NOT a Gremlin: AMC Eagle Kammback

These don’t come up often, and they always tempt us when they do.  From a distance, one might think this is a Gremlin; but it’s actually an Eagle Kammback.  Given the Eagle name, one expects four-wheel-drive and one will not be disappointed!  As an added bonus, this one features a clutch pedal.

The seller claims a lot of recent work including clutch and various seals; so there’s a chance this will be a good, reliable driver.  Mechanical parts should be easy to come by, given this engine was in almost everything AMC made for years.  Even the 4WD parts were shares across a great many Eagles.  The seller has replaced upholstery and carpet; so interior cosmetics are good, too.

At the current bid of $2,550, we see this as a bargain; but we don’t know the reserve and thus don’t know whether someone will get a good deal.

Click for eBay ad
Manchester, TN, USA
$2,550 with 33 bids, reserve not met and two days to go

Eagle had good front end brand consistency, meaning this might be mistaken for the common wagon from the front.  Naturally, we love the brown color here.

This is the Gremlin angle, with a similar, chopped profile.

Rear view has Gremlin in it, but this might be even weirder.

Here’s the manual shifter for the four-speed trans, as well as the excellent condition upholstery.

This does have a back seat and it’s in great shape.  Split-folding feature is nice.

Hatch has a tall floor, but decent cargo capacity and much more with seats folded down.

Here’s the ubiquitous AMC I6.

Ad text:

Up for sale is a 1981 AMC Eagle Kammback. I have been in the AMC hobby for many years and have worked to restore many of them, as you may know the Kammback model is very scarce, not many were produced, very few left. I need room in my shop to do my next AMC rebuild so its time to pass this one along to someone else.

This car has NO rust, and I know where to look. Frame rails, floorpans, rocker panels are all perfect. Car has original paint and other than a few places its very good for 35 years.

The car runs, drives and stops very well, Can be driven anywhere anytime. Starts immediately, runs smooth, shifts smooth. 4X4 works perfect

New or replaced by me:

New aluminum valve cover – this car leaks nothing on floor

New tune up parts – runs perfectly

New front axle half shafts

New belts and hoses

New Battery

New clutch, new seals on transmission and transfer case

New seals, bearings, pinions seal for rear axle

New exhaust cat back

New rubber seal around hatch window

New shocks all way around

New windshield

New carpet including back part, new spare tire cover

Front seats were redone in NEW NOS material (from SMS Auto Fabrics) and look perfect, rear seat is original and looks good

Has original owners manual and paperwork

All lights work as they should

Has spare tire and jack in place

Things you need to know:

Only have ignitions key, not door key (owners manual has key code so one can be made, I never locked it)

Has dent in front drivers fender and small crack in Krayton fender flare (see pic)

Rear hatch had a leak that messed up paint, I repaired and repainted back part flat black

Gas gauge works backward, full is empty, empty is full (PO installed new sender, prob not right one!)

Has aftermarket radio and PO cut bezel to make hole for it ( I have another uncut bezel that can go with car)

Front grill is not broken, but does have a spot where the plastic chrome is pealing a bit

Needs loved and driven, its super fun to drive. Just don’t be in a hurry when you stop somewhere, everyone will want to talk to you about your car. Again can be driven anywhere anytime.

Message me with any questions or if you would like additional pictures

A Former Family Chariot? 1989 Colt Vista AWD w/Manual Trans

Here’s a forgotten Swiss Army knife of a car: The Mitsubishi Chariot, which was sold in the US as the Dodge Colt Vista and Eagle Vista Wagon.  We see this as a do-anything vanlet, which would be a great addition to any fleet.  Well, it would be truly great if it ran…

The late 80s were an interesting time for wagon fans, with essentially all Japanese automakers playing in the small MPV/tall wagon space and offering some form of all-wheel or four-wheel drive.  While this Colt Vista may not offer the Stanza Wagon’s sliding doors, we like the AWD and manual combination, as well as the dark red interior on this example.

What’s not to love?  Well, the 2.0-liter four put out a little under 100HP when new; so this isn’t a quick vehicle.  Also, this car was donated to a charity and doesn’t run.  Currently, that means no bids, even at a starting price of $200.  Finally, the pictures with this ad are severely lacking.

This could be a great parts car or, potentially, an easy fix for someone who knows these cars.  We hope it’s an easy fix and gets saved!  It’s far to interesting to see destroyed.  The best outcome would be the swapping in of a mild Mitsu turbo four to make a great little do-everything sleeper.  Hopefully, someone in a state where this doesn’t have to pass smog will pick it up and kick off a great project!

Click for eBay ad
Dallas, OR, USA
$20.00 with ZERO bids and six days to go

Front is, well, not very exciting, but the Colt resemblance is clearly visible.

Rear reveals mini-MPV/wagon body.  Shockingly, someone might have towed with this.  Yikes!

Here’s a crappy side view with a hint of a 4WD badge.

And, here’s a slightly more complete view of the driver’s side.

Interior is dark red, which we love.  We can’t tell much about condition, but it doesn’t look bad for its age.

This is the only other picture provided, so we threw it in.

Ad text:

1989 Dodge Colt Vista Wagon
*free vacation with purchase
Year: 1989
Make: Dodge
Model: Colt Vista Wagon
VIN: JB4FH31V9KZ011248
Mileage: 172,597


Donor states*, the vehicle comes with the following features, some items may not work: A/C, Power Steering, Stereo w/Cassette, 4WD.

Donor states*, vehicle does not start. A/C does not work.


Manual 1979 Subaru Wagon in Beautiful Brown!

After our recent “Monster Legacy” post, here’s a very original, very nice 1979 Subaru wagon to make things right.

The seller claims to have sold this car new while working at a local dealership in 1979 and has subsequently found the car via an estate sale. It’s now being kicked out of the house by a spouse. His loss could be your gain!

All-wheel drive, wagon body and manual trans combine to make this an ideal vehicle, save for the limited power.  This is too nice to modify, though, unless you’re interested in taking on a really cool ‘stealth’ upgrade with some sort of modern Subie H4 turbo power plant.

Click for eBay ad
Arlington, TX, USA
$1,925 with 6 bids, reserve not met and 6 days to go

Damn, this is brown.

How about that aggressive front end?


4 Wheel Drive!

The pics aren’t the best, but the interior appears to be in great shape.

Yugo (old Fiat?) and Citroen enthusiasts will find this spare tire location familiar.

Supposedly, this is the wagon on top (third from the rear).

Ad text:

This is a very clean 1979 Subaru, runs and drives AC was cold the last time I drove it in the summer.  I started selling Subaru’s in 1974 as a authorized dealer,  Arlington Subaru and I sold this car new in 1979 to a elderly man in Arlington, Tx,, has roof rack, AC and a factory AM radio.  I recall this sale because brown and green were the rarest colors, see the picture of the arriving new Subaru’s, this is the car on the top,  this car has always been kept inside and seldom ever been in bad weather, years ago I came across this car at an estate sale and bought it back, done a few things, tires, etc, but overall it is almost all original, the interior is in great shape except the drivers seat, unusual pattern or I would of recovered the seat. I have thought about redoing all the interior in leather, or someday finding a NOS tan seat cover,  dash is cracked and some of the plastic parts here and there but for the most part it can be on a showroom almost as-is, all chrome is shinny and the original mud flaps are like new. The outside is really great, never in any accidents, the front bumper is dented from me double parking in the garage a few years ago and can be straightened or replaced, every now and then I look on eBay for a front bumper, if anyone has a near new or a good one,  I am a cash buyer and same for the drivers seat cover. Email for more pictures or come take a look, car is in Arlington, Texas 76016    

Have thought about buying or starting a Subaru dealership and still may if one ever comes up, however I am just out of room, we have a 7 car garage, and this Subaru is taking the place of a 2016 Lexus, my wife says the Subaru must go. May consider trading in on a new Outback or a Harley?

Another Oddimotive Grail Find: Ex-Red Bull Suzuki X90!

Who doesn’t want a Suzuki X90 with Red Bull provenance?  That was a rhetorical question, as we know everyone wants one.  The good news today is that this is one of only so many surviving examples and that it still has a trunk converted to a big cooler.  The bad news is it seems these coolers didn’t drain properly; so there is rust in the floor pans behind the seats.  Apparently, “they all do that.”

Ignore the Red Bull history and this is just an automatic-equipped, 137K-mile, AWD X90 with rust. Street value would be about $7.65 – perhaps $34.72 for a T-Top enthusiast or that guy in Fullerton, CA who has eleven of these.  It’s hard to put a price on a Red Bull example, however, as they just don’t come up often.  Someone with metal working skills could likely take care of the rust, one way or another, and would when have a solid driver.

The cooler conversion may surprise, as one would never have guessed one could make an X90 less practical; but this one has zero luggage space.  Perhaps the best solution would be to fabricate a giant Red Bull can replica, mount it like the one this car formerly wear and use it as a cargo carrier.

If you’re interested, the seller provides more information than you could ever possible want in the ad text at the bottom of this post.

Click for Craigslist ad
Hendersonville, NC, USA

X90s…we love them.  T-Tops are present – hopefully, they still work.

Is this the cutest of all cute-utes?

Spoiler seems to have been standard equipment.

This is the red bull money shot – trunk is a (poorly executed) cooler with dual doors.

Interior needs some freshening, but is serviceable as-is.  Don’t get too excited – that accordion boot is for the transfer case only, as this car is equipped with an automatic trans.

Yes, this is where one finds the spare!

Here’s the not-too-inspiring 1.6 liter four, shared with this car’s Sidekick sibling.

Ad text:

After the following write-up about this car is the history of the Red Bull X-90s.

Up for sale is a 1996 Suzuki X-90, and is Red Bull Edition No.8, which was the 8th unit to ever be produced for Red Bull for their Mobile Energy Team (MET) program. The last photo is not this car, but rather to show you what these vehicles looked like when they were in service. As stated in the history below, when Red Bull “decommissioned” these units, the big cans and decal logo overlays were removed, and most of them had the bottoms painted silver to cover up the Red Bull color scheme. The tops were left Semi-Flat Black.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not looking for one of these rare Red Bull X-90s, either because you are not an X-90 fanatic, or a Red Bull fanatic, please DO NOT consider purchasing this vehicle as just a cool little car to run around in. The reason is that although this car is mechanically and electrically in fairly good condition (mileage 137,390), and, the outer body is quite solid, the floorboards have a considerable amount of rust, primarily in the areas behind the seats. This was actually not uncommon for the Red Bull X-90s, as there was some “less that adequate” engineering to accommodate rain drainage in the area of the rear cooler conversion, resulting in water getting into the trunk area (unseen), upon which it would trickle forward and get into the cabin floor, resulting in wet carpet, mostly behind the seats. Some owners never knew it, and some that did thought the T-Tops might be leaking. In working with these cars, I have discovered that there IS definitely a way to correct this issue, and prevent water from entering. Also, thanks to KBS Coatings, rusty ares can be restored with great success compared to yesteryear.

If you’re wanting a Red Bull Suzuki X-90, and . . . you can find one with little or no rust that is for sale (good luck on that), and . . . you can afford it, then by all means buy it, and not this one. The problem is, that because there were only about 100 of these conversions, and there’s only a dozen or so “floating around”, and . . . because of the leak issue outlined above, you will be hard-pressed to find one without the rusty floorboards. If you do, buy it.

The seats and door panels inserts need to be redone, but fortunately the material that Red Bull used for the seat and door panel inserts (and head-rest booties) which is Blue Tweed, is readily available. The large #8 white decal is gone from the top of the back window, but fortunately, the glue residue is still there, clearly showing that this is unit #8. The 3/4″ white decal lettering “MIN. HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS” is still intact at the inside top edge of the windshield on the driver’s side. Red Bull mounted the spare tire behind the driver’s seat, and jack on the floor behind the pass. seat. The T-Top sun shades are intact.

The engine runs fine, but there is a tapping that’s very noticeable until the engine warms up. It sounds like a top end tap to me, like maybe valve adjustment, but I am not certain of that. The AT and 4WD work fine, as does the radio and AC.

I am selling this car, considering it’s rarity, that it is a very low number, and it’s overall condition, for a reasonable $2,500.00 cash, and it has a clear title in my name. Since I do not answer calls I do not recognize, please call and leave message, and I will get back to you, or you may use email. No texts. Thanks, Tom

In 1996, Red Bull Corp. embarked on a new program . . . The Mobile Energy Team (MET), in which specially chosen cars were converted into a sort-of “rolling billboard”. The very first car chosen for this program was the Suzuki X-90, some 5-sp/4WD, and some AOD/4WD. The entire bottom of the car was painted with the Red Bull color scheme, with the trunk area converted into dual coolers (drains through the floor), where Red Bull Energy Drink would be on ice. The top of the car was painted satin black, and the car’s number displayed as a white decal at the top-center of the back window. A four-to-five foot long Red Bull can was mounted up over the back of the car, and Red Bull logo decals adorned the two doors and the hood. So far, it appears that all had AC. Indications are that, through the three years (’96-’98), only about 100 X-90s were converted. These are definitely rare cars.

For this MET program, which covered all parts of the country (as well as some areas out of the country), Red Bull would hire college girls (two to a car) to drive the cars around to sporting events, etc., in which the car as well as the girls, garnered quite a bit of attention. When people would gather around, the girls would give out a free cold Red Bull Energy Drink along with a small pocket-sized brochure which told how Red Bull was the best choice over the competition.

When the Red Bull X-90s were decommissioned, the large cans, as well as the static-cling decals were removed. On most of the units, the entire bottom of the car was painted over silver, leaving the top black. A few escaped with the Red Bull paint scheme. The cars were donated to charity auctions around the country. So far, only about a dozen or so have been identified as still existing, however, probably more than that do.

1987 Subaru GL-10 AWD Turbo Wagon!

Are you looking for a do-everything car?  With a turbocharged four cylinder, manual trans and wagon body, this just might be it.  This doesn’t have the power of a Passat W8 wagon; but, even at almost thirty years old, this Subaru GL-10 will be much more reliable.

This Subie appears to be in amazing shape all around and, with 123K miles on the odometer, is hardly broken in.  One just has to hope that some of those miles have been accumulated in recent years such that the car hasn’t been sitting too long.   Don’t expect massive thrills from the 115 HP turbo four, but do expect to do anything you want and go almost anywhere while taking just about any cargo along for the ride.

Click for eBay ad
Levittown, PA, USA
$500 with one bid and 6.5 days to go

Classic Subaru wagon lines don’t give away the all-wheel drive, turbo, manual fun hiding underneath.

It would be a shame to mount any other wheel on this car.  The utilitarian steelies are perfect!

Note the faded “4WD Turbo” decal.  There are more decals on the side.  It was the 80s, after all…

Interior is plush for its age and appears to be in good shape overall, with some wear to the driver’s seat.  Manual shifter is a welcomed sight.

Here’s the slightly worn driver’s seat.

You’re damn right this car has a digital dash!  It might even work…

The fancy trip computer appears to control the clock screen in the shot below.  Also note the double-DIN head unit opening.  You can fit modern, phone-enabled technology – Android Auto and Apple CarPlay – in this car!

Here’s the “trip computer”.  This is impressive for its age.

Here’s the shot that matters!

Yugo drivers will find the spare wheel location familiar.

Ad text:

Condition: Used
Seller Notes: “RUNS DRIVES GREAT! Please review the entire listing along with our terms and conditions for more info.”
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JF2AN55B8HD475978 Year: 1987
Interior Color: Gray Make: Subaru
Number of Cylinders: 4 Model:
Transmission: Manual Trim: GL-10 4WD
Body Type: Wagon Engine: 1.8L L4 SOHC TURBO
Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty Drive Type: AWD
Vehicle Title: Clear Mileage: 123,120
Fuel Type: Gasoline Sub Model: L-LINE 4WD 4X4 1.8L TURBO WAGON RARE!
For Sale By: Dealer Exterior Color: Red

This vehicle has only been owned and titled to one person. The engine on this vehicle is running properly. The mileage represented on this vehicle is accurate. This vehicle has a smooth shifting transmission. Overall, this vehicle’s exterior is clean. The interior is clean and in good condition.

Rare 6MT Jaguar X-Type

The Jaguar X-Type was based on the Ford Mondeo platform, but was offered only with all-wheel drive in the US to help it compete with RWD offerings from BMW and Mercedes (and later the Japanese luxury brands).  Although it was panned by most when compared to the Germans and Japanese, enthusiasts know this platform and engine combination offered great performance when the price was lower.  After all, the SVT Contour was based on the same basic guts.

These make interesting used cars, as the prices are low.  With Mondeo and Duratec bits, they should be very reliable.  You will likely find many lower-mileage X-Types on the market at any time, but the manuals are a bit harder to find.

The asking price here is $5,500, but we imagine it could be had for less, given some cosmetic needs listed by the seller.  The big mystery here is whether this car has the 2.5- or 3-liter verison of the Duratec.  Neither is a slouch, but the 3-liter offered about 30 more HP and torques – helpful in moving this AWD Mondeo variant.

Click for Craigslist ad
Hawthorne, CA, USA

Sheetmetal here did a good job of emulating the period XJ – perhaps looking a bit too much like it.

Again, front end is all XJ.

Phone images are crap, but here’s part of the rear.

Here’s the manual trans money shot.  The interior in this example appears to be in excellent shape.  Note also the double-DIN audio system for easy swaps.

Yes, this vehicle has gauges!  They’re nothing too special, but the leaper is visible in the tachometer.

Ad text:

Selling my rare 2004 jaguar x-type that’s stick shift V6 engine. Reason i am selling is because my wife cannot get the hang of driving stick shift. The car runs beautifully and has lots of power! Engine and transmission are in excellent driving condition and grate on gas 28 mpg highway! Tires are 90% and AC blows ice cold! Has DVD/Bluetooth and a option for navigation “for iphone users only. Has a amazing sound system 2 amplifiers including 12” JL Audio sub woffer and also comes with really beautiful HID headlights. 
The interior has normal wear and tear, body of the car could use a slight paint job and also there is a small dent in the lower back right bumber. 

If you would like any additional information please feel free to contact me anytime 

will trade consider a trade for 2004 and up honda civic or accord or equal value
thanks for reading

Seeking the Holy Grail? Why W8? Act now!

Act now, as the Grail has been found!  We hereby present a Passat W8 wagon with manual transmission.  These are rare in any condition, but this one claims under 42,000 miles and appears to be in superb condition.

A low-mile, AWD, V8 wagon with manual trans?  Yes, indeed – it doesn’t get much better.  Even with low miles, though, this car comes with maintenance costs; so keep that in mind.  Still, if you’re brave enough to take on the W8 engine, you should start with the best one you can find.

New consideration: This car has a double-DIN head unit, so you can pop in an aftermarket jobby with Android Auto and CarPlay and instantly modernize its tech!

The seller says he or she is asking $20,000 and will “take” $18,000.  We think both are high numbers, but he or she might get a nibble at the $12,500 asking price, which is right at the top of the market.

Click for eBay ad
Stafford, VA, USA
$12,500 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and over nine days to go

Classic wagon profile never goes out of style.  BBS aftermarket wheels are perfectly welcome on this autobahn cruiser, but we’d like to have originals in the garage for the future.

This Passat has aged well in general, come to think of it.

Dual tips are visible on one side, but we know they’re on both.

Seats look pretty supportive and appear to be in excellent condition.  Note the shifter!

How about a close-up of that shifter?  Also, not that the double-DIN head unit.

There’s plenty of storage space in this beast.

Ad text:

“Outstanding condition, garage queen. Very seldom driven more than 5 miles/week. Small surface scratch on left door, buffable. New tires on 18″ BBS, Michelin Super Sport with under 200 Miles. Premium LIQUI MOLY Synthoil High Tech 5w40 Motor Oil Always used. All working perfectly. Small antenna, premium air filters (engine and cabin) by Mahle, Germany. Best of the best for this puppy.”

A collector’s gem. Never abused, always taken care as the Garage Queen she is. Never saw rain, leaves or…the wrong barometric pressure, for all I care!

New Michelin Super Sports place at New German Performance. Less then 200 miles on them. Powerful engine, without any gimmicks, fans-turbos or non-sense like it. Pure engine power with torque of 8 cans. Best car I had. Moving, and no chance to take it along. No VW service whatsoever where I am going, no parts. Gong to miss this puppy. A LOT!

This car is now increasing in value year over year. Only 78 came to the US, as I  am told, in this absolute configuration. I am asking $20,000, but will settle for $18,000 or best offer.
Principals only, please. Transaction to be performed inside a Bank of America local branch, with direct assistance by branch manager, with a certified check, period. No deliveries, only local pickup.

Not All Outbacks Were Wagons

Most people conscious in the late 90s remember the Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee for those conscious in the 80s) Subaru ads for the Outback wagon.  The Outback has been a big success for Subaru because it offers all the things those ads touted – ground clearance, storage space and AWD competitive with contemporary SUVs (body on frame, back then) with better, car-like handling, fuel economy and ingress/egress.

What few remember is that Subaru tried the same formula on a sedan for a couple years.  Thus was born the Outback SUS, or Sport Utility Sedan.

Sadly, this seller got a little too close to the car for pis, but you still get the idea.  The SUS has the same raised ride height and lower cladding as the wagon.

This example has 175K miles and appears to be in very good shape.  The seller claims everything works, so what’s holding you back?  Don’t you want all the quirkiness of the Outback with non of the utility?

Click for Craigslist ad
Los Angeles, CA

This shot almost captures the whole car!

Note the “SUS” badge on the upper right!  No, we don’t know what EMich means, nor illest.

Here’s another extreme closeup.  The seller claims no dents, so one can hope little scuffs like this are the worst of it.

Interior is nice enough and condition appears to be very good.  Auto trans is the bad news.

Back seat’s not bad, though the Legacy has always been a bit smaller than some competitors.

Trunk is quite large, helping to offset this car’s non-wagon-ness.

Things look tidy under the hood and a quality battery was used – hopefully, that bodes well for other maintenance items.

Ad text:

Subaru Legacy 30th Anniversary Edition SUS (Sport Utility Sedan)
Recently purchased a Subaru wagon for the family.
Runs great, No leaks, only use Mobil1 synthetic oil.
Black exterior 7/10 no dents, very clean interior 9/10. 
Premium sound – Bluetooth audio with 10inch subwoofer.
Michelin Defender Green X All-season tires.
Clean Title, Everything works but the AC. 175K Miles.
Fuel Economy: City 20/Hwy 27/Combined 23 MPG
Engine: 4-Cyl, 2.5 Liter Automatic AWD Transmission

Did You Know There Was An AWD Aerostar?

Your humble host was aware of the AWD Astro/Safari, but not its competitor, the AWD Aerostar.  Why is this interesting?  Because this could provide cool (in an ugly way), retro, all-weather transportation, including parts hauling.

The seller claims this is a 50K mile van and the condition sure looks great.  This has crank windows for simplicity and it looks like the interior is wipe-it-down vinyl for easy maintenance.  The stock Ford AM/FM radio is even present.  If, for some reason, you want to keep your Aerostar stock, you can get an FM transmitter and stream music from your phone without any mods – you’ll just have terrible sound quality.

While this isn’t exciting, this van is different and you won’t likely find one in similar condition any time soon.

Click for eBay ad
Mosheim, TN, USA
$4,000 Buy-It-Now

Aside from the bug deflector, which could have been a dealer-installed accessory, this appears completely stock, down to the ‘shared-with-Ranger’ steel wheels.  Compared to the GM Dustbuster vans (Lumina APV, TransSport and Silhouette), this is beautiful!

Here’s our first glimpse of the AWD badge on the lower left.

Classic minivan profile!

Maybe you’ll show this view to other motorists if you buy this!  Maybe not…

Cockpit is not particularly exciting,but is in great shape and is from a time when vehicles had fully-colored interiors.  Note the crank windows.

This is a 7-passenger van, which means it should haul about as many people as you could want to.  Having only one sliding door is now officially retro.

Seats (and spare?) are removable for more cargo space, but this isn’t terrible, considering it’s behind a third row.

This looks like a joy to work on!

Ad text:

 This 1991 Ford Aerostar short wheelbase AWD van is one of the best Aerostars left out there. If you like the Aerostars, as I do, this one is for you. This is a kind of unusual van being AWD in the short wheel-base version. This van has only had two owners since new. It has only 50,000 original documented miles on it. This van doesn’t smoke, shake, rattle, vibrate or any of the other bad things. I have owned several Aerostars, and this one is hands-down the best. It rides and drives like a new one, straight, smooth and steady. The AWD works perfectly and this van is very sure-footed on a slick road. The tires on this van only have 8000 miles on them. The only time this van has seen salt was one time this past winter and then it was then thoroughly cleaned up. It went better in snow than some 4×4 trucks I have had. Now the GREAT part about this van. It has absolutely NO RUST ANYWHERE! NONE! That is rare for a Ford Aerostar. It has been very well cared for and the interior and exterior show it. The interior is like new with all three rows of seats. The drivers seat is the only one that shows any wear at all, and it is minimal. Everything works on this van. The only drawback is that the A/C leaks down. If you know Aerostars, this is a problem with everyone I have had. I had spent a lot of money trying to fix Aerostar air conditioners only to have them leak back down. I find that it is cheaper to just gas them up once or twice a year. The exterior is also exceptional with minor sun fading of the clear coat on the hood and top and one small crack in the rear bumper. The exterior has a few miner bumps and scratches as you would expect but this van, as Ford Aerostars go, is a gem. You will not be disappointed. I reserve the right to end this listing at any time.

Pre-Audi AWD from the US of A

Just a few days ago, we shared a delightfully brown AMC Spirit and lamented its lack of all-wheel drive.  When it rains, it pours; so today’s feature is an AMC Eagle SX/4.  This time, the only regret is the engine.

This is a claimed 67K mile, two-owner car, although it appears that the wheels have been swapped for 80s/90s Jeep units.  The seller provides almost no other description; so a thorough inspection is strongly recommended, particularly given its rust belt location.  This does have the desirable manual trans, but you’ll have to decide whether the 2.5 liter inline four is enough for you. It’s a big four, so should be plenty torquey, just remember that it has to drive four wheels all the time.

$3,000 seems like a reasonable price for this and we expect some bids to roll in.

Click for eBay ad
Louisville, Illinois, USA
$3,000 with zero bids, reserve not met and 6 days to go

This is essentially the same body as the spirit, but sits higher for greater ground clearance and has butch fender flares.  This really was the American rally car before rally cars were cool (and before real rally cars had AWD).

Note the stripe package and “4 wheel drive” badge. This is a full-time AWD car, despite the badging.

This does have a mean look in black.

Hatch has usable space, but this car appears to lack the split, folding rear seats seen in our previous feature car.  As with that car, the spare takes up some space, as was the custom then.

The interior condition backs up the low mileage claim and the shifter and clutch pedal are wonderful sights.

Under the hood, the age is a bit more evident, with a fair amount of surface rust; but it’s all there.

Ad text:

1981 AMC Eagle SX4 Hatchback 4×4 

This vehicle is a 2 owner with 66,841 original miles.

It has nice paint and good tires. Runs and drives out good. Ready for the Road.

Item specifics
Condition: Used
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1ACBG5309BK148411
Year: 1981
Mileage: 66,843
Make: Other Makes
Exterior Color: Black
Model: Eagle
Interior Color: Black
Trim: DL SX4 Hatchback 2-Door
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5L 151Cu. In. l4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated
Drive Type: 4WD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Number of Cylinders: 4
Options: 4-Wheel Drive, Leather Seats
Body Type: Hatchback
Power Options: Air Conditioning
Fuel Type: Gasoline