Oldsmobuick: Old School Custom 1983 Cutlass with Buick 3.8 Turbo Power

Essentially nothing on this car was left unmolested, which is probably just the way the original owner wanted it.  Some very odd choices were made; but we respect the use of the 3.8L turbo V6 in this body.

The shop selling the car provides very little info, but the engine seems to have a number of upgrades and is clearly intercooled.  Stock power and torque were pretty awesome on any intercooled Buick turbo V6, and this could put out a lot more of the mods were done well.

The body…well, that speaks for itself.  Suffice it to say it is certainly not boring.  Even the interior is mostly custom and seemingly contains acres of cloth.  Someone put a lot of money, time and effort into this one and the body and underhood work appear to be high quality.  Still, the market will have to determine whether it’s now worth almost $19K.  We tend to think not.

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Nashua, NH, USA
$18.595 BIN with offers considered and eight hours to go

Not much was left along here, from a chopped roof to well-integrated ground effects.

Could a mother love this face?

Modified daylight opening is impressive!  We assume the glass came from some other car.  The work appears to be well-done.

Rear has some Cadillac influences, right down to the flying buttresses.  Old school hot rod blue dots on the tail lights are odd on an 80s car.

Interior features a lot of tweed-like cloth and lots of flat wood.  S13 240SX owners might feel right at home.

Anyone else remember this badge?

Hurst dual-gate shifter is a nice touch; but we’d rather see Lightning Rods!

Here’s the official name of this custom.

BMW 6-series-inspired rear console is fancy.  What could it contain?

How about a couple 6x9s aimed in odd directions?

Headliner shows not just one, but two blue diamonds!

Two more blue diamonds!  Were not sure whats in the hinged openings, but the battery is under the mirrored cover on the right.

Here’s the well-dressed turbo V6. A lot of machined sheet metal was added for looks – we wonder how much all that extra metal weighs.

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Really Really Cool Cutlass Conversion to Show Car, 3.8L Turbo Grand National Engine, Runs and Drives Great! We are The Best Deals on Classic Wheels!

YEAR: 1983 VIN: 1G3AM47A1DM462998
MAKE: Oldsmobile STOCK: 1815
MODEL/TRIM: Cutlass Show Car 3.8L Turbo 3 spd auto Overall VGood CONDITION: Pre-Owned
ENGINE: 3.8L V6 Turbo INTERIOR: Blue Cloth
TRANSMISSION: 3 Speed Automatic MILEAGE: 5,698
DRIVETRAIN: Rear Wheel Drive

Buick Grand National Wagon Tribute

No, Buick never put the turbocharged 3.8 from the GN into the Regal Wagon; but someone else did.

This car isn’t perfect; but it is a great start.  The engine swap was done in such a way that it look essentially stock (surface rust and all).

What’s the bad news?  The biggest issue is that the engine block is cracked due to freezing.  So, this is a project, but it’s a project worth taking on if the price doesn’t go up too much.  The setup in the car is from the 1984/1985 GN; but seller has also collected the parts needed to convert this to the 1986/1987 setup.  Just BYOB (block, that is).

If we got hold of this, we’d do the engine upgrade in a way that would get the most power out of it while looking as stock as possible under the hood.  We’d also swap on Grand National or GNX wheels to complete the tribute.

What would you do with this?

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Olympia, WA, USA
$2,025 with 7 bids, reserve not met and 2 days to go

Black wagons are among our favorites and, once running, this will have the power to back of the mean look.

Hood from a turbo regal fits nicely, as well it should.

Rear is as plain and simple as one would expect.  Good thing this is a chain link fence…

Interior looks to be essentially stock and in decent enough shape.  Dash doesn’t look cracked, but might be faded (?).

Cloth seats appears to be in good shape, too.

Here’s the legendary, 3.8-liter, turbocharged V6 in all its cracked-block glory.

Ad text:

The Ultimate Grocery Getter

Up for sale is a one of a kind !983 regal wagon with a 84/85 Grand National drive train. this car was professional put together, It is a very clean for 31 year old car. The paint is in OK condition, This wagon has the famous 3,8 turbo Grand National engine and built 200R transmission and 3:73 positive traction rear end just like the factory grand national. No Rust and is not patched up at all,   All under the hood is factory in appearance and is very clean and original, so this car has also not been butchered or hot rodded, The engine needs a rebuild the blocked cracked due to sitting last winter, Knowing that it needed a motor I have the parts to convert it to the 86/87 intercooled Grand National, These Grand Nationals are beginning to skyrocket in value and will be nuts in a few years to come, so don’t miss out on owning a one of a kind.

There is no expressed warranty is being sold AS-IS

86/87 parts list:

2.5 ATR Header

2.5 down pipe with test outlet

Stock Turbo

TE48 Precision turbo

JCL boost controller

scan master

SCM alcohol injection

55# low impedance injectors w/ 2 Red Armstrong burned chips

modified computer for injector 

Stock injectors

2 sets of mild ported heads 

86/87 engine wiring harness

intercooler  w/ plumbing

intake manifold w/ throttle body

coil w/ bracket

86/87 radiator

86/87 AC with lines

throttle cable

trans kick down cable

stock computer

Im sure I have left some things out but this off the top of my head

Donkilicious Buick Centurion

Apparently, this Buick Centurion once belonged to Darren McFadden, the Doak Walker award-winning running back now with the Dallas Cowboys.  Perhaps it’s for sale because the colors don’t work for his current team.  Of course, these aren’t Raiders or Razorback colors, either; so that may not be it.  Regardless, this features 32-inch wheels, donkilicious lift and custom suspension, plus purple and green pretty much everywhere.

These are unusual at any time and in any place, but particularly so outside of a several hundred mile radius of Atlanta.  So, if you’re in SoCal and want a donk, this could be your best bet.  Also, you may have a number of other issues.

Here’s a link which seems to validate the celebrity ownership claim:  http://www.rides-mag.com/car-of-the-day/2010/11/darren-mcfaddens-72-buick-centurion-vert-on-32-asantis/#rides-darren-mcfadden-donk-front

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San Diego, CA, USA
$35,000 BIN with offers considered and 6.5 days to go

Here’s that unmistakable donk look.  Supposedly, the top is leather.

Yep, another angle.

And, yes, it has a mural of the Hulk on the trunk lid.

Interior is quite possibly worse than the exterior, which is saying something.

Don’t expect a lot of cargo space, but do expect some thump.

Power comes from a claimed-to-be-pretty-new big block.

Here’s a shot of the custom suspension setup.  Apparently, it rides on air bags of some sort.

Brakes have been upgraded, but is there really anything that can make something with 32-inch wheels stop well?

Ad text:


-Over $100k invested
-Custom paint with airbrushed trunk
-Brand new 32″ wheels
-555ci fuel injected Chevy big block & high performance tranny
-Push to start ignition
-Fully custom suspension, 4 link life with air ride self-leveling
-Wilwood 4 wheel disk brakes
Custom leather top
-Custom two tone leather upholstery
-Full JL audio sound system with tons of speakers 
& 4 JL subwoofers in the trunk
-Digital dash
-Front & Rear cameras
-Alpine head unit
-Custom steering wheel
-Chrome & billet accents everywhere

This car has EVERYTHING & more with no expenses spared! Truly one of a kind!

Recent Oddimobile Sightings – January 10, 2016

What with holidays and CES, Oddimotive (almost a one-man show) has been slow.  Fear not, however, as we’re back on a schedule!  Also, slow on posts doesn’t mean slow on sightings…

Let’s get started…

Let’s start with a lovely, almost Grabber Blue Festiva spotted at Malibu Creek State Park.  Surely this fits right in driving around Malibu and Calabassas.  What on earth does this tow?!?

Later the same day, this lovely quad-exhaust-and-rimzzzzz-equipped Camry was spotted near Oddimotive HQ in Lake Forest, CA.  Maybe the car is parked here because its owner handicapped it with crap modifications.

A few days later, this Buick Reatta Coupe was spotted at the Irvine, CA train station.  We later saw it drive away under its own power, but didn’t get to question the driver.

Though the automotive exhibits at CES were in the North Hall, this Citroen Van was part of the Pico Brew display at Tech West.  Leave it to the only beer company present to have arguably the best Oddimobile at CES.

Finally, while the vehicles involved aren’t all that odd, the sight of a Chevy Suburban on a flatbed in the MGM Grand passenger drop off area was entertaining.

Impala-ized Buick Roadmaster Wagon

We’re big fans of the 90s Impala SS and the Roadmaster/Carpice wagons; so why not combine ’em?

This was previously a wood grain car that was damaged and then repaired without it.  We’re torn on that decision, as wood grain is pretty awesomely bad; but the end result here justifies the decision.  The seller has invested in this car and it shows.  We’d consider undoing some of the interior and audio to get back storage space, but we like the theme and we like the price.  We imagine we’d also like the exhaust note…

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Oxnard, CA, USA
$4,013 with nine bids, reserve not met and $8,888 BIN price

What’s not to love about this view?  This is pure wagon with that Shamu touch common across all vehicles on this platform.

Impala SS wheels are a nice touch.

Front end is still Buick – no Impala conversion here.

Here’s that iconic, and wide, rear end.

Interior has some custom touches and a competition-style audio system.

The car already has a double DIN head unit, so Android Auto and CarPlay are possibilities.

Tail gunner seat is in tact and custom interior touches carry all the way through to the back.  Note the side panel-mounted sub.

Engine compartment is nice ‘n clean with its LT-series 350.

Ad text:


Hey folks! This car originally belonged to an elderly couple who used it as a summer vacation car in the south.  After 10 years and about 40,000 pleasure miles, someone damaged the front fender and the plastic wood.  Because the plastic wood was obsolete, the insurance company totaled the car, blemishing the previous title.  (The California title it has now does not read salvage, but I still want to disclose this to the lucky buyer.)The famous Fred L from Waterloo, NY (Mostly Unusual Cars) was the wagon guru who acquired the car and prepared it for my family.

My dad used the car for a couple of years as a fun extra car, and then I used it for a few years.  One of the title transfers is from my dad to me, and one was from Fred to our Family.  So the car looks like it has more owners but we are really the second owner. And the title history looks like something was majorly wrong even though it was just a technicality for fake wood we took of anyway.

So enjoy reading about this one of a kind wagon.  Maybe you will enjoy it next.  I have spent countless hours and dollars and have enjoyed every minute of the journey.

Glorious Corvette engine and Transmission

Stock 2 bolt 5.7 LT1 engine/trans, very similar to the glorious Corvette engines.  Serviced (new plugs, filters, fluids, etc.), runs perfectly. Amsoil throughout.  I have an oil analysis but I can’t post a PDF to eBay.  Over the next day or two I will try to get it on the listing.

$2,000+ stainless mandrel bent exhaust system from Clear Image Automotive, installed and modified locally by Bob’s Muffler (who mandrel bends. I repeat, NO CRIMP BENDS ANYWHERE IN THIS SYSTEM!!). Includes stainless Tri-Y headers (I also have stock manifolds jet coated black that will go with the car in case you want to return it to stock) Exhaust looks and sounds really nice!  It has a very mellow but smooth tone.  New Dynomax Super Turbo Mufflers and Resonators are installed, exiting at the factory location.


I have a Clear Image Automotive cold air kit that will go with the car that I never installed.

All kinds of new or NOS parts have been installed.  Water pump, radiator, distributor, even the A/C compressor is new. Of course the A/C is ICE COLD

I also have a new set of GM plug wires that will go with the car. Engine hood insulation is ratty-I was thinking of painting a mural on the underside of the hood but I will leave that to the next owner.

The transmission has been serviced, and shifts very smoothly like it should.

The engine is bone stock, dead reliable, and delivers 21 MPG with a careful right foot.  I have used synthetic oil throughout and have a great oil analysis from Blackstone Labs.

The PCM has been tuned by PCMs for less.  Guess what? I have two PCMs of the identical tune in case you want to switch things around.  You will get the second PCM with the car.

The finest Wheels and Tires

I spend $2500+ sourcing NOS Impala SS wheels and center caps and wrapped them in new Nitto Invo tires. There is some light curbing on the wheels but they shine great and run straight and true.  This is absolutely the best setup in terms of looks, ride, and performance for these wagons.

Complete suspension setup

I spent $3000+ on the complete suspension setup.  It handles amazing without being harsh or too low. It is a complete suspension tuned by B-Body performance. I had new springs made just for me by Deaver spring, matching B-Body performance’s precision tuned and calibrated rates, to bring the ride height up to more appropriate levels. This includes not just springs but control arms, ball joints, all the little bits…car is tight but rides nicely. I have all new steering linkage too, uninstalled, that will go with the car. I painted the tie rods with John Deere Blitz black so they will not rust like stock parts do. Naturally, there are brand new Bilsteins all the way around! Yes, I was very thorough, arguably compulsive to a fault, when building this car.

Jaw-Dropping INTERIOR

Wow, what can I say. It is perfect. Leather on the dash, B pillars, column covers, everywhere, with contrasting red stitching.  Seats have been redone in MB-Tex that looks great and wears like Iron. The seats are even heated (including the third row!)    I replaced the carpet is a mix of 80/20 loop from ACC up front and used black Mercedes Feintuff Velour (FTV) in the back.  The door panels are wrapped in leather, vinyl, and Alcantara.  The headliner is all Alcantara. The front door panels have been reconstructed to house dual 6.5” focal drivers and the rear interior quarter panels have been reconstructed to house a 10” Alumimpro bandpass subwoofer and an X box, as well as concealing the 2 Arc Audio amps, video matrix/switcher, and power inverter. They have been wrapped in the finest Connoly leather.  The kind that is dyed in a vat and not sprayed with dye. I even had it stitched in the diamond pattern that you see as an option on Lamborghinis and high-end Mercedes-Benz.  This option on these high end cars is $6,000+ just because of all the stitching and labor required.  For a very subtle element of contrast, all the stitching is red.  It pops!  Words cannot describe the interior. It looks and smells like a new full leather interior Porsche, Bentley or Ferrari. I spent $8k on the interior alone. You will be blown away.

Glossy Deep Exterior

I went all out here, spending $5,000 +. I shaved the sunroof and had a fabricator fill it with metal.  The car is blocked smooth and glassy with no orange peel  You may want to repaint the hood (water spots and a ding), bumpers (paint flaking off), and roof (scratched). I was leaning towards vinyl wrapping these damage prone areas but I will leave that up to you. Whatever you decide its an easy and inexpensive fix. There are about 6 dings that can be removed by a paint less dent removal company.  I have a N.O.S. rear bumper if you wanted to use the new one since it is not drilled for parking sensors.  I’m sure you will be pleased with the shine and gloss of the paint. The depth is better than on a new Lexus.

Show-car Electronics

$10,000 in stereo/electronics put this car on the show car map.  Custom door panels up front that take 2 6.5” Focal drivers and two cup holders per door. Custom Alumapro bandpass subwoofer- LED lighted behind plexiglass with a show mirror. Pioneer AVIC Z1-B30T  Navigation/DVD headunit, X Box, Satellite Radio, Power inverter, multiple screens (in the rear view mirror, dash, plus a 15” dropdown, AV switcher, the list goes on and on.  Valentine One radar detector concealed display is flush mounted in the dash.  Twin Ipod/Iphone cables, or change them out for your choice- they are standard USB.  One goes to the head unit directly and another goes to the A/V switcher/matrix for video control.  There are twin midbass drivers by Focal up front with tweeters in the stock location.  These plus the 10″ bandpass Alumipro sub are powered by twin Arc Audio Amps.  This is a fabulous show worthy custom enclosure.  It is screwed and glued and not stapled. It is upholstered inside and out, and even mirrored inside and lighted.  I tried to capture it on  my camera but it is hard to see.  If you look closely you can see the mirror and LED strip. The sound, fidelity, and overall experience is amazing. Whether you are showing off, competing, or enjoying this for yourself you will not be disappointed.

The car even has a full Whelen police strobe package. That’s right, all front lights plus the tail lights are powered by genuine Whelen police equipment. Yes, that’s illegal to use on the road. But it sure is a lot of fun to have and use on your own private property!

There is a Viper Alarm system, of course! It starts the car from your phone. It is called Viper Smart start.  I authorize transfer over to the buyer since this subscription is registered with Viper.


I replaced almost everything with NOS while the car was painted.  New window switches, door handles, mirrors, everything that can come off and break was replaced with new.  I was creating the new car experience.  So this means you will have a nearly new car and when I find the boxes of these parts I took off (they were working when removed so I tucked them away in storage), I will send them to you.  Don’t be surprised when you get a box of goodies. Anytime I did something I used the best and replaced everything in its vicinity.

I spend $35,000+ on this fine, majestic vehicle.  I thought, why buy a Camry? I wanted something practical, chic, and a show-stopper. I couldn’t afford to buy it so I had it made just for me. Now it is time to let it go to the next new owner to enjoy. You will always have a smile on your face and get compliments, smiles, and thumbs up wherever you go.

On Sep-08-15 at 10:15:20 PDT, seller added the following information:
Update- some information on the brakes

I completely forgot to go over the brakes and what I have done.  The rear brakes are stock drums.  Shoes were replaced about 20,000 miles ago and have plenty of meat left.

I replaced the front pads with EBC greenstuff pads about 1,500 miles ago so they are, well, new.  The front rotors are the really nice powerslot rotors that I had cryo treated at www.frozenrotors.com.   They will last forever if you just keep on top of your pad changes.  Cryo treating the rotors changes the molecular structure and almost eliminates wear and warping.  Police and taxi fleets do this as well as many race cars. 

Update- some information on the electronics

I forgot to mention that the front windows have power modules to roll them up when the alarm is on.  There is also a relay hooked up to allow the tailgate to pop, and also turn off/on the electronics (stereo-etc., basically the aux circuit) from the alarm system. 

Update- some information NOS goodies

I have a NOS windshield washer reservoir that will go with the car too.  I found this when I was going through a closet over the weekend.  I never got around to making the engine compartment dead perfect but this plus new underhood insulation will do the job!

I drove the car to work today.  Current miles on the car are 82,777.  I do not planning on driving the car anymore (other than home today) but I wanted to bring it up to temperature and charge up the battery.  As I expected, it drove flawlessly and is ready for you!

On Sep-10-15 at 11:26:08 PDT, seller added the following information:
Update-more NOS parts found

Still cleaning the closet, folks.  I just found a center front lower air dam/spoiler (factory), NOS, and a drivers side lower air dam/spoiler (factory), NOS.

I also found a NOS key fob.  It is un-programmed but new, fresh and crisp!  ( I also have the original one. This one is coded and works.)

I have the factory shop manuals too.  I forgot if I mentioned this earlier.



70s Styling Icon?

Ah yes, the Riviera boat tail!  This car is included here because of its highly unusual styling and, well, the fact that I haven’t seen one in a long time.  Pony and muscle cars overshadow the personal luxury coupes of the 60s and 70s, which means that there are big block beauties out there which can be had at reasonable prices.

Is that 428CJ Mustang – or even Cougar – out of your price range now?  How about a Thunderbird or a 7-Litre Galaxie?  If that big block Chevelle, GS or 442 is out of your range, you might want to consider this 455-powered Riv from 1971, which is before the worst of the smog regulations.

This car appears to be in great shape and the seller claims it runs and drives well, too.  It’s not clear whether this is a survivor or has had some renovation work.  Given the apparent condition, the asking price doesn’t seem too far off.  If you choose to buy, just note that cars like there weren’t about light weight or handling.  You WILL get lots of low end torque and a great engine sound out of this, but it’s a bigger car than a period pony car.  Note that even the pony cars of the period don’t handle well by today’s standards!  Still, something  like this would make a great cruiser and conversation piece.

Side note:  This car was designed by Jerry Hirshberg, who would go on to lead Nissan’s US design team by the 1990s.  Does that mean Nissan enthusiasts will seek out these boats?  I tend to think not.

Click for Craigslist ad
West Lancaster, CA
$14,000 OBO

Here’s the iconic boat tail rear, inspired by Auburns from about 40 years prior.  According to the seller, the vents on the trunk were only present on early cars.  Apparently, they were part of a ventilation idea which can draw exhaust fumes into the cabin, so buyer beware.

Here’s the profile, compete with large greenhouse and interesting quarter window shape done to emphasize the wheel arch.  Yes, GM has Magnum 500-style wheels, too.

Interior has a cool, cockpit-oriented theme.  No, leather hasn’t always been required for personal luxury – this bad boy has velour.  All the better to soak up the smell of Benson & Hedges.

How’s this for a bizarre trunk opening??  Still, there’s some good space in there.

Here’s that 455 engine, sitting VERY far back in the chassis.

Ad text:

One Owner- Rare 1971 Riviera Boattail purchased in Los Angeles Ca, from Hartman Buick 44 years ago, this is the only year with the unique vents on the trunk lid, it has been garage kept, 455 ci v8 eng, runs and drives and looks good, updated R134 air conditioning system, with full power equipment, no rust, no dents.
$14000. obo
Calls only no text please.

Late Model Buick Sleeper

While the supercharged Pontiac Grand Prix was fairly well known and wore plenty of badges, strakes and cladding over the years, its near-twin the Regal GS more subtly offered the same supercharged 3800 engine with 240HP and plenty of torque.

While I can’t speak to the handling differences (kind of a big deal!), I always preferred this Buick over the Pontiac for its sleeper quality, even when new.  As a matter of fact, I have a lot of Ford background, so this was one of very few GM product at the time that I found interesting.  Perhaps that’s because it was a spiritual successor to the Regal T-Type?  Either way, I always figured shocks and springs were available to help it handle.  I was never seriously interested in one, as they only came with automatics, but I always liked seeing the GS badge on one of these.  Of course, the 90s green with contrasting is great on this one – what could say sleeper more than something trying so hard to look like a Lexus ES?

Click for Craigslist ad

Gardena, CA

There’s nothing offensive about this exterior, yet absolutely nothing genuinely exciting.

Here you get a glimpse of the black GS badge on the massive taillight panel.

This is a 90s GM interior.

Fancy digital odo indicates very low mileage.

Ad text:
1999 Buick Regal GS 4-Door Sedan
1999 Buick Regal GS, Mint Condition, Super Low Miles, Clean Carfax!!
Mileage: 48,008
License Plate: 4FJU555
Interior Color: Silver
Fuel: Gasoline
Title: Clear
VIN: 2G4WF5216X1457255
Engine: V6 3.8L OHV
Exterior Color: Green
Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive
Stock Number: 168280
Transmission: Automatic
Key Features:
Traction Control
Anti-Lock Brakes
Cruise Control
Anti-Theft Alarm System
Leather Seats
Keyless Entry System
Power Windows
Power Steering
Power Door Locks
Behold your eyes upon the CLEANEST 1999 Buick Regal GS! This car is in absolute MINT CONDITION! Incredibly LOW MILES- Only 48k!!! A unique and rare package!! It was pampered and thoroughly maintained frequently, and the owner’s attention to detail produced one STUNNING car! It has a CLEAN CARFAX, and two previous owners (from the same family)! Everything from the paint, to the interior leather, to the dash is in FLAWLESS shape! Everything mechanically is in perfect running condition! All service records available, original window sticker present, and all books/manuals here as well! Even comes with a car cover!! Tires are brand new! Comes equipped with an efficient supercharged 3800 V6, leather seats, cruise control, power everything, keyless entry, COLD A/C, AM/FM radio, and so much more!! Two sets of keys included! The most reliable, cleanest car you will find for the price- GUARNTEED! It’s a rare package that you won’t find anywhere else!! NON-SMOKER! Pacific Motorcars confidently compliments this vehicle with a 30 day/1000 mile FREE Limited Warranty! 
*Price is based off of cash price, financing available*
For more information, visit pacificmotorcars.com

Master the Road in Style

At the time of its launch, most enthusiasts considered the B-platform Caprices, Roadmasters, Fleetwoods and Oldsmobile 98/Custom Cruisers about the least interesting cars on the road.  The fender skirts adn bulbous design were called out, as was the floaty ‘handling’.  These were for police, taxi drivers and the elderly.  The Impala SS version of the Caprice changed that in 1994 and, over time, these have developed some enthusiast appreciation as the last rear-drive GM full-size cars.  The availability of the LT-1 engine doesn’t hurt, either.

Here we have the Roadmaster wagon with delicious woodgrain and the LT-1.  The only problem here is it took a hit to the rear.  The seller claims 61K original miles, which is the good news.  Do you think this massive beast is worth saving?

Click for eBay ad
Bergenfield, New Jersey
$2,500 BIN with offers considered


Interior looks to be in decent enough condition.  Nothing sporty here…

Ad text (yes, this is all of it):



A Free Spirit worth Saving?

I confess I had never heard of this ‘special’ edition Buick until I saw this ad.  An article at Examiner.com gives you more than enough background on this.  Basically, this was an Indy 500 pace car replica, though

About the only good news here is the 350 V8 with a four barrel.  As noted in the Examiner article, this ’76 model could be had with a 110 HP V6.  That’s not a lot of power in this beast.  The 350 would at least provide some low-end torque.  So, that’s the engine.  Everything else here is in a dire state.  Is it even remotely worth saving?  Maybe if the price was $500…

Click for eBay ad
West Valley, NY
$2,625(on sale!!), was priced at $3,500.  Offers considered.

How, exactly, does this level of surface rust get to a car?  Clearly, the front finisher was plastic of some sort.

Spoiler (urethane?) is there and stainless b-pillar trim remains fairly stainless.  Has the rust worm gotten through though lower quarters?

Graphics are all there.  Maybe this can just be clear coated and tauted as a ‘rat rod’.

Interior shows a lot of wear.  Groovy shifter is a nice touch.

Neglect continues under the hood with surface rust essentially everywhere.

Ad text:






Weirdest Limo in Beverly Hills?

Well, maybe it’s the most boring limo.  This is a six-door limo, which pretty much means it was used by a funeral home or maybe an airport transport company back in the day.  Good news is it’s not a hearse, so the bodies weren’t in this thing.  Also, if you have a lot of kids, each can have his or her own door, which is a nice touch.  Beyond that, I’m not sure why anyone would want one of these, other than to be different – very different.

The seller only provide basics and an obvious dealer form-type description, but the claimed mileage is low at 49K (that’s a lot of funerals) and the condition certainly is good.  There is no reserve, so we’ll find out what the market thinks.

Click for eBay ad
Beverly Hills, CA
$880 with 20 bids
-Post by CG

This has the same number of doors on both sides, unlike early minivans.  Was it ahead of its time?


Hey, look, a boring 1983 buick interior, just like your parents or grandparents had!  It’s in good shape…

These 6-doors are pretty much the opposite end of the limo spectrum from Vegas-style, LED lit, bar-equipped shuttle.

The ad says 5.0 liter, so this must be the good ‘ol 305.  It’s awfully clean.

Ad text:

1983 Buick Lesabre 6 door
The above vehicle has been inspected, serviced and road tested.

This item has been inspected, it is a wide-ranging courtesy inspection.

You are always welcome to inspect it yourself or have a professional inspected it any time during the active listing.

Driven At Street And Highway Speeds. The vehicle performed excellent through all speeds including acceleration and deceleration.

Transmission Inspected. The automatic was shifted through all gears including reverse at various speeds and road conditions including incline driving.

Running Lights, Seat Belts And Brakes Inspected. Running lights and seat belts are in excellent condition, brakes are in excellent condition.

Air Conditioning Tested & Inspected.  Front &  Rear A/C blows cold with no leaks.

Inspected Hoses, Worn Or Loose Belts And Any Visible Leaks. All hoses and belts are excellent, with no visible leaks detected at all.

Engine Ran At Idle For 1 Hour. No heating or leaking issues present, the vehicle remained cool.

Autocheck Certification. Excellent score, top 1% of certified vehicles

Concluding Road Test And Quality Inspection. Road test and quality inspection performed, the vehicle passed final inspection with a score of excellent

Final Independent Evaluation: The Final examination of this vehicle indicates it is in very nice original condition with some signs of paint fading in various spots. It appears to have been well maintained.