Reader Submission: Shorty Ford Fiesta

Here we have what appears to be a dramatically shortened Ford Fiesta. From what we can tell, a sedan front was combined with a hatch rear, yielding homemade three-door. If not that then maybe just the front valence from a sedan was used? What YOU think?? Continue reading Reader Submission: Shorty Ford Fiesta

Potential Four-Fer: Piaggio Ape Calessinos

The Piaggio Ape has a long history including deliveries and shuttling rich people around beautiful islands.  Supposedly, the four available from this seller are rare special editions.  Whether that’s true or not, we think they’re cool.

These little beasts are powered by 422cc Lombardini diesel twins and put out 8 horsepower!  Sure, they’re not for racing,but they’ll get you around.  It’s up to you to determine whether they’re street legal in your country, state/province, county/parish or city/village.  The seller has up to four available, so you could attempt to collect the whole set.

Here’s some current info:

Yes, this is the same Piaggio that brought us the Vespa!

Click for eBay ad
Berlin, Germany
$6,400 with offers considered

This might happen a lot of you buy one or more of these!

Here’s a look without the touristas.  Wide whitewalls are a nice touch.

The roof has multiple possible configurations, including this and completely open.

Here’s a quick shot of the “interior.”

Ferrari for scale.

Here’s another thing that might happen if you drive this.

Vintage-looking ad!

Ad text:

A truly unique collectors vehicle. Only 600 pcs have been build worldwide for the 40th anniversary of the APE range by Piaggio in 2012 and have been sold out immediately. 

Each vehicle has a unique “Limited Edition Number” badge attached on the vehicle. 

Up to four of them available here. All in White / Bordeaux Red. 

The Ape Calessino is an essential for collectors and lovers of Italian design, to rediscover the true satisfaction of driving and enjoying your leisure time. The Calessino was incredibly popular during the 1960’s when Hollywood stars used them as a runabout at exclusive holiday resorts on sunny Mediterranean islands. Originally designed by brilliant aeronautical engineer, Corradino d’Ascanio, the APE’s star truly rose during the economic boom of the 1950/1960’s, a period which was called La Dolce Vita. Extremely fashionable and popular the APE Calessino was the very essence of what Italy was all about: enjoying leisure time with style and with panache. The folding top and the four seats make the Calessino ideal for a leisurely drive. 

Milage and prices are as follows: Approx. 6310 kilometer = 6400 USD, 4340 kilometer = 6800 USD, 1820 kilometer = 7200 USD, 290 kilometer = 7600 USD 

3 passenger seats + 1 driver. 422 cc diesel engine (8 horsepower). Does not sound like much but the engine is really tough. For those who want it can be replaced by an electric engine. Official high speed is 56 km/h. 4 speed hand transmission on the handle bar. 1 reverse gear. 

Roof is convertible and can also be taken off completely. Roof and door material is sailing-canvas and if wanted can be replaced (for example in a different color). There is a trunk in the back with a door that folds down. Seats in the back can be taken off if needed (for example to convert it into a street food truck or “pick-up”). Branding on vehicle (as shown in pictures) can be taken off with hot steam. 

Location of vehicles is Berlin – Germany. Invoice available. Shipping is on your side. Approx. 1500 USD to the east coast. Once you make a purchase I will help with the arrangement of the freight. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tron/Transformers Chevrolet Spark (?)

We’re oddly drawn to the Chevy Spark, though we often wish the Sonic’s turbo I4 would end up in it in order to make a really goofy little pocket rocket.  Why is this here?  Well, it’s because the photo below grabbed our attention.  The seller seems to have applied what he or she calls “Tron like reflective pin stripping” and “spike lug nuts.”  We also spotted the almost-obligatory-among-Chevy-fans-who-like-to-accessorize Transformers badge!  The result is, well, odd.

There’s not too much we can add except that the seller also put on a loud exhaust and a Rockford Fosgate subwoofer to help drown out the drone.  So, if you need a commuter, this could be perfectly okay, except you won’t be able to shift it yourself AND the price isn’t cheap.  Maybe the seller will become more realistic over time?

Click for Craigslist ad
Fullerton, CA,USA

This has a certain “WTF” factor.

Fear not!  The sides were treated to the same.

And, yes, the rear.  Apparently, this was taken immediately after the process was complete.  We hope the decals have stayed put (or do we?).

Spike lugs, baby!

Interior appears stock.  Again, it’s too bad about that automatic.

This little, LG-built  head unit is oddly appealing, although CarPlay and Android Auto make it essentially obsolete.

We’ve always like this strange, little gauge pod, though we’d rather see the tach on the left.  Maybe the MT cars do that?

Here’s the mighty 1.2L I4, which puts out 84 HP.  This would be a lot of fun with the 1.4T.  That being said, the K&N decal is worth 5HP in this application.

By day, this is a plain Spark.

At text:

I got laid off and haven’t been able to find work so I need to sell before it gets repoed. Buy ought right or take over payments ($245/month for me). This is my baby. Super clean inside and out. All the options. Automatic cvt transmission. Tron like reflective pin stripping. Spike lug nuts. Upgraded and larger speakers, 7″ touch screen mylink head unit has usb, six, and Bluetooth inputs powered rockfordfostgate sub in the trunk with a power cap so no draw on the battery. Performance exhaust (I still have stock system if you want to put it back on, but the loud exhaust makes it super fun to drive). K And N air filter. Heated leatherette seats, power windows locks and mirrors, tinted windows, cruise control, onStar, keyless remote entry, dual air horns, custom Spark LTZ badgeing. Extra bright head lights and foglights. Super bright led reverse lights. Turn signal in the side mirrors. Just tons of goodies. Drives and handles like a dream tons of fun to zoom around in. Great commuter I’ve been getting 33 mpg city zooming around if you drive like a normal person it’s closer to 36 city. Park anywhere. super roomy inside. Still under warranty .. less than 14,500 miles ..

Carriage Roof on CTS Coupe

This is a rolleyes post.  While recently better products have lifted Cadillac’s credibility, a certain “experienced” demographic still likes to add on tidbits from decades past.  In this case, the uniquely-styled CTS Coupe was subjected to a “carriage roof.”

This is for sale in Vegas, which would have been our fourth choice, after New York/New Jersey, Florida (possible with NY/NJ plates) or Arizona.  This will be the hit of the bingo hall!  The seller is asking $42,900.  What’s this worth to you?

Click for eBay ad
Las Vegas, NV
$42,900 BIN with under one day to go

Love it or hate it, the CTS Coupe has unique styling and cannot be called boring.  But, yes, someone just had to give one the “carriage roof” treatment.

Front end reveals only a bit of that top.

The rear of the CTS Coupe has always been striking, right down to its 1969 Shelby Mustang-esque exhaust.  From the angle, the rear window almost look like it is normally sloped.

This view, however, reminds us that this has an almost flat rear window, much like a 1971 Mustang.  Hmm.

The rest of this CTS is stock, except for the Pep Boys seat covers, which match the exterior.

Ad text:

Attention, One of a Kind Cadillac Collectors!! 
This is a car that takes you back to the Classic Cadillacs.
The ones with the Carriage Roof and Cadillac Crest and surrounding Laurel Wreath. This car has had exceptional care and is in like new condition with only 12,763 miles. I bought it at Cadillac West in Las Vegas and had the top done at Coulter Cadillac in Phoenix. The car is in perfect condition. Please read the Window Sticker picture. This car is for serious buyers only, please. Car is located in fabulous Las Vegas, NV.

Deminsia Custom out of Florida

Want something truly different?  Try this custom, which is, oddly, called the Deminsia.  Maybe that’s because it forgot which end was the front.

This custom was built by The Car Factory in Micco, Florida.  It does seem to be well executed; so, if you’re into the style, maybe this is for you.  The price is high, but it is truly one of a kind.

Based on the pics at the link above, it seems a Mazda MX-6 was sacrificed for this project.  The seller says it is powered by a Porsche H6 and we see Porsche gauges, too.  Sadly, an automatic transaxle was used.

Here’s are favorite typo from this ad (and among the all-time best!):

“I have insulted the front and rear extremely well, and the doors and windows seal up like a factory built vehicle.” 

Click for eBay ad
Sebastian, FL, USA
$95,000 BIN price with offers considered

Yes, the front is on the left.  The mirrors give it away.

Doors open forward – of course.

Here’s a front 3/4 view.  Note the fender cutouts.

And…a rear 3/4.  Exhaust pipes are well integrated.

This is the “hood”, but we’re not sure what’s in there.

We see a lot of Boxster here, but we don’t know what the protruding aluminum piece does(turbo Encabulator?).

Are these Boxster/Cayman seats?  They don’t look like MX-6 units…

Porsche gauges are clearly visible here.

Ad text:

This car is a ONE of ONE.  I have been building movie cars, concept cars, and kit cars for over 20 years and this is my newest creation. I build my custom cars to be driven.  Cold AC, automatic, front and rear cameras with two monitors,  power windows, remote windows, remote door pops with manual handles inside, All windows are DOT glass, no plexiglass,  All lights are DOT stamped, fully street legal.  The headlights light up the road extremely well with DRL’s, HID’s and LED’s.  I am six foot one and I build my cars so I can fit inside comfortable without being stuffed into the vehicle.  This car is comfortable and a pleasure to drive.  There are no funny noises, No Rattles, No loose parts,  and no ground clearance issues which is almost unheard of with a car that sits a mere 4 inches from the ground.

This car sits 2 inches lower then a lamborghini and does not hit the ground on steep driveways because of the attention made to design.  The front end of the vehicle is very close to the wheels just like the rear end.  There is nothing sticking out to scrape the ground.  The car looks so sleek and low and drives so well.  You can talk on the cell phone while driving this car without any noise issues. I have insulted the front and rear extremely well, and the doors and windows seal up like a factory built vehicle. 

The car is powered by a porsche flat six cylinder engine and automatic transmission.  Headers and custom exhaust create a nice unique sound.  Not crazy fast, but certainly fun fun fun.  The wheels are staggered 20 inch with adjustable coil overs all the way around.

The car is titled as a 2016 ASPT which is the state of Florida’s “custom built vehicle” assignment. 
Hundreds of guys can go out and purchase a Lamborghini or Ferrari,  However only one person will get this vehicle. 

I have listed the year as a 1972 because Ebay would not accept the ASPT vin number, no other reason.

Please call or email with any questions, Mike Vetter- 321-xxx-xxxx


This cool, futuristic EV appears to have been a marketing/PR tool for VSP North America, which sells portable generators.  That’s about all we know.

The seller does give some basic specs and points out that this is powered by seven lead-acid batteries.   That might be less power than a Vanguard Citicar had in the 70s; so don’t expect much in the way of top speed or range.  As a matter of fact, there’s nothing to indicate this is road legal – think of it as more of a prop.  A really cool looking prop.

One tidbit the seller does mention is that the turbines on this car supposedly help to charge the car at speed.  Has perpetual motion been discovered?!?!

Edit: VSP’s site has more pics!  The interior has some rather unfinished wiring, or at least it did when the photos were taken.  More info is supposedly coming soon, but don’t hold your breath.

Click for eBay ad
Sault Sainte Marie, MI, USA
$14,155 with 36 bids, reserve not met and 6 hours to go

It is safe to say this doesn’t look like anything else on the road.  Sadly, this isn’t likely legal to drive on the road…

Swing-up doors are a must on something this odd.

Profile is certainly futuristic!

Rear is….unique.

This is about all we can see of the interior.

Screen shows EV status/functions.

Yes, this vehicle does have a backup camera!  That’s probably good, given visibility probably isn’t.

Ad text:

2014 VSP electric car,great movie car or promotional vehicle,72vseries wound prestolite drive motor,7 new vsp 12v 230ah sealed lead acid maintenance free batterys,MIMOD EV monitoring and control system,front and rear air ride,gullwing doors,2 300watt windturbines that recharge the battery that runs the computer lights and or txt 705-xxx-xxxx

Cheapest Rally Fighter Available?

Normally, you’d have to spend about $100K for one of these Arizona-built beasts, but this one is a bit more than a third of that price.  Did we mention it has been rolled?

Given this is built around a tubular (totally??) space frame, the body panels are not really necessary.  Could you strip this and drive it bare?  Does that sound risque?

Regardless, anyone thinking of taking on this project should go visit it for a thorough inspection.  We don’t even know if it runs.  The previous owner put a quote on the dash reading “the moment you doubt you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”  Well, he or she may have taken that a bit too far in this vehicle.

While you’re at it, check out the seller’s other items for some interesting salvage finds.  Are we supposed to be surprised that they already have not one, but TWO wrecked Lexus NXs?

Click for eBay ad
Gardena, CA, USA
$34,950 BIN with offers considered and 1/2 day to go

Dude, where are my body panels?  Surely, you can get replacement parts at NAPA…

Clearly, this car rolled – note the windscreen damage above the hypothetical passenger’s head.

More damage is visible down the side.  Is the “hatch” displaced, or is it just popped open?

The seller says the gas pedal is broken, but we can’t tell.

Overall,the interior appears to be in good enough shape.  See below for a close-up of that quote, which might contain irony.

Here’s a close-up of what might have been famous last words.

Odo shows about 21K miles.  That seems like a lot for a Rally Fighter.

GM 6.2L V8 is hidden in there, somewhere.

Ad text:

Condition: Used VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): a1a1a1aa1a1a1a1a1
Year: 20130000 Number of Cylinders: 8
Make: Other Makes Transmission: Automatic
Model: RALLY FIGHTER   Vehicle Title: Salvage
Trim: . Power Options: Air Conditioning, Power Windows
Engine: 6.2 Liter, V8 Engine Fuel Type: Gasoline
Drive Type: RWD For Sale By: Dealer
Exterior Color: White Mileage: 20850
Interior Color: Black

We are pleased to offer this 2013 LOCAL MOTORS RALLY FIGHTER that is damaged as shown(please take a look at the pictures for current damage)(Damaged Gas Pedal)! The MSRP for this vehicle is $97,903. THE VIN FOR THIS VEHICLE IS AZ335639. We can offer Domestic and International shipping arrangements. Please take a look at the pictures for more details and don’t pass up the opportunity to own this builder for a fraction of the price as the listing can be ended any second due to local buyers!!!! This Vehicle has a SALVAGE TITLE and currently not registered. The buyer will have to register it in his state of residence, which may or may not involve some extra steps compared to registering a clean title car. All California Buyer must pay 9% sales tax and will receive a Acquisition Bill Of Sale. We make no representations about availability of parts or costs of repairs.

2012 Camaro on 32s (DubTwelves?)

Doesn’t the title say it all?

We’re just amazed this has been bid up to almost $25K.

Click for eBay ad
Miami, FL, USA (of course!)
$24,600 with 26 bids, no reserve  and half a day to go

No, it’s not photoshopped.


These guys don’t look very happy.

How about a sideways picture of a head restraint?

…and a cluster…

Ad text:

Up for sale is a one of a kind custom built 2012 Chevrolet Camaro on 32” Rockstarr wheels. This car was custom built by Coast 2 Coast Customs in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, they are the supreme in custom wheels and lifts.Car has a custom fabricated 8′ lift that cost over $7K. 32” Rockstarr wheels and Carbon 305/25/32 tires are in perfect condition and still have over 85% of thread left that cost $9500. Comes with custom made white and black leather seats, upgraded Halo projector headlights with top and bottom HIDs, Led lights in and out, Custom 5000 watt stereos system with 3 amps and 2 12” Subwoofers, Roof is wrapped in matt Black. I bought the car brand new 0 miles and has always been garage kept. interior is in very good condition and exterior as well. Car runs and drives perfect and still has factory warranty from Chevy. This car is a real head turner and a true one of a kind. Has been featured in music videos such as Rich Homie Quan “Flex” and driven By rappers such as the Game on their miami visits. I can ship the car to you or if your in the miami area you can pick it up. Shipping cost differ depends on where car is being shipped too. email me for shipping details at or call or text 520-xxx-xxxx

Homemade Trike with Lots of Acronyms

Supposedly, this ad comes from a wife selling her husband’s electric vehicle dream.  There is mention of possible production, but it seems the company never got off the ground.  The relatively short ad manages to name drop the SEMA, NASCAR and DOT acronyms.

The worst thing about this sale is that at least some of the required batteries have been removed.  That’s a bit like selling a car with no gas tank in  order to prevent test drives!  Given this is a one-off, it’s not like one can go find a magazine review to get a drive impression.

If it lives up to the ad, this provides about 75-mile range with a top speed of 50 MPH and a charge time of 8 hours on a 110-volt supply.  It could very well be a cool little commuter, but we’d sure want a test drive before committing $500, not to mention $7,000.

Click for eBay ad
Portage, Michigan, USA
$7,000 Buy-It-Now with offers considered

Yep, it’s a trike!

With the central support in the cage, this is technically a t-top car!

The front is rumored to contain batteries.

Boat seats?  At least they’d be weather resistant.

Interior is, well, spartan.

The seller mentioned that the rear batteries have been removed.  It’s not clear where they were.  We believe the motor is visible here.

Presumably, this is a control unit of some sort.

Here’s a view of the rear drive and brake assemblies.

Ad text:

This was built by my husband who was beginning a company to build these cars.  This car was finished and he enjoyed driving the car. It was fun!

This is built totally electric, plug in, two seat vehicle for short range commuter operations, local driving, and shopping trips. This vehicle is not intended to replace your fossil fuel car but to be used when they are at the most inefficient and polluting times, city driving and short trips. Located in Kalamazoo, MI 49002.

He has another car that is similar but was not finished. 

This is a two seat sport electric trike; it is licensed as a trike motorcycle.

The vehicle is 74 inches wide 160 inches long and 47 inches high.

The car has a safety plate windshield, convertible snap on top.

Halogen head lights and LED tail lights insure you will be seen. All of the DOT and Federally mandated lights are included.

The chassis is constructed of welded round tubing using the spec’s of SEMA chassis builders. It has a front and rear roll cage as found on a NASCAR type chassis including triple side bars. The body is made in six parts of heavy fiberglass construction and bolted together for easy replacement if damaged due to collision.

The brake system is three wheeled hydraulic brakes and a computer controlled electric regeneration brake system.  This recovers energy used to get to speed instead of just burning off as heat on the disc brake rotors.

While this can achieve 60+ MPH, it is regulated to 50 MPH to be able to get the best range out of the battery pack. The range will vary with driver technique. Factory drivers have been able to easily  get 75 miles out of a single charge, but using very energy conscious driving well over 100 miles have been stretched from a single charge. A fully depleted battery pack requires 8 hours to be fully charged. It is however recommended that is be charged at every opportunity. Its onboard chargers plug into any 110 volt outlets. A charge costs about 2 kilowatt hours. ( $0.25). The cost to operate averages 2 cents per mile.

The vehicle is not a freeway flier. It is meant to augment your travel.

Motor is made by Advance Motors Drives Part XP-2211 Volt D.C. 72, Rating AU2500,  Part NO XP-2211 Serial NO Class H L004

Pictures note the volt meter, amp meter and Controller malfunction indicator.  

The picture shows the dual coil over shock system and the motor location

The descriptive phrases required mileage but there is no odometer on this vehicle so I put 200.

Front battery pack (four of the six propulsion batteries) batteries are sold as is not sure of their condition.

 Back batteries have been removed, so will need to be replaced. 

I will do my best to answer any questions.

Pickup required from buyer.

Euro-Emissions Oddity: Aston Martin Cygnet

The European Commission planned to adopt corporate average emissions standards in 2012 and that scared some small makes.  Aston, sitting all-alone (post-Ford), decided it needed an emissions champ to offset its core product.  Thus was born the ill-advised partnership with Toyota and a Toyota/Scion IQ-based Aston microcar.  Needless to say, we can’t wait until there’s reliable way to legally import one to the US…

The Aston Cygnet has since been cancelled, which begs the question of what happened to the EC’s rules.  These were silly expensive when new (about 30,000 pounds sterling) and we can only hope prices crash as the market forgets about them.

The car was smartly (pun intended?) re-skinned for Aston duty and received major upgrades to soft points in the interior.  The downside was the lack of mechanical upgrades and the obvious remaining hard points on the interior.  At least the Cygnet came with IQ’s top engine, a 1.3-liter four making about 98 horsepower – not bad for a tiny car.  The very good news is these could be had with clutch pedals, unlike the US Smart.  This example does indeed have a manual shifter.

Anyway, if you live in Europe or elsewhere and can get one, we here at Oddimotive will be jealous until about 2035 when we can import one under the 25-year rule.  Surely, however, someone has reskinned a US market Scion version.  Hmm….

Click for AutoScount Ad
Radebeul, Germany (Dresden)
€ 29,900

They did a pretty good job Astonizing the front end, though the stance is obviously different from anything in the Aston stable.

The wheels are nice and the side ‘vent’ pulls in some Aston-ness, but the profile is all IQ.

the rear has unique lamps, but no exposed exhaust, which seems a bit odd.  Maybe they knew any change would make it sound horrible.

The interior isn’t exactly subtle and classy.  Smart owners will justifiably be envious of this car’s manual shifter and clutch pedal!

Here’s another engle on the seats, which at least have Aston emblems.

Nothing says luxury like a tacked-on Garmin.  Presumably, Toyota did not offer a navigation head unit for the IQ.

Ad text:

Body: Compact (4 Seats)
Mileage: 7,520 km
First registration: 05/2011
Power: 72 kW (98 HP)
Fuel type: Gasoline
Consumption: 5.0 l/100 km(Combined)
General inspection: 05/2016
Body colour: Silver Fox metallic

Interior fittings: Part leather Beige

Vehicle description by the seller
Sofort verfügbarer Vorführwagen mit Erstzulassung auf den Händlerbetrieb. 

elektrische Wegfahrsperre
elektrische Fensterheber
elektrische Seitenspiegel
16 Zoll Alufelgen
automatische Fahrlichtschaltung
Rückspiegel automatisch abblendend
Radio mit CD
Dachhimmel Alcantara

Irrtümer und Fehleingaben vorbehalten.

Thomas Exclusive Cars – Wir sind Aston Martin Vertragshändler*

Google translation:

Body: Compact (4 Seats)
Mileage: 7,520 km
First registration: 05/2011
Power: 72 kW (98 HP)
Fuel type: Gasoline
Consumption: 5.0 l/100 km(Combined)
General inspection: 05/2016
Body colour: Silver Fox metallic

Interior fittings: Part leather Beige

Vehicle description by the seller
Immediately available Demonstrator vehicles registered in the dealership .

Special Equipment:
electric immobilizer
traction control
Fog Lights
board computer
CD player
electric windows
electric side mirrors
Multifunction steering wheel
navigation system
rain sensor
power steering
Heated seats
16 inch alloy rims
Parking assistance
automatic headlight activation
Rear view mirror automatically dimming
Climate Control
Radio with CD
Alcantara headliner

Errors and incorrect entries reserved.

Thomas Exclusive Cars – We are Aston Martin dealer *