Potential Four-Fer: Piaggio Ape Calessinos

The Piaggio Ape has a long history including deliveries and shuttling rich people around beautiful islands.  Supposedly, the four available from this seller are rare special editions.  Whether that’s true or not, we think they’re cool.

These little beasts are powered by 422cc Lombardini diesel twins and put out 8 horsepower!  Sure, they’re not for racing,but they’ll get you around.  It’s up to you to determine whether they’re street legal in your country, state/province, county/parish or city/village.  The seller has up to four available, so you could attempt to collect the whole set.

Here’s some current info:

Yes, this is the same Piaggio that brought us the Vespa!

Click for eBay ad
Berlin, Germany
$6,400 with offers considered

This might happen a lot of you buy one or more of these!

Here’s a look without the touristas.  Wide whitewalls are a nice touch.

The roof has multiple possible configurations, including this and completely open.

Here’s a quick shot of the “interior.”

Ferrari for scale.

Here’s another thing that might happen if you drive this.

Vintage-looking ad!

Ad text:

A truly unique collectors vehicle. Only 600 pcs have been build worldwide for the 40th anniversary of the APE range by Piaggio in 2012 and have been sold out immediately. 

Each vehicle has a unique “Limited Edition Number” badge attached on the vehicle. 

Up to four of them available here. All in White / Bordeaux Red. 

The Ape Calessino is an essential for collectors and lovers of Italian design, to rediscover the true satisfaction of driving and enjoying your leisure time. The Calessino was incredibly popular during the 1960’s when Hollywood stars used them as a runabout at exclusive holiday resorts on sunny Mediterranean islands. Originally designed by brilliant aeronautical engineer, Corradino d’Ascanio, the APE’s star truly rose during the economic boom of the 1950/1960’s, a period which was called La Dolce Vita. Extremely fashionable and popular the APE Calessino was the very essence of what Italy was all about: enjoying leisure time with style and with panache. The folding top and the four seats make the Calessino ideal for a leisurely drive. 

Milage and prices are as follows: Approx. 6310 kilometer = 6400 USD, 4340 kilometer = 6800 USD, 1820 kilometer = 7200 USD, 290 kilometer = 7600 USD 

3 passenger seats + 1 driver. 422 cc diesel engine (8 horsepower). Does not sound like much but the engine is really tough. For those who want it can be replaced by an electric engine. Official high speed is 56 km/h. 4 speed hand transmission on the handle bar. 1 reverse gear. 

Roof is convertible and can also be taken off completely. Roof and door material is sailing-canvas and if wanted can be replaced (for example in a different color). There is a trunk in the back with a door that folds down. Seats in the back can be taken off if needed (for example to convert it into a street food truck or “pick-up”). Branding on vehicle (as shown in pictures) can be taken off with hot steam. 

Location of vehicles is Berlin – Germany. Invoice available. Shipping is on your side. Approx. 1500 USD to the east coast. Once you make a purchase I will help with the arrangement of the freight. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Spoiler Alert! Wheeler Dealers Electric Maserati Biturbo


A future episode of Wheeler Dealers (the best car show ever) will feature an electrified Maserati BiTurbo.  How do we know?  It’s for sale.  That means you could not only buy this, but be on the show.  How one comes up with a reasonable price for this, we don’t know…

Click for Craigslist ad
Huntington Beach, CA
No Price Listed

In other news, they’re also currently selling a 1965 Land Rover.

Ad text:

Here is a rare opportunity to own a piece of reality television show history … this vehicle will have a full episode devoted to it on the upcoming season of TV’s “Wheeler Dealers” on the Velocity Channel …

This 1985 Maserati BiTurbo had been in storage for almost 20 years before Mike and Edd saved it and brought it into the modern era. Converted to full electric power, this is ABSOLUTELY a one-of-a-kind vehicle and like nothing else you have ever encountered.

The build is nearing completion and the car will be available for sale to the public very shortly. Serious buyers can call or email me for full details on the vehicle and the purchasing process. 

Any sale is “as-is” and potential buyers are encouraged to have their own inspections performed prior to purchase

One Pic Wonder: “Ran When Parked” Alfetta GT Project

It’s not clear how current the single pic included with this ad is; but the car sure looked good at the time.  The seller claims this one was sidelined due to a failed u-joint; but now the car hasn’t run in twenty years or so.  Given that, it’ll have a few more needs; but may not be too bad?  Whomever takes this on will be rewarded with a high-revving, great-handling little hatch.  Sure, this isn’t the later V6 model – or its rare Callaway twin-turbo spinoff – but this earlier car is lighter and should delights purists.

Click for Craigslist ad

Pasadena, CA, USA

Ad text:

1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT
Mileage: 66,496 mi.

Has not been on the road since 1996 — believed to have broken driveshaft universal joint. Since then, it has been garaged the entire time and never exposed to the weather.

The bodywork (red) is in good shape, and very little evidence of rust. Interior (black) is OK, but not perfect. Front seats have decent sheepskin seat covers on them. 

Other features include a vintage Blaupunkt radio, “moon-roof,” and the car was lowered slightly by the previous owner. It had a new clutch installed not long before the driveshaft failed and at that time, it started easily, ran very nicely and stopped well, and never overheated. It retains its original Spica fuel injection system.

In addition to a thorough freshening up, the car will require four new tires and more than likely a new battery, the fuel system will have to be cleaned out, etc. Steering wheel (not original) not included.

This car is being sold strictly “as-is.” 

$2,200 or best offer.

Original Zagato Zele / Elcar Project

This isn’t our first Zele (sold as the “Elcar” here in the US); but it is the most original and complete example we’ve posted. Our previous find was a two-fer with one involving a Suzuki motorcycle engine.  This one seems to be more of a barn find.  That’s the most overused term in the automotive world, but might actually apply here, as it supposedly has been stored indoors for at least 40 years.

As the seller points out, this was one of several vehicles that quickly appeared in the 1970s in response to the fuel crises.  Zagato’s solution was a tiny electric car and they put this into production, although only 500 were ever made.

The seller isn’t sure what it’ll take to get this running; but new batteries were supposedly installed recently.  A charger also appears to be part of the sale, which is good news.  With offers considered, might someone pick this up as a steal?

Click for eBay ad
Madison, TN, USA
$2,900 BIN with offers considered and 19.5 days to go

Here’s that plastic body with its “unique” styling.  Note that the door appears to be included in the sale (unlike that of our previous two-fer).  Note also the Elcar name.

Yes, the other door is mounted!

This is an odd, low-quality image, but it does show the wheel design (if you can call that a design) and, frankly, any picture of this microcar is automatically interesting.

Here’s the rear view.  We’re not sure what “Electric 2000” means, but it seems to be the model name for all of these.

Here’s the door.  The seller indicates that the hinge has been damaged.

We suppose this is how it was stored (?).


Ad text:



    I am offering for sale a very rare, very historic and well preserved 1974 Zagato Zele Italian Electric Car.  This automobile has seen very little use and has been stored indoors for more than 40 years by a family in Tennessee that inherited it.  The family that I acquired this automobile from has no knowledge of its functionality, but appears to be complete, even with charger. The 1974 Zagato Zele is a very rare electric automobile and has hundreds of web pages dedicated to the historic times in which motivated its manufacture and undoubtedly survives in very limited numbers today, especially in this excellently preserved unabused and unmolested condition.

     There were new lead acid batteries purchased for this vehicle and installed very recently but the family that inherited the car does not know anything about it or how to get it running so it is now being offered here on eBay.  I purchased this rare museum collectible electric car from the aforementioned family at a very reasonable price and will be offering it here at a very small profit for myself.  The only issues with the exterior of the car is the driver’s side door has a broken hinge and a small weld should have it hanging and functioning again.  Please read below a few of the many articles and historic photographs documenting these dynamic and uncertain times.  I am open to reasonable offers.

My pictures aren’t great, but the car is!!!  I’ll try to have more uploaded shortly
     The Zagato Zele that I am offering is being sold with a BILL OF SALE ONLY as the title has been lost.  The application process for a title is more laborious than expensive and usually takes about 30 days and a few hundred dollars.

Rolling Cliché: Maserati Biturbo with Fire Damage

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “Maserati Biturbo?”  If you said “Shitbox Market Letter”, then you’re either me or my brother.  Most people say “fire.”

Biturbo owners sometimes get offended and call the fire danger a cliché; but this one, like so many, has roots in the truth. This car is proof that it can happen, but certainly not proof that they all burn.  The pictures reveal some fire damage; but they also reveal damage caused by poor outdoor storage.  Given its Pacific Northwest (albeit Eastern Washington) location, we’re not sure it sun or a combination of wet weather and poor weatherproofing caused the damage.  Probably, both are to blame.  This is sad, as these cars have real potential, given plenty of power, cool 80s styling and elegant interiors.

Would you take on this one? Maserati more-or-less eliminated the fire problems in later, fuel injected versions, and the parts and know-how exist today to eliminate the danger in this early car.  With this one, it’s just a question of determining the actual extent of the fire damage, as well as the cost to bring the interior back up to snuff.

Click for eBay ad
Moxee, WA, USA
$2,000 with ZERO bids and 3.5 days to go

Here’s the classic design.  Note the damage to the hood paint on the driver’s side.

Cool from any angle!

Though faded, the car looks straight enough.

Here’s that hood…

Here’s the interior.  From this angle, it’s not too bad, but the seller has a few close-ups that make us wonder about the wood and leather.  Also, the headliner is falling down, but that’s not surprising at this age.

Did this one make it 54K miles before the fire?

Here’s that headliner.

The rear seat is coming apart.  It seems strange that the front looks so much better than the rear; but the seller didn’t provide close-ups of the front.  Hmm.

And…here’s the engine compartment.  It’s not clear what might need to be replaced to make it a safe runner.

Turbo plus carb(s) always makes for an interesting intake arrangement.

Here’s the fire damage on the underside of the hood.  Minor fire or was the owner quick with the (highly recommended) extinguisher?

Tool kit is intact, but weathered.

Ad text:

SEE ALL PICTURES – More pictures available at:
http://s1198.photobucket.com/user/taziasmommy07/library/Maserati                            1984 Maserati Biturbo 
History unknown. We purchased this vehicle in it’s present condition. Have not worked on it. Unable to give any insight into problems, will not turn over so that’s as far as I went, will most likely need a motor, Transmission goes in to Gear, Have a box of Emissions Parts, and other? The Tires where flat so tires are Shot one will not hold air, Was told not moved in over 10 years under cover? Please fill free to ask any questions so were on the same page on what to expect on this Maserati. Car Does Not Run or Drive.
54,218 Miles
5 Speed
Motor Seized up? Not sure why.
No major body damage. Some cracks in the front lower valance. 
No rust that I can tell. if you know any spots to look please ask us.
Windshield is cracked. 
Interior fair/ok. Headliner is falling down. Some tears in seats. Regular signs of wear from use and storage. 
Trunk is a little tricky to open, but does open. 
Hood is a little tricky to open, as well. But also does open. 
Color: Red/Orange (paint is sun faded)
Clear title
Under hood fire looks to be under hood liner burned up?- See pictures for details. 
Tires shot from sitting 10+ years
Has original tool box and tools, original jack.
This vehicle is being sold for parts or repair. It does NOT run or drive in it’s current condition. Will be sold as is. For parts or repair. 
Local pickup or you arrange for shipping. 
Please see all pictures before you bid. Will be sold as is, where is. 
Willing to add a buy it now price with the right offer. Offer must be made before any bids are placed. 
Deposit required immediately, must be paid in full within 24 hours. Buyer must arrange transportation of vehicle. Must be picked up within 7 days of cleared payment, unless otherwise arranged. Non-refundable deposit. 

Isetta / VW Combo Project

The last time we broke a story on a modified Isetta, it made the rounds on all of the major online car sites.  We’re not sure that will happen this time…

It’s not that today’s feature isn’t interesting, it’s that it’s very much an incomplete project and the seller has only included two images.  Apparently, a VW transaxle has been fitted, which is why this has a comically large rear track with wheels/tires not even close to fitting within the stock fender (such as they are).

We’re certainly intrigued, but this is a really bad Craigslist ad – it’s not clear whether an engine is even included or, if so, whether it runs and we don’t know if any parts not shown are included.  Given that, it’s impossible to put a value on it. Maybe that’s why there’s not even an asking price…

Click for Craigslist ad
Los Angeles, CA, USA
No Price Listed

This has the potential to be interesting, although we’ll bet the project was started before prices went upon microcars.

The steering wheel is present, but no seat.  It’s not clear whether it may be included in the sale.  Same with the glass, which probably isn’t cheap or easy to find.

Ad text:

This Isetta has been tricked out with a vw transaxle. I build very cool microcars that have been featured on popular TV shows and this little beauty was going to be my next project. Due to its age, it is being sold as is, where is.

Not One, But Two Zagato Zeles

Zagato, known for much more aggressive designs, produced this fiberglass-bodied EV in the mid-1970s it was the Zele in some markets and the Elcar in the US.  Only an estimated 500 units were built; so this sale includes 0.4% of all production!

While these were originally built the same, these two are very different.  The grey car is an almost complete project and is powered by a Suzuki GSXR600 engine, which should be good for 100HP or more – plenty in this car.  The seller says it only needs a few parts to finish, but one always wonders why sellers don’t handle those final steps when they claim they’re so easy.  Regardless, it does look like most of the work has been done and the seller offers to provide videos of it running.

The black car appears to be closer to original, but in much rougher shape.  The seller says it was going to be an EV with more modern powertrain.  That makes sense, as 70s EVs were rudimentary at best.

The good news with both is that the chassis comes from a Fiat 500; so many mechanical parts are readily available.  Whomever picks these up will have two of something highly unusual and which serve as interesting reminders of he 70s fuel crisis days.

Click for eBay ad
The Colony, TX, USA (yes, I know where that is!)
$2,500 with ZERO bids and six days to go

This grey one has recent paint, new custom wheels and most work done.  This one was supposedly orange when it left the factory.  For a tiny microcar, it has a rather mean look, and the bike engine backs that up!

Rear view is pretty much what you’d expect, except this one has a tail pipe.  Note the missing door hinges on this side – we’ll bet those are not easy to source, but maybe something could be fabricated?

The radiator is hidden underneath (see photos in the eBay ad); so this keeps the flat-faced EV look.

Here’s another rear view.  Does the stripe qualify as sporty?

Interior features racing-type seats with harnesses.  Motorcycle-based controls might require some instruction from the seller!

Here’s the Momo wheel and simple dash.

We assume this engine is under the driver.  Watch for fires!

Here’s the engine before installation.

This is car #2, AKA the black car.  Apparently, it was originally blue.

Yes, this one has a wheel off, waiting for work.  Apparently, the door is available.

This interior is rather more rough!  We guess this is closer to original, however (?).

Ad text:

I am selling two (2) 1974 Zagato Zele Elcars. Here is the story. I bought both of these cars three years ago as project cars and hauled them both home from East Texas.

The silver car (was orange when I got it) was in worse shape than the black car so I chose to use that car as the starting point for a custom build. I then stripped the car all the way down to the chassis and completely rebuilt it from the ground up. The Silver car: (Zele 1000) It has a coilover suspension, 07 GSXR 600 engine with full working instrument cluster, custom wheels and tires, new brakes, new ball joints, new suspension bushings, new stainless brake lines, new battery, all new wiring. Exterior: New LED headlights and tail lights. New Dark Grey Metallic paint – semi gloss on the bottom 1/3rd and flat on the upper 2/3rds New side marker lights Custom machined wheel adapters to allow new 4 lug rims Interior: New carpet New racing seats w/ Red seat covers 4 Point Racing Harness Seatbelts Momo Steering wheel w/ Quick Release Aluminum fuel cell New switches Custom Bluetooth remote start via your phone Engine/ Drivetrain: 07 GSXR 600 – engine has about 3500 miles on it since new Direct chain drive – no reverse – 6 speed Rear differential is zegato original with custom modifications to accept chain drive This car is running and driving and only need a couple things to be ready to show / cruise the neighborhood and upset your neighbors. Being that these cars are so rare it needs 2 right side hinges for the passenger door. Only other thing would be to complete the installation of the e-brake assembly which I have. This car was featured on SpeedHunters website and I have multiple videos of the car running and driving. Message me for the link to the videos.

The Black car: (Zele 2000) This car was started at about the same time but is farther from completion. It needs a right front ball joint and it will be a roller again. It will need the brakes gone thru and all the parts are readily available. I have the majority of the original parts for both of these cars and in some cases I have extras. The plan for this car was to install a digital PC based dash and make it electric with a new set of batteries and a new golf cart controller. The original wiring and electrical configuration in these cars was not the best and todays technology makes completing this project even easier. My guess is about $800 – $1000 would have this car rolling through the neighborhood as well. I have tons of documentation, articles, and info on these cars as well as sources for the parts that I have used to complete the projects to this point. These cars are being sold with a bill of sale only. Both have clean VIN’s that are legible. They could both be titled via the bonded title process if you wanted to take them out on public roads. I have too many projects and these need a new home. Thank you for looking and happy bidding. This auction is for both cars and all the information and parts that I have for them.

Rare Doesn’t Always Mean Desireable: 1984 Stutz Victoria

Stutz was once a proud marque in the US, but its attempted Resurrection in the 1970s did not go well and let’s just say it did not produce the most tasteful of cars.  Supposedly, Elvis Presley bought the very first 1971 Bearcat when the name was revived – that should tell you how subtle and tasteful it was.  The company did limp along for about fifteen years, however; so this 1984 model was near the end.

Most sources say only about twenty of this Victoria model were produced.  When we say produced, we mean that an Old Delta 88 was shipped to Italy to have gaudy panels and interior fitted at a ridiculously high cost.  This car’s price was apparently close to $100K in 1984, which is the equivalent of $250K or more today.

The interior is indeed quite luxurious, although this example wears cloth in place of leather. The coolest interior feature is the center-console-mounted CRT TV for the rear passengers.  After all, this was positioned as a limousine at the time.

We don’t like to quote Wikipedia, but we love this: “Many of these Victorias, all of them white, were sold to the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. But within 2 to 3 years all of them were retired due to various malfunctions.”  That might not have been Stutz’s fault – that could have been the 1980s GM owner experience.

This is an intriguing oddity at anything under $5K, and the rarity is very real; but we will start to question peoples’ sanity if bids cross $10K.  One has to wonder where the reserve is set.

Click for eBay ad
Bayside, NY, USA
$2,025 with 3 bids, reserve not met and 6.5 days to go

If you’ve ever seen a 70s Stutz, you know this front end, for better or for worse.

Though the tree’s shadow screws up this photo, the sun brings out the extra-gaudy two-tone paint and this angle shows the blocky Olds roof line, which contrasts with the added Stutz bodywork.  Note the pseudo-continental kit, for which Stutz was known.

Here’s another shot of dat ass.

Here’s a face shot, for good measure.

As we said, things are better inside, which lots of real wood.  Note the oddly-chosen cloth.

Here’s the rear – ample legroom, huge trays and a TV!

Here’s a semi-close-up of the C-stack. Note the high-tech, 80s. audio system.

Glove box was adorned with a plaque stating this was made for someone else, but Barney stuck his own plaque right on top.

Are these people proud to have built this?

Here’s the Olds V8, which is likely a 350 with modest output (think sub-200HP).  Hopefully, it offers some low-end torque, as we imagine this thing is heavy.

Ad text:

Here is a crazy opportunity to own a super rare car. This is a 1984 STUTZ Victoria. There was only 7 of these cars made. They only know of 5 that are still to exist. 2 are Mia. This car was based on a 98 Oldsmobile platform. The car was then handcrafted in Torino Italy by Stutz Motor Company. It is an amazingly built car. It has so many crazy things. It is all trimmed out in 24 carat gold inside. It has pull out trays in the back seat for its passengers and a tv built in. This car was a high class car built in 1984 with everything it has. The cost new was a little over $100k in 1984. Do some research through Google and you will see this actual car. This car has some crazy history and paperwork. This car actually won 1st place in the GM nationals in 2006. I have a ton of trophies and plaques from past shows. Now for the current condition. This car was purchased at auction in 2006-2007 from the last owner Barney Loucks. All the search info on this car online comes up as being the Barney Loucks car. He was the second owner from what I can tell. It honestly only has 38,000 original miles on it. I can prove the mileage. The car was purchased as an investment back then but the car was not kept in the proper storage over the years. The car will need to be refreshed again. The car will need to be painted to be nice again and some chrome work. The car is still solid and runs and drives great. It’s better than a Cadillac the way it drives. The interior is in good shape but will need to be polished and a good deep cleaning. There is so much to tell about the car so I think the best thing is to call me at 347-xxx-xxxx. I will tell you everything about the car. This car deserves to be lightly restored and be in a museum or personal collection and taken care of. Call for all info.

Lakermobile 1958 Isetta

Are you a Lakers fan AND a microcar fan?  If so, this is your ride.

This Issetta had a frame-off something. We can’t call it a restoration because it didn’t leave the factory with all of the Lakers regalia.  Still, it seems to have been completely mechanically restored and everything else was either restored or refurbished and modified to fit the theme.

This is no half-assed fan car.  The floor is made to look like the Staples Center floor, the seat is made to look like a Spalding basketball and everything else remotely spherical is a mini basketball.  There are murals of famous fans on the interior, so Jack Nicholson stares at passersby in creepy The Shining fashion.  Even Adam Sandler is there to stare.  All of the work appears to be exceptionally well done and the attention to detail is amazing.

The current high bid is a reasonable $5,100, but reserve hasn’t been met.  Restored Isettas are now $30K+ cars, but it’s not clear whether something like this will bid higher or lower.  It needs just the right buyer, so we see bidding going to $15-20K, whether or not the reserve is not.  If Bruce Weiner microcar fever wears off, it could be lower; but we haven’t seen that happen yet.

Click for eBay ad
Upland, CA, USA
$5,100 with six bids, reserve not met and 9 days to go

Exterior grabs attention.  Note the basketball-themed lamps and the Converse logos on the wheel covers.

Even the tucked-in rear wheels (yes, there are two on this 1958 model!) continue the theme.

Here’s our first glimpse of the interior.  There’s a lot going on here.

Note the murals, basketball seat and basketball shift knob.

Here are the creepy murals.

Not every Oddimobile comes with a (really big) shoe…

Here’s that floor.

And, yes, it seems this was stripped all the way down.

Ad text:

 This is a Laker Basketball team Tribute Car. Totally restored and in excellent mechanical condition. It has won many awards and can currently be seen on Planeta Lakers television show. It has had major custom paint work done to it. All the lights are painted like basketballs, seat is made from real basketball material. Interior panels are vinyl covered images of famous Laker photos. Sunroof is a real basketball net. It has Chuck Taylor Converse hubcaps. The floor is the Staples Center Court. Horn button and shifter ball are basketballs. It has won an award at the Palos Verde Concourse De’Elegance. It is a major star wherever we take it. Again, everything on this car has been rebuilt or replaced. The body is painted Plumb Crazy and Banana Yellow with all of the Laker emblems done in paint, not stickers. You will be the hit of every show you take it to. Runs and drives excellent. Check out the photos and the video on youtube. Ask any questions. The title is in my name and currently registered. Be the biggest Laker fan wherever you go. Even though the team isn’t doing very well right now, they will come back and you can show off your new ride. (909) xxx-xxxx The Isettadude.