Sightings: Newport Beach, CA July 6, 2017

I went to Newport Beach for a Duffy Boat ride and was rewarded with a few odd sightings – all in one parking lot.

This gem speaks mostly for itself, but we first noticed the Pep Boys hood scoops and the body side molding used on the hood, as well as the horrid decal work on the side.

Under the front bumper is a strange assortment of LED lights.

The rear features very thick molding applied in odd locations. Its a bit sad to see the car that introduced the DOHC Ford modular V8 (later used in the SVT Cobra) to the world treated like this. That being said, we’re not sure whether it’s better or worse than the geriatric, puffy top treatments these usually get.

Lumina APV – need we say more?

Finally, in the same lot was a genuine 280ZX 10th Anniversary Black Gold edition!

The paint has oxidation, but the car is overall in pretty amazing shape and appears to be mostly original.

MSA/Grant steering wheel is a common mod and we also noted a MSA 6×9 speaker panel in the back. Great news in this pic is the manual shifter.

Double Cab Ute: Datsun U620

Most Datsun pickups from the 60s and 70s were standard, two-seat affairs with separate beds – much like almost every other pickup out there. There were a few oddballs, though, including the Sunny Ute we previously featured and today’s U620. This is the Ute version of the 620 pickup and arguably the coolest (and weirdest) Datsun pickup ever made.

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Sylvia Gen 1: 1977 Datsun 200SX

Okay, we’ve posted one as UR-Sylvia before.  We stand by that.  This is where the Sylvia started and it offers light weight and rear wheel drive with a nice, little L-series four cylinder up front.  Included is a healthy dose of delightfully odd 70s Japanese styling.

The seller claims this example has about 97K miles, which is nothing. Apparently, it runs with gas sprayed into the carb and the clutch has no pressure. So, at a minimum, you’ll want to refurb the fuel tank and clutch system, but these aren’t huge tasks.

Another consideration is no registration since 2011.  We recommend checking with your state to see what it’ll cost to register five years later.  We hope it’s not too much, as this cool, little relic deserves to remain on the road and in service.  At under $1K, this may be a no-brainer, assuming not too many big issues don’t appear once it’s up and running.

Click for eBay ad
Turlock, CA, USA
$660 with 20 bids and two days to go

These were always “interesting looking” cars – oddly appealing and a bit ugly at the same time.

The rear of this generation of 200SX was always delightfully odd and it seems a lot of them had stripes to accentuate it.  We approve of the brown stripe color choice!

Front end is perfectly handsome, though the 70s bumpers jump out.

Interior is all there and relatively clean.  These is one of our favorite 70s dashboards.  Upholstery appears to have a rip or two and we’re not sure it’s original.

Rear seat shows little use, but a few spots.  No telling what that could be.  This appears to be the original cloth, though.

L-series four cylinder looks as appealing as ever and it looks like someone has cleaned up under here.  We’d consider painting the air cleaner…

Ad text:

1977 Datsun 200SX
Vin # HLS10137709

Last registered in CA in 2011
97K miles on the odometer
Holds a clean CA Title
Engine fires up with gas sprayed in carburetor (gas tank is dry)
Clutch pedal has no pressure
Minor fender dent on passenger side (see pictures)

No Shipping
AS-IS with no guarantees 
Buyer responsible for pick up
$500 deposit is due immediately after auction ends
Vehicle must be paid in full and picked up within 7 days of the end of the auction
$25 per day storage fee will apply after the 7 day grace period

Pre-Volvo Dual Forced Induction:1989 Nissan March Super Turbo

Several years after the original March/Micra launched, it seems Nissan wanted its own race series for these little buggers; so the March Super Turbo was born.  What that means is 110 HP out of 0.93 liters.  This was achieved using both a turbo and a supercharger!

This example was apparently imported to the US by the seller and EPA says its okay per the 25-year rule. If you live in California (or similar), your state may not agree.

Regardless, this is a cool little piece of history and must by pretty fun to drive, with that oddball engine and very low mass.  This wears a few period- and market-correct mods, such as shocks and wheels; but that might boost (get it?) the whole JDM image.

The asking price is not in super-bargain territory, but doesn’t seem crazy, either.  eBay indicates that offers will be considered, so perhaps a good deal for both buyer and seller can be worked out.

Link to Nissan Global Heritage site

Click for eBay ad
Bridgewater, MA, USA
$8,800 BIN with offers considered and four days to go

This shows just about everything we love about 1980s Japanese and Hot Hatch styling.  Yes, the scoop is functional!

Here’s a tiny, classic hatch profile.  Super turbo badges are just plain awesome.

Front end has a rally car look and reminds us of some other non-US Nissans from the period.

Interior looks to be in good shape and ample gauges should provide plenty of info.  We assume the accessory gauge is for boost, but for which device?

We love the original cloth; so we respect the Recaro and its oddball cloth while simultaneously wishing that the original driver’s seat was included in the sale.

Here’s the hard-to-dissect engine.  Despite small displacement, there’s a lot crammed in there, especially given the top-mount intercooler.

Ad text:


Federally legal imported under the 25+ year law, this car is legal anywhere in the US. I have the import paperwork for title in your state. I imported the car myself and the last picture shows the actual inspection sheet from this vehicles auction to show that it was a grade 3 car with no accident history. I can assist with vehicle shipping and have done so many times in the past.

Recently imported 1989 Nissan March Super Turbo. Extremely rare, 1 of 2 known to be in the US.
This car is both TURBO AND SUPERCHARGED from the factory. It’s a homologation special from Nissan and was only available in Japan. The only other one of these cars in the US was sold last summer for $11000 and they still fetch $10k+ in Japan as they’re now considered “sport classic” vehicles.

Powered by a mighty 1.0 (yes, 1000cc) turbo and supercharged engine and 5 speed short ratio LSD transmission pumping 110hp out to the sub 1700lb chassis (the car is slightly smaller than an MK1 GTI). There is a factory triple din gauge pod like whats found in the Skyline GTR, manual windows/locks, but the car does have working AC.

Mechanically the car is excellent, the body has a few blemishes I’ll be happy to point out during an in person inspection or I can email pictures if you’d like. There are also a few aftermarket parts including KYB SR Special struts, aftermarket (I believe they are Rays) wheels, Recaro confetti drivers seat, and a boost gauge. Parts are easy to obtain and tune ups/oil changes can be done with parts found locally at any parts store.

Kenmeri from Bahrain: 1974 Nissan Skyline 240K GT

The C110 Skyline was known as the Kenmeri due to the ad campaign which launched it and featured decidedly non-Japanese actors.  This started life as a right-hand drive 240K GT but is now left-hand drive and features an L28 in place of the L24.

The work on this car appears to have been done to a very high standard, as the LHD conversion looks stock.  This is a rare car; so some would prefer it bone stock; but LHD convenience (for most markets) and L28

Click for eBay ad
East Riffa, BAHRAIN, Bahrain
$40,100 with 58 bids, reserve not met and 1.25 days to go

This looks like a scaled-up US-market Datsun, but these were never sold here.  Upscaling accommodates six cylinder engines.

Here’s a first glance at the iconic Skyline tail lights.  Also note that aggressive fastback style and the character lines on the sides – all very 70s Japanese (meaning US-influence, yet unique in some ways).

Front end it unlike any US Datsun.  Note 240K GT badge.

Here’s another look at those awesome tail lights.  By the way, we love the hubcaps and, of course, the color.

Inside is sporty and everything appears to be in great shape.

This looks like it has a full complement of gauges.  The seller says the steering wheel is worn, but it looks good in the pics.

Fastback styling compromised the trunk quite a bit, but it still hold a spare.

L28 could be stock, as it looks the same as an L24 on the outside.  We’re not sure what the induction story is here – US L-series sixes had either two SU-style carbs or fuel injection.  This appears to have a single carb.  We love the stock look, but wonder if triple Mikunis would really make it sing.

Ad text:

 Datsun Nissan, skyline 240K GT (C110), 1974, GOOD CONDITION MUST SEE, only had though approaching as shown 126020 KM but not original km driven.
You are viewing a rare find stunning classic outstanding example of 1974 Datsun Nissan skyline 240K GT, Series (C110), Two door Model, 2800cc (6 cylinder) Block type L28 inline engine 2.8 SOHC carburetor, this is meticulously maintained never smoke

Approximated driven 126020km, convert to Miles well be 078306 mile not original and I don’t have the original mileage I bought it as it is, 2 doors, equipped with the 5-speed manual transmission, 14-inch steel wheel rim with stainless steel wheel hubcap, good condition, complete service is just done.

Its looks amazing for rear quarter original design with its slash-style fender flare and angular. The cabin is typical of higher-range Japanese cars of the era, with lots of flat, sharp-cut surfaces and black interior. the gauges cluster and its large teach and speedo-sized analog RPM, as well as the big diameter, skinny-rimmed. Note the pillarless hardtop construction, which should make for a very airy cabin with all four windows rolled down.

The vehicle look like great and run good, Paint appears in good shape all over its repaint in original gorgeous color, however a few small dings here and there, color (Golden light brown classic) exterior, and (black) for interior.

I would guess it is the finest example currently available anywhere. Overall the car presents very nicely

The car original bought it from Australia and it’s converted to LHD, the new chassis number plate is match the car model, car specification and year, It’s a so RARE to get LHD car model that converted in professional way.

Please note there is wear and tear in the steering wheel.

This is best deal for cars collectors.

Front Seats:
Upholstery Material 
Manual passenger seat & manual adjustable driver seat
Height adjustable driver seat
Rear seats:
Upholstery Material
Front console with storage
Front center console storage under the stereo 
Cable trunk release
12V front cargo area power outlet(s)
Air conditioning
Center roof reading lights
Front and rear floor mats (not original)
In Car Entertainment:
2 total rear speakers
JVC AM/FM stereo and CD Playback (not original)
Safety Features:
Front Disc / rear Drum brakes
Front seat belt for driver and passenger 
Rear center 2-point belt
2 front adjustable headrests
Heated rear window

This is best deal for cars collectors.

Great Ad and Cool Car: ’76 Datsun Honey Bee

We admit it, we love the Honey Bee.  Sure, Nissan/Datsun shipped too many base B210s and someone in Gardena simply decided to slap decals on them to make them a “special”, but there’s something oddly appealing about this little car.

The seller provides lots of good photos, including every issue noted.  The car apparently has one small bit of rust-through, but paint is original; so we recommend a little treatment to stop rust growth and leaving as-is.  The car is reported to run well but might need a bit of tuning.  It’ll be up to the next owner to decide whether to yank out emissions gear and simplify or keep it running bone-stock.  In our humblest of opinions, this one’s far too nice for a swap, but one could toy with it while keeping all original parts.  Hmm.
Ultimately, this is a very basic, four-speed-equipped B210 with under 50K miles and which is ready to run.  This is a deal at the current sub-$3K bid, but we don’t know the reserve.  This car was a prize in a dealership giveaway, so it has a bit of an interesting story!
Stillwater, MN, USA (the OTHER Stillwater)
$2,750 with 24 bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go
Original paint looks great to these eyes, as do the steelies.  If we bought it, we’d keep an eye on eBay and salvage sites for a good set of original hubcaps.  You know…for concours use.
Front also looks almost as-new.  Compared to its delightfully ugly F10 sibling, the B210 was downright handsome.
In truth, we prefer the hatchback “GX” body, but Honey Bees were all based on the two-door.
Interior is in excellent condition with one crack in the dash and a minor tear on the side of one seat.  Don’t expect a tachometer in this basic B.
Here’s the 1.4L I4 in all its glory.  Very clean…
Ad text:
PLEASE READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION THOROUGHLY!!! Sorry about it being Long-Winded, but this car deserves a proper description!!!!
This may be the nicest, original, low-mile, unmolested 1976 Datsun B210 Honey Bee on the Planet.
Working odometer currently shows approximately 48,500 miles and the car is in AMAZING condition for it’s age. This little Honey Bee has an interesting “story” as well…..
In 1976, the original owner (shown in the photo with his wife) stopped in at the local Datsun dealership to look at pickup trucks. One of the salespeople convinced him to throw his name in a hat as the dealership was holding a drawing to give away this particular Honey Bee. Well, wouldn’t you know it? A few days later the phone rang, and low and behold, he had won the little car!!!!
For the next 10 years, the Honey Bee was used mainly in Arizona (where they spent the winter months). If you notice the car still has it’s tow bar attached. According to the grandson (now in his late 40’s), the actual miles on the drivetrain are probably somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 as opposed to the 485xx currently showing on the odometer. This is due to being flat-towed to Arizona from Minnesota almost 3800 miles round trip for a number of years.  The car shows like a 30,000 mile car without a doubt.
The original owner passed away in 1986 and the Honey Bee was put into storage until 1996 when it was then passed on to his son. From what I can gather from documents, the car was driven less than 3000 miles from 1996, until a couple of years ago (2014?) when it was parked yet again. I was told that during the last 20 years it was driven solely to local car shows and around the neighborhood during the summer.
Thankfully, this car has been kept in a dry, climate controlled garage, has NEVER witnessed a salty winter road, and currently is about 99.9% rust free.
Let’s talk about rust and get that out of the way first. There is ONE (1) small rust hole (aprox. 1/4″x1/2″) located behind the drivers’ side rear wheel well. (shown in close-up photo) That is the only “substantial” structural rust on the car; body or otherwise.. The remainder of the “rust spots” are mostly from paint chips (lower valance, hood front edge, roof, etc). The underside is spotless, floors, door bottoms, trunk floor, etc., etc. All are almost as solid as the day the car was made 41 years ago.
The body itself I would rate an (8) out of 10. It has a number of parking lot dings, and a few minor scuffs and scratches.. The white paint hides these blemishes so well, they are virtually impossible to photograph…. and unless your are at the right angle and up close, they are difficult to see in person as well.
The photos ARE a true representation of how this looks in person. It truly is a BEAUTIFUL LITTLE CAR, especially when factoring in how rare a virtually rust-free, original Datsun of this vintage is to find! Let alone a Honey Bee!
Yes, Once you get up close and personal, you can start to pick out the small blemishes. I guess you might call it a “3 footer”.  Also of note is that the lower edge of the rear window rubber trim has been “cut/modified” to fit the base of the CB antenna (shown in pic) and the inner trunk seal is a bit deformed because of running the CB antenna cable through this area.
The car wears 100% of its original paint and decals and has NEVER been in an accident. Both front and rear bumpers are NEAR-PERFECT although the rear bumper has a tear in one of the rubber end caps (shown in pic). The front valance panel (beneath the front bumper) has been bent up (NOT CUT) to accommodate the tow-bar mount. If you are going to remove the tow-bar mount, this is easily fixed by bending the panel back into place as the steel used in these cars is quite thin and easily manipulated.
All glass is near perfect. No cracks, and aside from a few ultra-small rock chips in windshield, is crystal clear. Windows roll up/down like new. Weather-stripping, for the most part is still soft and supple.
Interior is in EXCELLENT condition as well for it’s age. Yes, it does have a cracked vinyl dash pad(across the speaker), but I think all B210’s came from the factory that way (joking) as I’ve never seen another that wasn’t cracked, especially 40 odd years down the road. Aside from a small (2″) cut in the vinyl on the side of the lower portion of the drivers seat (see pic), the seats, both front and rear are perfect. I believe the small cut could be repaired from the backside (easy access).  Door cards are excellent, vinyl floors excellent, etc. Both sun-visor clips are broken, and there is a small 1/2″ cut in the headliner near the dome light (see pic).
Interior has “vintage” CB radio mounted (working condition unknown) along with fancy (by 1980’s standards) cassette stereo mounted beneath the glove box. Yes, the factory radio is still in place and the dash has not been cut. I have not been able to get either of the radio’s to work, but I haven’t tried very hard. Factory radio is missing one knob. There are tweeter speakers two-sided taped to the dashboard, that I will leave up to the next owner to get working, or remove.
Wipers work, Heater works excellent, rear window defogger unknown (hasn’t been cold enough to use it!) All lighting (head, tail, brake, dash, hazard) works as they should.
Brakes were recently serviced and car stops straight and true. Tires are brand new as of a few hundred miles ago (2014 date code). As you can see in the pics, the car is missing its original “dog-dish” hubcaps. I purchased the car with ugly “aftermarket” hubcaps, but felt the original steel rims looked better naked than what was mounted. Original wheels are still wearing their factory paint. Spare tire in the trunk, I do not believe has ever been used, and appears to be original as well. All original Nissan jack-hardware is in place. The trunk is missing it’s cardboard “floor panel” spare tire cover as seen in pics.
As for mechanicals, the car starts instantly, idles like a sewing machine and goes down the road well. The original Hitachi carb (and ALL of the wonderful 1976 emissions paraphernalia) is still in place and supposedly “working”. In my opinion, the car could use more tuning as there is a bit of a flat spot when accelerating. If you ease into the throttle, it pulls through fine, but if you “step on it” it will hesitate a bit before accelerating. I am not an expert on Hitachi carbs, and do not plan on becoming one. From the info I’ve gathered on various Datsun forums, most people that drive these cars daily, remove all of the emissions and install a Weber carburetor. That said, others claim the Hitachi’s are the best for overall fuel economy and can be tuned to perfection.
Once again…I must repeat!!  As it sits, the car runs and drives well right now!! I have driven it at highway speeds and it does just fine.
Could it run a bit better? Yes, but I will leave that up to the buyer to sort out. Anyone that is going to be interested in this car will be an enthusiast with more knowledge than I and should have no problem sorting her out to 100%. At the end of the day it is a classic car, and classic cars will always require a bit of fiddling.
I will say that I have gone as far as to replace cap, rotor, wires (NGK), plugs, points and condenser and made sure the timing is set to factory specs.
Engine does not smoke, leak, or make any odd noises. In fact, it sounds like NEW and is one of the quietest and smoothest running 4 cylinders I’ve ever heard. Coolant is bright green, oil is clean.
I should probably mention the transmission. Honey Bee’s only came with a 4 speed manual, and the one in this car shifts like butter! Clutches and shifts absolutely perfect. No chatter, no slipping, no grinding (perfect syncros), etc.
The one thing that I feel will need attention sooner than later is that the speedometer needle is “lazy” and makes a clicking sound when driving. This is probably due to sitting, as I find similar issues in many of the vintage motorcycles I restore that have spent more of their life “sitting” as opposed to being used.. Most of the time this is cured by re-oiling and use, but this probably requires removing the dash and I will leave that up to the new owner as well. That said, the odometer is still 100% accurate (with GPS) and works perfectly. The low miles on this car are CORRECT.
I really don’t know what else to say??? Datsun B210’s rarely come up for sale in this condition, let alone a Honey Bee!!!
This car would truly be an AMAZING addition to someone’s Vintage Datsun collection!
I’ve tried my best to describe this car how I would like it described to me if I were a potential long distance buyer. I do NOT like surprises when buying vehicles online (believe me, I’ve bought more than my share….just ask my wife!!)
PLEASE BE SURE TO LOOK OVER ALL OF THE PHOTOS CAREFULLY!!! and if you have ANY additional questions AT ALL..
Be sure to ask BEFORE PLACING A BID!!!
Car has a FREE AND CLEAR Minnesota Title in MY NAME and is ready to be transferred to the next owner.
$500.00 deposit Via Paypal IMMEDIATELY AT AUCTIONS END. Balance due within 3 business days via Nationally Recognized (Wells Fargo, Us Bank, Etc) Cashiers Check or CASH ONLY
I prefer that the car be picked up ASAP, but I can store the car (indoors, heated) for up to 3 weeks after payment in full is made.   Please make arrangements for pickup before the auctions end to save us both time please.
This car is a 41 year old USED Car and is sold 100% AS-IS, with no guarantees, warrantees, expressed, written, or implied. 
Thanks for looking!

L28 Powered 1955 Rambler Wagon

Here’s an odd swap: A 1955 Nash Rambler wagon with a Nissan/Datsun L28 inline six.

While the combination of brands is genuinely odd, this Nash would have had an I6 from the factory; so we assume this was a relatively easy fit.  Good news is this L28 should put out nearly twice the power of the original unit. So-so news is this is hooked up to an automatic trans. Still, anyone buying this is interested in a unique cruiser, so the slushbox may not be so bad.

The seller states this is a running and driving project in need of unspecified interior work and wheel balancing.  If it really is ready to run, the asking price of $3,550 seems pretty reasonable for something so interesting. We’d want to see the extent of the interior work needed – as only one pic is provided – and take a test drive to assess the supposed balance issue, however.

Click for Craigslist ad
Riverside, CA, USA

You just don’t see these anymore, especially in wagon form.  Prior model years had big fender skirts, but this year Rambler lifted up its skirt to reveal more wheel.

We love Nash’s interpretation of the classic wagon shape.

Front end is very, very Rambler.

As with all wagons, the rear 3/4 is something of a money shot.

Front the angle the major items in the interior seem to be complete, but carpet is needed.  If the needs are limited to carpet, upholstery and headliner, the cost to fix shouldn’t be too bad.  Apparent open head restraint hole may mean that’s a more modern bench seat.

Here’s the Datsun 280Z L28.  An Edelbrock four barrel feeds it now, instead of the original electronic fuel injection. We can understand that change in this swap, both in terms of easing the process and actually fitting the car’s image better. Of course, three big-ass Mikunis would work better.

Ad text:

1955 Nash Rambler station wagon, rare model, low mileage Datsun 280Z six cylinder engine, Nissan automatic transmission, 8 3/4 Ford rear end,oversized radiator, no overheating, new: Muffler, electric fuel pump, rear leaf springs, brake hoses,fuel cell, etc. Edelbrock carburator, Bob Sharp racing intake manifold, fuel regulator; aftermarket gauges,good body, personalized plates, chrome wheels, luggage rack on a cool factory humped roof, cool chubby body style, Needs Interior,wheel balancing; easy running/driving proyect;2017 registration, clean/clear Ca. title on hand, sacrifice! $3. show contact info ERO49.

Z21: The Zombie Truck

Yes, it’s called a D21; but we’re referring to this oddity as the Z21 due to its zombie theme.

The zombie theme consists of a mural on both sides and the tailgate.  For some reason, brass knuckle decals are also featured in several places.  Do brass knuckles even work on zombies?

The seller claims there’s a solid truck underneath it all, and does claim to have done some recent maintenance.  This is a 5-speed truck with AC and a sliding rear window; so it’s not a bad start.  What’s this worth to you, if anything?

Click for eBay ad
Sevierville, TN, USA
$2,900 BIN with offers considered

From a distance this looks like it might just be dirty, but it’s a mural of sorts.

A closer look reveals the graveyard zombie theme.

Brass knuckles are also a recurring theme on this truck.  Pep Boys hood scoop probably only hinders aerodynamics.

Yes, the mural wraps around both sides and the rear of this one. Note the brass knuckles decals on the rear window.

Another close-up for good measure.

Here’s the well-muraled tailgate.

One more close-up.

Apparently, and extra hood with some practice mural designs is included in the sale.

Bed features a plastic bedliner.  We wonder if there’s rust under it…

Interior is mostly stock and in about the condition one would expect, which is to say “serviceable.”

Pep Boys seat covers probably hide worn out seats.

Ad text:

You’ve never seen anything like this, because there isn’t anything like it.

Custom paint job with zombie scenes done by hand over flat gray 
Purple/ green iridescent paint on the wheels
Custom lowered approximately 2 inches
Dark tinted windows with vent visors
Xterra bucket seats, center console, carpeted door panels

Underneath the awesome paint job is a solid small truck:

1989 Nissan Hardbody D21 Pickup with just over 180k miles
2.4L Z24i engine with 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive
New radiator and new exhaust system were installed just before I got it
I personally replaced the fuel injector in the throttle body and coil/ igniter assemblies 
Equipped with power steering and AC
Sliding rear window, factory Nissan plastic bedliner
Tires all match, lots of tread
Altezza/ Euro taillights

This interesting little truck needs a little TLC, but is in GREAT shape for its age.  
but it will need some cleaning and fine tuning to get it in top shape. 

I’m selling it AS-IS with some additional and replacement parts included:

Extra throttle body assembly, complete
New power steering hose assembly from Autozone, still in original unopened packaging
Extra hood with a different custom zombie scene by the same artist (*Seen in the last photo)
Name brand good used radio/CD unit

Rare Datsun 1200 Two-Door Wagon

Nissan positioned this V320 as a small van, and it is closely related to its trucks of the time; but we see it as a small wagon.  Either way, it’s damn cool and has massive potential.

This example needs a lot of help, both cosmetically and mechanically, but the good news is that it appears solid and complete.  Also, it’s small and shares a lot of parts with other Nissans from the period.  Hopefully, that can keep costs down.

The seller claims this ran seven years ago.  Worst case, the next owner could consider a swap to something with more grunt, but there is something charming about these little sewing machine-like engines.  Perhaps it can be saved?

Paint is a little beyond patina and we suspect the next owner will want a full repaint.  Whether or not the baby blue is original, we think it’s perfect here.

Not too many years ago, this likely would have been a sub-$1K proposition all day long; but Japanese cars are a thing now, and the asking price is $6,500.  The question for a buyer is whether they want to end up with $10K+ invested in this when it’s finished.  That’s not unfathomable, but it’s not cheap, either.  If asking price was much under $5K and it ran, we’d say it was a bargain…

Click for Craigslist ad
Maybe near Orange County, CA?

Front end should be familiar to early Datsun truck fans.  The seller claims to have the grill and bumpers and they’ll be included in the sale.

Rear mini-fins are just plain awesome, as is two-door wagon body.

The interior is as simple as one would expect from an early Japanese vehicle – especially one based on a truck.

Here’s a closeup of that almost-art-deco instrument cluster.

There’s not much left of the seat upholstery; but the frames are there, so this shouldn’t be a huge job.

Door panel is truck-simple.  That card might just need some dye or it might fall apart if touched.

Here’s the 1.2-liter four in all its glory!  The seller doesn’t say whether the air cleaner is available with the sale.

The undercarriage is dirty and appears to have some surface rust, but we don’t see obvious holes.

Ad text:

Datsun 1200 / 2 Door Bluebird V320 commercial van…

very complete, straight, rust free body…

i have the bumpers and front grill also…

original 1.2 liter engine…

the engine ran 7 years ago…

clean title, rolls easy for shipping…

asking $6,500…

thank you