The Cadillac of Hovercraft!

This is our first hovercraft. Will it be our last?

This ad raises as many questions as it answers.  Primarily, I wonder why a 2007 model needed an engine and also why an engine sent to a rebuilder would come back as a box of parts and missing critical items.  Nonetheless, this seems like an interesting prOject for someone who really likes alternative transportation.  Can it be street legal?

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Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada
$100 with one bid and reserve not  met
02/19/2014 update: Ended at $1,934 with 7 bids and reserve not met

Ad text:

2007 ACX HovPod hovercraft is in good condition but needs an engine. Skirts are sun faded but in great condition no visable tears. I purchased this craft in CT USA with intentions of rebuilding the engine. The unit came with a Rotax 582 engine in need of rebuilding. I removed the engine, sent it out to a local Bomardier dealer and after a year I got back a box of parts with the lower crank case and crank missing. I’ve lost interest in the craft  now and just want to sell it as is where is. It comes with a factory easy load trailer as well as some engine parts. Although the craft is setup for a Rotax 582 a 583 snowmobile engine would work great, they are similar engines, 583 having more horsepower. The craft and trailer should be hauled on another trailer since the current tires need replacing. The HovPod is the cadillac  of hovercrafts and new units sell in the $40,000 range, I have a low reserve for this package.