California-Made 70s Oddball: The Aerocon Boa

This is one of several fiberglass-bodied, kit-type cars sold without engine or trans and designed to accept Porsche or VW goodies. This one’s special, though, as the fiberglass body sits on an aluminum monocoque. That is only now becoming more common, thanks to Jaguar, Audi and a few others; but it was seriously exotic stuff at the time, which probably explains the high price – equivalent to $70k in today’s dollars.

The seller indicates that this example is powered by Porsche 914 bits and is “as-is” and waiting for restoration. It’s not clear whether it runs or drives, but it certainly looks complete in the images and dealing with the 914 engine and/or transaxle will be the easy part.

We hope this oddball finds a loving home in which it will be revived as a runner for occasional drives and lots of smiles.  At somewhere around 2,000 pounds, the flat four should work nicely.  Hopefully, the handling is good, too.

Note that the seller put TONS of period brochure and press info in the ad – cool stuff!

Click for eBay address
Tampa, FL, USA
$6,350 with 3 bids, reserve not met and six days to go

The profile is simultaneously unique and familiar, with bits of Dino and Porsche visible to these eyes.

With the deeply recessed headlights, the front is unique,though some might say the Nissan Z31 got got some ideas from this one.

This angle exaggerates the already-long hood.

As does this one.  Note the t-tops!

Rear shows flying buttress design – not uncommon for mid-engine cars.

Before we go inside, take a look at the riveted aluminum door structure!

Interior is in great shape and has tasty, classic looks.

We feel a definite Lotus vibe in here.

Frunk is pretty tiny, so don’t bring too much stuff.

Rear luggage compartment (aft of engine and on top of transaxle) offers a little more room.

Here’s that trans.

Note more rivets.

Yep,T-Tops are included.

Ad text:

1977 Aerocon Boa “Porsche”  Special

Aluminum Monocoque  Chassis; Porsche Mid-Rear Engine; Aerospace Design

“The Fusion of Automotive  Design and Aerospace Technology.”  That’s how Dave Saunders, creator of the  Boa sports car and President of the Aerocon Corporation (an aerospace engineering firm  based in Ventura, California) put it in the Aerocon Boa  brochure. In  an April, 1978 Road & Track article, author John Lamm shared the following:

“Considering Saunders’  aircraft background, you wouldn’t expect something too conventional for the  Boa’s chassis and it isn’t – unless you consider ‘conventional’ the Formula 1  automobile.  That’s right, Saunders uses an aluminum monocoque chassis.”

The Boa was designed for either  a Porsche 914 or Volkswagen engine – the choice was up to the buyer.   This is a rear mid-engine sports car with a wheelbase of 101 inches.  Total weight  is 1800 lbs, and in stock form, the Boa is approximately 15% (250  lbs) lighter than a Porsche 914.  With appropriate engine tuning combined  with the sophisticated chassis, the Boa would trounce a Porsche 914.

The price in 1977  for an Aerocon Boa was $18,000 – that’s approximately $70,000 in 2017 dollars. While projections of 200 being built the  first year, just 15 cars were built before  production ceased in late 1978. The serial number of this car is “BOA-77-1013”  and may indicate this was the “13th” of 15 produced.

For Auction Today

Our Aerocon Boa was found several years  ago in Los Angeles, California and eventually made its way to Tampa, Florida.   In storage for the last 5 years, the odometer shows just over 7000 miles which given  the condition of the car may be original.  This Boa uses a Porsche 914  engine, and the drivetrain has not been tested.  The Boa looks great for a  40 year old sports car. It is unrestored and being sold in “as-is” condition  inviting the new owner an exciting opportunity to finish this car to their taste  and standards.  

Incomplete 944 Shooting Brake Project

All the best ads involve “purchased the donor car, and started cutting.”  This has the potential to be awesome when complete, but there’s a long way to go.

The seller apparently started this project in April 2015.  It’s not clear what the donor wagon was, but maybe a reader knows?  Regardless, our condolences go out to the seller, who had a loss in the family.

Just the right buyer might find this to be a reasonable deal, but it’s not cheap at $8,500.  That being said, all parts needed to finish the body are supposedly included.

Click for eBay ad
West Islip, NY, USA
$8,500 BIN with offers considered and six days to go

Yep, he or she definitely started cutting.  Obviously, some parts have been added, too.

Is that hatch from a wagon or minivan?

One more pic, for good measure.

Here’s the goal…

Ad text:

I started this in April 2015, First got the car running replacing the position sensors, fuel filter. Then purchased the donor car, and started cutting. ( I have pictures of the step by step instructions from beginning to end ) I had a recent lost in my family (October)  and with financial obligations and responsibilities I can’t continue this project. I’m not saying much about this project any body-man or Body Shop can figure it out. My intentions were to finish it off as in the completely finish one included in my picture gallery but to installed an LS1 Corvette  to give it some attitude. The year is an 1985.5 Porsche 944 I will listen to offers but we all know any serious buyers will make the effort to inspect the car in person and ready and willing to make an offer in person. What’s included in the sale are the following: 1- Turbo Nose complete with all lights and wiring harness. 2- right front Turbo fender 3- Rear spoiler ( under the bumper, maybe it’s called rear diffuse r ?) 4- front leather power seats (driver’s side only) 5- Original Tool Kit 6- 22/24 ga sheet metal to trim and weld on both side of the car 7- Quarter glass to be fitted after the sheet metal is in place (#6 on list) This will be a one time offering Ebay will not see this again from me! When completed it’s value (2009 6-8 sold in the UK for $30k each w/o the LS1 Engine)       Will be $35-$40k with the LS1 Engine. But why sell it ! My feedback and time here on Ebay shows I’m a person with good murals that always try to be fare. Good luck to the winner of this easy project.

Brown, manual 928 with Pasha Interior

Does it get any better?

This is a Euro-spec car with low miles and supposedly has had a recent service.  If it checks out it’s a helluva car; but is the price reasonable?

Click for Craigslist ad
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Brown truly is beautiful.

Early 928s wear their weirdness with more pride vs. later version, especially from this angle.

The Pasha (AKA Op Art) interior is like nothing else.  We love it.

How about just one more shot of the Pasha?

Here’s the amazing-for-its-age 4.5L V8.

Ad text:

1978 Porsche 928. 4.5 liter V8 5 speed manual. Delivered new in Germany then imported to the states in 1984. The car is European spec. 
Mocha brown with brown and Pasha inserts. Odometer reads 138,000 km, which is a bit less than 86,000 miles. Timing belt, water pump and tensioners done recently Runs and drives excellent. Rare Porsche destined to gain in value

359: The Porsche that Never Was

The seller is this oddity says it’s a rare Porsche 359.  Considering that’s not a Porsche, that means this is some sort of kit car – in this case with some Speedster and some 959 styling cues.  We assume this is based on a VW, as the seller says it’s a 1971 model and it powered by an 1776cc engine.

As a matter of fact, that’s about all the seller says about the car, except for claimed low miles.  With no real information, we can’t say how good or bad of a deal this is a $12,500, but it seems steep, at best.

Click for Craigslist ad
Banning Heights, CA, USA

It’s not an ugly car, but it’s a mishmash of Porsche designs.  If this was $500, it would be worth buying just to drive to Porsche events for the purpose of angering purists.  Unfortunately, that’s not the price…

More 959 cues exist at the back, but the exhaust looks to be 100% Beetle.

It’s not clear whether there’s a top under that cover. The windscreen doesn’t appear to have any attachment provisions, however.  Interior is pretty typical for a kit car – very simple.

We guess the dash is hard fiberglass, just like the body; but it almost looks padded in this shot.

Ad text:

Original .gel coat Rare 359 body # 134 
1776 cc engine , new interior , only 430 miles on car

One-Off (?) Porsche 928 Spyder

Apparently, someone made a race car out of a 928 and someone else tried to make a production car based on its general design.  That’s where spyderwerks comes in, but it’s not clear how many of these might have actually been built nor exactly when this came to be.

The end result of whatever happened is a very nice and interesting-looking roadster with the excellent 928 engine. In this case, it is unfortunately linked to an automatic transaxle.  Is that worth $25K to you, knowing that buys a lot of stock 928?

Click for eBay ad
$25,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 4 days to go
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Supposedly, work on this design started in 1993, but it’s not clear when this design was finalized. We see LOTS of Boxster influence in the rear half of this car and perhaps a tiny bit of Z8.

Again, the Boxster comes to mind – odd considering the different engine location.  Wait, it that a CamryS350 in the background?  I’m not sure this should live near something so boring!

Front is basically a more streamlined 928 look.

Rear view again shows a lot of Boxster.

Interior is basically just custom and relatively plain.  At least it doesn’t have center gauges!

Gauges might have come from Summit Racing, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Here’s an odd shot of the 32-Valve Porsche V8.

Ad text:

“This excellent automobile has been cared for by a meticulous owner. It has 5000 miles on a fully rebuilt engine. You will have many years of enjoyment driving this fantastic automobile.”

Here is an example of a brilliant idea and a chance for you to own a rare and unique automobile.  

This is one of the first road going prototypes of a 1989 Porsche 928 S4… Spyder Moderne.  You take and original 928 hatchback and turn it over to some master coach-builders and you get a 928 convertible ofHere is an example of a brilliant idea and a chance for you to own a rare and unique automobile.  

This is one of the first road going prototypes of a 1989 Porsche 928 S4… Spyder Moderne.  You take and original 928 hatchback and turn it over to some master coach-builders and you get a 928 convertible of beautiful design.

This all began in 1993 with the work of the Quebec-based, Wingho Auto Classics Inc., with a 928 spyder racing car. (You can go to their website winghoauto and you can see the original prototype, which is also for sale for at least $100,000.00).  The founder of Spyderwerks, Jeffrey Pink, in Minnesota saw this race car and was inspired to do the necessary work to make a street legal version.  Seven years later, six prototypes and a million dollars of development, the car you see here was ready to go.  Spyderwerks has taken one of the greatest engineered and powerful German engineered GT cars and turned it into a beautiful cabriolet.  The end result, is an affordable, striking and high performance open roadster like no other, in the world.

Chopped 924 Turbo

Usually, we here the term chopped in relation to old school hot rods or perhaps mini trucks; but today’s feature is a chopped and “overly body kitted” 1979 Porsche 924 Turbo.

The seller recently spent about $2,700 on leakdown and compression tests, plus some rewiring to get this running.  We suspect that may prove to have been a questionable investment.

Click for eBay ad
Derry, New Hampshire, USA
$3,700 with zero bids and five days to go

Here it is – note that the greenhouse just doesn’t look right.  The windshield angle is also way off.

This is the best interior shot available, and it’s not much – the shot or the interior.

Rear angle shows this has a wacky exhaust pipe to match the other wacky work done.  Note the snow behind the car.  When was this pic taken??

The sole underhood shot reveals that the original color was likely red.

Ad text:

1979 porsche 924 turbo. this is a factory turbo car that has been upgraded with a real mclaren wide body kit the doors,bumpers,wing and hood. carrera wheels, race seats and belts. this is an extremely solid car with no rust. i just spent 2700 having it checked over, test the compression and leak down and test run the car! needs some finishing but a great project with some very rare set up a time to come look at the car in person or if you have any questions give me a call bob 603-xxx-xxxx 
buyer is responsible for all shipping costs

car is for sale locally so i reserve the right to end the auction early

Blasphemy or Interesting? Rodded Porsche 928

Porsche purists have long struggled with the 928, as it was once planned to be the replacement for the 911.  Obviously, that didn’t work out, but it seems to have threatened many an old-school 911, based on mockery of this car’s front-mounted, vee configuration, water-cooled engine.  Things have started to turn around a bit the best versions of the 928 in great condition, but years of poor resale value and expensive repair bills mean some have lost their Porsche V8s, usually with a small-block Chevy replacing them.  This car fits that description, but it’s more of a full custom than a hack job.  What will the market think of this oddity?
This car has body and interior mods not usually seen on a 928.  Given the amount of customization done, the end result is actually relatively tasteful.  Supposedly,the GM small block in this was built up with high-quality parts and the car put down 409HP on a dyno (at the wheels?).  Hopefully, the stock 4-speed automatic transaxle can hold up.
The seller claims over $100K was invested in this car.  What’s it worth to you?  The market says $17,100, so far, and there is no reserve…
Yukon, OK (hometown of Garth Brooks!)
$17,100 with six bids, no reserve and 1.5 days to go
From this angle, the hood is the most obvious custom piece, but the fender flares are visible if you look closely.
Here’ the custom fenders and vents are more obvious.  Note also the lack of door handles.
This angle proves that the front fender ‘gills’ are non-functional.
Interior has custom alcantara upholstery with body-color door panel insert, custom gauges and steering wheel.
Looking closer, this has strange, permanent side and rear-view cameras.  Very 90s custom!
Rear seats match the fronts.
Presumably, this is under the cargo floor.
Here’s the GM 383-based small block.

Ad text:

Great toy or Daily Driver. 
Multiple National Awards including People’s Choice at Car Craft Summer National (out of more than 5000 cars), multiple winner at World of Wheels and many other awards.This was built for everyday driving and everything has been gone through to make this an ultimate up-to-date street machine.  All work was professionally done.  Using the Porsche 928 as the base because of it’s ability to handle large amounts of horsepower and torque we employed Cheney Performance to build a streetable race motor based on a 383 GM Sourced block.  All the internal parts – crank – cams – rods – pistons are built for racing and are much stronger than Chevy parts.  The engine was built for low end torque providing a much lower and enjoyable powerband.  In other words, the 928 was built for high end speed but is not all that usable in the city typical of USA driving.   The race motor is 200 pounds lighter than the one it replaces and is dyno tested to show 409 horsepower.  All systems – AC – Power Steering – etc. are now handled by reasonable to fix GM parts.  The frame utilizes  Renegade System proven parts.  The 4 speed transaxle is stock but all lines have been replaced with high grade aircraft systems for reliability.  The intake system is a MASS-FLO EFI and the hand made exhaust is stainless steel designed to be fairly quiet on cruise, but noticable on take-off. The Porsche wheels are also unusual, 18″ in the front and 19″ in the rear to help solve the heavier than it should be look of the rear.  The body has custom, flared wheel wells to accommodate the rear tires.  
The body had the  sun roof removed. Doors are shaved with electric remotes. “Shark” fins house left and right side view cameras. Hood is raised to accommodate the engine and has a plexiglass window to show off. Window is lined with green accent lights. Front and rear spoilers. Mustang gas cap and an emergency door latch. Custom body work by Bo Vescio (you can see examples of his work at: Check out his website to see the quality of his work. Electronically. The car has right, left and full-time rear view cameras with separate video screens for the three cameras.  Car has Eclipse multi-CD/DVD Navigation system, Sony speakers, 250W JL Audio amp and subwoofer. Heads up tachometer.
Interior. Black and white Alcatra upholstery. Emergency door release This car is a real show stopper. It is as good as it looks. Please write if you have any questions. 
The car has about 7000 miles on it since the restoration.  There is over $100,000 invested in the car and the most recent appraisal was $52,000.  I have all paperwork from the rebuild for the more technically minded.
Transportation is buyers responsibility. 
Drive it home or I will help arrange shipping.

East Oakland Style 911T

Today’s feature is a project 1971 911T for only $13K.  If you know recent 911 prices, you know this is low.  Well, suffice it to say that the modifications and condition support the low price.

I’m not sure what East Oakland Style is, but the seller claims this is it.  I see an odd, custom slant-nose, wide rear fenders and whale tail.  A transaxle and seized engine are included in the deal; so sourcing an engine will be part of any equation here.

The question for anyone considering this car is what would it cost to replace the affected sheet metal, in addition to the mechanical bits.  Oh, add in the complete lack of an interior.

Still, with apparently no rust, this car is likely considered restorable in today’s market.  Maybe someone like Magnus Walker will pick this one up and modify accordingly?  After all, this is a 911T, which was entry-level, so purists won’t throw fits if it gets a bigger engine, etc. The lack of interior might lend itself to a track-oriented build, anyway?

Click for Craigslist ad
Vaalejo, CA

Nose is, well, interesting.  This is not the factory-style slant-nose, but some of custom job – or perhaps a kit?  Either way, I’m not sure that headlamp will flip up anymore.

I’m not sure why fenders are on the car in only some shots.

It’s not clear whether the engine is in the car or comes separately, but it may be sitting a bit high in the rear, which would mean it’s out.

Floor pan looks pretty solid.  It’s not clear whether any other interior bits are included.

Here’s a look at the front storage compartment.

Ad text:

’71 Porsche 911 T Project

This car, built in the ’80s East Oakland Style, needs to be returned to the road or track.
Long term storage indoors. Body solid, no rust or accidents.
Car includes transaxle, seized motor, rear deck lid, front hood, and front fenders.

Call for more information. 
$13,000 OBO.

Random Sightings Volume No. 486-DX2

Here’s a random collection of my recent sightings.  – CG

First is a Pinto wagon parked in my employer’s parking garage.  No, I don’t work for Ford.

Click through for much more…
More views of this deliciousness!

Now a few from around Oddimotive HQ:

This is sighted regularly on our own street.  Of course, that means there are TWO Vanagons, including Oddimotive Mobile HQ.

This gem was parked while I was walking the dog.  A very nice 914-6 has been spotted at this house before, so I’m not sure what’s up with the shell.

Wait, what was that in the background, you asked?  I see this one regularly…

Hopefully, this is work-related for someone…