Salesman’s Hot Rod? 1968 Mercury Montego MX Four Door with 390 and 4-Speed

For those not old enough to remember, and for those who forget, it seemed that no one except salesmen and some realtors drove four-door, US domestic non-luxury cars back in the day. As recently as the late 70s, the best-selling car in the US was the Olds Cutlass, most of which were two-door sedans. The big families stepped up to wagons and vans, leaving the four-door for work and (oddly) retirement duty. Given all this, four-doors historically had a bit of a stigma and, more recently, they haven’t ridden the wave of increased collector prices. That makes really nice four doors oddities and, as such, we love ’em. Today’s feature is a 1968 Mercury Montego MX with bid block (390) power and a four-on-the-floor!

Periodically, we see swapped four doors for sale; but the seller here has a Marti report documenting original equipment. Further, this car looks perfect in dark red/maroon with black vinyl top and those original GT wheels. Its four-door nature retains sleeper quality, but we imagine the 390 with headers gives things away a bit.

Depressed four-door prices made them bargain used cars for smart families back in the day and that holds true for enthusiasts today. This won’t be a great collector investment, but it should be reasonably to purchase, it won’t likely lose value and it will likely provide a lot of fun (with the option of a couple kid seats in the back). This is also cheaper to buy and maintain than another of our favorite four doors, the Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3…

Just note that this one may need diff work:

“Runs great car has 325 trac loc factory I believe it’s broken noisy .””

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Westfield, MA, USA
$6,550 with 21 bids, reserve not met and one day to go

With the engine off, this is a sleeper, although closer inspection reveals it wears the best 15-inch tire one can buy today, the Pirelli P6000 (see pic in ad).

Exposed exhaust gives things away a bit.

Front end, of course, matches the two-door Montego (and isn’t too different from a Torino), which was a handsome car.

Grandma’s car styling is perfectly clean and, yet again, we like the dual exhaust.  Was it that exposed when stock?

Here’s a money shot with the four-speed.  Note the bench seat – this car technically seats six adults!

Very rare in a four door is a tachometer!

The engine has a bit of dress-up, but some of these had chrome bits when stock. Supposedly, it was rebuilt about 6000 miles ago.  Power steering is present, but no AC.

Ad text:

“Car is in very nice condition never had rust or any repairs. Car was repainted years ago . This is a one of one production car . Comes with Martin report original motor and trans motor was rebuilt approx 6000 miles ago I believe the top was replaced also car came from calf . Runs great car has 325 trac loc factory I believe it’s broken noisy .”

this is 1968 Mercury montego 390 Mx 4 speed manual transmission  4 door  power steering   ,Power brake,  posi traction ,4 barrel carb

Car has hooker headers and dual exhaust. Car runs great   I just don’t drive it enough.   Car has 15 inch Ford gt wheels with Mercury man center caps very rare. This is a documented one of one production car with Martin report.   Do not waist my time with money orders or scams. cash and u pick it up it’s that simple car will not leave until paid in full threw paypal or cash no checks at all. All shipping is up to buyer . Car must be picked up within 1 week of sale . 

Isuzu Bellel Three-Fer: 60s Japanese Diesel Sedan Goodness

The Isuzu Bellel (which, the interwebs state, references fifty bells – the meaning of Isuzu) was Isuzu’s first in-house design, but was inspired by the Hillman/Sunbeam Imp Minx, which Isuzu previously built under license.  These are rear-wheel drive sedans and were originally offered with diesel or gasoline engines.  Today’s feature includes not one, not two, but three Bellels!

One car is a driver and two are either parts cars or for restoration. The seller includes some nice videos related to these cars, to which we’ve linked below. The videos have the bonus of showing an unidentified engine on a stand, as well as some other interesting project cars in the background.  Also, be sure to look for glances of the really cool tail lights!

Are you brave enough to step up and become an instant Bellel collector?

Video 1: Black 1964 Diesel Deluxe – non-running but apparently complete and supposedly only needs starter work.

Video 2: Blue 1965 pitched as a parts car – no axle shafts, but runs, as documented in the video.  As the seller points out, there are some 1965-only improvements that arguably make this the best car, but some of those specific parts are missing…

Video 3: 1964 driver – yes, this car is driven in the video and yes, you get to see a “four on the tree” in action.

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Oracle, AZ, USA
$4,000 BIN with offers considered and four days to go

This is the runner and features the same classic styling as the others.

Another angle.  Note the classic, Japanese fender mirrors.

This is the non-running 1964.

And…the blue-ish 1965 comes with the trailer!  That’s because the rear axles have been removed.

Ad text:


Over-Restored (?) 1971 Sunbeam Imp

The Hillman/Sunbeam Imp is a cool little two-door sedan with its lightweight aluminum engine in the rear and an interesting rally history.  This one appears to have been restored to a high level, but is any Imp worth the $35K asking price?

The seller claims this car was completely disassembled and all parts were restored or replaced.  That’s a lot of parts.  Also, it looks like more of a refurbishment vs. a restoration to factory spec.  In a lot of cases, we don’t get too hung up on that difference, but a premium asking price may only apply to a factory-correct car unless the sum of the mods has yielded a vastly better car.

We hope an agreement can be reached and someone will be able to enjoy this piece of Rootes Group/Hillman/Sunbeam/Chrysler UK history!

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Škocjan, Škocjan, Slovenia
$35,000 BIN with three days to go

Blank face hints at engine location and driving lamps are superb.

Sadly, this is as close as the seller gets to providing a profile shot.

This is something of a money shot for lovers of rear-engine cars.

Interior appears to have been refurbished, but we’re not sure what is original and what’s not.  We’ll bet the stitched leather (or pleather?) isn’t original.

We love the color combo!

Here’s the all-aluminum, 875cc four cylinder, stuffed into the rear.

Ad text:

Selling my restored Sunbeam Hillman IMP, year 1971. I bought the car back in 2015 and spend in overall over 1000 hours in restoring the car. The body and condition of the car are in excellent shape. Driven recreational and competed (successfully) in several vintage car competitions.  

The Hillman Imp is a small economy car made by the Rootes Group and its successor Chrysler Europe from 1963 until 1976. It was the first mass-produced car with the engine block and cylinder head cast in aluminium.

In addition to its aluminium engine, it was the first British car to have an engine in the back and the first car to use a diaphragm spring clutch. 

The Imp uses an 875 cc all-aluminium power unit, adapted by Rootes from a Coventry Climax FWMA fire pump engine. My work includes engine restoration and new engine gaskets. 

Interior completely restored in red leather, dark blue floor, new sealing with properly restored dials. 

Brought back to its original Electric Blue color (with written origin), layers of body protection properly added as well as new painting. Entirely new or restored chrome exterior also added around the car

4 Speed Manual transmission is smooth and responsive. No noises or unusual behavior.

Braking, Steering
Front disc brakes are excellent and operating properly.  Steering is precise and on point. Fresh Alignment.

New battery 

Among other things the car was at first properly dismantled,the mechanical parts are either new or restored, chassis in wonderful shape and the audio system is renewed including the installation.

In case of any more information please send me a massage and I will happily come back to you.

Rare Sleeper: Big Block, Four-Speed Mercury Montego

First, we admit a 1960s mid-sized sedan isn’t the sleeper it once was; but it’s true that most sedans in this class were built with mild powertrains.  Not this one, however, as it sports a 390 and four-speed manual!

This example is essentially stock, but does wear headers and custom exhaust, as well as a 750 CFM Holley carb.  The great news is that the carb is hidden under a stock air cleaner.  That’s a decision we respect on a car like this!

The car appears to be in very good condition, even if the pics aren’t the best.  It seems the seller had trouble getting the whole car into any one pic.  Condition is overall very good, but the seller claims it needs a replacement posi-traction carrier, as the limited-slip diff isn’t functioning (though the car drives).  We also see a few minor items that need addressing in the interior.

So, we love the car and imagine it will have no trouble finding fans.  The question is whether it will find a buyer at the opening bid price.  So far, the answer is no.  While this is cool and rare, its four doors mean it won’t get anywhere near the buy-it-now (BIN) price.

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Westfield, MA, USA
$8,500 with ZERO bids, reserve not met, 1.5 days to go and $17,000 BIN price

Here’s a hint of the classic sedan profile.  We love the classy combination of dark red and black vinyl top, as well as the styled steel wheels.  The trim appears to be present and in at least decent driver condition.

Front end shows interesting concave shape and cool quad lights.  The hood also has a nice, aggressive bulge down the center.

Rear is pretty much plain Jane, although the dual exhaust hints at power.  We’re not sure that the 390 badge was placed in this location originally – someone can correct us if we’re wrong.

Interior sports split (?) bench seat and lots of fake wood.  Naturally, we get a bit fixated on the three pedals and long shifter.  Unfortunately, the doors were cut for speakers and it looks like someone’s working on the remote mirror adjustment.  Surely, these can be sorted fairly easily (retro speaker grills hiding modern speakers would be nice).

Rear seat offers decent room, though not much by today’s FWD sedan standards. Still, modern child seats should fit back here and will be compatible with the lap belts.

It looks like the car has a relatively new gas tank and we don’t see rot back here.

Here’s the 390 (AKA 6.5L) V8.  Again, we love the largely-stock look.  Sure, some might want to clean things up a bit, but this looks just right for a driver.

Ad text:

This is a documented 1 of 1 built. It is a 390 4 speed 4 door with original miles . This is all original. motor was gone threw before I purchased I have receipts  runs perfect.  It does need a track lock carrier . I believe it’s cracked but does drive posi does not work. Car was repainted years ago never had any rust or damage .  I just don’t drive it enough .  Do not call or message  and ask to end early .  Car will.not leave my possession until payment in full and has cleared with my bank . Clean tittle in hand .  I will assist with pick up .  Car must be picked up within 7 days of completed sale . No shipping 
Car does have a edelbrock intake manifold and 750 holly carb and cam is a little larger than stock and hooker headers .  Drive line is original to car minor upgrades on engine and exhaust only 

Set your own Rekords in this Shift-it-Yourself Opel

With some funds, any European auto fan can score a 1980s BMW, Mercedes or even Audi; but this Opel Rekord will stand out in any American crowd today.

This is the 2.2i version, which came with the most sporting engine available, and this also has the Irmscher sport package, which consists of mostly cosmetic goodies.  The seller claims a number of mechanical upgrades vs. a non-Irmscher; but it seems some came on all of the 2.2i models.

Miles are either 51K or 151K and condition appears to be original and very good.  We love the manual trans and the sporty Recaro seats, as well as the mostly plain-Jane sedan wrapper.

Click for eBay ad
Iron River, MI, USA
$5,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and six days to go

This is the best exterior image provided.  For some reason, there are no shots of the front.

Rear has a certain “American-owned European” look, which reminds us somewhat of the XR4Ti/Sierra and maybe the Scorpio.

What car would be complete without a decal on the fender?  Also, Ronal wheels are labeled Irmscher for good measure.

Cloth-covered Recaros.  It officially does not get better than this – short of harnesses.

Simple, analog gauges look purposeful and sufficiently European.  Note reliable, manual windows, manual shifter and, perhaps most importantly, six cassette storage slots!  Those were the shi!t back in the day.

Ad text:

European VIN No.:  WOL000016F1252397. This is a 1986 Opel “Rekord Sport”, a limited edition of only 500 built by the Opel tuning company “Irmscher”.  “Irmscher” is for Opel what “AMG” is for Mercedes Benz.  Opel has been owned by General Motors for a long time and there is a lot of product- and engineering sharing going on.
The engine is a 2,2 Liter 4 Cylinder with mechanical fuel injection rated at 130 HP (SAE), top speed 120 MPH, weight 1165 kg (~2600 lbs.), 5 speed manual transmission.
The modifications by “Irmscher” to the standard Opel Rekord “GL” model are:
1. increased engine capacity from 2 Liters to 2.2 Liters
2. lowered suspension and increased track width – live rear axle w. trailing arms, “Monroe” gas shocks and separate coil springs,  rear drum brakes,  independent front suspension w. disk brakes
3. tuned exhaust system with exhaust headers, 2″ exhaust piping and 3″ chrome end pipe
4. front and rear spoilers and aero all around package
5. 4 spoke leather steering wheel 15″ diameter
6. “Recaro” sports seats upholstered in tweed fabric
7.  full instrumentation including tachometer, oel/pressure- and volt meter
8.  opening dark tinted glass sunroof by “Augros”
9.  AM/FM, cass. deck stereo w. multiple speakers
10. aluminum wheels by “Ronal” especially made for “Irmscher”
This car is all original, it was never fully repainted and was never in an accident.  The 5 digit odometer shows 51600 km, but I have to assume that the total km are 151600.
This Spring, the car was inspected and some fuel lines and water hoses were replaced.  A new battery, new ignition cables and a new set of  performance radial tires in the size of  215/60X15 were installed.  Opel owners manual, original “Irmscher” sales brochure and price list as well as US import document papers come with the car.  The vehicle was imported into the US by the seller in 2012 and it has a clear Michigan title.
This is a very responsive and sporty car and it gets 30 – 35 MPG!

Volvo 940 Batmobile

Admit it, you’ve all looked at delightfully boxy, 80s and 90s Volvos and wondered what they would look like as Batmobiles.  Well, someone decided to find out.

There’s a lot of DIY handiwork here and the photos mostly speak for themselves.  Here’s a quote we love:

“a few spots where hot glue was used , etc. I kinda like the way some things were done in a non slick non pro way . Gives it charm . Is folksy & creative . Makes it kinda like an Art car.”

Underneath it all is a 351K mile used car that supposedly has had a lot of recent maintenance and a lot of typical older car faults.  These B230 four cylinders run a long, long time; but a 351K used car may be a tough sell.  Screw that – act now because the Batman doll shown in the image is included in the sale!

Click for eBay ad
Ocean Grover, NJ, USA
$899 with ZERO bids, $1,249 BIN and 4.5 days to go

Pinstripes and decal are nice and all, but how about those fins?

Batman-shaped headlights may or may not be legal in your county or parish.  Non-functional hood scoop is a nice touch and, yes, there’s a backwards scoop on the roof (also non-functional).

Ridiculously odd from every angle!

Let’s get to the rear and those fins.

Contrasting blue and yellow bumper sticker clears things up, in case there was some doubt.

This closeup reveal the homemade nature of the fins.

Yes, they contain LEDs, apparently, wired to the brake lamps and turn signals.

Moving to the interior we see not everything was left alone, but most of the “work” is just color-related.

Pep Boys (or J.C. Whitney?) seat covers match the theme, rather than the rest of the interior, and Batman logos on the head restraints complete the look.

The seller sprung for the full front+rear cheapo seat cover kit AND here’s a pic of that Batman doll.

Here’s the B230.  This is a naturally aspirated, single overhead cam four cylinder; so don’t get too excited.

Ad text:

 Custom Volvo model 940 modified to look like the Batmobile . This is the coolest car you will ever own ! One of a kind . Totally awesome . A real head turner . Rear wings . Bat shaped headlights project bat shapes . Red leds on wings for turn & brake lights . 2x Spoiler scoops(fake) . Pinstriping galore . Red & Black interior . Automatic . 4x door . Sedan . 351750 miles . 22mpg local . 28 mpg highway .

In great condition . Owned by a Volvo fanatic . Very very well maintained . Runs & drives great . Do not let high mileage scare you . It is actually impressive & indicates how well maintained this car is . These older Volvos are known to last forever . No rust . No accidents .

Tuned to perfection . Oil & filter changed every 2500 miles . O2(oxygen sensor) replaced . Battery , ignition coil , ignition wires , spark plugs replaced . Tie rod ends , ball joints , front bushings replaced . Fuel pump , fuel filter, fuel relay replaced . Exhaust fittings & clamps replaced . All 4x brakes replaced . Radiator , water pump , thermostat replaced . Engine timing belt & engine seals replaced . Probably forgot some stuff but you get the idea – super well maintained car . Above stuff might be needed in any used car you buy and could cost thousands to do .

Ok so now the cons( cosmetic & creature comfort ) :
Paint exterior not in great condition . Fair . Looks good from distance . Mixed paints. Oxidation . Could use buffing / refinishing / maybe repainting . See fotos .
No heat . Heater core was leaking so was bypassed . Will come with electric heater that plugs into cigarette lighter .
AC works but takes a few minutes to kick on/get cold . Sometimes makes minor noise when on . Uses readily available R134 freon .
No GPS , Radio , or CD player .
No steering wheel airbag .
Usual old car stuff : missing door map pockets , seat covers worn , driver window makes noise when all the way down(but works fine) , a few spots where hot glue was used , etc. I kinda like the way some things were done in a non slick non pro way . Gives it charm . Is folksy & creative . Makes it kinda like an Art car . 

I am in Central NJ . Manchester .  Zip 07859 . You are welcome to come and examine & test drive this car . In fact I wish you would . I encourage & prefer that you do so . I myself would not buy a car without seeing it in person & test driving it .

TERMS : Being sold as is . No returns or refunds . A non refundable deposit of $250(via paypal) is due within 24 hours of auctions ending . Balance upon pick up to be cash only . Must pick up this car within 10x days of auctions ending .

P.S. – Yes Batman doll in rear seat is included .

Post Super Bowl Panther: ’98 Grand Marquis with 5MT Swap

Despite rolling on an ancient platform and being known mostly as police and bingo hall cars, there’s something interesting about the Ford Panther platform cars.  They offer low prices, V8 power, rear wheel drive and a big dose of simplicity.  Today’s example solves the biggest shortcoming, which is the exclusive use of automatic transmissions by Ford.

Had the Panthers won the Super Bowl, we wonder if this would have been up for sale in February with a ridiculous price.  Probably not…

The seller mentions some (hopefully minor?) rust issues,but this is – fittingly – in Florida, where cars just rust away in the salty, humid air.  Hopefully, this can be saves, as the MT swap was a great idea and the other mods are relatively subtle.

The non-functional hood scoop is from a 1983 Mustang and it looks like the fog/driving lamps were added.  Beyond that, this appears to ride low and have a small rear spoiler.  The driver confesses some cosmetic needs and indicates that rear shock are needed.  We’d investigate what’s already on the car and use the opportunity to maximize suspension performance.  If the price stays close to this opening bid, this could be a fun driver for someone.   Mileage is low; so this should be around a long time – again, as long as rust is stopped.

Click for eBay ad
Sarasota, FL, USA
$2,500 with ZERO bids and two days to go

The exterior mods take away the sleeper effect to some extent; but this will always be mistaken for a police car when viewed in a rear view mirror.

Profile looks mostly stock; but the hood scoop does protrude and we’re not sure these Crown Vic wheels were available on the Merc.  Maybe they were??

The ad indicates the car was “slightly sideswiped” on this side.  We’re not sure where.

Here’s the intimidating front end and another look at the thoroughly-non-functional hood scoop.  Driving/fog lamps were an interesting idea and the installation could be worse.

Rear shows obligatory custom badges and extended dual exhaust.  It’s not clear whether the exhaust system has any mods or these are just tips.

From this angle, the interior looks basically stock and reasonably clean.

Here’s the money shot for this car – really the only reason it’s here.

Ad text:

Custom 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis. Only 90k miles.Original 4.6 v-8 engine with a 2002 Mustang Tremec TR3550 five speed manual transmission.The conversion was done at 75 k.  Mercury Marauder cluster, console, dual exhaust and trunk spoiler. K&N filter, SCT tuner. 1983 Mustang GT hood  scoop. 327 Trac Loc rear. Runs, drives and stops well. Cold a.c., tinted windows and cd stereo with subwoofer. drive as is or restore. Has droopy headliner and cracked leather,  typical of an 18 year old car. The lighting control module is in need of replacement as well as the rear shocks. the air bags are fine and the compressor is working. Slightly sideswiped on passenger side. Some rust on front fenders and on the frame is present, previous repairs have been done but more are needed. car is sold as is with a clean Florida title. No warranties expressed or implied.

Non-Gordini Renault R8 in Los Angeles

The R8 is one of the most unusual-looking (or least usual looking?) small sedans, which means we love them!  This example awaits you in Lawndale, CA and has been upgraded with a 1.1L engine.  Yes, that’s an upgrade vs. the base 0.956 liter unit…

French with a rear-mounted engine – what’s not to love?  With the blue paint and driving lamps, this has a semi-Gordini look, with without the price or performance.  Still, this will be the talk of any Cars and Coffee and should be a cool cruiser. It will be up to the next owner to decide whether to go full rally or keep this the way it is.

The seller provides pretty good pics, but not much other info.  The condition appears to be excellent.  Missing are any engine shots – hopefully, the condition matches what we can see.  If all is well with it, we think this is a lot of coolness for $5,500.

Click for Craigslist ad
Lawndale, CA, USA

Here’s the face that looks like no other.  We love it!

From other angles, this car is a bit more conventional, although the rear deck is long due to the rear-mounted engine.  It won’t be easy to find a bumper in the US…

The interior is simple and nicely finished to make for a great color combination.  We don’t see a tach, but there are ways to address that.

Split bench front likely means European families of six fit into these. Seats are in great shape, just don’t look for lateral support.

We love the painted and semi-covered doors for the contrast, as well as the utilitarian door pulls.

Ad text:

This very clean Renault 8 has been upgraded to 1100cc. The car is driver quality and has very nice paint, interior, and some nice upgrades. This is a very cute car to drive and has the European rally look.

The previous owner put a lot of time and effort and money into this Renault and it is fun to drive.

There is a video of this particular car up on YouTube so please feel free to search it. We are not asking a lot of money for this Renault 8. It would be a perfect coffee car for the weekends or to keep at your holiday house.

Thoroughly Pimped W140 S320

Sometimes Tacky is the most appropriate term for a vehicle.  It’s ever better when the car made tacky was the base model to begin with and when the asking price is comical at best.

First off, yes, Mercedes Benz offered an inline six in the boxy W140 S-Class.  You’ve probably seen one but the owner had ripped the badge off to be Euro.  Or, you were inside one which was a livery car in Europe.

Second, someone decided to take this bottom-rung S-Class and pimp it out.  Other than that, this is a 150K mile, arguably under-powered S-Class.  The best news here is that a car cover is included in the sale; so one can feasibly hide this car without sacrificing garage space.  Hopefully, the cover wasn’t made by the shop that did the interior.

Regarding price, this one’s pretty amazing.  Kelley Blue Book says this car (sans pimp crap) is worth about $1,200.  The seller is asking exactly ten times that much!  We’ll go on record as saying that’s not a very good deal unless you think a pimp puking on a car is a value multiplier or, unless the trim can be melted down to yield ten or more ounces of 24K gold.

Click for Craigslist ad
Somewhere in New Hampshire?

How has he pimped thee?  Let us count the ways.  Shitty gold can be seen on the wheels, door handles, lower trim, wheel arch trim, mirrors, spoilers (yes, two of them), AMG badges (on this non-AMG), b-pillar trim and daylight opening trim.  Not to mention the 1980ish-Caddy-inspired two-tone paint.

Sadly, the other side looks no better.

How about a close-up of the mirror and door handles?

How about that wheel arch trim?  Here’s an AMG badge, too.

Note the lower AND upper spoilers in gold, as well as the script in the rear window.

Inside, things aren’t much better.  From this angle, we see cheesy gold trim on the vents and shifter, as well as tacky, leopard print mats.

Wait, what’s with the leather, you ask?  Yes, it seems the owner wanted a little more color vs. the usual (classy) M-B interior.  Note also the gold trim around the shifter bezel and each and every switch.

The leather is even worse than you think.  Not only is it festooned with lions, but it has some sort of paisley print on yet another base color.

Seat bottoms carry over the terrible pattern and color, and rear mats match the front ones.

Ad text:

beautiful one of a kind mercedes S320 always maintained runs like new needs nothing and in excellent shape,customized indide and out all the trim is 24 Kt Gold and there is a brand new set of wheels that go with the car also a remote 50 disc changer in the trunk plus the factory one. also a custom car cover any questions please ask…will assist with shipping thanx

AM-Sleeper: 1973 Ambassador Brougham with 401

The Ambassador was AMC’s top-of-the-line car for almost two decades, and this one comes with the best engine available.  We love the high output/plain sedan combination!

Sure, this engine was choked down a bit by 1973, but this car should offer plenty ‘o torques, even when one considers the mass of this car.  AMC never built small- and big-blocks side-by-side, like the others; but this was their largest displacement engine and it is fairly rare today.  Beyond rarity and engine coolness, this car offers apparently low mileage and appears to be in excellent condition.

The seller mentions a few issues: the heater core needs to be replaced and the part is included (maybe not a small job?), the AC doesn’t blow cold and the transmission might need a main seal; but functions well.  Given the age of the car, these shouldn’t be deal breakers unless the price creeps above $10K or so.  Sure, a sedan like this will never set auction records, but the engine adds value.

Click for eBay ad
Sylvania, OH, USA
$5,300 with ZERO bids and 2 days to go

Want a unique car for Cars and Coffee?  This is just the ticket. When did you last see one, if ever?

Here’s another look at that luxurious front end.

Dual exhaust may or may not be stock – it looks a bit aftermarket.

Here’s the badge that matters.

If you’re a velour collector, this is the car for you!  How about that split bench?

In case you need to drop it down, gangsta style, these seats fully recline.

Okay, so it’s not much to look at, with its 1973ness; but it should work.

Ad text:

A very nice 73 Ambassador with the 401 Z code V8. Very fast , great running and strong engine. No rust anywhere on car, very solid. Power windows all work well. All switches move and work. Very nice seats that are like new, they also fold all the way down to rear seats. All seats are very comfortable and the ride is fantastic. Dash is in very good condition. The carpet is faded, but all there and the interior smells very nice. No smoking or bad smells. The heater core needs replaced and will come with the car. The a/c does not blow cold. Mechanically the car is solid. The transmission leaks when it is cold, but not when warm or hot. After a day or so it pukes tranny fluid and needs a couple quarts replaced. Guessing it needs new main seals at tranny. The transmission works great, no problems with operation or shifting just leaks when cold. This is a very nice cruising Ambo that I have had the pleasure of owning since 2003. Thank-you. I’d like to add that I am including nos vent shades in the AM box group 15.420 part 8992610. Looks great on car and vents in the rain. This is definitely the best Ambassador around. Build date 4/73. I bought this from the original owner. He had it 30, I’ve had it 12. Incentive, I’ll drive Ambassador to you within 300 miles for free. It would be a great   departing gift for me. Of course weather permitting and if you live further away text me and let me see what I can do.  My phone number is 419xxxxxxx for more information and address to see and inspect car.  Thanks