L28 Powered 1955 Rambler Wagon

Here’s an odd swap: A 1955 Nash Rambler wagon with a Nissan/Datsun L28 inline six.

While the combination of brands is genuinely odd, this Nash would have had an I6 from the factory; so we assume this was a relatively easy fit.  Good news is this L28 should put out nearly twice the power of the original unit. So-so news is this is hooked up to an automatic trans. Still, anyone buying this is interested in a unique cruiser, so the slushbox may not be so bad.

The seller states this is a running and driving project in need of unspecified interior work and wheel balancing.  If it really is ready to run, the asking price of $3,550 seems pretty reasonable for something so interesting. We’d want to see the extent of the interior work needed – as only one pic is provided – and take a test drive to assess the supposed balance issue, however.

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Riverside, CA, USA

You just don’t see these anymore, especially in wagon form.  Prior model years had big fender skirts, but this year Rambler lifted up its skirt to reveal more wheel.

We love Nash’s interpretation of the classic wagon shape.

Front end is very, very Rambler.

As with all wagons, the rear 3/4 is something of a money shot.

Front the angle the major items in the interior seem to be complete, but carpet is needed.  If the needs are limited to carpet, upholstery and headliner, the cost to fix shouldn’t be too bad.  Apparent open head restraint hole may mean that’s a more modern bench seat.

Here’s the Datsun 280Z L28.  An Edelbrock four barrel feeds it now, instead of the original electronic fuel injection. We can understand that change in this swap, both in terms of easing the process and actually fitting the car’s image better. Of course, three big-ass Mikunis would work better.

Ad text:

1955 Nash Rambler station wagon, rare model, low mileage Datsun 280Z six cylinder engine, Nissan automatic transmission, 8 3/4 Ford rear end,oversized radiator, no overheating, new: Muffler, electric fuel pump, rear leaf springs, brake hoses,fuel cell, etc. Edelbrock carburator, Bob Sharp racing intake manifold, fuel regulator; aftermarket gauges,good body, personalized plates, chrome wheels, luggage rack on a cool factory humped roof, cool chubby body style, Needs Interior,wheel balancing; easy running/driving proyect;2017 registration, clean/clear Ca. title on hand, sacrifice! $3. show contact info ERO49.

Kristi KT3 Snowcat with Needs

Today’s feature is a rare Kristi KT3 Snowcat in non-running, but essentially complete, condition.  These cool little critters were made in the 1950s and 60s and featured Volkswagen engines, as well as hydraulic leveling systems.

The Kristi company built these in Denver, Colorado, which makes sense.  This one found its way south to New Mexico, which also has no shortage of skiing.  While we have no use for it, we’d love to have it just for the coolness factor and perhaps to take to Big Bear.

The seller says this isn’t currently running, but that the engine is not seized.  VW power means minimal investment, even if a full rebuild or replacement is needed.  We’re not so sure about the hydraulic system, however.  Also, the interior looks bare from what we can tell from the lacking pictures, but the seller says the two original bench seats are included in the sale.  We hope someone scoops at this cool ride and gets it back off the road!

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Rio Rancho, NM, USA
$10,000 BIN with offers considered and four days to go

This cat’s low profile adds to stability on slopes.

Here’s the Kristi logo.

Other side show similar wear, but it’s all there.

Rear features an access door, presumably for loading cargo, tools or those the driver has to save on a mountain.

Interior pics are lacking and it doesn’t look like much is there.

We’re not sure exactly what we’re looking at here; but we see a wiring harness and perhaps some hydraulic lines.  Both should be present.
We like any vehicle that has a hand-written model info on its data card!

Here’s the VW engine’s data plate.

Ad text:

Original Kristi KT3 snow cat complete.  IN unrestored condition.  New owner would have to spend some time getting this Kristi perfect again, but is very doable with its present condition.  Comes with the two interior bench seats.  Does not run, however the engine is not locked up or seized.    Please if you would like more details of specific pictures please let me know. 

Morris Minor Clown Car

No, it doesn’t seem like this one has been used for clown stuffing!  Rather, this car has been dolled up with a clown theme, complete with parade capability.

Supposedly, this is now witted with a 1275cc engine and front disc brakes; but those aren’t the reasons you’re interested in this one.  More to the point, the top hat is a pass-through for parades (see image below) and the clown nose lights up!

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Incline Village, NV, USA
$18,500 BIN with offers considered

How about this face?  Yes, the hands are part of the car.

Wheels are appropriately painted. Note the wind-up key on the back.  Apparently, it spins, though we don’t know what drives it.

The rear shows that key, as well as planters and the excellent

Here’s the hat pass-through in use.  Is that a Trump pledge or is this clown a Nazi?

The seller doesn’t provide many interior shots, but this appears to be the steering yoke.

The rear seat is covered in circus-themed cloth, perhaps from a child’s sheet set?

Ad text:

CLARABELLE FOR SALE 1957 Morris Minor 1000. 2 door Clown car with a light-up red nose and black top hat. This is a unique, vintage, one-of-a-kind, amazing, incredible antique specialty car. New 1275 MG engine with dual carbs, four on the floor, engine has less then 500 miles, front disc brakes, new paint. See photos, built to show and use in parades. Extra special adorable extras include: a spinning silver skate key on the back, flower boxes on the rear bumpers, eyelashes, an ooga horn, custom circus-theme upholstery, multi-colored metal flake clear coat with added polka dots, powder-coated colored wheels, custom carved steering wheel, hinged top of hat (to stand outside and wave to the crowds). Additional spare tires included. Specialty side mirrors. Averages 46 MPG. Car comes on a trailer with clear title on both.

1950s Rapida – Homemade Microcar or Pedal Car?

This is being touted as a one-off microcar, but it’s not clear to use it isn’t a pedal car.  Given the wheels, it might be considered the first cyclekart??

The seller seems to know little about the car, and there is no mention of mechanical bits.  The interior shot below might even reveal it’s a pedal car.  If you’re near the seller, we suggest a visit before making an offer!  In any case, this isn’t a fly in/drive home vehicle.

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Faro Algarve, Portugal
$2,400 BIN price with offers considered

One must hope this was homemade!

Profile reveals tiny, spoke wheels (cyclekart!) and more of the homemade shape.  Note fender skirts at rear!

The rear is short on style, but the fenders do add a bit of flair.

There are wood steering wheels and there are wood steering wheels.  This probably isn’t what you picture first.  We see a chain drive, but it this a complex pedal car??  Also, why is there much newer wood at the “firewall”?

Yep, that’s a soccer player.

Lightning bolt and Rapida name…cool.

Ad text:


1 9 5 0    R A P I D A    M I C R O C A R



I am very excited to offer a car that I acquired just over a month ago.  This is the very first automobile that I have ever owned that I cannot find absolutely any information on.  It has a manufacturers badge that reads “RAPIDA”.  The car has been sitting under this tarp for over 50 years and may or may not be restorable, but will make an excellent, original antique automobile display as everything on the automobile is original right down to the soccer player hood ornament.

As mentioned at the heading of this listing, this car is located in the coastal town of Faro Algarve, Portugal NOT KANSAS so shipping by port will be logistically straightforward.  Ebay does not give me an option to list an international zip code even though I am the legal and full owner of this veritably unique, museum quality automobile.   This car could easily be worth $10,000 possibly much more as prototype automobiles can be astronomically expensive.  

S H I P P I N G   M U S T   B E   T H E   R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y   O F   T H E   B U Y E R

A Crosley Incomplete Project Two-Fer

This two-fer will result in one working car, at best, and even that will take some time.  Hopefully, the right buyer comes along to make something really nice out of these.  They deserve it!

This two-fer includes one 1950 Hot Shot and one 1951 Super Shot.  These were very closely related; so most parts are interchangeable.  One catch: no engine is included.  We think that provides an opportunity to add modern power – perhaps a bike engine.  Whatever the buyer decides to do, this will take some work, despite the car’s diminutive size.  Maybe someone can talk the owner down from $2K?

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East San Diego County, CA, USA

These always had cool, sporty styling and some versions actually had surprising features, like four-wheel disc brakes.

Rears offer just a hint of early Jaguar XK styling, though these are simpler and much smaller.

The red car has something of an interior and is a complete body on frame.

The yellow one is a solid body with no frame.  We must assume there’s a reason the red body isn’t usable.  Otherwise, why not just restore that car?

There’s no interior in the yellow one, but it does look solid enough.

Ad text:

1950 Crosley Hot Shot body + chassis (no engine) and 1951 Crosley Super Sport body (no chassis or engine). Intended for a project to rebuild one running vehicle out of two. Looking for someone who covets the opportunity to restore a rare Crosley vehicle. Located in San Diego. This vehicle is available for local pick-up. Shipping arrangements and cost will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Isetta / VW Combo Project

The last time we broke a story on a modified Isetta, it made the rounds on all of the major online car sites.  We’re not sure that will happen this time…

It’s not that today’s feature isn’t interesting, it’s that it’s very much an incomplete project and the seller has only included two images.  Apparently, a VW transaxle has been fitted, which is why this has a comically large rear track with wheels/tires not even close to fitting within the stock fender (such as they are).

We’re certainly intrigued, but this is a really bad Craigslist ad – it’s not clear whether an engine is even included or, if so, whether it runs and we don’t know if any parts not shown are included.  Given that, it’s impossible to put a value on it. Maybe that’s why there’s not even an asking price…

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
No Price Listed

This has the potential to be interesting, although we’ll bet the project was started before prices went upon microcars.

The steering wheel is present, but no seat.  It’s not clear whether it may be included in the sale.  Same with the glass, which probably isn’t cheap or easy to find.

Ad text:

This Isetta has been tricked out with a vw transaxle. I build very cool microcars that have been featured on popular TV shows and this little beauty was going to be my next project. Due to its age, it is being sold as is, where is.

Dually Rat Rod with or without Engine

Ah yes, the “Rat Rod” concept.  It seems it can be used to describe just about anything rusty and incomplete, but we’ll venture to say that this is pretty close to the original intent.

This is based on a 1926 Model T and a 1958 Dodge dual-axle truck.  It looks like the basic structure is complete, but there is no interior at all.  As such, this is a bit of a blank canvas.

Also, although it’s huge and clearly visible in the pictures, the Cummins diesel pictures in the ad is NOT included in the base sale.  Apparently, arrangements can be made to sell it, though.  So, either go with what might or might not have already worked, or consider power to be part of the blank canvas situation here, too.

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Menan, ID, USA
$900 with ZERO bids and one day to go

Long, low and with big ass wheels.  That’s the theme.

You don’t need a hood on this sort of Rat Rod project, so don’t count that against it.

This should be labeled “serving suggestion”, as it’s a closeup of an engine not included in the sale without extra cash.  It’s not exactly light weight…

Ad text:

This is a auction for a rat rod project. Its a dually made for a diesel rat rod. The project has been constructed from a 1926 ford model t coupe and 1958 dodge dually axles. The engine and transmission have not been installed and are not included with the sale. If the buyer is interested in the Dodge cummins seen in the picture and the NV4500 transmission, other arrangements can be made to sell it as a package. 

BMW “Corsetta”

What’s a Corsetta, you ask?  It’s nothing BMW or Iso ever designed or built, but it is a 70s project involving a 1957 Isetta and a Corvair flat six.  The seller estimates current output at 150 horsepower, which is than a tenfold increase versus the original single-cylinder motorcycle engine.

At the bottom, you will see that the seller provides quite a bit of information.  Supposedly, this was featured in Hot Rod magazine in 1977 and may have been a shop class project.  This makes us long for the 70s, when seller probably couldn’t give away Isettas, given they’re now $25K+ cars in any sort of good condition.

Apparently, the car has ballast in the front and a wheelie bar, but each is adjusted such that small wheelies are still possible.  The engine hangs out back…thus the wheelie “problem.”  We don’t know what the reserve is, but the low starting price means we will see what the market has to say about this one.  Feel free to add your price prediction in the comments section!

Click here for a short video of a wheelie, mostly in slow motion.

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Wilmington, NC, USA
$3,550 with 12 bids, reserve not met and 6.5 days to go

Here’s that still shot from YouTube again.

Ah, the profile shot.  Note the engine location!  If you think about the rear wheel arrangement vs. a standard Isetta, you can appreciate how much work was done.

This could qualify as another mullet car – stock appearance in front with wild flares at the rear.

Here’s a low-angle shot of the rear.  The steelies are a perfect touch.

Does this have brake lights??

Here’s the signature Iso refrigerator door with attached steering wheel.

Interior is tufted vinyl – perfect for a 70s hot rod!

Here’s a closeup of the engine – presumably from the top.

The engine looks clean enough from this angle.  Of course, we imagine very few miles have been put on this over the years.

Ad text:

This is your opportunity to own a one of a kind “Corsetta”.  This is a highly desirable bubble window Isetta powered by a four carb Corvair engine.  This car was stored in the previous owners garage since the 80’s when we purchased it two years ago.  We were told this car was built in the 1970’s by a shop class.  It is evident that a lot of time and detail went into designing this little car to accept this powerful engine.  Corsetta went from a stock 13 HP engine to 150 HP.  It has weights on the front to hold it down and a wheelie bar on the back.   It was featured in Hot Rod magazine in March of 1977.

We bead blasted the car to prepare for a paint job and realized that the fiberglass needed some refreshing.  We also did some minor body work and repairs to the front door prior to new professional paint job.  Glass, chrome, and rubber are in good condition, some of the components are new.  New top.  We will be happy to email you photos of the work we completed upon request.  Car is running and driving with clear NC Title.  I am not sure how to embed a video into Ebay but you can go to Youtube and google BMW Corsetta and see a video of the little car in action or I can email it to you.  If questions please call (910) xxx-xxxx.

The body is in great condition.  One small hairline crack in the paint near door hinge.  Not visible unless pointed out.  Turns heads where ever it goes, especially when it is started!!!  It will do a wheelie and is a SCARY FAST little car so extreme caution and care should be used when driving.

This vehicle is sold as is with no warranty, written or implied.  Shipping to be paid by winning bidder.  We will coordinate with truck driver as needed.

Winning bidder to pay $500 deposit within 48 hours at end of auction and will pay for car within one week at the end of the auction.  Owner reserves the right to end the auction early.  Looking for similar micro  cars or VW Bus. 


Lakermobile 1958 Isetta

Are you a Lakers fan AND a microcar fan?  If so, this is your ride.

This Issetta had a frame-off something. We can’t call it a restoration because it didn’t leave the factory with all of the Lakers regalia.  Still, it seems to have been completely mechanically restored and everything else was either restored or refurbished and modified to fit the theme.

This is no half-assed fan car.  The floor is made to look like the Staples Center floor, the seat is made to look like a Spalding basketball and everything else remotely spherical is a mini basketball.  There are murals of famous fans on the interior, so Jack Nicholson stares at passersby in creepy The Shining fashion.  Even Adam Sandler is there to stare.  All of the work appears to be exceptionally well done and the attention to detail is amazing.

The current high bid is a reasonable $5,100, but reserve hasn’t been met.  Restored Isettas are now $30K+ cars, but it’s not clear whether something like this will bid higher or lower.  It needs just the right buyer, so we see bidding going to $15-20K, whether or not the reserve is not.  If Bruce Weiner microcar fever wears off, it could be lower; but we haven’t seen that happen yet.

Click for eBay ad
Upland, CA, USA
$5,100 with six bids, reserve not met and 9 days to go

Exterior grabs attention.  Note the basketball-themed lamps and the Converse logos on the wheel covers.

Even the tucked-in rear wheels (yes, there are two on this 1958 model!) continue the theme.

Here’s our first glimpse of the interior.  There’s a lot going on here.

Note the murals, basketball seat and basketball shift knob.

Here are the creepy murals.

Not every Oddimobile comes with a (really big) shoe…

Here’s that floor.

And, yes, it seems this was stripped all the way down.

Ad text:

 This is a Laker Basketball team Tribute Car. Totally restored and in excellent mechanical condition. It has won many awards and can currently be seen on Planeta Lakers television show. It has had major custom paint work done to it. All the lights are painted like basketballs, seat is made from real basketball material. Interior panels are vinyl covered images of famous Laker photos. Sunroof is a real basketball net. It has Chuck Taylor Converse hubcaps. The floor is the Staples Center Court. Horn button and shifter ball are basketballs. It has won an award at the Palos Verde Concourse De’Elegance. It is a major star wherever we take it. Again, everything on this car has been rebuilt or replaced. The body is painted Plumb Crazy and Banana Yellow with all of the Laker emblems done in paint, not stickers. You will be the hit of every show you take it to. Runs and drives excellent. Check out the photos and the video on youtube. Ask any questions. The title is in my name and currently registered. Be the biggest Laker fan wherever you go. Even though the team isn’t doing very well right now, they will come back and you can show off your new ride. (909) xxx-xxxx The Isettadude.