Clapped Out Renault Alliance Convertible

We’re not sure what happened here, but we’re glad this didn’t start life as the relatively desirable GTA version of this car. What we have here is a basic four cylinder, automatic Alliance painted in some sort of bass boat paint and equipped with a cheesy hood and a “racing edition” badge.  Ugh.

The seller keeps it simple and calls out the custom paint and hood, also pointing out that this car doesn’t run well.  The poor running was likely a stock feature that showed up when this 80s Renault left the factory; so we wouldn’t worry too much about that.

What do we like here?  Well, this is a US market Renault product AND part of the ill-fated AMC/Renault alliance (thus the name).  Also, we support the rather odd displacement of 1.7 liters, though we lament the automatic trans.  If this stays under $500, maybe someone will make a Lemons racer out of it.  Of course, that would require a roll cage and perhaps a trans swap.  Maybe that hood can be made functional?

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Bohemia, NY, USA
$200 with two bids, no reserve and three days to go

These “scoops” were grafted on, as even JC Whitney knows not to offer parts for these.

There’s something oddly appealing about the extreme boxiness of this design.  That’s why we love the GTA so much.

We’re not sure, but it looks like the tail lights have been “enhanced” with trim.  Also, what the hell did this tow and why?

Finally, a close-up of the awful paint and “Racing” badge.  We assume the paint came from the Ranger Bass Boat brochure.

Interior is a cool, full red and appears to be in decent shape, considering the age.

Yep, the six figure odometer hasn’t rolled over.  That doesn’t matter, as we assume getting almost 94K miles out of this took a lot of work and parts.  At least, that’s what we’re led to believe about US market Renaults.

Here’s the mighty 1.7L four cylinder!

Ad text:

1985 Renault Alliance Convertible


The car does not run well
Custom paint ,
Custom hood scoops
Racing edition
Plenty of rubber on the tires
Trailer hitch
Engine 4 cyl 1.7

Great Ad and Cool Car: ’76 Datsun Honey Bee

We admit it, we love the Honey Bee.  Sure, Nissan/Datsun shipped too many base B210s and someone in Gardena simply decided to slap decals on them to make them a “special”, but there’s something oddly appealing about this little car.

The seller provides lots of good photos, including every issue noted.  The car apparently has one small bit of rust-through, but paint is original; so we recommend a little treatment to stop rust growth and leaving as-is.  The car is reported to run well but might need a bit of tuning.  It’ll be up to the next owner to decide whether to yank out emissions gear and simplify or keep it running bone-stock.  In our humblest of opinions, this one’s far too nice for a swap, but one could toy with it while keeping all original parts.  Hmm.
Ultimately, this is a very basic, four-speed-equipped B210 with under 50K miles and which is ready to run.  This is a deal at the current sub-$3K bid, but we don’t know the reserve.  This car was a prize in a dealership giveaway, so it has a bit of an interesting story!
Stillwater, MN, USA (the OTHER Stillwater)
$2,750 with 24 bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go
Original paint looks great to these eyes, as do the steelies.  If we bought it, we’d keep an eye on eBay and salvage sites for a good set of original hubcaps.  You know…for concours use.
Front also looks almost as-new.  Compared to its delightfully ugly F10 sibling, the B210 was downright handsome.
In truth, we prefer the hatchback “GX” body, but Honey Bees were all based on the two-door.
Interior is in excellent condition with one crack in the dash and a minor tear on the side of one seat.  Don’t expect a tachometer in this basic B.
Here’s the 1.4L I4 in all its glory.  Very clean…
Ad text:
PLEASE READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION THOROUGHLY!!! Sorry about it being Long-Winded, but this car deserves a proper description!!!!
This may be the nicest, original, low-mile, unmolested 1976 Datsun B210 Honey Bee on the Planet.
Working odometer currently shows approximately 48,500 miles and the car is in AMAZING condition for it’s age. This little Honey Bee has an interesting “story” as well…..
In 1976, the original owner (shown in the photo with his wife) stopped in at the local Datsun dealership to look at pickup trucks. One of the salespeople convinced him to throw his name in a hat as the dealership was holding a drawing to give away this particular Honey Bee. Well, wouldn’t you know it? A few days later the phone rang, and low and behold, he had won the little car!!!!
For the next 10 years, the Honey Bee was used mainly in Arizona (where they spent the winter months). If you notice the car still has it’s tow bar attached. According to the grandson (now in his late 40’s), the actual miles on the drivetrain are probably somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 as opposed to the 485xx currently showing on the odometer. This is due to being flat-towed to Arizona from Minnesota almost 3800 miles round trip for a number of years.  The car shows like a 30,000 mile car without a doubt.
The original owner passed away in 1986 and the Honey Bee was put into storage until 1996 when it was then passed on to his son. From what I can gather from documents, the car was driven less than 3000 miles from 1996, until a couple of years ago (2014?) when it was parked yet again. I was told that during the last 20 years it was driven solely to local car shows and around the neighborhood during the summer.
Thankfully, this car has been kept in a dry, climate controlled garage, has NEVER witnessed a salty winter road, and currently is about 99.9% rust free.
Let’s talk about rust and get that out of the way first. There is ONE (1) small rust hole (aprox. 1/4″x1/2″) located behind the drivers’ side rear wheel well. (shown in close-up photo) That is the only “substantial” structural rust on the car; body or otherwise.. The remainder of the “rust spots” are mostly from paint chips (lower valance, hood front edge, roof, etc). The underside is spotless, floors, door bottoms, trunk floor, etc., etc. All are almost as solid as the day the car was made 41 years ago.
The body itself I would rate an (8) out of 10. It has a number of parking lot dings, and a few minor scuffs and scratches.. The white paint hides these blemishes so well, they are virtually impossible to photograph…. and unless your are at the right angle and up close, they are difficult to see in person as well.
The photos ARE a true representation of how this looks in person. It truly is a BEAUTIFUL LITTLE CAR, especially when factoring in how rare a virtually rust-free, original Datsun of this vintage is to find! Let alone a Honey Bee!
Yes, Once you get up close and personal, you can start to pick out the small blemishes. I guess you might call it a “3 footer”.  Also of note is that the lower edge of the rear window rubber trim has been “cut/modified” to fit the base of the CB antenna (shown in pic) and the inner trunk seal is a bit deformed because of running the CB antenna cable through this area.
The car wears 100% of its original paint and decals and has NEVER been in an accident. Both front and rear bumpers are NEAR-PERFECT although the rear bumper has a tear in one of the rubber end caps (shown in pic). The front valance panel (beneath the front bumper) has been bent up (NOT CUT) to accommodate the tow-bar mount. If you are going to remove the tow-bar mount, this is easily fixed by bending the panel back into place as the steel used in these cars is quite thin and easily manipulated.
All glass is near perfect. No cracks, and aside from a few ultra-small rock chips in windshield, is crystal clear. Windows roll up/down like new. Weather-stripping, for the most part is still soft and supple.
Interior is in EXCELLENT condition as well for it’s age. Yes, it does have a cracked vinyl dash pad(across the speaker), but I think all B210’s came from the factory that way (joking) as I’ve never seen another that wasn’t cracked, especially 40 odd years down the road. Aside from a small (2″) cut in the vinyl on the side of the lower portion of the drivers seat (see pic), the seats, both front and rear are perfect. I believe the small cut could be repaired from the backside (easy access).  Door cards are excellent, vinyl floors excellent, etc. Both sun-visor clips are broken, and there is a small 1/2″ cut in the headliner near the dome light (see pic).
Interior has “vintage” CB radio mounted (working condition unknown) along with fancy (by 1980’s standards) cassette stereo mounted beneath the glove box. Yes, the factory radio is still in place and the dash has not been cut. I have not been able to get either of the radio’s to work, but I haven’t tried very hard. Factory radio is missing one knob. There are tweeter speakers two-sided taped to the dashboard, that I will leave up to the next owner to get working, or remove.
Wipers work, Heater works excellent, rear window defogger unknown (hasn’t been cold enough to use it!) All lighting (head, tail, brake, dash, hazard) works as they should.
Brakes were recently serviced and car stops straight and true. Tires are brand new as of a few hundred miles ago (2014 date code). As you can see in the pics, the car is missing its original “dog-dish” hubcaps. I purchased the car with ugly “aftermarket” hubcaps, but felt the original steel rims looked better naked than what was mounted. Original wheels are still wearing their factory paint. Spare tire in the trunk, I do not believe has ever been used, and appears to be original as well. All original Nissan jack-hardware is in place. The trunk is missing it’s cardboard “floor panel” spare tire cover as seen in pics.
As for mechanicals, the car starts instantly, idles like a sewing machine and goes down the road well. The original Hitachi carb (and ALL of the wonderful 1976 emissions paraphernalia) is still in place and supposedly “working”. In my opinion, the car could use more tuning as there is a bit of a flat spot when accelerating. If you ease into the throttle, it pulls through fine, but if you “step on it” it will hesitate a bit before accelerating. I am not an expert on Hitachi carbs, and do not plan on becoming one. From the info I’ve gathered on various Datsun forums, most people that drive these cars daily, remove all of the emissions and install a Weber carburetor. That said, others claim the Hitachi’s are the best for overall fuel economy and can be tuned to perfection.
Once again…I must repeat!!  As it sits, the car runs and drives well right now!! I have driven it at highway speeds and it does just fine.
Could it run a bit better? Yes, but I will leave that up to the buyer to sort out. Anyone that is going to be interested in this car will be an enthusiast with more knowledge than I and should have no problem sorting her out to 100%. At the end of the day it is a classic car, and classic cars will always require a bit of fiddling.
I will say that I have gone as far as to replace cap, rotor, wires (NGK), plugs, points and condenser and made sure the timing is set to factory specs.
Engine does not smoke, leak, or make any odd noises. In fact, it sounds like NEW and is one of the quietest and smoothest running 4 cylinders I’ve ever heard. Coolant is bright green, oil is clean.
I should probably mention the transmission. Honey Bee’s only came with a 4 speed manual, and the one in this car shifts like butter! Clutches and shifts absolutely perfect. No chatter, no slipping, no grinding (perfect syncros), etc.
The one thing that I feel will need attention sooner than later is that the speedometer needle is “lazy” and makes a clicking sound when driving. This is probably due to sitting, as I find similar issues in many of the vintage motorcycles I restore that have spent more of their life “sitting” as opposed to being used.. Most of the time this is cured by re-oiling and use, but this probably requires removing the dash and I will leave that up to the new owner as well. That said, the odometer is still 100% accurate (with GPS) and works perfectly. The low miles on this car are CORRECT.
I really don’t know what else to say??? Datsun B210’s rarely come up for sale in this condition, let alone a Honey Bee!!!
This car would truly be an AMAZING addition to someone’s Vintage Datsun collection!
I’ve tried my best to describe this car how I would like it described to me if I were a potential long distance buyer. I do NOT like surprises when buying vehicles online (believe me, I’ve bought more than my share….just ask my wife!!)
PLEASE BE SURE TO LOOK OVER ALL OF THE PHOTOS CAREFULLY!!! and if you have ANY additional questions AT ALL..
Be sure to ask BEFORE PLACING A BID!!!
Car has a FREE AND CLEAR Minnesota Title in MY NAME and is ready to be transferred to the next owner.
$500.00 deposit Via Paypal IMMEDIATELY AT AUCTIONS END. Balance due within 3 business days via Nationally Recognized (Wells Fargo, Us Bank, Etc) Cashiers Check or CASH ONLY
I prefer that the car be picked up ASAP, but I can store the car (indoors, heated) for up to 3 weeks after payment in full is made.   Please make arrangements for pickup before the auctions end to save us both time please.
This car is a 41 year old USED Car and is sold 100% AS-IS, with no guarantees, warrantees, expressed, written, or implied. 
Thanks for looking!

Rare Callaway Turbo Scirocco

Callaway modified much more than Corvettes in the past, with their Alfa Romeo GTV fairly well-known; but they also got into a few Volkswagens over the years.  Their “Stage I” Sciroccos boosted output from about 74HP to 117HP, which is a huge increase.  The seller claims this car is one if a few “Stage III” cars with a bigger turbo and intercooler, as well as water injection.  No dyno figures are available, but the interwebs claim north of 200HP.

200HP in this little sports car would be a blast, but the seller points out that a lot of work is needed to get it moving.  This is truly a “bring a trailer” find.  Mileage is in the neighborhood of 195K and the car hasn’t been on the road since 2003.  A quick internet search also reveals the seller was trying to figure out how to remove the head and replace the head gasket – it’s not clear whether that was completed.  Also, there are some areas with supposedly minor surface rust; so paint and body might eventually need to be part of the conversation.

This is a dream find for a Scirocco/Corrado fan or any Callaway collector.  We’ll just have to see where the bids land and how high the reserve is.

Here’s a link to a classic Car and Driver aricle on the Stage I:

Click for eBay ad
North Grafton, MA, USA
$1,500 with one bid, reserve not met and 5 days to go

These had little to differentiate the cosmetically from standard Sciroccos, which is fine.  We like the sleeper quality, and this was a great design in the first place.  TSW wheels are aftermarket and were put on by the previous owner.

Note the “Turbo Intercooler” badging on the right.  Supposedly, these also came with a rear window decal which is missing on this one.

Interior has some custom touches not done by Callaway.

One more angle.  Callaway did install the auxiliary gauges.

Here’s the groovy boost controller!

The previous owner installed the Recaro seats, but the originals are included in the sale.

Rear seat shows original leather.

As mentioned, original wheels are included in the sale.

Let’s have a look under the hood…

These have a unique cam cover, but there’s some debate over whether Callaway removed the head to put in a thicker head gasket for lower compression.

Ad text:

An Estate sale offers a true “Barn Find”, a 1983 Callaway Turbo Stage III VW Scirocco.

If you’ve never heard of a Callaway Scirocco, you can read what Car and Driver said about them from a 1983 article:

On the Stage III cars, Callaway included a larger Turbo, intercooler and water injection, variable boost, heftier shock tower braces, stiffer shocks and bigger brakes with cross-drilled rotors.  It’s no wonder these cars were called the “Vette and Mustang killers” of their day.

This example has a storied past of mechanic/owners;  it was originally modified by Reeves Callaway of Old Lyme, CT, from a new VW Scirocco which was then bought by one of the leading Stock Car chassis builders in New England as a car for his wife.    It was later bought by my late brother whose business was building high performance racing engines for Snow Mobile racers.

This is the ultimate “Sleeper” – Minimal exterior badging to announce its heritage, but the heart and soul of a Cheetah.  While the Stage I cars, at around 117hp, were formidible street cars, the Stage III version almost doubled that with a hefty performance increase, surprising many a Corvette and Mustang owner left in its wake.

This unique Scirocco goes beyond the Stage III amenities with the addition of an adjustable Cam Timing gear, 5-spoke TSW 7″ wide rims, and, for creature comfort, a pair of Recarro front seats that look only minimally worn (no rips or tears).  In the cockpit, along with the prominent Callaway boost gauge mounted to the right of the instrument cluster, you’ll find an air/fuel mixture, cylinder head temp and oil pressure gauge, all tastefully mounted in the upper center of the mini-console.

This car is the original very dark brown (Paint code may be verified from the VIN) with black Recarro seats with gray inserts (seats installed by my brother).  The interior, while a bit dusty after more than a decade of being in a closed garage, looks like it just came in off the street.  The “Callaway Turbo” badging has been removed from the rear window.  There is a minimal amount of paint bubbling/surface rust just behind the wheels on the rocker panels (2″ diameter, Max) and only surface rust on the frame and undercarriage – no rot through.  Included in the sale are the original Callaway wheels, the original Scirocco steering wheel and the original, leather front bucket seats, the drivers seat having one minor scuff from seat belt wear.

The car currently has 195,563 miles on the odometer, was last on the road in 2003 and has been in closed storage since then with the usual accumulation of dust, making it a true “Barn Find”.  It will have to be trailered home by the buyer and thoroughly serviced before starting it.  It is in ZIP 01536 (central Massachusetts) with a long, flat loading area very suitable for a pickup/trailer or car hauler.  This car has ALWAYS been well taken care of and, to the best of my knowledge, never driven in Winter.  This is a rare find – as far as I know, Callaway only made 43 of them.  

If you’ve ever heard of the legendary Callaway Turbo Cars, this is your chance to own one.

Obscure DeTomaso Dodge Omni 024

You might be excused if you don’t remember the “sporty” 024 variant of the Dodge Omni or its Plymouth Turismo TC3 sibling.  You’ll absolutely be excused if you never knew that there was a DeTomaso-badged special edition.  While the DeTomaso didn’t have its own performance upgrades, this 1981 model at least has the upgraded 2.2-liter four cylinder; so it’s the one to have.

The seller claims to have bought this from the original owner’s family and the claimed mileage is about 81K.  Said seller has done quite a bit in the way of basic maintenance, which suggests this car sat for a long time before he or she bought it.  Still, with the right things done and with claimed occasional driving over the last five years, one can hope it’s pretty well sorted.

The 2.2 won’t make for a powerhouse, but this should be a light and nimble car; so ought to be fun in its own right.  This is an interesting and obscure piece of automotive history and we hope the next owner keeps it as original as possible and enjoys showing it off.  It’s pretty much guaranteed to be the only one at any show unless it’s an L-Body show.

Sure, this variant is all show and no additional go, but it’s delightfully odd and has the dubious distinction of being the original L-Body special edition, even if the later, Shelby-ized, turbocharged versions have remarkably more sporting character.  We’re interested in seeing where the bids land and just how realistic the seller’s reserve it.

Click for eBay ad
Arlington, VA, USA
$1,255 with eight bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

An 024 is a rare sight in any form and the DeTomaso bits make it just a bit more interesting.  DeTomaso parts visible in from this angle include the “targa band”, quarter window louvers, fender flares and allows.

The air dam is unique to this variant.  The original was cracked and is included in the sale, but the seller has this replacement made.

Here’s a look at the black-out rear panel.  Also, one can just barely make out the side decal here.

Here’s a close-up of that decal.

Interior appears to be in great shape and manual shifter is always a pleasant sight.

Here’s a glimpse of the faux wood and the DeTomaso gauge package.  Note the CB radio!

The gauges are supposedly unique to this model and are very cool, even if the tach is in the wrong position.  Youngsters may not remember the days of the 55 MPH national speed limit, when essentially all cars sold in the US had that number highlighted on their speedometers.

Cargo space is ample and condition looks good here, too.  We can’t confirm, but that looks like a fold-down rear seat.

Here’s the “mighty” 2.2, which drives the front wheels.

Yes, the Monroney label is included, as is the manual for the aftermarket “whoopie horn!”

Ad text:

This Dodge Detomaso is a rare survivor car that is quick, fun to drive, and in very good original condition.  The Dodge Detomaso was a package available on the 1980 and 1981 Omni 024 hatchback coupe, and was the start of the Omni front wheel drive performance vehicles, including the Charger 2.2, Shelby Charger, and Shelby Charger GLHS that followed the Detomaso.  The Detomaso is the rarest of these, with only about 1300 made in 1980 and about 600 of the more desirable 1981 models produced.  The 1981 models are more desirable with the larger and more powerful Chrysler 2.2 liter engine, and larger 14 inch finned alloy wheels.

The Detomaso package included a front air dam, wheel flares, louvered rear quarter windows, roof targa band, rear spoiler, Detomaso graphics, and the alloy wheels and larger tires; inside the package included a leather wrapped sport steering wheel and shift knob, the rallye gauge package with tachometer, and Detomaso badging including on the unique Detomaso floor mats.  This Detomaso also has optional air conditioning, premium low back bucket seats, and cruise control.  The base price of the 024 coupe was $6149, the Detomaso package was $1719, and other options and destination brought the total sticker price of this rare Detomaso to $9253!  This Detomaso also has a period after market AM/FM cassette, CB radio, and horn that plays tunes in lieu of the factory horn, all installed by the original owner many years ago (they appear to be from when the car was new).

This Detomaso was assembled in August, 1980, and sold through Thein Motor Sales in Clarence, Iowa.  The original window sticker, as well as owners manual package, is included with the car.

This Detomaso is in excellent running and driving condition.  Since I bought the car from the family of the original owner five years ago, I have done significant work to the car to make sure that it is in top running order.  Work done includes new shift bushings, motor mounts, wiper bushings, tires (205/60/14), front brake assemblies (pads and rotors), and spark plugs.  I also had the wheels refinished, and had a new front air dam fabricated (I will include with the car the original front air dam, which is somewhat deteriorated from age and cracking damage).  I have just had the oil and filter changed, and installed a new battery.  The car starts, runs, stops, and shifts great, and has very good acceleration for its day… remember, it is the larger Chrysler engine (versus the earlier models with the VW-based engine) and a very light car.  I have driven the car just under 1000 miles in five years; typical of these motors and cars, it has some vibration when cold, but smooths out as it warms up.  All gauges and lights work, the radio works (I have not tried a cassette or the CB), the wipers work, and the ventilation system works though I have never tested or used the air conditioning (and would assume that it would need at least a charge if you were to use it) or the cruise control.  The clock does not work; I do not know if it is not working or simply disconnected in order to prevent battery drain when the car was in storage.  That said, the only mechanical issue that I am aware of is that there is a slow battery drain if you leave the battery connected when leaving the car parked for extended periods of time.  Overall, the Detomaso starts right up, accelerates smoothly, rides and handles well, and loves to cruise at highway speeds!

Cosmetically, this Detomaso is in very good, very presentable, survivor original condition.  The exterior appears to be all original with no body or paint work or repairs other than the new front air dam, and one wheel flare that I replaced with an NOS correct wheel flare.  The car and paint are in very good condition for their age.  The black graphics have some fading, but the red paint is very presentable and nice for its age, though not as shiny as a new paint job.  Overall it is a very nice survivor original!  There is typical minor surface rust and chipping along the bottom of the inside of the doors and rockers, a very small and almost not noticeable bump just behind the drivers front bumper, and there are two small areas of some minor pin hole rust, ahead of the drivers rear wheel and behind the passenger rear wheel.  These issues are so minor that I prefer to drive the car and show it as original, but the new owner may choose to undertake and present the car as restored with repair of these very minor issues.  I see no floor rust underneath the car.  Both front and rear bumper rub strips are off the car, which most people would not notice that there were originally any additional rub strips.  They have a unique metal clip to hold them in place, and both rub strips will be included with the car.

The interior of the Detomaso is in very good to excellent condition.  There are no cracks in the dash, the carpet and seats are in very good condition, the door panels are all very good.  The only interior issue is that the headliner is starting to sag, and the rear hatch struts need to be replaced.  The spare tire doesn’t look like it has ever been out or used!  And included are the original, never used, Detomaso floor mats!  There is a dash rattle that sounds like it is in the area of the radio; I did not have the mechanics look into the cause, but it may likely be accessible behind the radio.

With only about 600 Dodge Detomasos produced in the 1981 model year, this is a very rare car… even better with its fun to drive 4-speed stick shift transmission instead of a power-robbing automatic… and better yet in such original, unmodified condition!  This was the car that started the Mopar front wheel drive performance cars, including the Charger 2.2, Shelby Charger, Shelby Charger GLHS, and later cars based on the front drive K cars.  The Detomaso may be the rarest of them all!

I have described this Detomaso to the best of my knowledge.  The Detomaso is sold in ‘as is’ condition; I am not a mechanic, so if you have any questions, or would like to make arrangements to inspect the car, please ask before bidding!  A bid is a contract to purchase the car, not to inspect or consider purchase.  I have clear title in my name, and the title and car are available immediately after payment in cash or USPS money order or other mutually satisfactory payment arrangements may have cleared.  The car is garaged and can remain so for a reasonable period of time not to exceed one month prior to picking up the car.  Transport is the responsibility of the buyer.

1972 Ford Sprint Three-Fer: Mustang, Maverick and Pinto!

Mustang fans are generally aware of the 1972 Sprint edition; but not everyone realizes the Maverick and Pinto offered similar Olympic tributes at the time.  Yes, someone collected the whole set and, yes, they’re for sale!

These all would have had similar paint with flag decals; but the Mustang has been repainted plain white.  Obviously, the Pinto is rough and the Maverick, appropriately, sits in the middle in terms of condition – obviously the best combination of originality and good condition.

We don’t know much more than that, meaning we don’t know what engines or transmissions are present in each (save for the Mustang, as a picture of the auto shifter is included).  The seller does, however, state that they all run.  If you’ve always wanted these, this is a rare opportunity, but it’s clear that a lot of work will be needed to get them back to the condition seen in the original ad, below.

Click for eBay ad
Valparaiso, IN, USA
$14,999 BIN with offers considered and six days to go

Here are all three as they exist today.

Rear view reveals blue tail light panels on Mav and Pinto.  Mustang should have the same.

Here’s a closer look at the Pinto – it has needs.

Mustang has a fresh-ish repaint; but we don’t know about the mechanical bits.

All of these would have sported this decal.  New decals are readily available.

All of these have white and blue interiors with red trim.  This is the Mustang and the condition is pretty good; but we don’t know how easy it is to source cloth and that driver’s seat looks tired.

Ignore the speakers tossed in the back and admire more of that groovy, blue upholstery.

This is apparently the inspiration.

Ad text:

  • Selling my 3 Ford, Olympic Sprints Editions (Full Collection), very rare! MUSTANG, MAVERICK, AND PINTO.
  • According to the Ford and Sprint blogs, we were the second known people in the United States to have all 3.
  • 1 is a “Sport Roof” “Fastback” Mustang, 1 Maverick, and a Pinto with a/c.
  • All 3 are documented; VINS, Marti Report verified “Sprints Editions”.
  • We prefer to sell them together, it took many years to find them all.. they should all stay together.
  • They only made them for 2-3 months, to honor the Olympics. They are Red, White, and Blue.
  • You can google many websites to find out more about their history.
  • All 3 need to be RESTORED. Pinto and Maverick have original paint and stripes still. 
  • The Mustang had a repaint and they chose not add the blue stripes again, for some reason but you can still tell its a sprint (and it is documented) and has the original sprint interior and other parts still too.
  • All 3 of them run. Again, they need to be restored. I have a lot of new parts, oem, and some NOS parts that go with them.
  • Clean titles, in my name for the Mustang and Pinto. Bill of sale for the Maverick.
  • Thanks for your interest!

Highly Original 1988 Yugo GVX

We’ll assume that most of our readers know that the Yugo was a short-lived (in the US), Zastava-built variant of the Fiat 127 built in what is now Serbia and imported by none other than Malcom Bricklin for US consumption.  The idea was to have the lowest-priced car in the US, but it faced competition from then-new Hyundai and its Excel.  One of those players survived the early 90s and one didn’t.

Today’s Yugo feature is the top of the range, the mighty – and rare – GVX!

There are a lot of low-mileage Yugos and they pop up for sale fairly often.  Frankly, many have low mileage because they didn’t run well.  With this one, that could be the case; but it also seems someone stashed this away in 1990, knowing it was a true oddity.  Today, that means you have an opportunity to have a GVX time capsule, complete with ground effects, alloys and fancy interior colors, not to mention the upgraded 1.3L four cylinder.  The market will have to decide whether almost $5K is reasonable for that.

If we bought it, we’d not only work to address the rough running mentioned by the seller, but we’d consider how to do some stealth mods.  Given its Fiat roots, we imagine upgrade parts are available.  It would be awesome to rebuild with high compression and run modern fuel injection on this, all hidden under the stock air cleaner.  That might be tough on this 1988 model, though, as it’s carbureted.  Still, maybe an aftermarket throttle body injection system would fit?

We don’t think one could ring massive power of of a naturally aspirated 1.3-liter four; but we imagine one could make this into a surprising sleeper without an engine swap. One could easily build a better driver for similar money by starting with a better platform; but where’s the challenge in that?

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Manchester, MD, USA,Earth
$4,995 BIN with offers considered and two hours to go

A Yugo with its hood up?  This time, it’s for show.  Note the GVX appearance, which is much more appealing than that of the utilitarian base car.

Rear louvers are an awesome feature!  To 1969-1970 Mustang fans, they’re “sport slats.”  Also, note the aggressive (?) exhaust.

Here’s a first good glance at the sporty, striped interior.  Note GVX on head restraints.

Dash and controls are perfectly straightforward and functional.  Sadly, even the “sporty” version of the Yugo lacks a tachometer…

Yep – the rear seats continue the theme.

Here’s the Zastava data plate!

This is the mighty (for a Yugo) 1.3L four cylinder.  This was the top of the range – fitting for the GVX.  No, we didn’t previously know that the Dave Matthews Band was involved in the tuning.

Ad text:

Rare find…a 1988 Yugo GVX with under 25000 miles.  According to the Yugo forums, they only made 1500 of the GVX model.  I am also told there are few of the GVX left making it an increasingly desirable and rare car.  It has the ground effects, 1.3L engine and the 5 speed manual transmission.  This car is in great condition, runs good, has only minor surface rust as far as I can see.  Engine runs strong and shifts well.  All functions seem to work good.  Although not perfect, it is probably one of the best remaining original examples.  There are a few quirks.  The engine doesn’t idle well until you have driven it a bit. It could use a new exhaust hangar.  It needs the ground effects trim touched up.  This is a non a/c car.  It has been a blast to drive and I just had it at a car show and got a lot of attention.  I have a clear title for it.  The glass is good, the windows roll up and down, I have two complete sets of keys for the ignition, door/hatch, and gas cap.  The brakes work well and the parking brake is good.  It shifts through all five gears well and into reverse well.  Seems to be plenty of clutch.  Steering is very responsive.  The ride is very smooth.  Radio works and sounds good.  

Here is some additional information to help clarify any minor faults as mentioned in the “condition description”.  First, the car is missing the tiny plastic drip rail cover on the passenger side.  There is a tiny tear in the driver side door panel, about 1″ long.  The shifter knob is scratched as is the shift pattern disc in the top of the shifter.  There are a number of tiny paint imperfections on the passenger side hood and front fender.  They appear to be about 1/16″ of an inch or smaller in diameter.  The rear hatch supporting shock needs replaced.  The interior is very good but could use a little cleaning.  

I have a set of Yugo mud flaps (4 in total), that I will reinstall on the car.  I took them off to clean them up.

This vehicle was warehouse kept since about 1990 in Hagerstown, MD.  The previous owner was a used car dealer.  I was told his son drove it to school and back and then only occasionally over the next 20+ years.  

I am hoping someone can give this survivor a great home with indoor storage.

Is Barcelona known for Velveteen Crush?

AMC had a great many special editions, some with ties to 70s designers; but this Barcelona Edition may take the cake – at least in terms of brownness.  And, really, shouldn’t we always measure that way?

This example appears to be in amazingly original shape. It’s not perfect, but it’s damn close, considering nearly 40 years have passed since its birth.  This features the 360 V8, which should sound good, despite being horrendously choked down by 1978.  Still, one can hope for quite a few low-end torques.  The interior of this beast is something to be behold, what with the seating surfaces and door panel inserts covered in “velveteen crush” (per the seller).

There’s no reserve on this one; so it’ll sell at or above the current bid of $2,600.  We think it’s still a deal at or near that price.

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Chattanooga, TN, USA
$2,601 with eight bids, no reserve and six days to go

Does styling get much more delightfully awkward?  AMC mastered that category through the 70s.

Here’s the profile.  Note the well-padded landau roof.  Wide whitewalls are a bit over the top – this probably came with “normal” whitewalls.

Tail lights are much more sporty than the car on which they’re mounted.  Color-keyed bumpers ensure no shortage of tan.

Is it surprising that this lives with an AMC enthusiast who is also selling a Gremlin?  See ad text for link…

Here’s the interior.  The loose, casual, velveteen crush is perfect for the period, especially with the fancy detailing.  The dash looks purposeful enough here – borderline truckish, actually.

Remember split bench seats?  You will is you drive this.  Note that the rear seat offers more of the same material.

Here’s the 360.  Things look clean under here and the newish Interstate battery could speak to good care and feeding.

Ad text:

1978 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition

Ok AMC fans I’m selling 2 cars out of my collection so someone else can enjoy these beautiful America Motors Classics…and free me up space to get more. The cars are a 1978 Matador Barcelona Edition and a 1974 Green Gremlin. There is no in between opinion on the looks of this vehicle, responses have been either love or hate. No doubt AMC had an eye for “different” designs and this Matador is a prime example. 78 was the last year AMC made the Matador and that year they only made 396 of the Barcelonas. 

This car has fittingly spent most of its life in Wisconsin, but by the absence of rust you would never know it. The previous owners said they garaged it every winter and brought it out at spring time. By the looks of the car, including underneath (pictured above) it seems to be the truth.

This highly optioned car has a 360 V8 with and automatic transmission, working AC, and AM/FM radio. The exterior color is 2 tone, Ginger Metallic with Sand Tan, it’s in very good condition with the exception of a small spot above the drivers door (pictured above). Also, has the padded landau top fitted around opera Windows and back glass. When looking for this model car it’s very hard to find one and when you finally do, the landau top is almost always rotted or completely gone. This top has 2 small tears near the opera windows (pictured above) but still the best shape of any I found. The tires are a brand new set of Coker whitewalls, a thicker whitewall than the original look, but I think they really make this car pop. There is also 2 new goodyear spares in the trunk along with original jack kit.

The interior is in very clean shape. Individual reclining seats in velveteen crush fabric with woven accent stripes, custom door trim panels, extra thick carpeting in the floors, dash and cluster in great shape, all gauges work as they should. The only thing that’s non operational is a hand clock right above the air controls. The AM/FM radio pickups very clear and the speakers put out surprisingly well.

The original 360 V8 motor is smooth, quiet, and shows no signs of age when you step on the pedal. The only two things I’ve done to this engine are replace the fresh air duct that runs to the air cleaner. The old one was ok but had a tear, didn’t want to sell it that way so I bought a NOS for $50 just to keep it original. It’s not on the car in the picture because it was being shipped at the time, but it’s on there now. The second thing I did was clean and grease the choke on the carb because sometimes it would stick. And that’s it, this car came to me in great shape thanks to great previous owners.

We all want clarity in our ebay purchases, so if there is anything you would like to know or see on the car, message me and I will do my best to answer any question I can. 423-xxx-xxxx, Joshua.

A $250 deposit is due within 24 hours of auction close. If you have less than 10 feedback please contact me before hand. 

Thanks for looking. Good luck!

Here’s a link to the Gremlin