VW-Powered Weirdness: L’Automobile Ventura

Here’s a rare one. The L’Automobile was a Brazilian-built, VW-powered coupe which allegedly used some parts from the previous VW do Brasil SP2 and, of course, used a VW chassis, engine and transaxle.

The seller says this car runs and drives well and only has a few minor needs. The key here is that it is complete and the L’Automobile-unique parts are there. Given the VW mechanical bits, mechanical issues should be easy to manage.

The reserve hasn’t been met, but we can’t imagine it’s too much higher. This could be a great little oddball for Cars and Coffee and occasional commuting!

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Hallieford, Virginia, USA
$3,150 with 18 bids, reserve not met and four days to go

If you saw this on the street, would you know be able to identify it?

Here’s a profile, possibly shot through jail bars (?).

We feel a Tatra vibe here.  Quad headlights look pretty good here and lack of flip-up means this has aged better than many 80s cars.  Hood bump is interesting, but there’s no engine there.

Profile is not offensive, but brings to mind many other cars.

Rear looks pretty good for a kit-type car.  Obligatory VW quad tips may give away the power source.

A hatch is present, but the floor is high for reasons that are likely obvious.

Frunk appears to be very large.

Interior looks nice enough and appears to be in really good shape.

The engine sits under the hatch floor.

Here’s a better look.

Here’s documentation that this is indeed a real “L’Automobile.” Surely, the Frenchness adds something.

Ad text:

Nice odd ball air cooled VW. Attractive hand built Brazilian lift back coupe. Looks like a Ferrari insures and drive like a bug. Runs and drive very well , could be an every day driver, but more of a fun weekend driver. Current owner had plans to use for car shows.
New Virginia inspection, engine looks and sounds right, no smoke or leaks pulls strong,not slow, fitted with single choke webers with K and N filters. Clutch action is smooth and 4 speed shifts without any issues. Steers and brakes properly. Electrical is all good, everything works ,charges fine no battery drain issues. Paint has a few minor stress cracks but will polish up and is very presentable. Glass and misc. trim is in good order. Tires are in good shape, front are new. Floor pans are solid. Interior has no rips and dash pad is excellent. New wipers, battery,tires, turn signal switch

Minor issues:
Cassette player is out junk.
Has minor play in steering column bushing (minor).
Speedo reads in kilometers works fine but does not record mileage.

804 xxx-xxxx Carl

car titled a 1989 but ebay would not take the vin number so it a 1989 not a 1980!!!!!!!!!!

California-Made 70s Oddball: The Aerocon Boa

This is one of several fiberglass-bodied, kit-type cars sold without engine or trans and designed to accept Porsche or VW goodies. This one’s special, though, as the fiberglass body sits on an aluminum monocoque. That is only now becoming more common, thanks to Jaguar, Audi and a few others; but it was seriously exotic stuff at the time, which probably explains the high price – equivalent to $70k in today’s dollars.

The seller indicates that this example is powered by Porsche 914 bits and is “as-is” and waiting for restoration. It’s not clear whether it runs or drives, but it certainly looks complete in the images and dealing with the 914 engine and/or transaxle will be the easy part.

We hope this oddball finds a loving home in which it will be revived as a runner for occasional drives and lots of smiles.  At somewhere around 2,000 pounds, the flat four should work nicely.  Hopefully, the handling is good, too.

Note that the seller put TONS of period brochure and press info in the ad – cool stuff!

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Tampa, FL, USA
$6,350 with 3 bids, reserve not met and six days to go

The profile is simultaneously unique and familiar, with bits of Dino and Porsche visible to these eyes.

With the deeply recessed headlights, the front is unique,though some might say the Nissan Z31 got got some ideas from this one.

This angle exaggerates the already-long hood.

As does this one.  Note the t-tops!

Rear shows flying buttress design – not uncommon for mid-engine cars.

Before we go inside, take a look at the riveted aluminum door structure!

Interior is in great shape and has tasty, classic looks.

We feel a definite Lotus vibe in here.

Frunk is pretty tiny, so don’t bring too much stuff.

Rear luggage compartment (aft of engine and on top of transaxle) offers a little more room.

Here’s that trans.

Note more rivets.

Yep,T-Tops are included.

Ad text:

1977 Aerocon Boa “Porsche”  Special

Aluminum Monocoque  Chassis; Porsche Mid-Rear Engine; Aerospace Design

“The Fusion of Automotive  Design and Aerospace Technology.”  That’s how Dave Saunders, creator of the  Boa sports car and President of the Aerocon Corporation (an aerospace engineering firm  based in Ventura, California) put it in the Aerocon Boa  brochure. In  an April, 1978 Road & Track article, author John Lamm shared the following:

“Considering Saunders’  aircraft background, you wouldn’t expect something too conventional for the  Boa’s chassis and it isn’t – unless you consider ‘conventional’ the Formula 1  automobile.  That’s right, Saunders uses an aluminum monocoque chassis.”

The Boa was designed for either  a Porsche 914 or Volkswagen engine – the choice was up to the buyer.   This is a rear mid-engine sports car with a wheelbase of 101 inches.  Total weight  is 1800 lbs, and in stock form, the Boa is approximately 15% (250  lbs) lighter than a Porsche 914.  With appropriate engine tuning combined  with the sophisticated chassis, the Boa would trounce a Porsche 914.

The price in 1977  for an Aerocon Boa was $18,000 – that’s approximately $70,000 in 2017 dollars. While projections of 200 being built the  first year, just 15 cars were built before  production ceased in late 1978. The serial number of this car is “BOA-77-1013”  and may indicate this was the “13th” of 15 produced.

For Auction Today

Our Aerocon Boa was found several years  ago in Los Angeles, California and eventually made its way to Tampa, Florida.   In storage for the last 5 years, the odometer shows just over 7000 miles which given  the condition of the car may be original.  This Boa uses a Porsche 914  engine, and the drivetrain has not been tested.  The Boa looks great for a  40 year old sports car. It is unrestored and being sold in “as-is” condition  inviting the new owner an exciting opportunity to finish this car to their taste  and standards.  

Cowavanagon, Dude!

We don’t need to add much here – this is a 1990 Vanagon converted into some sort of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party van.

The concept is bizarre, but we love certain quotes from the run-on description:

“In addition to this auction I am including a replica Leonardo suit from the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Motion Picture Movie.”  (Yes, that’s a motion picture movie)

“All head rests are custom to represent each respective ninja turtle and their weapon of choice.” (I’d be pissed if this was not the case)

Supposedly, the stock 2.1 liter Wasserboxer H4 has recently been rebuilt.  This features an automatic transmission; so it’ll be even slower than most.

Click for eBay ad
Henderson, NV, USA
$15,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and five days to go

Yes, there’s this.

This is pretty much the only side view included. We’re not sure how those windows work as far as actual visibility.

Rear view reveals the custom spoiler (useful at the van’s ~80MPH top speed?) and more of the odd window treatment.  Maybe Turtles fans will understand the graphics.

Yes, this van has a mouth.  Also, the suit is included in the sale!

Front features custom leather and seat belts!

Here’s the rear seat with custom leather and those “interesting” head restraints.

Interior shots here aren’t the best, but you get the idea.

Yes, this has added subwoofers!

Ad text:

This one of a kind 1990 VW Vanagon has been completely overhauled into a life size replica of the 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon Party Wagon. In addition to this auction I am including a replica Leonardo suit from the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Motion Picture Movie. The Van itself has been completely gutted and Dynomatted, from there the seats have been custom leather reupholstered to match the turtle body theme in the front seats (with matching seatbelts) as well as black leather with green stitching throughout the entire back of van. All head rests are custom to represent each respective ninja turtle and their weapon of choice. Also includes mini bar, Custom limo remote controlled lighting, Custom center console with light up bottle of Ooze and tv screen, head rest DVD screens and flip out DVD/CD/MP3 head unit/ Rear view backup camera, 2 10inch subwoofers and amp stealthy installed under reclining rear seating…  all hooked up to a brand new additional auxilary battery for show purpose. The van was custom wrapped to match the Cartoon version as well as front grill swapped out to round LED headlights via older model VW Vanagon grills. Custom welded wing/spoiler attached to the roof as well as powder coated wheels (with spacers for more aggressive toy look) and limo tint throughout. This is thee ultimate party bus and every ninja turtles fans Dream vehicle!!!!! Thee 2.1 Water cooled engine has just recently been completely rebuilt, AC recharged,  2 brand new duralast batteries installed, new fans, belts, new radiator, new distributor, new master Air Flow censor, valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, cap rotor distributor, new seal gaskets, Full tuneup and oil change  with too many upgrades to list..  totaling over $7k in engine work and tuneups…. this van is ready to roll with all receipts and descriptions of work done from reputable Volkswagen certified Shop and custom modification car shops in Las Vegas, Nevada. Any Questions Please feel free to ask. I have many pics and receipts for most all work done. Own this one of a kind Ninja Turtles piece of memorabilia and be the center of attention wherever you go. SELLER will be responsible for shipping and deposit within 48 hours of end of bid via paypal, with final payment to be discussed at close of auction. If you will be in the Las Vegas area I will be more than happy to go over all modifications with you in person and show you what this project has entailed. This has been my hobby and project and would love to see it go to a great home… just in time for Coachella, Burning man, music festivals, Comic con, Cosplay,  marketing, business ventures, camping, charity events, parades etc. Video available on Facebook.com/LVTMNT . Happy bidding and Cowabunga!!!!

Rat Rod 1967 VW Beetle

The brown is strong with this one.

Here we have a heavily rat rodded ’67 Beetle with luggage rack, rear fender skirts and many a personal touch.  This is truly an oddity and we’re definitely drawn to it!

The engine is a 1641 and was rebuilt within the 4K miles, per the seller.  The exterior is what it is.  The seats need upholstery, but are apparently covered with Mexican blankets for the time being.  Unfortunately, almost none of the interior can be seen in the pics provided.

Click for eBay ad
Houston, TX, USA
$3,900 with ZERO bids and six days to go

Weird trim, fender skirt and, yes, an evaporative cooler!

Front shows some of the intentional patina.

“Honk if I am on fire” is one of my favorite decals.

We like this one…

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) this is the only interior pic provided.  The eight ball is a steering wheel knob and it looks like the shifter is a tap handle.  Okay.

Here’s the rebuilt 1641cc engine, which, the seller claims, was recently rebuilt.

Ad text:

* I have interest in the car locally, so as a reminder,  I reserve the right to withdraw the car from this auction for any reason, and at any time.  If you are serious, let me know.  This car will sell.  Thanks.

1967 one of a kind Fun bug. Pictures tell it all. Motor is a 1641 with a big Weber carb.  Covered about 4000 miles on rebuilt motor.  NEW tires, all 5, made to look vintage.  easily removable skirts.  Seats need upholstered; now covered with Mexican blankets, as is the headliner.  Has a radio and speakers.  Runs great.  Any questions will be freely answered.  I did not build this car, but I know the owner personally and can get an answer to any question I cannot answer.  Shipping is owner’s responsibility.  Sold as, where is.  No Warranty Implied or Given. 
$500 non refundable PayPal deposit due in 48 hours, and balance in cash or Wire Transfer to my Bank within 72 hours.   I reserve to withdraw the car at any time during this auction for any reason. 

 Thanks for looking.

FREE Abandoned Vanagon Pickup Conversion Project

Well, it’s free if you never want to register it. Should you choose to do so in California, you’ll owe $665 in back registration fees.  Still, this looks like a parts van to us, but some ambitious individual might try to finish it as a truck…

We love the ad text (below), as the seller includes a bid for labor in exchange for the van:

“Pull the transaxle for me and you can take the whole thing for parts or make a truck out of it.”

And, only in the final line is the van’s current state mentioned:

“And the back has been cut to start a truck conversion.”

Click for Craigslist ad
San Diego, CA, USA

Someone with a project van might find plenty of good, used parts here, but don’t expect like-new condition.

It looks like someone tried to separate the “cab” from the “bed” – possibly with canvas.  We’re not sure whether that sliding door still slides.

Front end just shows a tired, faded Vanagon in need of love.

And…here’s more of the handiwork.  We’re not sure how (or whether) the “converter” intended to finish it out, but it does look like hinges were welded onto what’s left of the hatch to make it swing open.

Ad text:

Free 1983 VW Vanagon 

Pull the transaxle for me and you can take the whole thing for parts or make a truck out of it. 

I just need the transaxle. 

It doesn’t have any paperwork. 
It owes $665 in back registration as of last week. 

And the back has been cut to start a truck conversion.

Omna Auto Bug Box: Beetle Conversion

As a follow up to our recent Vandetta post, here’s a more old school Beetle van-ish conversion.  This one has a lot of needs, but it looks like it’s all there.  This was done using a “Bug Box” kit from Omna-Auto back in the day.

The seller says this needs pan repair and a starter. If a started is truly all it needs to run, this could be a good deal.  The next owner will need to decide whether to repaint or embrace the “patina.”

Click for eBay ad
Spiceland, IN, USA
$500 with one bid, reserve not met, $3,000 BIN price and two days to go

This really is a box grafted to the front half of a Beetle, but that’s probably what you expected. We like the overall shape.  Note missing running board.  Does the block mean the emergency brake doesn’t work?

The passenger side running board is also trying to part ways with this car.

Front is all Beetle and faded, but solid.  Chicken in background is a nice touch and we wonder what’s up with that truck.

Rear is about as simple and square as it gets.  Quad tips are a nice touch!

Interior appears to be in better shape vs. the oxidized exterior.

This has a rear bench seat, rather than an open cargo area, though one could surely remove this.

The carpet lining the top is amazing!  It could only be better it made of shag.

Things are dirty but serviceable under the hood.

Stock 1964 engine is in place.  If truly stock, it’s a 1200.

Ad text:

64 beetle with bug box kit. Original conversion with full Custom interior.
Original motor and transmission
Not a one of a kind. But the only one of it’s kind !!
Car is in need of pan repair and a starter. Other than that the car is in great shape. Never wrecked never any damage to fiberglass kit. Other than the pan work there is only one spot of rust. It’s at the bottom of the passenger side door posts. The interior is nearly PERFECT!!
 FIX this car up and be the only one with anything like it.

Custom 2009 VW Rabbit Caddy

Do you love both the recent VW Golf/Rabbit and the old school VW Caddy? Someone loved both and decided to make a tribute. Sadly, the result is much less functional vs. a hatchback or an original Caddy.

The seller claims to have over $70K invested in this vehicle and we can almost believe it. Fans of odd engines will be please to learn this is a five-cylinder version and fans of poor management will be further pleased that this is from the brief era where renaming the Golf as the Rabbit was the answer to the age-old question of how to make VW a major volume competitor in the US market without actually listening to the market.  Given the car is called Golf once again, it’s safe to say that didn’t turn out well.

Underneath it all is a 72K mile Rabbit which claims to have an automatic trans, but with a picture possible showing manual shifter.  The seller even includes a picture of a fabricated Monroney label claiming this to be an original 2009 Caddy.  We wouldn’t brandish that label in from of Federales…

Click for eBay ad
$2,075 with seven bids, reserve no met and four days to go

This gives you a great combination of odd styling and compromised passenger AND cargo space!

Even the front angle is odd here.  Moon discs and whitewalls are nice, though.

Profile is…unique.

Yes, this is still weird from a low angle.

Yes, a true tailgate was fabricated.  I’m not sure I’d sit on it, though.

Bed’s thick walls limit space, as does the “cage” structure.  Does that go through the wood to attach to metal, or are those rubber caps on the ends??

Only one decent interior shot is included, and it’s at an odd angle.  Nardi wheel is an interesting choice, as are racing-type seats with harnesses.

Recreated Monroney label is of highly questionable legality!

Ad text:

2009 VW Rabbit Caddy Lux

The body conversion was done by Luxmotorwerks in Keyport NJ.

All work performed was done first class. The car has been in numerous magazines and shows.

Custom 2.5 header w/ custom exhaust.

All custom suspension w/ B&G coilovers

Custom interior

Due to the body conversion the air bags are none functional

In the pictures there is a list of everything done to this car, There is over $70,000 invested….I WANT THE CAR GONE!!!!!!

I will make someone a HELL OF A DEAL.

Please call or message for more info.


1973 Beetle Vandetta

The Beetle was used and abused in many ways and Beetle-based kits ranged from the Bradley GT sports car to off-road buggies.  Somewhere in between is this “Vendetta” delivery van body kit.

The seller claims this is regularly maintained at a reputable VW shop and provides a video of it driving.  What more could you want?

Click for eBay ad
Baldwin Park, CA, USA
$4,550 with 17 bids, reserve not met and six days to go

The front doesn’t even try to disguise itself.  We’re okay with that.

The rear shows the “vanness”, as well as fancy exhausts.

The doors do indeed open.

Here’s a shot of the cargo area.

Plenty of windowless room here.

Obligatory bikini babe shot!

The engine presumably lies under the cargo floor.

Lots of wheels are included in this deal.

Ad text:

This is a rare 1973 VW Beetle that has a fiberglass trunk.  It was converted by previous owner, and this is called a VANDETTA.  It is covered by mat blue vinyl wrap that was done in summer of 2015.   At that time, new window seals and door seals have been installed.

I bough it in 2007 and stored in my garage.  I only take it out to drive when it is not raining.  Every year, it has been tuned up by an expert VW mechanic located in Pasadena.  Last tune up was April 2016.  Carburetor has been cleaned, and spark plugs are new. Mechanically it is in superb condition.  Actual mileage is unknown.

The winner of this auction also gets 6 extra VW wheels.  As you can see,  2 front wheels fit in the front.  The winner is responsible for picking this item up or arrange shipping. I do not ship to international buyers.

The video shows how smoothly this car runs:


Rare Callaway Turbo Scirocco

Callaway modified much more than Corvettes in the past, with their Alfa Romeo GTV fairly well-known; but they also got into a few Volkswagens over the years.  Their “Stage I” Sciroccos boosted output from about 74HP to 117HP, which is a huge increase.  The seller claims this car is one if a few “Stage III” cars with a bigger turbo and intercooler, as well as water injection.  No dyno figures are available, but the interwebs claim north of 200HP.

200HP in this little sports car would be a blast, but the seller points out that a lot of work is needed to get it moving.  This is truly a “bring a trailer” find.  Mileage is in the neighborhood of 195K and the car hasn’t been on the road since 2003.  A quick internet search also reveals the seller was trying to figure out how to remove the head and replace the head gasket – it’s not clear whether that was completed.  Also, there are some areas with supposedly minor surface rust; so paint and body might eventually need to be part of the conversation.

This is a dream find for a Scirocco/Corrado fan or any Callaway collector.  We’ll just have to see where the bids land and how high the reserve is.

Here’s a link to a classic Car and Driver aricle on the Stage I: http://www.not2fast.com/vw/stuff/callaway_scirocco.jpg

Click for eBay ad
North Grafton, MA, USA
$1,500 with one bid, reserve not met and 5 days to go

These had little to differentiate the cosmetically from standard Sciroccos, which is fine.  We like the sleeper quality, and this was a great design in the first place.  TSW wheels are aftermarket and were put on by the previous owner.

Note the “Turbo Intercooler” badging on the right.  Supposedly, these also came with a rear window decal which is missing on this one.

Interior has some custom touches not done by Callaway.

One more angle.  Callaway did install the auxiliary gauges.

Here’s the groovy boost controller!

The previous owner installed the Recaro seats, but the originals are included in the sale.

Rear seat shows original leather.

As mentioned, original wheels are included in the sale.

Let’s have a look under the hood…

These have a unique cam cover, but there’s some debate over whether Callaway removed the head to put in a thicker head gasket for lower compression.

Ad text:

An Estate sale offers a true “Barn Find”, a 1983 Callaway Turbo Stage III VW Scirocco.

If you’ve never heard of a Callaway Scirocco, you can read what Car and Driver said about them from a 1983 article:


On the Stage III cars, Callaway included a larger Turbo, intercooler and water injection, variable boost, heftier shock tower braces, stiffer shocks and bigger brakes with cross-drilled rotors.  It’s no wonder these cars were called the “Vette and Mustang killers” of their day.

This example has a storied past of mechanic/owners;  it was originally modified by Reeves Callaway of Old Lyme, CT, from a new VW Scirocco which was then bought by one of the leading Stock Car chassis builders in New England as a car for his wife.    It was later bought by my late brother whose business was building high performance racing engines for Snow Mobile racers.

This is the ultimate “Sleeper” – Minimal exterior badging to announce its heritage, but the heart and soul of a Cheetah.  While the Stage I cars, at around 117hp, were formidible street cars, the Stage III version almost doubled that with a hefty performance increase, surprising many a Corvette and Mustang owner left in its wake.

This unique Scirocco goes beyond the Stage III amenities with the addition of an adjustable Cam Timing gear, 5-spoke TSW 7″ wide rims, and, for creature comfort, a pair of Recarro front seats that look only minimally worn (no rips or tears).  In the cockpit, along with the prominent Callaway boost gauge mounted to the right of the instrument cluster, you’ll find an air/fuel mixture, cylinder head temp and oil pressure gauge, all tastefully mounted in the upper center of the mini-console.

This car is the original very dark brown (Paint code may be verified from the VIN) with black Recarro seats with gray inserts (seats installed by my brother).  The interior, while a bit dusty after more than a decade of being in a closed garage, looks like it just came in off the street.  The “Callaway Turbo” badging has been removed from the rear window.  There is a minimal amount of paint bubbling/surface rust just behind the wheels on the rocker panels (2″ diameter, Max) and only surface rust on the frame and undercarriage – no rot through.  Included in the sale are the original Callaway wheels, the original Scirocco steering wheel and the original, leather front bucket seats, the drivers seat having one minor scuff from seat belt wear.

The car currently has 195,563 miles on the odometer, was last on the road in 2003 and has been in closed storage since then with the usual accumulation of dust, making it a true “Barn Find”.  It will have to be trailered home by the buyer and thoroughly serviced before starting it.  It is in ZIP 01536 (central Massachusetts) with a long, flat loading area very suitable for a pickup/trailer or car hauler.  This car has ALWAYS been well taken care of and, to the best of my knowledge, never driven in Winter.  This is a rare find – as far as I know, Callaway only made 43 of them.  

If you’ve ever heard of the legendary Callaway Turbo Cars, this is your chance to own one.