Shortened Corvair Hot Rod

The title pretty much says it all!

Yes, this is a hot rod/rat rod built on a Corvair platform and which has been greatly shortened.  What’s left of the car shouldn’t weigh much; so the Corvair flat six should move this pretty well.

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Dana Point, CA, USA

Most would assume this was Beetle-based.  They’d be wrong, but it’s understandable, given the engine location.

Low hood means this has no luggage space, but we’re thinking this isn’t exactly a road trip car.

Rear reveals fuel tank and tall stacks leading to the carbs.

Person for scale.

Here’s the engine, which has received some serious cleaning and polishing.  Hopefully, fuel proximity isn’t an issue (?).

Ad text:

One-Of-A-Kind, mini Rat Rod built on a 1960 Corvair chassis. The all-aluminum body was masterfully fabricated by an aircraft builder. Street legal. 

Runs / handles great and really scoots! Turns heads everywhere she goes! Great for cruising the beach, Coast Highway, or wherever you need to go…in STYLE. Very fast!

$8,500 O.B.O. 

Serious inquiries only, pleases. No trades.

Corvair with “Beach Boys in Hell” Mural

All Corvairs are interesting, given the unlikely idea of a GM with an air-cooled, horizontally opposed six cylinder; but most with automatics aren’t worth a look.  This one’s a bit of an exception, given the “unique” presence of a Beach Boys and flames mural.

This car appears to be in amazingly good and original condition.  The seller notes a few flaws, but this is 52-plus years old.  If it was 100% stock, it would be worth picking up at the bidding price just for flipping; but the mural changes the equation.  This car is looking for just the right owner.  Could that be you?

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Dubuque, IA, USA
$2,500 with ZERO bids and 0.5 days to go
Also on CL with a $4,950 asking price

Yes, folks, that’s a mural on an otherwise amazingly stock 1964 Chevy.  Is it just me, or does this depict the Beach Boys in hell?

Side is all flames.  Even the hubcaps appear to be stock.

The script on the rear says Bozzo’s Limo, which is a limousine company in New Boston, Michigan – far from the seller.  We’re confused, but maybe that was the previous owner?

The seller mentions some minor cracks in the instrument cluster, but it looks to be in good shape for its age, as does the rest of the interior.

Upholstery looks great!  There’s not a lot of support in these seats, however.

Here’s the unusual flat six.  It looks complete and original.  Sadly, there’s no turbo here.

Ad text:

1964 Chevy Corvair

The chrome and bright-work is in excellent condition.  The interior is very nice.  Some wear on the drivers front seat and a door panel coming loose on the passenger side.  There are 2 cracks in gauge panel which are purely cosmetic.  

The paint is in good condition with no major scratches or dents.  Some wear is visible.  The graphics, beach boys mural, and flames are very well done and burried in clear coat.  This is a real attention getter.  

Mechanically, the vehicle is nice.  There is a small oil leak (probably from the pushrod tubes which is a common problem).  The “gen” light stays on so the belt may need an adjustment or something else may be wrong.  There is a new voltage regulator.  

Tires, brakes, etc seem real good.  I have a spare set of brakes to include to the winning bidder.  

Glass is nice.  

Great cruiser for the summer at a very family-friendly price.  

Interested parties are encouraged to see the car prior to bidding.  Any pickup and transportation is sole responsibility of the buyer.  No warranties or exchanges.  All sales are final.  Any questions, let me know.  


This is relisted due to a non-paying bidder.  DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU INTEND TO FOLLOW THROUGH ON THE TRANSACTION.  I don’t know how to make that more clear.  Car does not leave until funds clear the bank.  $500.00 non-refundable deposit due via PayPal within 48 hours of the Auction Ending.  If this does not happen, I will file a non-paying bidder claim against the winner.  If you want it delivered to Des Moines Good Guys on the dates listed above, deposit must be made before I load the car.  



BMW “Corsetta”

What’s a Corsetta, you ask?  It’s nothing BMW or Iso ever designed or built, but it is a 70s project involving a 1957 Isetta and a Corvair flat six.  The seller estimates current output at 150 horsepower, which is than a tenfold increase versus the original single-cylinder motorcycle engine.

At the bottom, you will see that the seller provides quite a bit of information.  Supposedly, this was featured in Hot Rod magazine in 1977 and may have been a shop class project.  This makes us long for the 70s, when seller probably couldn’t give away Isettas, given they’re now $25K+ cars in any sort of good condition.

Apparently, the car has ballast in the front and a wheelie bar, but each is adjusted such that small wheelies are still possible.  The engine hangs out back…thus the wheelie “problem.”  We don’t know what the reserve is, but the low starting price means we will see what the market has to say about this one.  Feel free to add your price prediction in the comments section!

Click here for a short video of a wheelie, mostly in slow motion.

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Wilmington, NC, USA
$3,550 with 12 bids, reserve not met and 6.5 days to go

Here’s that still shot from YouTube again.

Ah, the profile shot.  Note the engine location!  If you think about the rear wheel arrangement vs. a standard Isetta, you can appreciate how much work was done.

This could qualify as another mullet car – stock appearance in front with wild flares at the rear.

Here’s a low-angle shot of the rear.  The steelies are a perfect touch.

Does this have brake lights??

Here’s the signature Iso refrigerator door with attached steering wheel.

Interior is tufted vinyl – perfect for a 70s hot rod!

Here’s a closeup of the engine – presumably from the top.

The engine looks clean enough from this angle.  Of course, we imagine very few miles have been put on this over the years.

Ad text:

This is your opportunity to own a one of a kind “Corsetta”.  This is a highly desirable bubble window Isetta powered by a four carb Corvair engine.  This car was stored in the previous owners garage since the 80’s when we purchased it two years ago.  We were told this car was built in the 1970’s by a shop class.  It is evident that a lot of time and detail went into designing this little car to accept this powerful engine.  Corsetta went from a stock 13 HP engine to 150 HP.  It has weights on the front to hold it down and a wheelie bar on the back.   It was featured in Hot Rod magazine in March of 1977.

We bead blasted the car to prepare for a paint job and realized that the fiberglass needed some refreshing.  We also did some minor body work and repairs to the front door prior to new professional paint job.  Glass, chrome, and rubber are in good condition, some of the components are new.  New top.  We will be happy to email you photos of the work we completed upon request.  Car is running and driving with clear NC Title.  I am not sure how to embed a video into Ebay but you can go to Youtube and google BMW Corsetta and see a video of the little car in action or I can email it to you.  If questions please call (910) xxx-xxxx.

The body is in great condition.  One small hairline crack in the paint near door hinge.  Not visible unless pointed out.  Turns heads where ever it goes, especially when it is started!!!  It will do a wheelie and is a SCARY FAST little car so extreme caution and care should be used when driving.

This vehicle is sold as is with no warranty, written or implied.  Shipping to be paid by winning bidder.  We will coordinate with truck driver as needed.

Winning bidder to pay $500 deposit within 48 hours at end of auction and will pay for car within one week at the end of the auction.  Owner reserves the right to end the auction early.  Looking for similar micro  cars or VW Bus. 



I like any ad that begins with “I have a collection of shortened cars.”  Do we bother to ask why?  If you must shorten a car, a Corvair seems like a decent choice, given the lack of a driveshaft…

It looks like the body work has been done, which is obviously the biggest step if you’re into this sort of thing.  The ad lacks major info, though, such as running condition and any information on the interior, which is likely the second biggest step in a shortening.  Only a potential buyer can determine whether $900 is reasonable for a one-off.  The seller claims nothing is more fun to drive, but I’m not 100% convinced.
Orange County, CA?
Posted by CG
Yes, it’s short.  Is that a carry handle on the side?
Different colored primer on the other side?  Hmm.
Ad text:
I have a collection of shortened cars, and there is nothing more fun to drive. 
This little Corvair was going to be my next shortened project, but I do not have the time. I am asking $900 and the hard work is done.
Bill of sale only. It is a fun project and you will have a good time once it’s complete.
I am not sure of the year.

Extremely Rare Wagon: Corvair Lakewood

Not everyone knows that the Corvair was more than a two-door sedan and convertible.   There were vans and pickups, as well as this wagon variant.

These don’t come around often, and I can only imagine not many were made.  This one’s in good driver condition, though the seller refers to some amateur rust repair we’d wonder about.  The price seems pretty reasonable for this unusual beast, however.  Wouldn’t you love to show up to Ralph Nader’s picnic in this thing?

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Granada Hills, CA

Front end is pure Corvair.

The wagon version of the ‘Vaire doesn’t look too weird in profile, but the rear vents give it away us unusual.

Despite high floor due to rear engine, there’s some space back there.

Seat covers look like something from someone’s grandfather’s pickup, but eh rest doesn’t look so bad.

Sub-floor, air-cooled, flat-six goodness!

Ad text:

1961 CORVAIR LAKEWOOD 710 WAGON with highly desirable 4 speed transmission
Very Complete Original Running Driver

119,000 Original Miles
Turn Key Dependable Driver 
Highly Optioned for 1961 with 4 speed Trans (most others have the Powerglide 2sp)
Deluxe 710 Interior with Passenger Visor & 3 Color Option
Starts Right Up, Runs Drives, Stops and Steers
Good Clutch
New Tires with Baby Moon Rims
Clean Straight Body with Good Body Gaps, Good Trim and Very Nice Original Glass
All Doors and Rear Hatch Open and Close Nice 
Wipers, Turn Signals, Headlights, Brights, Folddown Rear Seat, Door Handles, Window Cranks and Gauges all complete and work well
Paint is Satin Finish (between a gloss & a flat finish) decent, complete and presentable

Has a few cosmetic issues, a little rust and a little bondo, but overall not bad at all
Need interior door cards repaired or replaced, rust in footwells has been effectively but a bit crudely cut out and replaced with sheet metal, better muffler, better weatherstripping (in doors only) and a few other small items. All parts for the Corvair Wagon are readily available (& share many parts with the Corvair Cars & Chevy II models(.. Still, it is quite useable just as it is.

These Wagons were only made 18 months in 1961 & 1962 by Chevrolet and are rare and greatly increasing in desirability and value according to Haggartys. Decently clean and Original Running Drivers like this one are becoming quite rare and sought after. This is the Ultimate Surf Wagon since Chevy made the Corvair Wagon not too large, and with an aluminum 6 cylinder rear engine that was aircooled, 18-20 miles to the gallon is totally possible. It sure looks the part as well. White roof stays cool in the sun, Back hatch opens out and up (shades the sun). A reasonably clean running, driving, presentable project…restore at your own pace, or use it as is…or both. Great PCH beach cruiser or grocery getter