World’s First Wankel: 1965 NSU Spider

Mazda may own the volume rotary engine production story, but NSU put them into production first. So, in a sense, Audi has rotary heritage. We’ve not heard of any plans to bring one back, however. All that said, this is a second-year NSU spider, which has a rear-engine, rear wheel drive layout and makes the most of this compact engine with storage above it (see images below). There aren’t a lot of these and they don’t come up for sale often.

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1964 Renault Dauphine and Shop Closing Sale!

Here we have a claimed solid example of the classic Renault Dauphine.  That means rear-engine, water-cooled goodness!

Well, okay, it’s a rear-engine platform, but there’s no engine in it right now.  Well, that’s not entirely true – it looks like the engine is currently sitting where the passenger seat should be.  The transaxle is in place, however.

So, what we have here is a project car, which means it’s a deal at the current, sub-$2K bid, but shouldn’t go up too far before one enters the realm of diminishing returns.

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Cullman, AL, USA
$1,425 with 18 bids, reserve not met and one day to go

What’s not to love about this face?  It’s good to see the chrome bits present and in apparently decent condition.

Similarly, thing look pretty good here.  We love the large-for-the-era wheels/tires.

Supposedly, this wheel was off for repair or replacement of a tire.  Note the four-wheel discs.  Do those make this a Gordini??

Reddish-brown interior bits are a welcome sight.

Rear seat appears to be in good shape. Note the air intake for the rear engine (well, cooling thereof).

The seller doesn’t specify, but that looks like an engine to us.

Yes, the passenger seat is included!

Frunk contains some more carpet and the horns.

Here’s the vacant engine compartment. We’d like to understand the cooling system better…

Ad text:

Now at age 75, after many years of restoring old race cars, we have sold our main shop building, and it’s time to sell off most our accumulated stock of parts , and many of our cars.

This ’64 Renault Dauphine is for sale at the shop and elsewhere and this listing may be cancelled at any time.  As usual,  we will consider reasonable offers to end the listing at any time

Not many of these SOLID Dauphines are left for restoration, and this is a very good opportunity to acquire one of the very desirable 1964 models that have the 4 speed transmission AND disc brakes on all 4 wheels.  Please look the pictures over carefully, this car appears pretty complete and has only surface rust on the floors…which is why we had it shipped here from Sunny California…

Will need a windshield….    and of course a motor build. 

There are some dents in the body, but it is SOLID

Tires all hold air, except the right rear which is being replaced while the pictures were taken.

VERY LOW reserve….

This is one of several cars in the shop that we continue to work on , and if not sold,  the price will change as work continues

Other cars , include the ex Karl Flessa ’59 Bugeye race car, a ’65  Morgan +4, a ’57 Mercury Montclair w/Tpke engine, the ex Bill Leonhardt/ Dan Gallant  ’57 Volvo 444 race car (oldest Volvo race car still actively racing ), 59’LaDawri Daytona 292 T’Bird w 3 deuces, a ’60 Lotus 7 Series1, , the ex John Helms Fiat 124, spider race car,  ’72 TE27 Corolla Vintage race car,a’52 BucklerMk10 TaylorAlloyBody, the original Fiberfab Factory Azteca mid-engine Corvair/Porsche 356 base , a’58 Turner 803, a PreWar Ranger 440 Aircraft engined race car, a ’29 Studebaker Lt Six Boattail speedster,  several Vintage race car rolling chassis(s), bodies, and numerous other parts cars and cars for well as a 4000 sq ft building full of Vintage parts.

Cowavanagon, Dude!

We don’t need to add much here – this is a 1990 Vanagon converted into some sort of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party van.

The concept is bizarre, but we love certain quotes from the run-on description:

“In addition to this auction I am including a replica Leonardo suit from the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Motion Picture Movie.”  (Yes, that’s a motion picture movie)

“All head rests are custom to represent each respective ninja turtle and their weapon of choice.” (I’d be pissed if this was not the case)

Supposedly, the stock 2.1 liter Wasserboxer H4 has recently been rebuilt.  This features an automatic transmission; so it’ll be even slower than most.

Click for eBay ad
Henderson, NV, USA
$15,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and five days to go

Yes, there’s this.

This is pretty much the only side view included. We’re not sure how those windows work as far as actual visibility.

Rear view reveals the custom spoiler (useful at the van’s ~80MPH top speed?) and more of the odd window treatment.  Maybe Turtles fans will understand the graphics.

Yes, this van has a mouth.  Also, the suit is included in the sale!

Front features custom leather and seat belts!

Here’s the rear seat with custom leather and those “interesting” head restraints.

Interior shots here aren’t the best, but you get the idea.

Yes, this has added subwoofers!

Ad text:

This one of a kind 1990 VW Vanagon has been completely overhauled into a life size replica of the 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon Party Wagon. In addition to this auction I am including a replica Leonardo suit from the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Motion Picture Movie. The Van itself has been completely gutted and Dynomatted, from there the seats have been custom leather reupholstered to match the turtle body theme in the front seats (with matching seatbelts) as well as black leather with green stitching throughout the entire back of van. All head rests are custom to represent each respective ninja turtle and their weapon of choice. Also includes mini bar, Custom limo remote controlled lighting, Custom center console with light up bottle of Ooze and tv screen, head rest DVD screens and flip out DVD/CD/MP3 head unit/ Rear view backup camera, 2 10inch subwoofers and amp stealthy installed under reclining rear seating…  all hooked up to a brand new additional auxilary battery for show purpose. The van was custom wrapped to match the Cartoon version as well as front grill swapped out to round LED headlights via older model VW Vanagon grills. Custom welded wing/spoiler attached to the roof as well as powder coated wheels (with spacers for more aggressive toy look) and limo tint throughout. This is thee ultimate party bus and every ninja turtles fans Dream vehicle!!!!! Thee 2.1 Water cooled engine has just recently been completely rebuilt, AC recharged,  2 brand new duralast batteries installed, new fans, belts, new radiator, new distributor, new master Air Flow censor, valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, cap rotor distributor, new seal gaskets, Full tuneup and oil change  with too many upgrades to list..  totaling over $7k in engine work and tuneups…. this van is ready to roll with all receipts and descriptions of work done from reputable Volkswagen certified Shop and custom modification car shops in Las Vegas, Nevada. Any Questions Please feel free to ask. I have many pics and receipts for most all work done. Own this one of a kind Ninja Turtles piece of memorabilia and be the center of attention wherever you go. SELLER will be responsible for shipping and deposit within 48 hours of end of bid via paypal, with final payment to be discussed at close of auction. If you will be in the Las Vegas area I will be more than happy to go over all modifications with you in person and show you what this project has entailed. This has been my hobby and project and would love to see it go to a great home… just in time for Coachella, Burning man, music festivals, Comic con, Cosplay,  marketing, business ventures, camping, charity events, parades etc. Video available on . Happy bidding and Cowabunga!!!!

FREE Abandoned Vanagon Pickup Conversion Project

Well, it’s free if you never want to register it. Should you choose to do so in California, you’ll owe $665 in back registration fees.  Still, this looks like a parts van to us, but some ambitious individual might try to finish it as a truck…

We love the ad text (below), as the seller includes a bid for labor in exchange for the van:

“Pull the transaxle for me and you can take the whole thing for parts or make a truck out of it.”

And, only in the final line is the van’s current state mentioned:

“And the back has been cut to start a truck conversion.”

Click for Craigslist ad
San Diego, CA, USA

Someone with a project van might find plenty of good, used parts here, but don’t expect like-new condition.

It looks like someone tried to separate the “cab” from the “bed” – possibly with canvas.  We’re not sure whether that sliding door still slides.

Front end just shows a tired, faded Vanagon in need of love.

And…here’s more of the handiwork.  We’re not sure how (or whether) the “converter” intended to finish it out, but it does look like hinges were welded onto what’s left of the hatch to make it swing open.

Ad text:

Free 1983 VW Vanagon 

Pull the transaxle for me and you can take the whole thing for parts or make a truck out of it. 

I just need the transaxle. 

It doesn’t have any paperwork. 
It owes $665 in back registration as of last week. 

And the back has been cut to start a truck conversion.

Over-Restored (?) 1971 Sunbeam Imp

The Hillman/Sunbeam Imp is a cool little two-door sedan with its lightweight aluminum engine in the rear and an interesting rally history.  This one appears to have been restored to a high level, but is any Imp worth the $35K asking price?

The seller claims this car was completely disassembled and all parts were restored or replaced.  That’s a lot of parts.  Also, it looks like more of a refurbishment vs. a restoration to factory spec.  In a lot of cases, we don’t get too hung up on that difference, but a premium asking price may only apply to a factory-correct car unless the sum of the mods has yielded a vastly better car.

We hope an agreement can be reached and someone will be able to enjoy this piece of Rootes Group/Hillman/Sunbeam/Chrysler UK history!

Click for eBay ad
Škocjan, Škocjan, Slovenia
$35,000 BIN with three days to go

Blank face hints at engine location and driving lamps are superb.

Sadly, this is as close as the seller gets to providing a profile shot.

This is something of a money shot for lovers of rear-engine cars.

Interior appears to have been refurbished, but we’re not sure what is original and what’s not.  We’ll bet the stitched leather (or pleather?) isn’t original.

We love the color combo!

Here’s the all-aluminum, 875cc four cylinder, stuffed into the rear.

Ad text:

Selling my restored Sunbeam Hillman IMP, year 1971. I bought the car back in 2015 and spend in overall over 1000 hours in restoring the car. The body and condition of the car are in excellent shape. Driven recreational and competed (successfully) in several vintage car competitions.  

The Hillman Imp is a small economy car made by the Rootes Group and its successor Chrysler Europe from 1963 until 1976. It was the first mass-produced car with the engine block and cylinder head cast in aluminium.

In addition to its aluminium engine, it was the first British car to have an engine in the back and the first car to use a diaphragm spring clutch. 

The Imp uses an 875 cc all-aluminium power unit, adapted by Rootes from a Coventry Climax FWMA fire pump engine. My work includes engine restoration and new engine gaskets. 

Interior completely restored in red leather, dark blue floor, new sealing with properly restored dials. 

Brought back to its original Electric Blue color (with written origin), layers of body protection properly added as well as new painting. Entirely new or restored chrome exterior also added around the car

4 Speed Manual transmission is smooth and responsive. No noises or unusual behavior.

Braking, Steering
Front disc brakes are excellent and operating properly.  Steering is precise and on point. Fresh Alignment.

New battery 

Among other things the car was at first properly dismantled,the mechanical parts are either new or restored, chassis in wonderful shape and the audio system is renewed including the installation.

In case of any more information please send me a massage and I will happily come back to you.

Westfalia Vanagon Wearing Gulf Livery

VW T3/Vanagons are some of the slowest vehicles one can love.  Trust me, I own one.  Still, these are true enthusiast vehicles which offer a lot of fun in camper form.  Someone decided that today’s feature would be better off with Gulf Livery to give off a racing vibe, for better or worse.

Don’t worry, this one’s still slow.  It has dual carbs, but that can only do so much.  These air-cooled versions are generally regarded as being even slower than the water-cooled versions.  This should be good in mild climates, but one has to watch out for overheating when struggling up hills.

We think this is a cool-looking van, but we’re not so sure the paint scheme adds to the value.  We’ll see what the market has to say…

Click for eBay ad
Seattle, WA, USA
$1,600 with 18 bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

Yes, this even has a Gulf logo to go with the paint.  The lower cladding was taken from a later van.

Top still pops!

This air-cooled Vanagon lacks the lower grill of its water-cooled, younger siblings, but someone installed the later, square headlight grill.  Bumpers were painted to match the scheme.

Rear carries on the paint scheme and wears an RS badge, presumably emulating a Porsche.

Here’s the combination cargo area and bed.

Here’s the cluster in metric.  Basic Vanagons had a clock in place of a tach in some years.

Interior is standard Westy with no AC.  Upholstery has been replaced, however,

Here’s the air-cooled flat four with its dual-carb setup.  Hopefully, it does put out a little more power than stock.

Ad  text:

Nothing says “honey, we need to sell the VW” like “I’m pregnant”.

We thought this would be a fun, adventurous van to tramp around in. Instead, I’m having a kid.

This vehicle Canadian and previous owner had lots of work done it and the receipts to show it, including gas tank (5/2016) transmission (4/2016) dual carburetors (3/2016), double battery system (2011) and a new 2.0L engine (2009).

The mileage and speedometer are in metric, and it has 281,00 km, which comes out to  about 168,600 miles. (Though not sure how many on the new engine.)

This van is a beauty! 

Custom paint job really stands out, and strangers may want to drag race you at stop lights. Could make a cameo in the upcoming Fast/Furious installment (Vin Diesel, I’m awaiting your call). 

Dual carb engine gives it more oomph than the standard air-cooled Westies. 

Canvas is good, interior is nearly immaculate and it all has a cool blue color that matches the exterior. Windows are tinted all around.

Camping gear -stove, fridge- work well.

It has a bunch of other gadgets that I sadly haven’t even gotten to explore, like the interior heater and dual battery system.

In addition to work from the previous owner and have had some minor work done since getting it (fuel pump connection replaced, heater box replaced, propane tank removed.)

Like most 1982 Vanagons, this one has some minor things that you may or may not want/need to address -blower motor fan, faulty gas tank gauge, minor seam rust, etc etc- the things you should expect from a 34 year old vehicle!

Feel free to call, text or email with questions.

Thank you and happy bidding!

Shortened Corvair Hot Rod

The title pretty much says it all!

Yes, this is a hot rod/rat rod built on a Corvair platform and which has been greatly shortened.  What’s left of the car shouldn’t weigh much; so the Corvair flat six should move this pretty well.

Click for Craigslist ad
Dana Point, CA, USA

Most would assume this was Beetle-based.  They’d be wrong, but it’s understandable, given the engine location.

Low hood means this has no luggage space, but we’re thinking this isn’t exactly a road trip car.

Rear reveals fuel tank and tall stacks leading to the carbs.

Person for scale.

Here’s the engine, which has received some serious cleaning and polishing.  Hopefully, fuel proximity isn’t an issue (?).

Ad text:

One-Of-A-Kind, mini Rat Rod built on a 1960 Corvair chassis. The all-aluminum body was masterfully fabricated by an aircraft builder. Street legal. 

Runs / handles great and really scoots! Turns heads everywhere she goes! Great for cruising the beach, Coast Highway, or wherever you need to go…in STYLE. Very fast!

$8,500 O.B.O. 

Serious inquiries only, pleases. No trades.

Deminsia Custom out of Florida

Want something truly different?  Try this custom, which is, oddly, called the Deminsia.  Maybe that’s because it forgot which end was the front.

This custom was built by The Car Factory in Micco, Florida.  It does seem to be well executed; so, if you’re into the style, maybe this is for you.  The price is high, but it is truly one of a kind.

Based on the pics at the link above, it seems a Mazda MX-6 was sacrificed for this project.  The seller says it is powered by a Porsche H6 and we see Porsche gauges, too.  Sadly, an automatic transaxle was used.

Here’s are favorite typo from this ad (and among the all-time best!):

“I have insulted the front and rear extremely well, and the doors and windows seal up like a factory built vehicle.” 

Click for eBay ad
Sebastian, FL, USA
$95,000 BIN price with offers considered

Yes, the front is on the left.  The mirrors give it away.

Doors open forward – of course.

Here’s a front 3/4 view.  Note the fender cutouts.

And…a rear 3/4.  Exhaust pipes are well integrated.

This is the “hood”, but we’re not sure what’s in there.

We see a lot of Boxster here, but we don’t know what the protruding aluminum piece does(turbo Encabulator?).

Are these Boxster/Cayman seats?  They don’t look like MX-6 units…

Porsche gauges are clearly visible here.

Ad text:

This car is a ONE of ONE.  I have been building movie cars, concept cars, and kit cars for over 20 years and this is my newest creation. I build my custom cars to be driven.  Cold AC, automatic, front and rear cameras with two monitors,  power windows, remote windows, remote door pops with manual handles inside, All windows are DOT glass, no plexiglass,  All lights are DOT stamped, fully street legal.  The headlights light up the road extremely well with DRL’s, HID’s and LED’s.  I am six foot one and I build my cars so I can fit inside comfortable without being stuffed into the vehicle.  This car is comfortable and a pleasure to drive.  There are no funny noises, No Rattles, No loose parts,  and no ground clearance issues which is almost unheard of with a car that sits a mere 4 inches from the ground.

This car sits 2 inches lower then a lamborghini and does not hit the ground on steep driveways because of the attention made to design.  The front end of the vehicle is very close to the wheels just like the rear end.  There is nothing sticking out to scrape the ground.  The car looks so sleek and low and drives so well.  You can talk on the cell phone while driving this car without any noise issues. I have insulted the front and rear extremely well, and the doors and windows seal up like a factory built vehicle. 

The car is powered by a porsche flat six cylinder engine and automatic transmission.  Headers and custom exhaust create a nice unique sound.  Not crazy fast, but certainly fun fun fun.  The wheels are staggered 20 inch with adjustable coil overs all the way around.

The car is titled as a 2016 ASPT which is the state of Florida’s “custom built vehicle” assignment. 
Hundreds of guys can go out and purchase a Lamborghini or Ferrari,  However only one person will get this vehicle. 

I have listed the year as a 1972 because Ebay would not accept the ASPT vin number, no other reason.

Please call or email with any questions, Mike Vetter- 321-xxx-xxxx

Non-Gordini Renault R8 in Los Angeles

The R8 is one of the most unusual-looking (or least usual looking?) small sedans, which means we love them!  This example awaits you in Lawndale, CA and has been upgraded with a 1.1L engine.  Yes, that’s an upgrade vs. the base 0.956 liter unit…

French with a rear-mounted engine – what’s not to love?  With the blue paint and driving lamps, this has a semi-Gordini look, with without the price or performance.  Still, this will be the talk of any Cars and Coffee and should be a cool cruiser. It will be up to the next owner to decide whether to go full rally or keep this the way it is.

The seller provides pretty good pics, but not much other info.  The condition appears to be excellent.  Missing are any engine shots – hopefully, the condition matches what we can see.  If all is well with it, we think this is a lot of coolness for $5,500.

Click for Craigslist ad
Lawndale, CA, USA

Here’s the face that looks like no other.  We love it!

From other angles, this car is a bit more conventional, although the rear deck is long due to the rear-mounted engine.  It won’t be easy to find a bumper in the US…

The interior is simple and nicely finished to make for a great color combination.  We don’t see a tach, but there are ways to address that.

Split bench front likely means European families of six fit into these. Seats are in great shape, just don’t look for lateral support.

We love the painted and semi-covered doors for the contrast, as well as the utilitarian door pulls.

Ad text:

This very clean Renault 8 has been upgraded to 1100cc. The car is driver quality and has very nice paint, interior, and some nice upgrades. This is a very cute car to drive and has the European rally look.

The previous owner put a lot of time and effort and money into this Renault and it is fun to drive.

There is a video of this particular car up on YouTube so please feel free to search it. We are not asking a lot of money for this Renault 8. It would be a perfect coffee car for the weekends or to keep at your holiday house.