Unsullied, Shag-Tastic Dodge B200 Van

The 70s van craze is alive and well!

While it looks all period, this van recently had a correct-for-the-era interior installed with dynamat and home insulation.  We don’t know where people purchase deep, blue shag carpet in the 21st century; but the seller found some.

The current configuration is front seats and a bed; but the next owner probably has options and could consider two more cap’n’s chairs or perhaps the almost-obligatory bar and brown fridge.

Mechanically, the owner claims a good amount of recent work, including a new 727 trans.  The van is powered by a 360 (okay…5.9 liter) V8.  The seller included some pictures of the van when the interior was stripped out for replacement, and it looks very solid.  The paint is from back in the day

In case you wondered, the seller claims the bed has been slept in only twice and has never been “broken in.”  Maybe that’ll be your job, if the price is right!

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San Diego, CA, USA
$6,000 with ZERO bids and 6.5 days to go

Any van without too many windows need some sort of mural work.  In this case, the rear windows have a Saturn theme.  Five-slot mags are a nice period touch.

Front carries on the space theme and the grill is apparently new.

We love these louvers!  One might consider side pipes…

Here’s one more shot of those louvers.  Maybe they’d take black paint well?

Yes, both sides have images of Saturn.  Note that this is a ‘barn door’ van.

Here’s the freshly-installed, shag-heavy interior!

Yes, that’s some sort of matching, blue fur on the edges of the headliner.

Barefoot pedal was once a thing and youngsters need to know the small button to the left is the headlamp dimmer switch.

Dash is claimed to be in great shape and that appears to be the case.  Is there anything familiar about the doghouse/engine cover?

Yes, the doghouse was designed to look like Jango Fett’s helmet!  We’d consider adding once of those wooden quadruple cup holder contraptions these vans had in the 80s.

Here’s one of the interior teardown shots.  Everything looks solid..

Ad text:

Meet Blue Thunder. She is my 1976 Dodge B200 with a 360 and 727 transmission that runs like a dream and passes CA SMOG. Everything on this van is mechanically sound. I bought it 3 years ago from a guy named Dave that used to sell Hot Wheels at the swap meet in it. Love this vehicle, just no room for her.

I put new brakes on her and a new radiator. I took her to Fontana Motorsports in Simi Valley. Rory is the Dodge man here in SoCal. He replaced just about everything under the hood except the motor which is solid, he also replaced the tranny. I have almost $3K in repair receipts just from his shop.

Since then I have stripped the van interior out to see what I was working with, you can see how clean everything was underneath. Stoked! I put premium Dynamat everywhere. Then I installed carpet padding, blue low pile automotive carpet and topped it off with deep plush royal blue shag. You will not find shag carpet like this. I also installed low pile carpet on the paneled walls and ceiling. I finished that off with royal blue fur. The carpet and fur is brand new. It’s ready for your finishing touches. All in all it’s really clean, comfy and quiet. If you don’t want the amazing Jango Fett custom doghouse I have an original blue one you can have instead. The bed is sturdy has lots of storage underneath and the 8” memory foam mattress is new and has only been slept on two times. I never “broke” it in. Promise!

Sorry I didn’t have a chance to wash the van. The paint is a really cool blue metal flake. It’s old but still looks cool, you have to see the sparkle in person. The clear coat is peeling off up top so that’s what you see around the roof in the rear. The murals on the portholes are painted on from the same era obviously. The portholes swivel to allow air in but keep privacy. The grill is a vintage NOS Stuhl that I installed recently. She has a set of period correct louvers and a visor and a barefoot gas pedal. The dash is original, clean with no cracks. High back seats with swivel bases that work. Less than a few hundred miles on the Cooper Cobra tires. Woot!

The Bad:

The A/C does not work. Neither does the gas gauge. I don’t have room to keep her. I’m just guessing on mileage. Not sure if it has flipped. I’m keeping the license plates.


This is a rock solid, smooth running shorty that has been well cared for, updated tastefully and is not rusted out.

I need a $500 deposit via paypal when the auction closes. I’ll need the balance within 3 days via cash (in person) wire transfer or cashier’s check. 

I will be happy to help ship this van worldwide. You pick your shipper. (No scammers please. I don’t need help selling this either.)

You will love Blue Thunder. 

Any questions let me know.

Obscure DeTomaso Dodge Omni 024

You might be excused if you don’t remember the “sporty” 024 variant of the Dodge Omni or its Plymouth Turismo TC3 sibling.  You’ll absolutely be excused if you never knew that there was a DeTomaso-badged special edition.  While the DeTomaso didn’t have its own performance upgrades, this 1981 model at least has the upgraded 2.2-liter four cylinder; so it’s the one to have.

The seller claims to have bought this from the original owner’s family and the claimed mileage is about 81K.  Said seller has done quite a bit in the way of basic maintenance, which suggests this car sat for a long time before he or she bought it.  Still, with the right things done and with claimed occasional driving over the last five years, one can hope it’s pretty well sorted.

The 2.2 won’t make for a powerhouse, but this should be a light and nimble car; so ought to be fun in its own right.  This is an interesting and obscure piece of automotive history and we hope the next owner keeps it as original as possible and enjoys showing it off.  It’s pretty much guaranteed to be the only one at any show unless it’s an L-Body show.

Sure, this variant is all show and no additional go, but it’s delightfully odd and has the dubious distinction of being the original L-Body special edition, even if the later, Shelby-ized, turbocharged versions have remarkably more sporting character.  We’re interested in seeing where the bids land and just how realistic the seller’s reserve it.

Click for eBay ad
Arlington, VA, USA
$1,255 with eight bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

An 024 is a rare sight in any form and the DeTomaso bits make it just a bit more interesting.  DeTomaso parts visible in from this angle include the “targa band”, quarter window louvers, fender flares and allows.

The air dam is unique to this variant.  The original was cracked and is included in the sale, but the seller has this replacement made.

Here’s a look at the black-out rear panel.  Also, one can just barely make out the side decal here.

Here’s a close-up of that decal.

Interior appears to be in great shape and manual shifter is always a pleasant sight.

Here’s a glimpse of the faux wood and the DeTomaso gauge package.  Note the CB radio!

The gauges are supposedly unique to this model and are very cool, even if the tach is in the wrong position.  Youngsters may not remember the days of the 55 MPH national speed limit, when essentially all cars sold in the US had that number highlighted on their speedometers.

Cargo space is ample and condition looks good here, too.  We can’t confirm, but that looks like a fold-down rear seat.

Here’s the “mighty” 2.2, which drives the front wheels.

Yes, the Monroney label is included, as is the manual for the aftermarket “whoopie horn!”

Ad text:

This Dodge Detomaso is a rare survivor car that is quick, fun to drive, and in very good original condition.  The Dodge Detomaso was a package available on the 1980 and 1981 Omni 024 hatchback coupe, and was the start of the Omni front wheel drive performance vehicles, including the Charger 2.2, Shelby Charger, and Shelby Charger GLHS that followed the Detomaso.  The Detomaso is the rarest of these, with only about 1300 made in 1980 and about 600 of the more desirable 1981 models produced.  The 1981 models are more desirable with the larger and more powerful Chrysler 2.2 liter engine, and larger 14 inch finned alloy wheels.

The Detomaso package included a front air dam, wheel flares, louvered rear quarter windows, roof targa band, rear spoiler, Detomaso graphics, and the alloy wheels and larger tires; inside the package included a leather wrapped sport steering wheel and shift knob, the rallye gauge package with tachometer, and Detomaso badging including on the unique Detomaso floor mats.  This Detomaso also has optional air conditioning, premium low back bucket seats, and cruise control.  The base price of the 024 coupe was $6149, the Detomaso package was $1719, and other options and destination brought the total sticker price of this rare Detomaso to $9253!  This Detomaso also has a period after market AM/FM cassette, CB radio, and horn that plays tunes in lieu of the factory horn, all installed by the original owner many years ago (they appear to be from when the car was new).

This Detomaso was assembled in August, 1980, and sold through Thein Motor Sales in Clarence, Iowa.  The original window sticker, as well as owners manual package, is included with the car.

This Detomaso is in excellent running and driving condition.  Since I bought the car from the family of the original owner five years ago, I have done significant work to the car to make sure that it is in top running order.  Work done includes new shift bushings, motor mounts, wiper bushings, tires (205/60/14), front brake assemblies (pads and rotors), and spark plugs.  I also had the wheels refinished, and had a new front air dam fabricated (I will include with the car the original front air dam, which is somewhat deteriorated from age and cracking damage).  I have just had the oil and filter changed, and installed a new battery.  The car starts, runs, stops, and shifts great, and has very good acceleration for its day… remember, it is the larger Chrysler engine (versus the earlier models with the VW-based engine) and a very light car.  I have driven the car just under 1000 miles in five years; typical of these motors and cars, it has some vibration when cold, but smooths out as it warms up.  All gauges and lights work, the radio works (I have not tried a cassette or the CB), the wipers work, and the ventilation system works though I have never tested or used the air conditioning (and would assume that it would need at least a charge if you were to use it) or the cruise control.  The clock does not work; I do not know if it is not working or simply disconnected in order to prevent battery drain when the car was in storage.  That said, the only mechanical issue that I am aware of is that there is a slow battery drain if you leave the battery connected when leaving the car parked for extended periods of time.  Overall, the Detomaso starts right up, accelerates smoothly, rides and handles well, and loves to cruise at highway speeds!

Cosmetically, this Detomaso is in very good, very presentable, survivor original condition.  The exterior appears to be all original with no body or paint work or repairs other than the new front air dam, and one wheel flare that I replaced with an NOS correct wheel flare.  The car and paint are in very good condition for their age.  The black graphics have some fading, but the red paint is very presentable and nice for its age, though not as shiny as a new paint job.  Overall it is a very nice survivor original!  There is typical minor surface rust and chipping along the bottom of the inside of the doors and rockers, a very small and almost not noticeable bump just behind the drivers front bumper, and there are two small areas of some minor pin hole rust, ahead of the drivers rear wheel and behind the passenger rear wheel.  These issues are so minor that I prefer to drive the car and show it as original, but the new owner may choose to undertake and present the car as restored with repair of these very minor issues.  I see no floor rust underneath the car.  Both front and rear bumper rub strips are off the car, which most people would not notice that there were originally any additional rub strips.  They have a unique metal clip to hold them in place, and both rub strips will be included with the car.

The interior of the Detomaso is in very good to excellent condition.  There are no cracks in the dash, the carpet and seats are in very good condition, the door panels are all very good.  The only interior issue is that the headliner is starting to sag, and the rear hatch struts need to be replaced.  The spare tire doesn’t look like it has ever been out or used!  And included are the original, never used, Detomaso floor mats!  There is a dash rattle that sounds like it is in the area of the radio; I did not have the mechanics look into the cause, but it may likely be accessible behind the radio.

With only about 600 Dodge Detomasos produced in the 1981 model year, this is a very rare car… even better with its fun to drive 4-speed stick shift transmission instead of a power-robbing automatic… and better yet in such original, unmodified condition!  This was the car that started the Mopar front wheel drive performance cars, including the Charger 2.2, Shelby Charger, Shelby Charger GLHS, and later cars based on the front drive K cars.  The Detomaso may be the rarest of them all!

I have described this Detomaso to the best of my knowledge.  The Detomaso is sold in ‘as is’ condition; I am not a mechanic, so if you have any questions, or would like to make arrangements to inspect the car, please ask before bidding!  A bid is a contract to purchase the car, not to inspect or consider purchase.  I have clear title in my name, and the title and car are available immediately after payment in cash or USPS money order or other mutually satisfactory payment arrangements may have cleared.  The car is garaged and can remain so for a reasonable period of time not to exceed one month prior to picking up the car.  Transport is the responsibility of the buyer.

A Former Family Chariot? 1989 Colt Vista AWD w/Manual Trans

Here’s a forgotten Swiss Army knife of a car: The Mitsubishi Chariot, which was sold in the US as the Dodge Colt Vista and Eagle Vista Wagon.  We see this as a do-anything vanlet, which would be a great addition to any fleet.  Well, it would be truly great if it ran…

The late 80s were an interesting time for wagon fans, with essentially all Japanese automakers playing in the small MPV/tall wagon space and offering some form of all-wheel or four-wheel drive.  While this Colt Vista may not offer the Stanza Wagon’s sliding doors, we like the AWD and manual combination, as well as the dark red interior on this example.

What’s not to love?  Well, the 2.0-liter four put out a little under 100HP when new; so this isn’t a quick vehicle.  Also, this car was donated to a charity and doesn’t run.  Currently, that means no bids, even at a starting price of $200.  Finally, the pictures with this ad are severely lacking.

This could be a great parts car or, potentially, an easy fix for someone who knows these cars.  We hope it’s an easy fix and gets saved!  It’s far to interesting to see destroyed.  The best outcome would be the swapping in of a mild Mitsu turbo four to make a great little do-everything sleeper.  Hopefully, someone in a state where this doesn’t have to pass smog will pick it up and kick off a great project!

Click for eBay ad
Dallas, OR, USA
$20.00 with ZERO bids and six days to go

Front is, well, not very exciting, but the Colt resemblance is clearly visible.

Rear reveals mini-MPV/wagon body.  Shockingly, someone might have towed with this.  Yikes!

Here’s a crappy side view with a hint of a 4WD badge.

And, here’s a slightly more complete view of the driver’s side.

Interior is dark red, which we love.  We can’t tell much about condition, but it doesn’t look bad for its age.

This is the only other picture provided, so we threw it in.

Ad text:

1989 Dodge Colt Vista Wagon
*free vacation with purchase
Year: 1989
Make: Dodge
Model: Colt Vista Wagon
VIN: JB4FH31V9KZ011248
Mileage: 172,597


Donor states*, the vehicle comes with the following features, some items may not work: A/C, Power Steering, Stereo w/Cassette, 4WD.

Donor states*, vehicle does not start. A/C does not work.


What has a Slant Six, Manual Trans, Half Vinyl Roof and T-Tops?

Why, it’s a 1978 Dodge Aspen Special Edition, of course!  At least the seller claims it’s a Special Edition.

This mostly original, 162K mile car seems to be in good, solid shape overall and is such a strange build that we’d be proud to own it.  The only issue noted is that one T-Top is a Plexiglas replacement.  No, we don’t know what it would take to find another original one!  The next owner can grapple with that and decide whether this car needs a good color sanding/buffing or should live on with its patina.  The interior just looks like it needs a good cleaning and perhaps a more original shift knob.  The seller says there are no cracks in the “lether.”  We say vinyl, unless “lether” was Chryslers word for pleather.

The slant six likely has a comically low power output by today’s standards, but these were known for good low-end torque.  The 1978 version is surely choked with emissions equipment, but should still move this thing relatively well.

Click for eBay ad
Alexandria, VA, USA
$4,500 with ZERO bids, $6,900 BIN price and six days to go

The Aspen was never exciting, but it wears classic 70s lines and this blue suits it well.  It’s the odd combination of vinyl top and T-Tops that stand out the most on this example.

The Aspen front is pretty generic, but there’s nothing in particular wrong with it.

Here’s a better look at that half landau roof.  Also, we’re pleased to see original steel wheels with trim rings.

Rear shows the beginnings of what would become 80s styling, with a bit less chrome.

T-Tops FTW!

Full blue interior looks to be in pretty good shape overall and that long shifter is just plain awesome.  What did the original shift knob look like?

Slant six, baby!

Ad text:

Up for sale 1978 dodge Aspen special  edition T Top! Exterior is blue and  blue leather interior  really nice no rips no cracks on the dash, no tears on the Lether  very nice car!! The driver side has a plexiglass T top but passenger side is original glass very solid body no rust, everything works as it should including radio,  wipers, all the lights. Beautiful car runs & drive great it has a four-speed manual  transmission & six-cylinder  162k miles on the title and on odometer shows 62,500 miles  clean Virginia title in hand if you have any  questions please ask before you place a bid 

765 RWHP, 6MT Dodge Challenger with Gullwing Rear Doors

Straight out of Florida comes this beast built my a limo company.  We suppose converting a Charger (i.e. starting with a four door) would have been too easy.  This one started as a two-door and was extended, at least as far as we can tell.

Because stretching a two-door Pony car into a limo wasn’t enough, this one has the obvious gullwing doors and also has a supercharger feeding its Hemi engine to the tune of 700 rear wheel horsepower.  The best news here, however, is that this runs through a six-speed manual!

Want the bad news?  Well, the seller wants $250K for this and it’s Buy-It-Now (BIN) only.  So, it won’t sell and we won’t see what the market has to say about it.  Maybe it will be listed again as an auction?

Click for eBay ad
Alva, FL, USA
$250K BIN with one day to go

Say what you want, but this will stand out in a crowd.  The paint alone would have done it, but the doors seal the deal.

As we were saying.

What Florida sale picture would be complete without surface water in the background?

Here’s an image of the seating layout – it’s really not a limo, just a very hard way to get to an extended four-door with two rows of seats.

Aside from the stretch and, presumably, the door panels, the interior appears mostly stock.

All stock here.

Not stock here – a Kenne Bell supercharger has been fitted.

Ad text:

 This is a custom one of a kind  Dodge Challenger SRT8 (built into a Jet-door car in 2016).
Clean Ride Customs did the whole build.

The conversion was done at 15,100 miles! This is brand new off the line.

This Challenger has been pampered since day one!

This car is prestine !!!

The car has a $10,000 paint job with hemi-orange, jet-black and dodge green.

The interior is black leather and suede trim. 

Hurst 6 speed transmission

The Kenne Bell Supercharger  which brings it to 765hp at the wheels (900hp at the flywheel) is on order and we will be installing soon. Pictures will be uploaded once it is complete.

Ice cold AC  (stock equipment gets even colder with the bigger cabin.)

Automatic jet-doors with push button remote controls

Absolute Insane awesome….Not another one like it on the Planet….No joke,  this car will rock your world,  this car will put you on top, anywhere you go.

Another Lamborgini or Ferrari can be bought tomorrow.  This is a one of a kind unit…NO one on the globe has one like it, or even close to it.

If you want one of the Coolest, yet Hottest cars on the Planet, buy this one today.  The owner of Clean Ride Customs, Bob Calvert,   is not wanting to let this one go….it was just completed last week and he has drove it out to eat twice…He’s in love with it.

Check out the video of this car. 

Fly into RSW  (Fort Myers airport) and we will pick you up in a Limo(or the New SRT), whichever you want) and bring you to the shop.

Buy it and drive it home,  or We will trailer it for you.

We build the most Awesome Mercedes  Sprinter limos…..

13-15 passenger limo

Clean Ride Customs 239-xxx-xxxx

Awesomely Bad, Africa-Themed 70s Van

Lots of 70s van had murals, but we’ve never seen one with an Egyptian/northern Africa theme quite like this.  Also, we rarely see murals in such good condition.

The seller claims this is one of few modified by Dodge; but we have no reason to believe this wasn’t a dealer- or owner-commissioned custom.  That was all the rage back then, after all.  Given its age, this van appears to be in amazing condition, both inside and out.  Claimed mileage is a bit under 75K and we believe it.  If anything, this look like it has lower miles.

Needless to say, the exterior draws us in with its awesomely brown base color, Cragar S/S wheels and side pipes.  Moving to the inside, one finds one of the most awesome displays of shag carpet we’ve seen in a long time.  The 318 V8 (5.2L, if you must) won’t move this with amazing authority, but it should work well enough and sound good in the process.

With all that, what do you think this is worth?

Click for eBay ad
Tampa,  FL, USA
$6,610 with 15 bids, reserve not met and 3.5 days to go

Pyramids and spires over gorgeous 70s brown.  What more do we need?

Correct Cragar wheels and sidepipes are perfect for any 70s custom.  Note that the Firestone S/S Radial went out of production in the 90s; so the next buyer should consider new tires before any long trips.

More pyramids and some palms!  Sun visor is perfect for the 70s, too.

Rear is surprisingly benign,but a little bit of mural carries over.

Open the door and see the first hint of shag!  Door panels and engine cover are covered in the stuff.

This is the money shot – shag, shag and more shag.  Brown curtains are a nice touch, too.  Close those bad boys and rock this van (others will know not to knock).

The headliner is, well, interesting.  Is that linoleum?

As one would expect, there’s a fridge of some sort; but we’re most curious about the apparent air holes above it.  Probably they vent the fridge; but we imagine the original owner’s ferret climbed in and out of those holes.

Ad text:

This is a unique one of a kind vehicle that you will have to see to believe!

This is an original 1974 Dodge Van. It has everything! Side pipes, windshield visor, shag carpet interior, and captain chairs. This is one of the few surviving vans that was taken by Dodge, customized in a factory, and resold on the showroom floor in this manor as new. A true survivor.

$500 deposit due immediately and full payment due within 7 days. Buyer responsible for paying any and all shipping costs.

Dodge Caliber “Show Car” with Lambo Doors and SEMA Histroy

The Caliber just wasn’t odd enough, so someone decided to paint one “chameleon green” and add 22-inch wheels and lambo doors.  In fact, someone did this for Lear corporation and it was shown as the 2006 SEMA show.

As is often the case with such a car, this is all show (love it or hate it) and no go.  Underneath all the custom weirdness is a stock 2.0-liter four cylinder and automatic trans.  The seller is up front about that, however, and also points out that this car only has 646 miles on the odometer.  We imagine it’s been in customizing shops for most of the last nine years.  We also imagine it might have bad fuel in the tank.

Here’s a link to a SEMA video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNahLo1APxY&app=desktop  Some things have changed since the show, but most of it is still there.

One bit of very good news: No SRT-4s were harmed in the making of this vehicle.

Click for eBay ad
New Hudson, MI, USA
$13,500 with one bid, reserve not met, $22K BIN price and 1.5 days to go

Yep, it’s green and those doors are “interesting.”  There’s so much going on that the 22-inch wheels don’t even really stand out at first glance.

Front reveals blackout grill and green LEDs.

There are more LEDs at the rear and custom dual exhaust.

Interior has custom touches, but is remarkably tame compared to the exterior.

Yes, there are some green trim bits on the door, but it’s somewhat subtle, all things considered.

Yikes.  Okay, that’s not subtle.  Apparently, this originally had interchangeable inserts and this is one of them.

Sadly, there are only two pedals…

Green bits adorn the stock engine 2.0.

Ad text:

“Excellent Condition. One of a Kind! The Only known areas of concern are: Rear Wiper shoots fluid but doesn’t rotate back and forth. Only the driver can operate the power windows for all four doors. The Airbag Sensor light is on and I do not know what the situation is. It was on when I purchased the car. A few very small scratches. Their is a small draw coming from somewhere because the battery will need to be jumped if it isn’t started within 10 days. If you watch the YouTube video from the 2006 Seema Show in Las Vegas (Core-Dimensions iCar Caliber), some of the electronics are no longer in it that appeared in the video. The Speakers located on the inside of rear hatch are no longer there. The XBOX 360 is not in it. The wheels are different (But Cooler). There are no iPods in the car. The passenger side Visor DVD player does not work. The Temperature controls work but rotate about 60% from low to high. All of this can be fixed! The Battery is New as well as the Stereo and DVD Players!”

This is a One of a Kind Dodge Caliber like no other Dodge Caliber.  Originally Designed, Created and Customized by Lear Corporation (Nasdaq Symbol: LEA) to showcase their various Products, Designs and Innovations! It was designed as a Beach car and debuted in the 2006 SEMA Auto show in Las Vegas.  Search the Internet for: SEMA: Core Dimentions iCar Caliber or go to YouTube and type in:    
This car is Chameleon Green and changes color as light hits it. This Unique car has Green LED running lights in both front and back. The front doors are LAMBO – Vertical doors that open out and then up (A Large person will have a difficult time getting into the front seats). It has three DVD players with the ability to watch two different dvd’s at the same time. One in the back of each front seat headrest and one is the Stereo Monitor. This has a Kenwood DDX672BH Stereo, Monitor with DVD Receiver, Alpine Speakers throughout, an Alpine Sub and an Alpine Equalizer.  Carbon Fiber is visible throughout the Car.  The Chameleon Green Paint job is so High-End that car people are Amazed!!! You can’t get this PAINT job at the Local Paint Shop!  It has Dual Custom Exhaust Tips, a Lift gate Spoiler, Body color Roof Rails, Custom Rocker Panels with Mesh Grill Detail, Zip in/out Custom seat cushions and seat backs for the Front Passenger and both Rear Seats. You can choose to take them out and the seats will be plain Black Leather. Custom Dropstar 22″ Wheels, 255-30 ZR Extreme Tires, Custom Painted matching roof rack holders with a bicycle rack included.  This car has 646 miles at the time of this posting!!!  ! Unfortunately the car has acquired a handful of very small scratches that are in the pictures. No dings or dents other than inside the driver side door where you step.  None are visible with the doors closed.
The Motor to this car has Not been Modified.  It is just the 4 cylinder 2.0 motor.  This is the Baddest Ride!!!   It only has 646 Miles on it!!!   You WANT this Car!!!   You NEED this Car!!!     BUY This Car!!!
Someone else will – Don’t Lose Out!  BID HIGH!!!  Good Luck!!!

Wagon + Woodgrain + 383 + Four-speed = Heaven?

This is a Dodge Custom 880, which was the top-of-the-line offering in 1965. Even better, this is the wagon example, originally with woodgrain and a four-speed!

This one currently has a 383 V8 in it, but we think a ’65 should have a 361.  In any case, it’s not clear which 383 this is.  If it’s a late 60s/early 70s engine, one can easily make 400+ torques with the right heads, intake and carb.  Regardless, we imagine it can move this big beast fairly well and sound great doing it.

Supposedly, all body work is done and this is ready for paint.  The next owner will need to decide how stock to keep it, including whether to put the wood grain trim back on.  We hope they will!

This has the potential to be an awesome beast and we absolutely approve of the police steelies and hubcaps used here!  We drive an enjoy until paint time and then go as original as possible, but with stealth upgrades to engine and suspension.  At this point, the price is pretty low, but the reserve hasn’t been met.  Will it sell?  Will it blend?

Click for eBay ad
Suisun City, CA, USA (Bay Area) – or, is it in Arizona??
$3,150 with 24 bids, reserve not met and 16 hours to go

The pics aren’t the best, but what’s not to love about this classic 60s wagon styling?  This is the best shot of the cool cop wheels which, by the way, are available as reproductions.

Tail lights are well designed and integrate with side and rear trim.  Well done.

Vintage Thrush sticker is a nice touch.  Tow hitch hints at this car’s original family hauler usage.

This is the only shot of the front.  This could be fairly menacing.  Detractors will point out that this car will send a lot of time in this state – at the pump.

If the engine swapped, it’s unusual that it looks so stock – this could be the original 361?  Maybe a Mopar expert can tell from this pic. Power brakes might be a wise upgrade, given mass and go potential.

The interior looks good overall – not restored, but nice.  Tall shifter is just plain cool.

Here’s one more view of he cockpit.  Bench seat plus floor shifter is always an interesting combo.

Ad text:

1965 Dodge Custom 880 2 Seat Wagon, 383 2bbl 270hp, Factory 4sp on the floor 78K. Burgundy/Red with wood grain applique down the sides. Runs & drives great, 217 inches long, top of the line wagon for Dodge. Best wagon of any make for 65. 96 cubic feet of cargo area. Perfect beach car. Rare car only 4 made with this equipment. New heavy duty self adjusting brakes, rebuilt carb, new clutch & pressure plate, It has a factory 4sp transmission, shifts smooth no issues, rear electric window works. Any rust on the car or dents have been fixed. Doesn’t need much, prep and primer ready for paint. The rest of the interior is not bad. The car is in Phoenix Az. I’ve done a lot toward the restoration of this car. The next decision is original or custom, up to you. It’s in Fairfield Ca. 40mi east of Oakland. 310-422-0004  

Dually Rat Rod with or without Engine

Ah yes, the “Rat Rod” concept.  It seems it can be used to describe just about anything rusty and incomplete, but we’ll venture to say that this is pretty close to the original intent.

This is based on a 1926 Model T and a 1958 Dodge dual-axle truck.  It looks like the basic structure is complete, but there is no interior at all.  As such, this is a bit of a blank canvas.

Also, although it’s huge and clearly visible in the pictures, the Cummins diesel pictures in the ad is NOT included in the base sale.  Apparently, arrangements can be made to sell it, though.  So, either go with what might or might not have already worked, or consider power to be part of the blank canvas situation here, too.

Click for eBay ad
Menan, ID, USA
$900 with ZERO bids and one day to go

Long, low and with big ass wheels.  That’s the theme.

You don’t need a hood on this sort of Rat Rod project, so don’t count that against it.

This should be labeled “serving suggestion”, as it’s a closeup of an engine not included in the sale without extra cash.  It’s not exactly light weight…

Ad text:

This is a auction for a rat rod project. Its a dually made for a diesel rat rod. The project has been constructed from a 1926 ford model t coupe and 1958 dodge dually axles. The engine and transmission have not been installed and are not included with the sale. If the buyer is interested in the Dodge cummins seen in the picture and the NV4500 transmission, other arrangements can be made to sell it as a package.