Bond Minicar 250 G

No, the infamous Reliant Robin was not the only three-wheeled, British microcar.  About 25 years before the Robin, there was the Bond Minicar.  Today’s feature car is the best of that breed – at least in terms of being a complete car – the Mark G.  It also represents the end of a nearly twenty-year run.

The Mark G is a fully-enclosed car, vs. some of the very early versions.  It is also the only variety to feature a twin-cylinder engine – double the cylinder count of earlier versions!  Of course, it’s still a 250cc, two-stroke engine putting out a whopping 12 horsepower (give or take).

The big news with the Minicar was the combined engine and front wheel unit, which means the engine steered with the wheel.  The seller has included a video which beautifully illustrates this, as well as the resultant turning radius, which is quite amazing!

This Bond appears to be in great overall condition and this is certainly a rare find in the US.  We hope it goes to a great home!

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$5,755 with 42 bids (!), reserve not met and 3.5 days to go
Granite Falls, WA, USA

Viewed in profile, this design is an odd combination of unique in front and pretty typical for the period in the rear.  Of course, the bizarre front proportions are dictated by the odd front wheel layout.

The actual front end and grill fit well with the classic rear design.

You know this is a later one, given the 50s fin design.  This was designed around the same time that Sunbeam included American fins in its Alpine design.

The Minicar features a large hatch opening with a relatively small cargo area.  However, we suspect the rear seat folds, which would open up quite a bit of space.

Front doors are front-hinged and, of course, the layout is left-hand drive.

Interior is simple and, apparently, the top is fiberglass.


Here’s the Bond money shot – the engine mounted atop the front wheel.  Yes, that whole mass turns.

Chain drive is always a great car feature!  Note that the exhaust “exits” in the front.  We recommend making sure the firewall is well sealed and/or driving with windows open for good venting!

Ad text:

Very unusual and very rare especially here in the USA is this Bond Minicar. It’s in very nice running and driving condition and has an extremely unusual drive train arrangement.

 This car features a 2 stroke 2 cylinder 250cc villiers engine that drives the front wheel through a chain. The entire drivetrain including the exhaust turns with the steering. It can turn nearly 90 degrees each way making it turn extremely sharp. 

 The frame is in great condition and the fiberglass body and paint are also in very good shape. There are minor imperfections here and there but overall it presents extremely well. The glass is all in good shape. Some of the window moldings look quite old and dry rotted but still working. It currently has a plastic back window fitted but the original glass window is included (would need new seal to install). 

This car features a dynastart combination starter and generator which works very well. It starts easily and runs great. The brakes work well although the pedal travels a bit far. The front brake is hydraulic and the rear brakes are mechanical. All the electrics work good including the horn although the horn button is missing. 

The Interior is quite nice with no rips or splits in the seats. 

 The original fuel tap had failed so it currently has a modern tap that you have to open the hood to turn on and off. You also access the fuel tank from under the hood.

Driving the car is quite a different experience. It features a column shift that ratchets through the gears by moving up and down. Although it is quite slow we did manage to get it up to 45mph on a level road. 

It has a clear Pennsylvania title.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and arrangements. 
I highly recommend and encourage a personal inspection.
The Bond can be viewed by appointment in Granite Falls Wa (near Seattle).
 I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.
 Must be picked up within 30 days after end of auction.

 Please feel free to ask any questions and be sure to watch the video of this car in action:

Weiner Microcar Musuem Liquidation, Round 2?

Anyone who knows microcars knows that Bruce Wiener close his Madison, Georgia, USA museum in 2014 and sold most of the vehicles.  RM auctions handled the sale and many microcar price records were set on that day.  Further, every other microcar for sale roughly doubled in asking price around that time.  It seems not all inventory was sold, however, as three more have come up on eBay with a different auction house.

1954 Fuldamobil NWF200

$30,000 BIN with offers considered

1956 Goggomobil T 250
$30,000 BIN with offers considered

1957 Heinkel Model 154
$40,000 BIN with offers considered

All cars are in Madison, GA, USA.  The auction takes place on February 4 at 12:00 Eastern.  Here’s the auction link:

Presumably, any BIN or offer activity will be honored and the lots taken out before Feb 4 (?).

Might this be the coolest microcar style ever?

Yes, it’s a three-wheeler!

And, yes, there’s some plaid here.


The Goggomobil is normal and almost boring next to the other two!

The deck lid has a cool, integrated vent for the rear-mounted engine.

No, this is not an Isetta, but it was inspired by it.  This was an attempt to make a better one, and it focused on aerodynamics.

Front door and layout are just like the Iso/BMW.

Similar to later Isettas, some of these had four wheels, with the rears tucked in tightly.

We heart plaid!

Fuldamobil ad text:

1954 Fuldamobil  Model NWF200. Odometer reads 48440km. 

Fuldamobil model S-1 (NWF 200) belongs to microcar / city car class. Represents the “A (mini cars)” market segment. The car was offered with small car three-wheeled body shapes between the years 1954 and 1955.
Cars were equipped with engines of 199 cc (12.2 cui) displacement, delivering 7 kW (9.5 PS, 9 hp) of power. Fuldamobil S-1 (NWF 200) is constructionally closely related also to Bambino (NL).
Fuldamobil NWF 200 (S-1), manufactured or sold in 1954, version for Europe (since March)
2-door microcar body type
RWD (rear-wheel drive), manual 3-speed gearbox
mixture petrol (gasoline) with oil engine with displacement: 199 cm3 / 12.2 cui, advertised power: 7 kW / 9 hp / 10 PS ( DIN ), torque: Nm / lb-ft
characteristic dimensions: outside length: 2970 mm / 116.9 in, wheelbase: 1800 mm / 70.9 in
This car is in good running condition, but could use a repaint. 

Goggomobil ad text:

Engine manufacturer:


Engine type:

spark-ignition 2-stroke

Fuel type:

mixture petrol (gasoline) with oil

Fuel system:


Charge system:

naturally aspirated

Additional features:

Bing 1/24

Cylinders alignment:

Line 2


247 cm3 / 15.1 cui

What power?

Horsepower net:

10 kW / 14 PS / 13 hp (DIN)

Torque net:

19.8 Nm / 15 ft-lb

Car power to weight ratio net:

24.1 watt/kg / 10.9 watt/lb

Car weight to power ratio net:

41.5 kg/kW / 29.6 kg/PS / 70.4 lbs/hp

Heinkel ad text:

1957 Heinkel Kabine Model 154. Serial Number 312347 Odometer reads 23237 km.1957 Heinkel Kabine from the Micro Car Museum. In immaculate condition. Aircraft designer Ernst Heinkel saw the Iso Isetta, and decided that he could do one better, using aircraft principles and making it lighter yet faster with a smaller engine. He did just that with the Kabine 150, the quintessential “bubble car” with its large window area and longer, sleeker lines, that were a cross between Isetta and Messerschmitt. In October 1956, he introduced the Kabine 153 (three-wheeler) and 154 (four wheeler) with the trusty four-stroke motor enlarged to 203cc. From March 1957 this was reduced to 198cc for insurance reasons. A license to build the Heinkel was also sold to Argentina, where some 2000 examples were sold until 1961. These were fitted with external air filters because of dust problems.Demand was high for the enormously popular Tourist scooter, and also for the various motors being supplied to other firms ,so there was increased demand for more production space in the Heinkel factories. Despite a production of some 50 cars a day, the Kabine was losing between 400 and 500 Marks per car. This, combined with the death of Heinkel in January 1958 and the resumption of aircraft production, necessitated the sale of the entire Kabine production facility to the Dundalk Engineering Company in Ireland in June of 1958.This idea was short-lived, however, as quality problems with the Heinkel-I became evident. The Irish factory was dirt-floored, and front axles stored outside. The license was withdrawn.

1971 Honda Vamos

Here’s one we’d never heard of! The Vamos was based on Honda’s mini-truck, the TN360, and was a mini-Jeep competitor (think Suzuki).

The interwebs consistently indicate that about 2,500 of these were built; so this is rare outside the Lane Motor Museum (surely they have one).  The seller of our subject unit provides almost no information, other than to say this features a manual trans and a clean title.

Given the relatively high asking price, we hope this runs and drives and is in very good shape.  The photos don’t show any real issues.

Click for Craigslist ad
Somewhere in SoCal, USA?

We love just about everything about this!  It features right-hand drive, a spare mounted on the body AND beautiful, plaid seats.  Also, is that a bar that lifts to act as a “door”/driver retainer??

Here’s that unique front end.

Passenger side looks much the same as the driver’s side.  Note the occupant retention system is in the deployed position here.  Also, the engine is presumably behind that black door on the lower side of the body.

We can’t see much of the rear, but we like what we see.

Ad text:

very rare truck
honda made just 2500 truck
california clean title

1962 Citroen 2CV Sahara

Here’s one of our favorites, which is basically a Citroen 2CV with dual engine to yield four wheel drive.  This was specifically built four exploring the French colonies in Africa, but we assume it was expensive or not too competitive with the Land Rover, given production under 700 units total.

These are now collector cars and, unfortunately, well out of our price range.  Still, we love ’em and, oddly, we had never featured one!  The seller provides decent information and images here.  Enjoy and drool!

Click for eBay ad
Fletcher, NC, USA
$99,500 BIN with offers considered and one day to go

From this angle, this may appear to just be a 2CV with an extra spare. Enthusiasts know what it is, though.

Just a 2CV with some odd vents at the rear?  I think not!

Here’s a giveaway that there power in the stern. We’re not sure that’s a stock fan, though.

Interior is 2CV simple.  Note seat frames and gas tank.

Controls are different from a standard 2CV in that the shifter is on the floor, rather than high in the dash.

Here’s that shifter.  No, we don’t know exactly what the lower level does, but it must have something to do with engaging the second engine (?).

This is the closest thing to an engine shot provided by the seller.

Ad text:

the world’s first dual-engine 4×4 vehicle; just 694 were built, and less than 30 survive today

1962 Citroen 2CV Sahara Bi Moteur

Quickly, how many dual engine street legal cars were manufactured in the last half of the twentieth century? You may be hard pressed to find another. The Citroen Sahara was a utility model built to navigate the oil rich North African terrain. It featured identical front and rear engines and could be driven using either engine or both. Unique chassis modifications resulted in durability and off road utility. The cars were hand built by the Panhard division in separate facilities from the main production plants. 694 trickled out beginning in 1958 and few survive today.


After years of looking, uber micro car collector, Dr. Mac Jones, had found his Sahara. A noted broker who specializes in museum acquisitions located a French built car in the Netherlands. It had been owned by a former Citroen employee and had its original engines, transmissions, body and chassis parts. The exhaust system had been replaced. Mac refurbished suspension pieces, cleaned out both gas tanks, replaced the fuel lines and top canvas and enjoyed the car on his farm maintaining it, driving it and enjoying it for 14 years before relinquishing it to us. 

After we acquired it, this Sahara has undergone a sympathetic restoration with parts sourced from Citroen Concours of America (Citroen Pieces) a former Citroen dealer who had purchased an extensive supply of OEM parts. Engine (two) out service was done; carburetors, brakes, and hydraulics were rebuilt. Paint and body panels were preserved. Wipers, brake lines, floor mats, door panels and seat covers were replaced as was a missing driver’s side mirror. Where possible, the originals were saved and will accompany the car.

It’s rare to find a Sahara in this condition, with an original hood for example; most rusted beneath the mounted spare. Most survivors had engine replacements and this example has it’s original matching numbers powerplants. This is a remarkable survivor, able to be enjoyed on road, off road or in a collection of unique vehicles.

February 2016 – Barn find, claimed to have 11,000 original kilometers. sold for €172,840 at Artcurial Paris retromobile auction. I saw this car and it was dusty and crusty and needed a lot of work. 
February 2013 – Nice driver quality car, sold for $80,300 at Bonhams Boca Raton auction
October 2012 – unrestored car, similar to mine, sold for $142,500 Bonhams Simeone sale
August 2008 – Over restored shiny green one, sold for $93,600 Bonhams Quail Lodge


Bonhams Paris February 2017, Estimate $90,000 to $120,000

Factory Supercharged Subaru Sambar Posing as VW

Once upon a time, a Subaru 360-based Sambar van was sold in the US market. This is the fifth generation, which was produced from 1990 to 1998 and was never sold here.  The VW appearance it cute and all, but we’d prefer this just be a proud Subie.  Surely nothing has been done that can’t be undone.

Although this is for sale in Canada, the seller claims it’s the rear-wheel drive version, not the all-wheel drive. So, it might be happier moving south. although we imagine the engine sits atop the drive wheels and makes this acceptable in slippery conditions.

The biggest downside here is the automatic trans; but this was never going to be a track car, anyway.  We’d love to take this for a spin, what with the tiny, supercharged four cylinder and small overall package.  This uses Subaru’s period Kei Car engine, but is not technically a Kei Car itself, presumably because of size and/or mass.  Anyway, this is a cool little find and we wonder whether the reserve is more realistic than the buy-it-now price.

Click for eBay ad
Pickering, Ontario, Canada, Eh
$1,005 dollarettes with 13 bids, reserve not met, $13,985 BIN and two days to go

VW badge and paint scheme are clearly not original.  We’d like to return it to Subaru glory (and that’s coming from a Vanagon owner).

Profile is about as compact and boxy as anything out there.  Yes, that’s a glass roof, too!

Rear wiper and exposed exhaust tip are nice touches.

Yep, it’s officially cute.

Here’s the unfortunate automatic shifter and odd aftermarket wheel.  We hope the flag comes with.

Seating for four -maybe five really skinny people?

And, yes, there’s cargo room behind the second row.

IS this a panoramic roof way ahead of its time, or a vista cruise roof way behind?

Ad text:

This unique eye catching RHD Subaru Sambar Dias is one you don’t want to miss. Featuring the VW front end conversion and a beautiful two tone paint scheme, this Dias is perfect for any collector or enthusiast. 

Very fun to drive with it’s SuperCharger, plus lots of cargo space in a relatively small package if looking to use it as a right hand drive postal vehicle. 

Great visibility with so many large windows makes backing into tight spaces a breeze! 

Eligible for export to the USA. 

Millage is in miles converted from KMs on the dash. In Kilometers It is approximately 94000. 

Item specifics
Condition: Used
Seller Notes: “Looks and runs great.”
Year: 1990
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): KV3023410
Mileage: 54,409
Drive Type: RWD
Make: Subaru
Model: Sambar
Sub Model: Supercharged
Trim: 4 door
Exterior Color: white and yellow
Engine: 4 Cylinder, 660cc SuperCharged! ( KW / BHP )
Interior Color: grey

Daihatsu Trimobile: The Three-Wheeled Mircocar from Japan

Here’s a rare beast in the US.  The Daihatsu Midget was a utilitarian microcar sold in Japan for several years and sold and marketed in the US as the Trimobile for a few years starting in about 1959.  Apparently, these were primarily used inside large manufacturing plants in the US, but can be registered and driven on the street – possibly qualifying as motorcycles.

This example is claimed as a restoration project, primarily because the engine and trans have been removed.  One could thus choose to reassemble it with is single-cylinder, ten (or less?) horsepower engine or attempt some sort of modern motorcycle engine swap.  Hmm.

So far, the price isn’t crazy, but we wonder how much higher it can go, given its disassembled state.  What would you do with this cool, little ride?

Click for eBay ad
Elmer, NJ, USA
$3,000 with 19 bids and two days to go

What’s not to love about this face?  Windscreen is out, but the cracked original and a lexan replacement are both included in the sale

There’s really not another profile quite like this.  Fast cornering is not recommended…

This angle doesn’t give much of a sense of scale,but one must realize that’s a tiny wheel and tire and probably a motorcycle license plate.

Bed should hold several cases of Blatz.

This is the pinnacle of modern luxury!

Two rats nests are included in the sale.

It looks like the major mechanical bits are present, but any potential buyer should take a more detailed inventory unless a swap is planned.

Ad text:

 This is a 1961 Daihatsu Trimobile. In 1959 Daihatsu opened a dealer in California in hopes to promote their great new product. The Trimobile!  Sales were a flop. This is a 1959 model that properly didn’t sell till 1961. It has a clear title matching the car dating 1961. It came from California in the 80’s as you see it and has been inside ever since. It looks to be complete but will need to a restoration to be perfect. 
     This is one of somewhere between 12-50 shipped to America. It had the American badges, Mph on the speedometer, and drives on the correct side. It is tiny. With the 59 cadillacs and impalas, these did not translate well into the American culture. 
       Pickup in south jersey within 3 weeks of purchase. Rolls great and brakes work. I can help load. 856-xxx-xxxx. No calls after 7pm eastern time please. 

On Dec-17-16 at 00:21:44 PST, seller added the following information:
I have only seen 2 others from the original shipment for sale and both were no original. there are a couple in microcar museums in California and that is it. I want this to go to someone who can care for it better then me. My reserve is less then 1/10 of what they sell for once finished. Good luck and please treat my baby well.  

On Dec-18-16 at 10:04:41 PST, seller added the following information:
This car is a great car for a restoration. It looks like everything is there. I revived it as seen in photos. The side curtains are original I believe and in good condition. The glass winshield is included but cracked. There is a lexan one made to size and included in sale. There is no rust seen anywhere. The cars been repainted. It should be done again to a higher quality. Would be ok for a street car but this little car deserves much better. It will be sold to the highest bidder. I will not End the auction early but thank you for the gracious offers. I wish the best life for this car. 

Rare American Bantam Boulevard Delivery Microcar

American Bantam was a short-lived Microcar maker, which spun out of the bankrupt American Austin in the mid-to-late 1930s.  Despite only about five model years of production, these Austin-based cars existed in several body types.  This “Boulevard Delivery” is one of the most interesting and collectible.

The seller provides little information, but says the car is in “very nice”condition.  We have to assume that means it runs and drives.  The photos certainly do seem to back up the claimed condition.

Click for eBay ad
Lake Forest, IL, USA (the OTHER Lake Forest)
$8,300 with 37 bids, reserve not met and five days to go

We love the unique shape and style here, what with the odd combination of micro size and art deco details.

The lighter-painted coves really pop better from this angle.

Interestingly, there’s no opening at the rear.  Loading/unloading was all from the inside.

Interior is simple and functional and it appears to be in very good shape.

Here’s the cargo area.  Is that a creepy doll??

Engine is a small four cylinder, but we don’t know much about it. Just assume it’ll have microcar “performance”, meaning it’s probably a blast to drive this slow car fast.

Ad text:

1939 Bantam Boulevard Delivery 
Rarest of the Rare!

Here at MissChiTown, we assist collectors with the marketing of their collector vehicles and we have had the opportunity to visit many major car collections through out the United States. Interestingly we have seen many of these little Bantam cars in some very sophisticated collections.  These Bantams certainly seem to appeal to collectors whether their primary focus is on Ferrari, Antique or Classic cars – everybody loves the Bantams!  The Bantams popularity besides the fact that they are a fabulous piece of design art, they are also fun to drive.  

In the world of Bantam collecting everybody agrees that the Bantam Boulevard Delivery is the crème de la crème of Bantams due to the scarcity (only five believed to exist).  To find one that is restored and in such beautiful colors as the one in this eBay auction is a very rare opportunity.  

This car was restored in the late 1990s and would be an attraction in anybody’s collection.  

Check out the pictures and you can see that this car is in very nice condition.  It is believed that the 19,000 mileage on the odometer is original (note no documentation to prove this).  Everybody can bid because the private sellers have a set a very reasonable reserve.  (Please do not ask reserve).

One thing for sure, you can park this Bantam Boulevard Delivery next to a Duesenberg and as many collectors that want to see the Duesenberg will also want to check out this Bantam.  We assure you that this car does attract the attention anywhere you go.

You can bid to win and be happy that you did.  

However we try to answer all questions in a timely manner.

One-Pic Pony: Poor Ad for Interesting, Wooden Crosley

Here we have a 1947 Crosley – something we love in any body type – with a homemade, wooden body.  Unfortunately, the seller has included only one image, which means we can’t even see the front.  Needless to say, we’re intrigued, but also worried about the mass of this beast.

Click for eBay ad
Perrysburg, OH, USA
$2,150 with 21 bids, reserve not met and one day to go

Ad text:

1947 Other Makes wood
crosley car with an award winning wooded body

Item condition:Used
“I do not have the vin at the time of the listing. we do have a clear title (Ohio)”

My father started with a crosley frame motor and driveline. Then a pile of pretty wood, table saw, jointer and lots of sand paper. then comes along Grama with the varnish. the rest is history. The car won its class in Wauseon Ohio. For more details call Clarence at 419-xxx-xxxx between 9 am and 5  pm est only PLEASE.

Elio Alternative? Litestar Pulse

The Litestar (later called the Pulse) was built from 1984 to 1990 in Owosso, Michigan by the creatively named Owosso Motor Company.

If you can’t stand waiting for your Elio another minute, this might be for you!  After all, this offers a small engine and tandem seating.

Power comes from an 1100 cc Honda Goldwing engine, which should motivate this thing pretty well.  Also, because only three wheels touch the ground at any one time, this is classified as a motorcycle (in most states?).  These seem to have quite an enthusiast following; but a production number under 350 units means you won’t see another unless you go out of your way to do so.  We’ve never followed an auction on one of these before; so we don’t know if $11K is “all the money” or if there’s room to go.

Click for eBay ad
Solana Beach, CA, USA
$11,100 with 20 bids, reserve not met and 10.5 hours to go

While the Elio went futuristic/weird with its styling (don’t get us wrong – we love it!), this went airplane.

Here’s a rear 3/4 – is it aerodynamic?

Profile looks somewhere between Cessna and Lear Jet, with the nose cone clearly leaning toward jet.

This might be hard to see if your rear view mirror!

Rear is oddly squared off, but that allows for a tail lamp and license plate.

This theoretically seats two in tandem; but we’re not sure how much rear leg room is available.

The cockpit is an arguably sporty affair, perhaps due to its utilitarian nature.  We assume that’s a motorcycle shifter on the floor.

Ad text:

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME! I can be reached at (76O) xxx-xxxx. If you want a one of a kind, show winning, draw the biggest crowd anywhere you take it, non-stop pictures being taken type of vehicle THIS IS IT!!! This is a FULLY STREET LEGAL and custom built Fighter Jet, Rocket, Airplane, Jett Vett, motorcycle, kit car, hand built, I have no idea what to call it car. It is powered by an 1100 cc Honda Goldwing engine with a manual transmission. It would be perfect for a Hollywood Studio or movie rentals. If you have a business that you want to promote, this thing draws major attention everywhere. Wrap your logo on it and I know it will pay for itself in no time. It is great for parades, especially Veterans Day and Fourth of July events. Or just park it in your Man Cave and be the talk of everybody. It is registered as a Honda motorcycle with current California registration and tags. I just had all four carburetors gone through. It runs well. It does not need to be smogged. You can also drive with the cockpit open if you want to. The amount of man hours spent building this ride are over the top. It has one wheel front and center, one in rear and center, and one each underneath the “wings”. It seats two underneath the sliding cockpit. The seats are in-line just like a plane. The steering wheel, dash, and gauges are front and center. The flush mounted headlight flips up. The paint, body, and upholstery are all in good condition. Obviously, this car is not for everybody. But, I do know it makes everybody young and old smile and laugh. If you want to have some fun this summer at the car shows or just cruising the beach, you will have a difficult time finding more of an attention getting ride and you certainly will be the only one there. I am located in Solana Beach, CA near San Diego. HAVE SOME FUN THIS SUMMER!  Thanks and good luck!

On Jul-25-16 at 16:50:54 PDT, seller added the following information:
Thanks for all the interest. I have received a bunch of information from people on the car.  Most of it helpful and friendly.  Some of it from idiots that evidently are out to prove to the world that they are experts on weird stuff. This was a production vehicle from 1984 to 1990. 360 were built during this time. If you Google Litestar Pulse you will find a ton of information on these. The most authoritative site is autocycles DOT org  There you will find serial number info, dates produced, engine variations, numbers remaining in the registration base, etc. Thanks!

Tron/Transformers Chevrolet Spark (?)

We’re oddly drawn to the Chevy Spark, though we often wish the Sonic’s turbo I4 would end up in it in order to make a really goofy little pocket rocket.  Why is this here?  Well, it’s because the photo below grabbed our attention.  The seller seems to have applied what he or she calls “Tron like reflective pin stripping” and “spike lug nuts.”  We also spotted the almost-obligatory-among-Chevy-fans-who-like-to-accessorize Transformers badge!  The result is, well, odd.

There’s not too much we can add except that the seller also put on a loud exhaust and a Rockford Fosgate subwoofer to help drown out the drone.  So, if you need a commuter, this could be perfectly okay, except you won’t be able to shift it yourself AND the price isn’t cheap.  Maybe the seller will become more realistic over time?

Click for Craigslist ad
Fullerton, CA,USA

This has a certain “WTF” factor.

Fear not!  The sides were treated to the same.

And, yes, the rear.  Apparently, this was taken immediately after the process was complete.  We hope the decals have stayed put (or do we?).

Spike lugs, baby!

Interior appears stock.  Again, it’s too bad about that automatic.

This little, LG-built  head unit is oddly appealing, although CarPlay and Android Auto make it essentially obsolete.

We’ve always like this strange, little gauge pod, though we’d rather see the tach on the left.  Maybe the MT cars do that?

Here’s the mighty 1.2L I4, which puts out 84 HP.  This would be a lot of fun with the 1.4T.  That being said, the K&N decal is worth 5HP in this application.

By day, this is a plain Spark.

At text:

I got laid off and haven’t been able to find work so I need to sell before it gets repoed. Buy ought right or take over payments ($245/month for me). This is my baby. Super clean inside and out. All the options. Automatic cvt transmission. Tron like reflective pin stripping. Spike lug nuts. Upgraded and larger speakers, 7″ touch screen mylink head unit has usb, six, and Bluetooth inputs powered rockfordfostgate sub in the trunk with a power cap so no draw on the battery. Performance exhaust (I still have stock system if you want to put it back on, but the loud exhaust makes it super fun to drive). K And N air filter. Heated leatherette seats, power windows locks and mirrors, tinted windows, cruise control, onStar, keyless remote entry, dual air horns, custom Spark LTZ badgeing. Extra bright head lights and foglights. Super bright led reverse lights. Turn signal in the side mirrors. Just tons of goodies. Drives and handles like a dream tons of fun to zoom around in. Great commuter I’ve been getting 33 mpg city zooming around if you drive like a normal person it’s closer to 36 city. Park anywhere. super roomy inside. Still under warranty .. less than 14,500 miles ..