Reader Submission: Shorty Ford Fiesta

Here we have what appears to be a dramatically shortened Ford Fiesta. From what we can tell, a sedan front was combined with a hatch rear, yielding homemade three-door. If not that then maybe just the front valence from a sedan was used? What YOU think?? Continue reading Reader Submission: Shorty Ford Fiesta

Reader Sighting: 1.5 Festivas!

Reader Steve N. sent us this sighting.  No further explanation was available, but what else do you really need to know?

It seems the owner made a mini-truck out of the Festiva and then missed the cargo space?  Regardless, we love it!

Festivas make great autocross cars, but it’s not clear that this trailer can even haul an extra set of wheels.  Also, we wonder how this handles with weight removed from the rear…