“The Anomaly”: Home-Built Hot Rod

Here we have a home-built hot rod with parts from a 1950s International pickup, Jeep mail truck, 1960s Mercedes and Chevy S-10. I’m sure I missed something, but, regardless, the end result is unique.

The International donated its cab, the S-10 a rear end, the mail truck its front end and the grill came from the Mercedes. Naturally, this is motivated by a small block Chevy. The owner apparently built this entirely by hand and painted it himself – quite impressive, we say.

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Ceres, CA, USA
$15,500 BIN with offers considered

The narrow bed and wide fenders have an appropriately hot rod look to them and we love the curved rear of the cab.

Here’s a better look at the fenders, as well as the triple pipe exhaust.

In case you were wondering, regular dual exhaust pipes come into a box with the three pipes. By the way, who knew white letter Hankook tires existed?

Interior is nicely finished out and we imagine yet another donor car was used for the seats.

Unfortunately, that’s a automatic shifter, but that’s pretty typical in these hot rod cruisers. We think more could have been done with instrumentation to spruce things up.

SBC wears funky dual-cone intake and plenty of shine.

Fuel cell and battery are in the bed, but do leave room for a few duffel bags.

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Over the period of 1 year, the Owner Built this car in his garage “By Himself”. The Owner welded the frame installed the front and rear axels mounted the 350 Chevy engine and 350 Chevy transmission, and the S-10 rear end. He modified the original 1956 International cab by cutting the top off chopping the windshield 6 inches, sectioned the lower body 5 inches and mounting it to the frame. He built the bed from sheet metal, built the rear fenders by adding 4 inches to a set of trailer fenders. He built the hood and hood sides held down with leather straps like the old British racing cars. He modified the Jeep mail car grill and added a narrowed 1960 Mercedes grill inset 1 ½ inches into the front nose. He did all of the upholstery, all of the wiring, cut down the rear fiberglass cover from a full size Ford pickup that is gas shock assisted and locks for security. He did all of the body and paint prep work right in his own garage, and sprayed the entire car in a rented paint booth. And “Just for the Kids” he added a little face looking out of the cowl vent, complete with fingers gripping the back of the hood. It’s not pretty but It’s the only ONE!!