May Cause Heart Attacks in Purists: 1968 Jaguar E-Type

Yes, you are looking at an E-Type, or what’s left of one. Apparently, it is owned by a shop owner/car builder whose friend rolled his E-Type 2+2. So, purists can relax a bit, as 2+2 E’s frankly aren’t that good looking AND this one was damaged. The 2+2 roots also explain the long wheelbase.

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1977 Pinto Cruisin’ Wagon Meets Bronco 4WD System

WWe love Pinto Cruising Wagons in just about any condition or format. This is probably the most heavily modified we’ve seen, as it’s lifted and features a 1974 Bronco 4WD system and 1975 302 V8.  The result is beautifully ridiculous.

The seller provides a decent amount of info, but it’s not 100% clear how this was put together. We suspect – and hope – that the body is sitting on the full Bronco frame. The car seems to be well done and most of the visible interior bits look new.  Power comes from a 1975 302, which is hooked up to a C4 automatic.

Oddly the seller says the car comes with maple.  We’re not sure how much.

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West Yarmouth, MA, USA
$17,500 BIN with offers considered and seven days to go

Wagon + 4WD + V8.  We love it!

Massive, custom bumpers work nicely here.

And here.

The red seats and door cards contrast nicely with the black carpet and the silver exterior.  Nice choice!

Gauges look stock and steering wheel might have come from a Mustang II.

Cargo area is ample and clean.  Porthole windows are true classic.

Here’s the 302, which has typical dress-up goodies. It should provide plenty ‘o torque for off-roading and, despite the added weight of the 4WD system, should move this thing on the road better than the stock setup.

Ad text:

Sport steering wheel, tinted windows, self-adjusting mirrors from driver’s seat, Blaupunkt stereo w/ front door speakers & 8″ rear woofer. Sport gauges, maple, custom bumper front & rear and side steps. Has 1974 Bronco drive train; limited slip Dana 44 front end C4 shift kit, rebuilt transmission 1975/302 stock 40,000 mi, towing pkg, big bearing rear end 11″ rear drums. Front and rear sway bars. 350 gears 3 Spd automatic. Tires 30×9.50 15’s. Current state inspection sticker, registered, one of a kind! Clean open title. Payment due in 48 hours by bank wire or check (wait until cleared) Title will be turned over after funds have cleared. Sold in ‘as is’ condition (windshield trim needs re-installation.) Questions? Call/text me at 774-xxx-xxxx. Thank you!

“Stoopid” 1990 S10 Blazer with Supercharged SBC Swap and Too Much Yellow

This is not subtle, not understated; but we like the swap. Can it be saved?

Someone put a lot of time and money into this truck and the work looks to have been well done.  We wonder what it would cost to change this to more of a sleeper look in black or another dark color.

The engine is a Corvette-sourced 350, though we’re not sure of the generation.  A Paxton supercharger was added for good measure and the seller claims 400HP. Regardless of actual output, that should be a big upgrade vs. the 160HP 4.3L V6, which was standard in 1990.

Given the interior was treated to way too much yellow, we think this only has potential if it stays close to $5K, as we’d want to paint it and reupholster. If, however, you like yellow, this may have more value to you.

The body has been converted to panel delivery, which is interesting, and it looks like a speaker panel (or box?) has replaced the back seat. We’d make different decisions there, too, as this isn’t IASCA in 1991. That being said, the seller indicates that the stereo is “optional and extra”, so there’s hope.

Our biggest concern is that the images are all taken in a garage. Does this truck actually move under its own power?  Claimed mileage is 64K, but we don’t know if that’s the truck (likely) or the engine.

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West Olive, MI, USA
$4,550 with three bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

Graphics don’t ooze taste or subtlety anymore than the color; but the panel delivery conversion is pretty cool.

Here’s the name inspiration.  Most will agree, some using the literal interpretation, and others the street version.

Obligatory Corvette-inspired “roll pan” with tail lights is present, as one would assume.  After all, this is a modified GM truck product from the 90s.

350 badge is pretty cool.

The overdone yellow theme carries over into the interior, unfortunately.

How ’bout them speakers?

And them speakers?  It’s strange that unfinished particle board is present here, given all the yellow elsewhere in the interior.

Small block Chevy swaps are fairly common in these S10 Blazer and this looks pretty well done.

Here’s the small Paxton supercharger.

Ad text:

1990 S10 Blazer, Custom corvette yellow imron paint, Custom Corvette Roll Pan.
Custom Corvette engine, Supercharged 5.7l 350, 400hp. March pulley set, Billet brackets and accessories. Custom sewn seats and interior, All new parts, no rust, stored in heated garage.
Over $30,000 invested. Built 700R4 good to 1200hp. Stereo optional and extra.

1963 Econoline Mystery Machine Replica

Are you a serious Scooby fan? If so, you need this. Buy it and I’ll give you a scooby snack.

Articles have been written attempting to identify the Mystery Machine’s roots, but, if I recall correctly, the cartoon van had traits from several 60s vans, all, of course, mid-engine. This 1963 Econoline is as good a starting point as any and wears its regalia well. Further, the builder made a few mods to match the show.

This van is, oddly enough, powered by a V6 from a Camaro (generation/year unknown) and is backed by a Chrysler automatic transmission and rear end. The combination is odd, but likely made of reliable, easy-to-work-on parts. It does have AC and power brakes, which we’ll take as good news.

The seller would prefer to keep it, if it wasn’t for his meddling kids growing up.

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Longwood, FL, USA

Photo quality is not great, but the van is.

Front-mounted spare (or faux spare?) looks right.

Rear ensure no excessive visibility.

Keystone wheels to as good a job as any of replicating the flower wheels in the show.

This is the only interior shot, but it appears to indicate that quite a lot was done in the cockpit.  The seller indicates that the rear floor is diamond plate and the walls have been paneled. We imagine that means no seats (?)?

Ad text:

Scooby Doo Mystery Machine!

This Mystery Machine started life as a 1963 Ford Econoline.  I built it for my kids and have had years of fun with it.  They are all older now and it is time to let someone else enjoy this cool vehicle.

It took over 2 years to build and has been completely customized!  This is not just a cheap replica.  It was done right and look better than any other ‘Mystery Machine’ I have seen.

Here are the highlights:

– A Camaro V6 Engne
– A 700r4 Automatic Transmission
– A Dodge 8 3/4 Rear End
– New Drum Brakes
– Cold Air Products A/C System (with heat)
– Autometer gauges that light up various colors
– New Tires (under 1000 miles)
– Under-floor power brake booster system
– Mega Squirt computer system with custom tune.

– Custom orange and green seats
– Custom painted Scooby Doo interior
– Custom Mystery Machine paint job (no decals)
– Custom center console flows into the original dashboard (all metal)
– Dog paw brake pedal, human foot-shaped gas pedal
– Dogbone floor shifter (B&M shifter)
– Custom fiberglass ‘flower’ tire holder on the front
– Custom steel bumpers (chrome coated)
– Custom Mystery Machine front end (round blinkers, only one headlight per side, etc.)
– Rear floor is diaond plated and all walls have been paneled.  Ready for you to customize!

I am open to trades or partial trades.  

I will accept cash, cashiers check, PayPal (buyer pays the fees), or a personal check but the vehicle does not leave until that payment clears my bank.

Buyer pays shipping costs or is welcome to pick it up in-person.

Feel free to contact me with questions.  321-xxx-xxxx

Good Luck!

Cushman Trike with Honda Goldwing Power

This trike probably started like as an industrial vehicle, but now it’s a seriously overpowered golf cart.  The engine is a 1.5 liter flat six from a Honda Goldwing motorcycle.  Yes, that’s the car-sized cruiser bike with all the tail pipes which is very popular with Baby Boomers

There isn’t too much else to say about this one – it’s basically a ridiculously fast cart, likely with essentially no cornering ability and, apparently with no seat belts.  If that’s your thing, go for it!  Someone certainly spent a lot of money making this.

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Saint Charles, MO, USA
$1,000 with one bid, reserve not met and six days to go

Modern golf carts are just too stable.  How about one less wheel?

This is certainly unique.


Things look pretty mild from this angle.

Here, the seats stand out.  Are those exhaust pipes?

Why, yes, they are!  One per cylinder…

“Interior” is pretty simple.  Note the lack of lateral support in the seats and apparent lack of seat belts.  Also note the Riviera in the background!

This does have a full complement of gauges.

Hurst t-handle!

Here’s the engine wedged into a tiny space.  The trike layout makes this much more difficult.

Ad text:


This 1999 Honda Golfster Cushman for sale has a 1,500 C.C. Honda Goldwing Engine, 5 Speed Manual Transmission, Professional Conversion, Air Ride Suspension, Reupholstered Vega Seats, Lights & Turn Signals, Hurst Shifter, Disc Brakes in Rear, Room in Back for 2 Seats of Golf Clubs, SunPro Gauges, 14″ American Racing Aluminum Wheels, Street Legal, Titled as a 1999 Honda GL1500A Motorcycle, Will Go Faster Than Your Nerves Will Allow!

Rat Rod DJ-5

This little Jeep likely started life as a rural mail truck with a Buick/Dauntless V6, but the current owner saw fit to cram in a Dodge 318 and 727 Torqueflite.  It’s a two-seater with a tiny bed, but should be all one needs to tool around a Florida Key or go to Cars and Coffee in warm conditions.

The seller has done a good job of describing this little beast: “This thing is a head turner for sure…people seem to love it,probably because it’s so ridiculous and unnecessary. It’s loud, obnoxious, rides like a go-kart, but fits in small parking spots….it’s perfect for Key West and that’s all I’d recommend it for; its not a cross country cruiser. I didn’t build it for aesthetics or comfort, just to be a one of a kind toy. “

Note that no 4WD Jeeps were harmed in the creation of this toy, as these little CJ-5s featured 2WD from the start.  Basically, this is a small step up from a tractor, but the 318 with open exhaust should provide plenty of grunt in this lightweight beast and is guaranteed to produce a sound that inspires plenty of smiles.

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Key West, FL, USA
$3,700 with ZERO bids and 1.25 days to go

No one can say this isn’t unique, and we imagine this truck sounds great.

As previously noted, there will be no mistaking this for anything else.

Front looks fairly normal, save for the missing hood.

Rear features nice wood making up a largely useless bed.  Still, for cruising Key West as low speed, one could put a couple passengers back there.

Rear view shows LED lights.

Interior is about as spartan as one would expect.  Hunk ‘o wood dash is a nice touch.

Sears are as utilitarian as the rest.

Here’s the Dodge 318 with the custom, partial headers described by the seller.

Ad text:

I am begrudgingly selling my rat rod jeep project that I’ve built over the course of a few years. 

Originally a CA car (except for the last 2 years it’s been here in Key West), I bought it in the San Francisco Bay Area after someone had crashed into the rear while it was parked on the road. It barely ran, had the original straight 6 in, and was a mess. 

For those of you who don’t know, the DJ-5 series is an automatic, 2wd jeep from the factory. Often used as rural mail trucks, the DJ-5 often comes right and drive. This is a left hand drive, but I suspect that someone changed it to LHD before I got it. 

Anyway, after I bought the truck, I quickly realized it was in worse shape than I thought – bad transmission (old borg warner garbage), the rims were bent, the entire back half of the truck was crushed…just a mess and not worth restoring to it’s original glory. So, I decided to have fun with it and make a one of a kind toy. Since I knew I was going to be moving to Key West, what better than a tiny, open air hot rod?

I cut the entire back half off the truck and custom built a small pick-up bed, complete with a redwood base, and LED tail lights. I also installed new rear shocks, and a new gas tank with sending unit. I built a roll bar (not load bearing) to support the custom vinyl top which is necessary for that intense FL sun. 

The dashboard was bent and the guages were broken, so I built a redwood dash to match the bed, installed new gauges and indicator lights, and threw on a dock cleat “oh shit” handle on the passenger side. Two waterproof marine seats rounded out the interior.

I decided that the straight 6 just wasn’t going to cut it. I found dodge 318 cubic inch V8 (casting# 4104230-318-3, which google says is a “race engine”) that was paired with a torqueflight 727 automatic transmission. I figured why not, and bought it. I yanked out the old 6 cylinder and transmission and shoehorned this giant motor in this tiny chassis. It required fabricating custom motor mounts, custom transmission mounts, and a custom drive shaft. 

In order to fit the engine, and the new 4 core aluminum racing radiator (with electric fan) into the engine bay, I had to push the nose of the truck forward about 4 inches. In doing so, the front fenders and hood had to go. I made a simple sheet metal hood and went ahead with the fenderless hot rod look.

Obviously, no one makes an exhaust system for a 318 crammed into a ’73 DJ5, so I had to buy header flanges and just throw on some short turndowns as zoomie headers. I welded some large nuts inside the pipes to give it a touch of back pressure. However, I have 25′ of flexible exhaust tubing, 2 collectors, 2 old flowmasters, header wrap, and all the associated hangers/hardware necessary to create your own headers. I haven’t gotten around to taking on that project yet, so I will be including all those materials along with the jeep. 

After getting the engine all set up, I removed every inch of original wiring and threw it away. I installed brand new wiring from front to back, and threw in a new fuse block. I also added recessed LED marker/turn signals in the front, and took a few leaf springs out to let it sit a little lower.

I changed out the original rims because they were bent. I also chopped about 7″ off the windshield because the wiper motor and linkage was missing when I bought it. So yeah, this is a sunny day car since there’s no wipers.

After getting everything all set up, I sprayed the whole truck in a 2 part tractor enamel paint. It’s supposed to be rather resilient and seems to be holding up so far (3 years). Since I’ve had it, it was always garage kept in CA, and under a car cover here in KW. The truck is virtually rust free for being 43 years old. 

Since getting it on the road I’ve done a transmission service, tune-up, new points, newish battery, fuel pump, and 4 brand new tires…they have about 7 miles on them. 

This thing is a head turner for sure…people seem to love it,probably because it’s so ridiculous and unnecessary. It’s loud, obnoxious, rides like a go-kart, but fits in small parking spots….it’s perfect for Key West and that’s all I’d recommend it for; its not a cross country cruiser. I didn’t build it for aesthetics or comfort, just to be a one of a kind toy. 

I’ve put countless hours into this thing and a lot more money than I’d care to think about.

Please don’t waste my time or yours. No joy rides or other time-wasting nonsense. I’ve got a clean FL title in my name…cash talks.

Local pickup only, no warranty, as is.

Body on Different Frame: Ford Falcon and Crown Vic United!

Yes, the Falcon used unibody construction.  That seems to explain why this is so oddly tall.  Also, the front was extended a whopping thirteen inches because the wheelbase of the Crown Victoria was so much longer.  These issues make one wonder why these two cars were selected for mating. But, then again, who doesn’t love a challenge?

Some truly odd choices have been made here.  We’ve outlined the biggest among them already; but a quick look at the interior shot below will confirm there were more.  It’s hard to know what to do with this, but it’s strangely compelling, particularly given the $3K asking price and the thought that one might get it for less.

Still, will it ever handle well at all?  Would Police Interceptor parts help?  We don’t know, but we do know that we’d slap the Interceptor badge on this immediately if we bought it and we know we’d try to get it for under $1K if we were interested enough.

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Olinda, CA, USA

A long-nose Falcon is truly unique, but is it an answer to a question no one asked?

From this angle (and only this angle), not much looks to have gone awry.

Rear is normal and this angle shows the extreme, downward curve of the front end.  Note that the track width just “ain’t quite right.”

It looks like the Crown Vic seat(s?) is/are still in place, which is good if you want to wallow around on a bench seat.  We assume the presence of the modern steering wheel means the entire column is intact.  It’s hard to tell what’s going on with instruments.

Here’s the 4.6 liter “modular” V8.  In this relatively small car, this should provide plenty of torque, but it isn’t much to look at.

Ad text:

1961 Long NoseFalcon 2 dr Hot Rod / Rat Rod runs like a champ 
Body is sitting on a 1998 Crown Victoria chassis. Nose extended 13″ to fit frame..
One of a kind, engine redone last year, 
Current clean and clear title “NO smog ever” 
Titled as a 1961 Falcon 
Tags good until Oct 2016 
Has a 4.6 V8 w/automatic 

$3100 cash and it’s yours 

Call or text Rick at 9O9 xxxxxxx

1966 Mustang Turbo Coupe

Admit it, if you’re a car person remotely interested in Fords, you’ve wondered about this swap at some point.  The seller has combined a nicely modified 1980s 2.3 turbo with a 1966 Mustang and seems to have done all the right suspension, brake and other mods to keep up.

This engine came from a Cougar turbo (which was cancelled after the 1986 model year), but was upgraded to 1987-88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe specs and then some.  Steering and brakes are manual, with front disc brakes from a later Mustang.  The interior features later buckets with harnesses and matching cloth front and rear.  The overall effect matches the mechanical bits – keep the overall look, but upgrade with more modern technology and materials.  Thankfully, the engine sends power through a T-5 manual, as it should.

We love the end result here and imagine the shifting of weight rearward results in a very different handling experience.  Also, it must be a bit strange to drive a 1966 Mustang that has good power and torque, but without the V8 rumble.  It must be strangely fun.  Finally, we wonder if the seller is getting rid of this project in order to try a swap involving the new Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost four cylinder turbo and an older Mustang.

Click for eBay ad
Austin, CO, USA
$3,050 with two bids, reserve not met and nine days to go

Paint is custom paint and the car sits a little low, but this has an overall sleeper look.  The stock hubcaps are perfect.

Lack of dual exhaust actually stands out here, but matches the lack of a 289 badge to give the impression that this is a basic, inline six-powered Mustang.

Interior appears mostly stock, minus the seats, auxiliary gauges and kick panel speaker pods.

Front this angle, the seats clearly pop as aftermarket.  They look supportive and we like the harnesses and color choice, as well as the matching rear seat.

Battery has been relocated to the trunk and new fuel tank is obvious. We might consider better mounting for the fuel pump and pre-filter.

Here’s what you wanted to see – the 2.3-liter four cylinder with its turbo.  This sits way back and should weight less overall vs. any original I6 or V8.

Ad text:

1966 mustang turbo coupe.    This is a one off  Awesome mustang, it  has a 2.3 Liter EFI Turbo engine, out of 1986 cougar turbo.  Up dated  to All 1988 turbo T bird specs, with larger  intercooler, large  air vain meter, brown top Injectors,LA3 computer, an air sensor added.  With extensive porting in the intake manifold Both upper and lower halves.  Extensive porting in the exhaust manifold and turbo housing. also installed Manual boost valve, A Saab by bass valve, K and N air filter, ranger timing belt and gears, MSD 6 Ignition,2 1/2″ exhaust pipe out the back. Stainless steel gas tank with all fuel lines insulated.  A 3 row all aluminum radiator, with 16″ electric fan, keeps it cool.

Transmission  is a T5 5 speed, it has a B and M Ripper shifter, Installed with a new Luke clutch assembly,  clutch cable kit and rear cross member kit from  M.D.L. 5 speed conversions parts.

 Rear end is a 8″ ford with 3.00 to 1 gears, Rear springs are Urethane bushed, with coil over gas shocks. Drive shaft: new built by Drive line services.

Front end: Manual steering,  Front upper control arms were relocated as per Shelby America Specs.  Late model spindles with disk brakes were installed, with OEM inside air scoops,  new upper and lower ball joints, and Urethane bushing, gas shocks, Most important, I installed a Pro motor sports Anti bump steer  steering arm relocation kit. Drives and handles Excellent!

Manual brakes with  Dual master cylinder with proportioning valve, installed, rear brakes are later model drum brakes. and 195/70/R14 tiers.  Stops Extremely well!

Exterior:  Professionally stripped, prepped, sprayed and  finished, by Fender and son’s in Eckert, CO:  with PPG B/C DBC base W/20 21 clear.   Metallic silver and saffier blue paint. Bumpers are the original ones, The front one was just re chromed with blue triple platting, rear bumper is original, but has one scratch on it (I can not get it to show in photos sorry).  Fit and finish is excellent! 

 Windshield is new with blue tinting and banded,  All other glass is original.  All exterior trim is original except for the letters on hood and,  hood trim, and side mirrors.  new window regulator in left door.

 Interior: OEM  dash with Auto gage tachometer and VDO boost gage, has new Aluminum  heater core,  day/night mirror, leather steering wheel cover, Panasonic AM FM CD player, is in dash, 2-  6″speakers in front mounted in new molded kick panel housings. and 2- 6″X9″ speaker in rear window.  New headliner with extra insulation in roof area, new ACC carpeting and floor mats, Front seats are GP reclining high back with,  4 point seat belts, rear seat original with new lap belts. Seats were professionally covered by: BK”s Upholstery in Cedaredge, CO.

 The car has Halogen head lights for safety,  All rubber, and window fusses are new,  All new door and window gaskets were installed, new trunk gasket. Trunk has been detailed, new battery is in trunk and fuel pumps and filters are in there also, See trunk photos. The car has NO RUST!!! the under side of car has been undercoated and extra has been sprayed under front fenders,

 This car is a FUN  DRIVER!!!.  It drives, stops, handles Extremely well! EZ driving, shifting steering even for manual steering.  It gets great mileage, I have  seen as high as 34mpg,  driving here in the mountains I average around 27 MPG.  It will spin the rear tiers  with no problem.

 It is a little harder getting in and out of with the new seat, But Extra comfortable when seated No fatigue after long drive an a 100% more comfortable than origin seats! there is 64,600.6 miles on speedometer the car has been driven 5,420.2 since built. Engine and trans. have  25,000.0 on them.

The car has had a  Certified Appraisal  by:  Seals Appraisal services.  Gerald Seals   Eckert, CO 970-xxx-xxxx  E-mail  xxxxxx  It appraised for quite a bit more than I am asking.

 Look the pictures over, ask your Questions, bid high and often!  Buyer responsible for picking the car up, within 10 days or have arrangements made by then. I will work with your shipper for pick up, If you are not driving it home.