can do damn near everything, this is a no-brainer. It is a great alternative to a wagon with low ground clearance that will have low ground clearance, be only 2 wheel drive and/or turbo charged. This car eliminated all of the issues I had with buying all of the wagon/suv options out there. No turbo lag and shitty power band on the freeway, no poorly built awd system, more room than wagons but not oversize and overweight like an suv. It will take you in the mountains for snow sports, the beach with the huge roof open and your boards safely laying down inside, or to the trails with your bike safely hidden standing up in the back.

111k miles
Black on tan leather
Heated seats
Electric seats with memory
Bluetooth connectivity
Panoramic Sunroof
Folding rear seats
Upgraded 17″ rims
Always synthetic oil used with bmw filter
AC very cold
Heat very hot
Full LED interior lights
LED side markers
Heavy tints an all rear windows
Lots of cargo room
28 mpg highway
Very versatile
And I’ll throw in my custom made bike mount that uses the factory cargo hook sliding rails. 

The transmission mount should be replaced eventually but I have a new one ready to go in. Just don’t have the time or space. It’s a 2 hour job tops with a basic floor jack.