Camvettle: Beetle with Camaro and Vette Bits


What happens when one combines a VW Beetle with kit car mid-section, 1971 Camaro front end and 1971 Corvette rear? Apparently, this is it.

Seller claims this has a bigger VW engine vs. something, but isn’t sure what year it is. Note that a new VIN was recently issued; so we recommend a thorough inspection of whatever paperwork the seller has. If it’s all clear, one should consider this interesting little cruiser, but perhaps at a fraction of the $12K asking price. If will certainly be unique and will certainly offer limited functionality, given the lack of t-tops and doors. That’s mostly okay here in CA, though, as long as one is young enough to crawl in…

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Fort Wayne, IN, USA
$12,000 BIN price with offers considered and six days to go


Front end is pretty convincing when head-on, but profile reveals this is not normal.

Corvette parts are visible at the rear, but don’t look as stock as the front end.

Interior is about what one would expect – very basic. Note that the seats aren’t bolted down (why?).

Fuel tank is up front and these are naked VW bits.

Ad text:

This one-of-a-kind car is definitely a head-turner!

The engine and chassis are from an old Volkswagen Beetle (see photos, I believe the engine/motor is AE 985562 and the chassis is 115301103), but it has been modified as a kit car to have the front of a ’71 Camero and the back of a ’71 Corvette. I was told it was an older Beetle that had a newer, larger engine installed along with the newer body for a Volkswagen rally in the early 1970s.

The car has had a custom paint job, large rear rims for fat tires, and the underbody has all been powder-coated to prevent rust. The kit car body is fiberglass – again, won’t rust! – but please note that it has no doors and no tops. There is a 3D decal attached to the back of the car that looks like a gas door, but the gas tank is actually located in the front of the car.

As the car has no tops and is fiberglass, it is best suited to shows, parades, and fun rides on sunny days. 🙂

Please note that I recently had to re-title the car as the original VIN went missing when it was being painted. It now has a new VIN and a new title – as a result, it is technically listed as a “2017” and as an “assembled” car, the odometer reading has to say “Not Actual”.

Vehicle Condition:
The car has been in my garage for a few years, but I have been putting Sta-bil in the gas and taking it for a small spin around the neighborhood every now and again to make sure it still runs (and it does!)
The passenger seatbelt needs to be replaced.
The former owner replaced the seats with racing-style seats, but they are not bolted to the car.
Front bumpers have some chrome peeling (see picture)
Front blinkers need to be attached to the body; they are mostly in place, but need to be housed better in the openings (see picture)
One bolt is missing from the back passenger side rim (see picture)
I do not have the car plated yet as it just received a new VIN and I planned to sell it.
Only one key.
Buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping arrangements.

Will complete a Bill of Sale and Release of Liability when you (or your shipper) takes possession of the vehicle.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!