Rat Rod DJ-5

This little Jeep likely started life as a rural mail truck with a Buick/Dauntless V6, but the current owner saw fit to cram in a Dodge 318 and 727 Torqueflite.  It’s a two-seater with a tiny bed, but should be all one needs to tool around a Florida Key or go to Cars and Coffee in warm conditions.

The seller has done a good job of describing this little beast: “This thing is a head turner for sure…people seem to love it,probably because it’s so ridiculous and unnecessary. It’s loud, obnoxious, rides like a go-kart, but fits in small parking spots….it’s perfect for Key West and that’s all I’d recommend it for; its not a cross country cruiser. I didn’t build it for aesthetics or comfort, just to be a one of a kind toy. “

Note that no 4WD Jeeps were harmed in the creation of this toy, as these little CJ-5s featured 2WD from the start.  Basically, this is a small step up from a tractor, but the 318 with open exhaust should provide plenty of grunt in this lightweight beast and is guaranteed to produce a sound that inspires plenty of smiles.

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Key West, FL, USA
$3,700 with ZERO bids and 1.25 days to go

No one can say this isn’t unique, and we imagine this truck sounds great.

As previously noted, there will be no mistaking this for anything else.

Front looks fairly normal, save for the missing hood.

Rear features nice wood making up a largely useless bed.  Still, for cruising Key West as low speed, one could put a couple passengers back there.

Rear view shows LED lights.

Interior is about as spartan as one would expect.  Hunk ‘o wood dash is a nice touch.

Sears are as utilitarian as the rest.

Here’s the Dodge 318 with the custom, partial headers described by the seller.

Ad text:

I am begrudgingly selling my rat rod jeep project that I’ve built over the course of a few years. 

Originally a CA car (except for the last 2 years it’s been here in Key West), I bought it in the San Francisco Bay Area after someone had crashed into the rear while it was parked on the road. It barely ran, had the original straight 6 in, and was a mess. 

For those of you who don’t know, the DJ-5 series is an automatic, 2wd jeep from the factory. Often used as rural mail trucks, the DJ-5 often comes right and drive. This is a left hand drive, but I suspect that someone changed it to LHD before I got it. 

Anyway, after I bought the truck, I quickly realized it was in worse shape than I thought – bad transmission (old borg warner garbage), the rims were bent, the entire back half of the truck was crushed…just a mess and not worth restoring to it’s original glory. So, I decided to have fun with it and make a one of a kind toy. Since I knew I was going to be moving to Key West, what better than a tiny, open air hot rod?

I cut the entire back half off the truck and custom built a small pick-up bed, complete with a redwood base, and LED tail lights. I also installed new rear shocks, and a new gas tank with sending unit. I built a roll bar (not load bearing) to support the custom vinyl top which is necessary for that intense FL sun. 

The dashboard was bent and the guages were broken, so I built a redwood dash to match the bed, installed new gauges and indicator lights, and threw on a dock cleat “oh shit” handle on the passenger side. Two waterproof marine seats rounded out the interior.

I decided that the straight 6 just wasn’t going to cut it. I found dodge 318 cubic inch V8 (casting# 4104230-318-3, which google says is a “race engine”) that was paired with a torqueflight 727 automatic transmission. I figured why not, and bought it. I yanked out the old 6 cylinder and transmission and shoehorned this giant motor in this tiny chassis. It required fabricating custom motor mounts, custom transmission mounts, and a custom drive shaft. 

In order to fit the engine, and the new 4 core aluminum racing radiator (with electric fan) into the engine bay, I had to push the nose of the truck forward about 4 inches. In doing so, the front fenders and hood had to go. I made a simple sheet metal hood and went ahead with the fenderless hot rod look.

Obviously, no one makes an exhaust system for a 318 crammed into a ’73 DJ5, so I had to buy header flanges and just throw on some short turndowns as zoomie headers. I welded some large nuts inside the pipes to give it a touch of back pressure. However, I have 25′ of flexible exhaust tubing, 2 collectors, 2 old flowmasters, header wrap, and all the associated hangers/hardware necessary to create your own headers. I haven’t gotten around to taking on that project yet, so I will be including all those materials along with the jeep. 

After getting the engine all set up, I removed every inch of original wiring and threw it away. I installed brand new wiring from front to back, and threw in a new fuse block. I also added recessed LED marker/turn signals in the front, and took a few leaf springs out to let it sit a little lower.

I changed out the original rims because they were bent. I also chopped about 7″ off the windshield because the wiper motor and linkage was missing when I bought it. So yeah, this is a sunny day car since there’s no wipers.

After getting everything all set up, I sprayed the whole truck in a 2 part tractor enamel paint. It’s supposed to be rather resilient and seems to be holding up so far (3 years). Since I’ve had it, it was always garage kept in CA, and under a car cover here in KW. The truck is virtually rust free for being 43 years old. 

Since getting it on the road I’ve done a transmission service, tune-up, new points, newish battery, fuel pump, and 4 brand new tires…they have about 7 miles on them. 

This thing is a head turner for sure…people seem to love it,probably because it’s so ridiculous and unnecessary. It’s loud, obnoxious, rides like a go-kart, but fits in small parking spots….it’s perfect for Key West and that’s all I’d recommend it for; its not a cross country cruiser. I didn’t build it for aesthetics or comfort, just to be a one of a kind toy. 

I’ve put countless hours into this thing and a lot more money than I’d care to think about.

Please don’t waste my time or yours. No joy rides or other time-wasting nonsense. I’ve got a clean FL title in my name…cash talks.

Local pickup only, no warranty, as is.

WTF Jeep

Did you ever look at a Jeep CJ and wonder what it would be like if you deleted its ability to go over speed bumps, not to mention going off-road?  Well, here’s your answer.  The seller calls it the Testabassa SR.

The work here seems to be well done, but we question the project’s intent.  For those morbidly curious, the seller has provided a video of this beast in action.  There’s no doubt this is oddly appealing, but is it worth $49K or more?

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
$49,000 with ZERO bids, $75,000 BIN price and 1 day to go

As the seller says, this is truly one of a “kink.”  Despite aggressive tread, there’s no off-road ability here.

It’s still unusual up close.

In case the driving setting is too high, the air bags let this sit even lower.

Rear is, well, basic.

This beast appears to feature a full set of guages and perhaps the tallest shifter we’ve seen.

Seating area is as spartan as one would imagine.  Center console looks a little “wood shop”, but it works.  For anyone wondering, the squiggles on the metal surfaces are likely what the builder would call “grinder art.”

Here’s the SBC with Edelbrock dress-up items.  If well-built, the 420HP claim isn’t completely crazy, though dyno results would be interesting.

Ad text:

This Jeep is truly one of a kink, a beast, a monster. It gets more attention than anything also on the street.

Frame and chassis are from a Jeep Willys 1975, this car doesn’t need a smog check. Street legal.

Comes from a rebuilt Chevy small black, v8, 420 HP. A real beast.
Comp cam
New Crank from MABBCO Motors
All new seals and bearings
Bored .030 over
New mullins high capacity oil pump
New chrome oil pan and new filter
new HEI distibuter and 8.5mm wires
new chrome pullies
New Harmonic balancer
New Edelbrock dressing (well over $600 value with carb)
350 long headers
Edelbrock intake manifol
Comes with engine stand
010 block SBC 2 bolt main
Double roller timing chain and new chrome cover
also includes fuel pump, alternator, belt and everything on pic.
Also on the engine is a chrome Long Nose water pump.
All new seals and gaskets on entire build    

AIR BAGS, front and rear wheels.
All the hydraulic parts, tires, wheels, gas tank and so on are brand new.

Again you are bidding for one of a kind car.

You need to get a pair of seats belt, rear signal lights and connect the speedometer.

GOOD LUCK WITH YOU BID. Txt me any question you have 213 xxx xxxx

1975 Jeep Airport Tug with Thing

No, this doesn’t come with a Volkswagen Thing, it comes with Thing from Fantastic Four. We have no idea why.

This is a CJ-5 that was modified to tow aircraft.  Why not?  Now that it’s duties are over, it’s just a really odd, narrow Jeep for the street or trail.  What’s not to love?

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Lake Forest, CA, USA (Could be around the corner from Oddimotive HQ!)

Apparently, the four-wheel drive is still in place; so this can be used for just about anything.

Interior is, shall we say, spartan.  Fuel is supplied by plastic gas cans.

Here’s another shot of that likeness of “Thing”.  Note also the narrow windscreen and the jack mounted in front of it.

Yes, an interior can get more basic than that of a consumer-grade CJ-5; but only so much so.

The rear looks even less consumer-grade.  We’re not sure this can be registered for the street.

Ad text:

Very rare 1975 jeep cj5 airport tug with original great running 4.2 liter straight 6 with 4K miles on original engine 
All wheel drive that engages easily 
4 speed manual transmission with granny gear 
Transfer case all working in great condition
This is a very strong off road vehicle that can pull extremely hard hence it used to pull and park airplanes back in the 70s 
Custom 15×8.5 turbine wheels single drilled 
All working lights 
Turn signal, stop lights 
Located in Lake Forest

How About a Joat?

Or is it a Beep?  Either way, it’s a Jeep made into a boat.  Clearly, this project started with too much free time and “hold my beer.”  Interestingly, this redneck is in Massachusetts.  This is no Amphicar competitor, by the way, as it appears that it must be trailered to move on the road.  As such, its wheels will rotate almost as much as those of  most of the high-dollar cars just sold at the Monterrey Auctions (admittedly, those do at least roll on and off their trailers).

Basically, this has bits of Jeep CJ, bits of a personal watercraft and windsurfing boards, plus an outboard engine.  What could go wrong?

The seller claims much attention and many photos.  We have no reason to doubt that.  Interestingly, the seller also seems to think the next owner could somehow become the next Walt Disney by owning this thing.  Why hasn’t that happened to him or her?

We won’t even try to put a value on this, but we will state that perfectly nice 18-foot boats with four times the horsepower of this thing seller for similar prices.  This is a novelty purchase, however, and you already know if you’re the next owner who “just has to have it.”

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North Brookfield, MA, USA
$11,000 BIN with offers considered and four days to go

Yes, it’s floating in this pic!

Here’s the outboard engine.  We assume the “roll bar” is there to add some rigidity.

Strange from any angle.

Yes, it has its own trailer!  Now you can see the windsurfing boards.

The tubes are not side pipes, as the engine is in the back.  Are they floatation devices?

Tie-in bumpers are a nice touch!  We’ve always been tempted to put these on 70s land yachts.  The seats might has come from an Appalachian wedding chapel.

Yes, this keep only has 50 horsepower!  That’s not terrible on the water, though.  Interior looks mostly custom, as the giant, centrally-mounted CJ speedo isn’t there.

Ad text:

One of a kind custom made Jeep Ski Boat,  Runs / rides excellent!  Jeep Collectors  need something to set your Jeep apart from the others? This would look pretty slick even out of the water getting towed behind or at shows.   Promotional company’s, water front businesses , dealerships ,  I can not even begin to tell you the amount of attention this rig attracts. If I had charged $1 a photo I’d be a wealthy man.   I live on a very small lake and get chased around by boats taking  photos, cars stopping etc.   One of the best parts is that everyone ends up putting their photo on social media ” look what I saw “.   It would also be a great ” follow me too ….  ”  Get your photo taken it etc tool.   Just look how much attention and profit Disney is making off of their Aqua Car rides.  Its all I hear about when people return.  It is very well made and sturdy ,  mounted on a 2 or 3 seat jet ski frame,  with wind surf boards on side,  I’ve had it out in good waves,  the electric trim works,  Both the headlights/ blinkers, and boat lights work.   It has a gas tank under the hood that could get hooked up.  It is fine as is,  but could easily be upgraded with a good sound system, canopy, new seats etc.   Please see notes when going through photos.  I have a uship account if you would like shipping quotes,  or I can deliver in the New England area.  Thanks for the interest. ~ Steve     Priced high to deter people from making offers without communication,  please simply reach out so we can discuss a deal / be on the same page on payment / pickup / delivery etc.

Feel Truly Free by Going Commando!

The Jeep Commando represented the final run of the Jeepster Commando, itself a rebirth of the Jeepster name originally used in the late 40s/early 50s.  This one appears to be remarkably original, wearing its beautiful brown paint.

For the Jeepster Command and Jeep Commando, the formula was something a bit more wagon-life vs. the Jeep CJ.  Unlike the original Jeepster, which was more of a car, these offered four-wheel drive, which was necessary to compete with the International Scout and Ford Bronco at the time.

This example has the top engine, the 304 cubic inch (5 liter) V8, which should offer enough torque to move this Commando smartly.  This would be a good cruiser or off-roader with its automatic transmission.  The seller claims 110K miles and that everything works, with only minor rust starting.  The buy-it-now price isn’t crazy.  What’s it worth to you?

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Vancouver, Washington, USA
$4,500 BIN with offers considered and six days to go

This is the classic second-gen Jeepster profile and appears to be amazingly original.

Winch on the front says this Commando means business.

Rear is no more styled than the rest.

Interior is spartan by most standards, but was borderline luxurious by Jeep standards at the time.  Column-shifted automatic means three can use this bench.

Gauges and controls are also much less agricultural vs. a Jeep CJ.

There’s currently no back seat, but there’s a good amount of storage.

Ad text:

“Super Rare 1972 Jeep 4×4 SC-2 limited-edition Super Commando 2, one owner since new, original paint, interior, and drivetrain. Fully loaded model including optional 304 V8, Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, and Air Conditioning. 110k original miles, factory paint, decals, interior, drivetrain, etc. Added winch bumper and Warn winch, added dual auxiliary tanks which fill under the hood (*no cuts in the body). Removable hard top. Runs and drives great. Very little rust, just starting on PS rocker, minor PS quarter panel damage, otherwise very straight. This is a very rare and collectible Jeep. 360-xxx-xxxx”

You are bidding on a super-rare limited edition 1972 Jeep SC-2 Super Commando 4×4 sport utility vehicle.  One-year only model, very few made.  This is a one owner truck that was ordered with just about everything you could get, including the optional AMC 304 V8, Heavy-Duty Automatic transmission, four-wheel drive with locking hubs, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, and the roof-mounted luggage rack.

The body is very solid and wears its’ original paint and SC-2 Super Commando decals. There are only minor beginnings of rust on the passenger side rocker panel, otherwise an essentially rust-free vehicle.  There is some rear quarter-panel damage on the passenger side, otherwise very straight.  The hardtop is removable, making for a good-looking and unique summertime cruiser.

The optional 304 2v AMC engine runs great, and has a fresh tune-up including a new battery and new Pertronix breakerless electronic ignition, eliminating the troublesome and primitive AMC points ignition system. The Super Commando drives well, feels solid and stable, shifts strongly and smoothly, excellent steering without play, solid brakes.  The A/C belt was off when I got it, and I have not replaced it nor tried the A/C.  That said, it is otherwise complete.  Four-wheel drive operates just as it should.

I purged the main fuel tank, and bypassed the 3-position fuel tank selector switch.  There are dual auxiliary tanks, with filler necks located under the hood near the firewall on right and left sides (no holes cut into the body), and a floor-mounted 3-position selector switch near the high beam switch on the driver side floor.  No fuel leaks, so the tanks are likely sound, but I have not tested them, or the selector switch.  There is a CB radio mounted under the dash, with a magnetic antenna which mounts to the roof (no holes drilled), and under-dash winch controls for the big Warn winch to the left of the steering column.  It is missing one front hub cap.  Comes with its’ original spare tire.  Glass is good all around, and the windows roll up and down smoothly.

While not perfect, this is a very rare and unique Jeep, and mechanically very sound as well.

I am waiting for a replacement title in the mail *(original owner could not find the title, but did fill out the proper ownership transfer and replacement title forms from the DMV; it is a 4-6 week wait for it to arrive, and will sign off and send to the buyer as soon as it arrives.  You may call me at 360-xxx-xxxx with any questions you may have. Please, no zero-feedback or low-feedback bidders without calling me prior to bidding.

Please be prepared to remit payment in full within 3 days of auction’s end via cash, major bank cashier’s check (must wait for check to physically clear the issuing bank prior to releasing the vehicle and/or paperwork), deposit into my Bank of America account, or bank-to-bank wire transfer.  Shipping is the FULL responsibility of the buyer; I can recommend an affordable broker, but the choice is yours alone.  While every effort is being made to describe the Jeep as precisely as possible, it is in fact at 43-year-old classic, and therefore being sold as-is, without warranty or guarantee expressed, written, or implied.

A Jeep is just too large

The Crofton Bug was a mini-Jeep based on the prior Crosley Farm-O-Road and featuring a Crosley engine.  These only offered two-wheel drive, but had dual transmissions to gear them down for slippery conditions.  One recently crossed the block at auction and Hemmings has a very recent (pre-auction) article on that one.

This is a running, driving example and the seller suggests it would be good for a rolling restoration.  The correct dual transmissions are included, which is a bonus.  Claimed mileage is 71K, which is very little for a typical 1961 vehicle, but a lot for a microcar.  Still, the fact that it’s been driven/used is good news.  Note that the owner included a video in the ad text.

We don’t yet have the Russo and Steele auction result from Newport, so we can’t use that to estimate value.

Click for eBay ad
Gold Beach, OR, USA
$5,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and six days to go

What’s not to love about the styling here?

Cute from every angle!

Parts are good when something is this rare.

We were saying…

Ad text:

This bug is a rolling restoration and in good running order.
Mostly garaged, it has 71000 miles and moderate rust.  
Small details are missing or need replaced – i.e. wiper, hood latches, air filter, and speedometer cable. 
Included with sale are 2nd transmission,an older Crosley engine and spare parts.

YouTube Link: