“Fun Ride” Custom Buggy with Miata bits and GM V6 Power

This little beast was first built in 2000, and the owner supposedly COMPLETELY (his or her caps, not mine) rebuilt it in 2013. Per the seller, the suspension, steering, brakes, differential & axles all came from a Mazda Miata originally, but the seller reworked the suspension; so it’s not clear how much Miata is left. This is claimed to be an adult go-kart and we can see how it could be lots of fun, but we’d sure like to know how it handles, given the unknown suspension. Continue reading “Fun Ride” Custom Buggy with Miata bits and GM V6 Power

Amish Wagon: You’ve always wanted one. You know it.

I’m not sure if just any Amish person can drive this, or if they have to be a hack.  What, exactly constitutes an Amish Hack?  Maybe someone who sells out to do a reality TV series about Amish Mafia?  Okay, okay, a hack buggy just means it’s made to haul stuff instead of numerous people.  So, it’s the Amish pickup.

This HACK appears to be in pretty good condition, but WTF do I know?  Oddly, it has some electrical lights – aren’t these people opposed to that?  How and why are they using eBay, anyway?

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Livermore, CO
$5,350 with ZERO bids and $6,995 BIN price

Zero HP, as it stands.

The orange triangle is what tells me this is legit.

Wicked-ass interior.

In lieu of an engine shot, I’ve included a suspension shot.

Ad text:

Amish Hack Buggy

You are bidding on an Amish Hack Buggy. This beauty is luxury equipped with headlights, rear break lights and the interior is lined with crushed blue velvet.

 It has a center dome light in the cab, and has side rails and a back rail to help hold in items that would be carried in the back. Battery not included. This beautiful wagon also has roll up or down side panels which snap to protect one from bad weather.  It has a lined bed and spoke wheels that for its age are in near perfect condition . It is fully equipped and ready to hitch to a horse and take off for an awesome fun ride.

Our family bought the Buggy more than 20 years ago in the East. The Buggy was used in the State of New Hampshire, the home of the Budweiser Clydesdales as a promotional display for Budweiser Beer in Super Centers. It is a designed for comfort, utilitarian vehicle that not only makes a super conversation piece, but a striking photo, video, advertising, outdoor, or indoor display that has never failed to draw a crowd.

During the more than 20 years that we’ve owned it, the Buggy has at virtually all times been used and displayed indoors. The brief periods it was used outdoors, it was always covered, or moved indoors during inclement weather. As we are now retired and living full time on our farm in Colorado, we no longer have promotional uses for our beloved old Gal. Relatively recently, we had our buggy shipped out west covered in an enclosed truck. We actually intended to use it for its true design. However, we have never hitched it to a horse, as we have gravel roads and simply didn’t have the heart to put a scratch on its lacquer wheels or body. We’ve kept our ol’ Gal stored under cover in our riding arena, but decided to part with it to make room in the arena for hay for our Highland cows for winter. Located in Northern Colorado. You can Bid and Buy with confidence from a long time E-Bay’r with a 100% record. Thanks for your interest. Christine at Arpod.