Own a Tiny Piece of French Automotive History

Apparently, there were loopholes in French vehicle registration and licensing that led to a number of “cars” which could be driven by anyone age fourteen or higher and with no license.  These are called “voitures sans permis.”  Today’s feature is an example of one known as the Mini-Comtesse and is offered by none other than the Lane Motor Museum.

Anyone who knows oddimobiles knows and loves the Lane Motor Museum.  Apparently, they do sell off a car or two from time to time, though we don’t know why.  The ad clearly points out that this one runs and drives, but they don’t recommend driving it cross-country.  We can understand that!

Bonus item: Sport Car Market/USA Today video

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Nashville, TN, USA
$6,000 with ZERO bids and 1.5 days to go

It may be bigger than a Peel P50, but this is still tiny.  Note the interesting opening of the left-side door.

The right side is front-hinged, but otherwise more conventional.  This is rumored to exist in case the vehicle tips onto its right side and traps the driver.

Yes, the doors do close.

Front view reveals large logo.

Controls are simple.  Choke label is pretty typical of Lane Motor Museum.

As the owner in the video noted, this 60 KPH speedo is optimistic at best.

Here’s an image of the front wheel and the single-cylinder engine.  Yes, it’s all one assembly.  Actually, we should say front center wheel because there are three front wheels if one counts the training wheels.

Ad text:

Lane Motor Museum is selling some projects that we are never going to get to and some cars that we have duplicates of. Rare French microcar – runs and drives. Lights work, ready to go, but don’t expect to drive to California. Actual mileage unknown. A personal inspection is highly recommended. Email for an appointment. Please do not show up and expect to see the car without an appointment. Car is sold with a Bill of Sale only.