Sightings: Newport Beach, CA July 6, 2017

I went to Newport Beach for a Duffy Boat ride and was rewarded with a few odd sightings – all in one parking lot.

This gem speaks mostly for itself, but we first noticed the Pep Boys hood scoops and the body side molding used on the hood, as well as the horrid decal work on the side.

Under the front bumper is a strange assortment of LED lights.

The rear features very thick molding applied in odd locations. Its a bit sad to see the car that introduced the DOHC Ford modular V8 (later used in the SVT Cobra) to the world treated like this. That being said, we’re not sure whether it’s better or worse than the geriatric, puffy top treatments these usually get.

Lumina APV – need we say more?

Finally, in the same lot was a genuine 280ZX 10th Anniversary Black Gold edition!

The paint has oxidation, but the car is overall in pretty amazing shape and appears to be mostly original.

MSA/Grant steering wheel is a common mod and we also noted a MSA 6×9 speaker panel in the back. Great news in this pic is the manual shifter.

Recent Oddimobile Sightings – January 10, 2016

What with holidays and CES, Oddimotive (almost a one-man show) has been slow.  Fear not, however, as we’re back on a schedule!  Also, slow on posts doesn’t mean slow on sightings…

Let’s get started…

Let’s start with a lovely, almost Grabber Blue Festiva spotted at Malibu Creek State Park.  Surely this fits right in driving around Malibu and Calabassas.  What on earth does this tow?!?

Later the same day, this lovely quad-exhaust-and-rimzzzzz-equipped Camry was spotted near Oddimotive HQ in Lake Forest, CA.  Maybe the car is parked here because its owner handicapped it with crap modifications.

A few days later, this Buick Reatta Coupe was spotted at the Irvine, CA train station.  We later saw it drive away under its own power, but didn’t get to question the driver.

Though the automotive exhibits at CES were in the North Hall, this Citroen Van was part of the Pico Brew display at Tech West.  Leave it to the only beer company present to have arguably the best Oddimobile at CES.

Finally, while the vehicles involved aren’t all that odd, the sight of a Chevy Suburban on a flatbed in the MGM Grand passenger drop off area was entertaining.

Reader Sighting: 1.5 Festivas!

Reader Steve N. sent us this sighting.  No further explanation was available, but what else do you really need to know?

It seems the owner made a mini-truck out of the Festiva and then missed the cargo space?  Regardless, we love it!

Festivas make great autocross cars, but it’s not clear that this trailer can even haul an extra set of wheels.  Also, we wonder how this handles with weight removed from the rear…

Best of Aliso Viejo Cars and Coffee

When we say “best”, we mean “most odd.”  As a bonus, many shots include a two-year-old Oddimotive fan!

Our first feature is a Caprice wagon with a 50s panel theme.  The guy was packing up to leave, so we didn’t get details…

Apparently, it still has some cargo capacity.  Note detailed chrome work.

The interior is pretty standard stuff.

Ah yes, a K-car wagon!!!

Reliant K, baby.

How about an oddly-colored Beetle with spikes?

This Nash Airflyte is a regular at this event, but we’ve never taken pics of it.

This was around long before the Jaguar XJS-C, mind you.

This thing’s in great shape and we love the top!

This isn’t the first time this has happened, but below is a car we’ve previously featured.  This started life as an Accord Wagon with a manual trans and we suppose it still is; but it’s received the full ‘show car’ treatment.

Yep…big-ass screen and prominently displayed amps.  Note the lack of practicality in terms of storage.

There’s that manual shifter – surrounded by way too much green.

We don’t have another image, but any Lancia is an Oddimobile.  This was a very, very nice grey Aurelia (we think) with a roll-back canvas roof.

OC Fairgrounds Cars and Coffee #1 (August 22, 2015)

Today was the inaugural OC Cars and Coffee event at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  The event was certainly a success.  There were some issues around getting everyone (C&C exhibitors and spectators in, plus swap meet folks) into the event, but that can be worked out.  The Ruby’s Diner food truck was a great touch!  The Oddimotive 280Z was present, but I didn’t get any pics…


Those of us involved in naming the Nissan Rogue a while back remember this coming up when screening the name.

This Saab 95 was among the coolest of the Oddimobiles at the show.

V4 for the win!

A Type 34 Karmann Ghia is a rare sight indeed.

And it’s cool from every angle.

Rambler Cross Country – does it get much cooler?  Note that the car next to it is a Scamp, not a Dart!  Both of these had inline sixes for additional odd factor.

Rear of the Rambler is particularly funky.

This isn’t exactly an Oddimobile, but who doesn’t love Steve McQueen’s XKSS?


Irvine Cars and Coffee Sightings: June 14, 2014

It was a beautiful day for Cars and Coffee, so there was a huge turnout.  Arriving at 6am helped!  The Oddimotive Brown Z was in attendance, along with the Model A Woody.

Why not a classically odd vehicle right up front?  This Pinto Wagon MPG edition was parked right next to us.

Interior was pretty good, but we must assume the cheapo seat covers are hiding wear.

The next arrival, right next to the Pinto, was a matte finish Dodge Ramage (I had to check badges to make sure it wasn’t a Scamp) which has been Shelby-ized, including the turbo inline four.

The interior had the Shelby treatment, too, presumably with parts from the platform-mate Charger.

Best of all are the Subaru Brat-style seats with BMX grips!

Next up is a twin turbocharged Studebaker Hawk!

Then, there’s this 70s Toyota with a supercharged Lexus V8.

For the Microcar fans, there was a Berkeley done up in Ferrari regalia.

Later came this 1964 Honda S600.  The owner restored it and was a super-nice guy.

Yep, four little single-barrel carbs.  Redline with this 600cc I4 is about 9,500 RPM.

A very late arrival was this desert warfare Kubelwagen, complete with swastikas.

Below are numerous other interesting sightings,starting with an entry in the Land Yacht class.

Oddly-colored Fiero…

Thank God for the French – this is a Facel-designed and bodied Ford/Simca Comete.

I dug the salmon-colored Chrysler wagon.

Four-door Dart!

A Barracuda isn’t usually considered an oddity, but I love ’em, especially the rear window.

Irvine Cars and Coffee Sightings: May 3, 2014

Here we have one of the later Dodge Darts, which shares sheetmetal (and a lot of other parts) with the Plymouth Duster.  This one is a Demon 340 and, yes, it had a four-speed.  The 340 was a high revving, often underrated engine, so this car is probably a blast.

Here’s another shot with the cool decals.  The Oklahoma State color combo won points with me and the hood suggests it might have one of the higher-rated inductions systems, though it didn’t say “Six Pack.”  Honestly, I’m not sure what was still around with this body style.

I followed the Shelby GT350H into the lot today, but was admiring the brown and tan Beetle.

This rather beat up Lincoln Mark VIII was inexplicably parked in the ‘premium’ area.

This is one of a great many 80s “recreation” cars – in this case a Spartan.  Underneath is a 300ZX (Z31).

If you didn’t believe this was once a Z, check out the completely in tact Nissan interior.

This was the Oddimotive 1970 Mustang Grande’s first Cars and Coffee and, yes, it’s parked next to my Father-in-law’s Model A Woody!  Shockingly, I had the only Grande present…