“Fun Ride” Custom Buggy with Miata bits and GM V6 Power

This little beast was first built in 2000, and the owner supposedly COMPLETELY (his or her caps, not mine) rebuilt it in 2013. Per the seller, the suspension, steering, brakes, differential & axles all came from a Mazda Miata originally, but the seller reworked the suspension; so it’s not clear how much Miata is left. This is claimed to be an adult go-kart and we can see how it could be lots of fun, but we’d sure like to know how it handles, given the unknown suspension. Continue reading “Fun Ride” Custom Buggy with Miata bits and GM V6 Power

Custom 2009 VW Rabbit Caddy

Do you love both the recent VW Golf/Rabbit and the old school VW Caddy? Someone loved both and decided to make a tribute. Sadly, the result is much less functional vs. a hatchback or an original Caddy.

The seller claims to have over $70K invested in this vehicle and we can almost believe it. Fans of odd engines will be please to learn this is a five-cylinder version and fans of poor management will be further pleased that this is from the brief era where renaming the Golf as the Rabbit was the answer to the age-old question of how to make VW a major volume competitor in the US market without actually listening to the market.  Given the car is called Golf once again, it’s safe to say that didn’t turn out well.

Underneath it all is a 72K mile Rabbit which claims to have an automatic trans, but with a picture possible showing manual shifter.  The seller even includes a picture of a fabricated Monroney label claiming this to be an original 2009 Caddy.  We wouldn’t brandish that label in from of Federales…

Click for eBay ad
$2,075 with seven bids, reserve no met and four days to go

This gives you a great combination of odd styling and compromised passenger AND cargo space!

Even the front angle is odd here.  Moon discs and whitewalls are nice, though.

Profile is…unique.

Yes, this is still weird from a low angle.

Yes, a true tailgate was fabricated.  I’m not sure I’d sit on it, though.

Bed’s thick walls limit space, as does the “cage” structure.  Does that go through the wood to attach to metal, or are those rubber caps on the ends??

Only one decent interior shot is included, and it’s at an odd angle.  Nardi wheel is an interesting choice, as are racing-type seats with harnesses.

Recreated Monroney label is of highly questionable legality!

Ad text:

2009 VW Rabbit Caddy Lux

The body conversion was done by Luxmotorwerks in Keyport NJ.

All work performed was done first class. The car has been in numerous magazines and shows.

Custom 2.5 header w/ custom exhaust.

All custom suspension w/ B&G coilovers

Custom interior

Due to the body conversion the air bags are none functional

In the pictures there is a list of everything done to this car, There is over $70,000 invested….I WANT THE CAR GONE!!!!!!

I will make someone a HELL OF A DEAL.

Please call or message for more info.


Straight Outta Florida: The Boss Hummer H1, Now Wearing Zombie Apocalypse Gear

Apparently, this was built as the ultimate hunting vehicle and was shown at a ridiculous toy show in Dubai in 2015.  Needless to say, this was originally done in Florida, despite its current California location.

Because this is 2016, something as odd and intimidating as this hunting vehicle can’t be allowed to exist without zombie crap all over it.  So, the vehicle is now presented with “Zombie Outbreak Response Team” graphics.  Our first response is “ugh”, but we understand that’s what it takes to market to the kids these days.  This ad suffers from a syndrome common to these custom “builds”, in that it appears that photos from different time frames with different equipment and graphics are included.  That makes it a bit tough to assess what one is actually buying.

Will someone fork over damn near $190K for this?  We’re not so sure anyone will…

Click for eBay ad
San Diego, CA, USA
$189,500 BIN with offers considered and six days to go

Someone certainly put a lot of work into this and, admittedly, the camo effect look cool.

Gullwing-esque doors?  Of course…

Hears another angle with those doors open. Note oddly mirrored panel at rear.

Here’s the rear.  Presumably, this is a recent shot, as you can see the zombie label.

Here’s another with zombie references and a mini-gun.

Ad text:

The luxury hunting truck of the future…

Parker Brothers Boss Hunting Truck (Florida’s Parker Brothers Concepts) “The Boss” Hummer H1, that has been converted into the ultimate, exotic hunting truck. Customized in 2015, one of one in the world!

As seen on Fox News, Wide Open Spaces, The Billionaires Club, AR-15.com, carshowz.com, SyFy Channel…

Unveiled at Dubai’s Big Boy Toys Exhibition for a whopping $544,500!

The Boss is customized with bodywork straight out of the future, complete with gull-wing doors, polygonal windshield, and a roof that opens to provide a protected perch to spot and shoot targets from.

Equipped with SIX video cameras fitted to the exterior of the vehicle to provide switchable live feeds to monitors located in the cabin that allows for stealthy stalking while you enjoy the comfort of the custom leather seats and trim. A full suite of communications and entertainment accessories are also fitted, along with winches, front and rear, storage compartments, and as many gun racks as you need. 

It has a sound detector that can detect the sound of any animal in a 300m radius, a hunters dream!
Flat screen TV in rear
iPad control and camera feed for “live viewing” 
USB compatibility
Leather interior with suede diamond inserts
“The Boss” decals
custom steering wheel
Five monitors
CB radio
6.5-Liter, Turbo Diesel, 4WD
Drone capabilities

Clear California title in hand
Current registration and plates
Original cost was over $500k!!!

Will cover shipping worldwide! Truly one of a kind!

***Turret Gun not included

The Anti-Donk?

It seems most sedans raised to this extent wear 26-inch (or greater) diameter wheels.  In this case, a Chrysler 300 body is mounted atop an older Chevy Blazer K10 frame.  This could be the anti-donk, or maybe this is the redneck donk.  In any case, this should actually have off-road capability.

The ad for this car is an entertaining read due to horrible spelling.  Here are a few examples:

“…Chrysler 300 on a k10 blazer Chasse”

“it is a custome build project needs battery and a starter to b drive able”

“car is located in new Mexico but I was thinking of takeing a trip out to cali…”

Also, the seller is willing to trade for a low rider.  That’s not exactly the same type of vehicle.  Anyway, there’s no doubt this is unique and, yes, we find it oddly appealing on some level.

Click for Craigslist ad
Greater Albuquerque, NM, USA

This speaks for itself.

Fade at lower right could be hipster filter or photo effect?

Nope, it’s a camera or user error.

Here’s the only shot of the interior.  It looks essentially stock, minus the shifter (trans or transfer case?).

Here’s the Small Block Chevy, which sits very low and rearward.  Technically, this is a front-mid engine engine!

Ad text:

Up for sale of trade one of a kind 2007 Chrysler 300 on a k10 blazer Chasse running a 350 4×4 automatic still needs a lil love it is a custome build project needs battery and a starter to b drive able lots of new parts willing to trade for a lowrider old school or let me no what u got to offer $8000 firm car is located in new Mexico but I was thinking of takeing a trip out to cali so I might b able to tow it out there if a good offer comes if interested thanks

Straight Outta China: Wildfire WF650-T with Engine Swap

Those familiar with Wildfire – an interesting name for a gas-powered device – know that they sold Chinese-made trikes in the US with pickup and minivan bodies.  Car and Drive famously reviewed one and was less than impressed.  The US EPA also had issues with this company.  Maybe your experience will differ?

These usually feature a 250CC engine, but the seller of this one has installed a 600 Honda from a VLX Shadow.  We suspect that has dramatically increased output yet might have reduced NVH vs. the non-name Chinese engine.  This probably weighs about twice as much as the bike, however; so don’t expect blistering performance.  As a side note, NVH is critical here because the driver sits on top of the engine.

Handling is almost non-existent in a three-wheeler with the single wheel up front; but this seller claims to have improved the situation with wider wheels and tires.  We’re not sure increased grip would reduce rollover risk, however, as we might prefer to slide than stress the suspension.

So, if you need an oddball truck for your farm or shop, this might work; but we recommend some research if you want to drive this on the street.

Click for eBay ad
Willow Street, PA, USA
$2,995 BIN with offers considered and two days to go

As far as we can tell, Elmo Santa is not included in this sale.

Here’s the classic profile without Elmo.  Note that side pipes are not functional.

Front view is, well, narrow.  Doesn’t this scream “stable” to you?

Rear view shows truck bed and seller-installed dual exhaust (which looks to have come from a motorcycle).

How about that wood grain trim?  Fancy!!!

Gauges are almost complete, but no tach is present.  One can probably drive by ear and vibration, anyway.

Here’s the sub-driver’s-seat engine.

And..a peak from below, revealing the Honda name.

Ad text:

2008 Wildfire. It looks like a pickup truck, but it’s licensed, titled, inspected and insured as a motorcycle. This originally came with a 250cc motor, but we had the motor out of a 1993 Honda VLX 600 motorcycle installed.

Here’s a link to a video of the Wildfire running that was recorded on May 12, 2016: 


The Wildfire has a 4 speed transmission plus reverse. After installing the motor, I had a custom exhaust installed with dual fish tail pipes coming out the back. Note: Those are NOT real sidepipes under the doors, they are just there for looks. The “new” exhaust comes out under the middle of the rear tailgate. The motor is under the seat. This is a rear wheel drive trike with a drive shaft connecting the motor to the rear end.

In order to give it a little more stability plus a cooler look, I replaced the skinny 12″ rear tires with 10″ wide profile tires. I used wheel spacers to make the 10″ wheels and wide tires fit because of the size of the rear brake drums.

I installed an AM/FM/CD player. This also has a factory roof vent. Both sides and the rear gate flip down to make it a flatbed if you wish (which can be seen in the parade picture with Elmo).
I have over $7,500 invested in this Wildfire.

We used the Wildfire to participate in parades to promote our non-profit pet rescue organization, and it certainly got a lot of attention!

It’s currently registered in PA (as a motorcycle) and insured (very inexpensive to insure). 

Note: The body is NOT perfect. It has its share of bumps, scrapes, faded paint, etc.

If you want something creative and fun that grabs a ton of attention, this might be just what you’re looking for.

The Wildfire passed PA State Inspection. It is fully licensed, titled, inspected and insured as a motorcycle in PA.

The Wildfire is advertised locally and subject to prior sale without notice. The ad on ebay will be removed immediately if sold locally.

This Wildfire is being sold as is, without any expressed warranty or guarantee.

Note:  The reason my ebay feedback score is 0 is because this is a backup ebay account I set up just for the Wildfire. My original ebay feedback score is 100%

Location:  Very close to Lancaster, PA.

Update:  Just passed PA State Inspection on 8/2/16. Inspection good until October 2017.

“DragonSlayer” Mitsubishi Eclipse

Are lambo doors, murals and other poor choices missing from your life?  If so, maybe you need “The Dragonslayer.”

This is pitched as a “show car”, as these types of things always are.  Underneath, it’s a four cylinder, automatic Eclipse from the least enthusiast-friendly generation.  The only mechanical bright spot is the supercharger, but the slushbox will keep the fun factor down.

Click for eBay ad
Roseville, MI, USA
$11,900 BIN with offers considered and three days to go

The overdone 20-inch wheels don’t event stand out here, with so much to look at.

Here’s a “closed up” view – see the eBay listing for more pics of those “interesting” murals.

And, yes, the murals are different on each side.

Yes, the obligatory fart can exhaust is present!

If you thought the exterior was something to behold, have a look at this interior.  The seller proudly claims that seven LCD monitors are present.  Note also the odd speaker placement choices(dash mid-bass?).

Yes, this has a nitrous system and, yes, the interesting interior choices carry over to the rear.

No surface was left untouched…

Supercharger is a welcome sight on this I4 Eclipse; but why not start with a V6?  Also, we assume the green cam cover adds at least 6 HP.

Ad text:

Car: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Professionally built Custom Show Car Known as “DragonSlayer” when on the Import Show Car scene!
Too Many customs options to list… Cost to build was over $70K! everywhere you look on it has amazing craftsmanship & detail…no other car like it – truly sick & one of a kind.
Would make a Great Promotional Vehicle for any business. 

Performance Mods: This cars engine has been fitted with Crowler Billet Rods, Ripp Pistons, and a Ripp SDS Supercharger belt drive system driving a Vortech V5-G Trim Supercharger (nice whine)..Programmed Ripp Black Box ECU..4 into 1 Header and NOS. Nicely detailed engine compartment. Auto Trans w/slap shifter

Interior Mods: Professionally custom upholstered seats & molded fiberglass trim panels w/airbrush dragon theme throughout. Car has a heart pounding  LOUD JL Audio/Video Sound system all over the car. Complimented with a custom dash and many engine performance gauges and LED compartment lighting.

Exterior Mods: Molded Blitz body kit, car lowered for the perfect ride height . Hours & Hours of Professionally painted & custom air brushed paint work with the mystical “DragonSlayer” theme , twin Halo headlights, 4 corner strobe lights, underbody and in cab LED green glow lights
Tires, Wheels, & Suspension Mods: Tires are 20″ Falkens mounted on Custom Hipnotic Joker Wheels painted to match car lowered with a skunk 2 suspension system and stops with Falcon 10 Brakes and slotted rotors.

Audio/Video Mods: Custom JL Audio/Video sound system installed with twin amps , 4 -10″ lighted neon subs in the rear,  8″ sub in the dash, multiple mid speakers and 7-TV monitors all throughout the car

Awards:  3 time south east region points champion Import Face Off many wins with KOSS Motor Sports, Best Paint and Best Import at NOPI 2012, Runner up for Best of Show Hot Import Nights 2012. Car has been in many magazines. I drive this to local car shows and the looks are crazy…No disappointment here with this attention getter. Car still in great shape for its age of build and only used as a show car since.

Zombie Apocalypse Honda Civic

Here was have a 2004 Honda Civic EX with some interesting mod choices.  Was it modified for night rallies?  We say no, as the roof rack makes no sense.  So, we must assume this was inspired by the Hyundai Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine.  Too bad the tire/wheel choice won’t make for good off-roading.

Underneath it all is a 220K+ mile Civic in really good shape with claimed regular maintenance.  One big issue: it has an airbag light on and needs an airbag recall completed.  Could it be a Takata unit?  If so, is the goal to get the Zombie into the driver’s seat and ram the car into a tree?

True to Honda’s “masters of simple option packaging” form, this EX means is fully loaded.  Thankfully, they left a bit of ordering complexity in the mix in that customers could still choose a manual trans!  So, beneath the oddly-chosen mods lies a pretty desirable little coupe.  Sadly, the seller provides no asking price; so we don’t know if it’s a good deal.

Click for Craigslist ad
San Bernardino, CA, USA

Massive LED light bars, overly-wide wheels with stretched tires and plastic fender flares, a roof rack and an oversized rear wing.  These don’t go together, but the end result is oddly appealing.

This shot reveals just how wide those wheels are.  Also, is that a rear LED light bar?

It’s not clear whether the Mercedes ride-on toy comes as part of the deal.

You’re damn right the exhaust exits through the valance!  Also, this seems to answer the rear LED question.

Yes, those are rear LED bars of some sort…

Interior is basically original and appears to be in great shape.  Note the obligatory “Illest” logo near the shifter.  It’s probably also on the seller’s flat-bill hat.

Engine is stock save for cold hot air intake, which probably gives it a nice sound.

Was this the inspiration??

Ad text:

What’s up craigslist. Just testing the waters to see if I can trade my 2004 honda civic EX, with a 1.7 liter 4 cylinder vtec motor, with a 5 speed manual transmission. Nothing has been swapped engine or transmission wise. It’s all original. The cars is around 220,000 miles+ and going. I use this car to make a daily commute to work, that’s it. This car is not abused or used for racing, I maintain it on every 3 months. The car has no leaks, no overheating, and no unusual noises. The car comes with power everything, Windows, sunroof, mirrors, and locks. It’s got a full functioning A/C and heater, as well as cruise control. The interior is at a 9/10, there’s no rips or tears. The car also has a 4 point netami seatbelt harness. Tags are up to date until February of next year. There are no check engine lights, there is however a airbag light on. That’s due to an airbag recall for this year and model. You can take it to any honda dealer near you to have them changed out for free with no charge. I just haven’t had the time to take it in yet. The car is modified on the outside for the most part, the engine only has an air intake system. It’s still passes smog. A new suspension system was recently installed a month ago. The car is sitting on diamond racing wheels with specs of 16×10 with all negative offset, on some stretched tires that are almost still new. So I’m looking for an even trade or if your trade is better than mine, money on top could be possibly negotiated, but I’m mainly looking for an even trade, with the same amount of miles or less. Model years from 2002 thru 2004 would be preferred, manual or automatic. Title status isn’t an issue for me. The trade must be in good running condition as mine! Pink slip is in hand, and if you need more photos, shoot me a text. Not in a rush to sell or trade.

Mini Cooper Airplane Car

Let’s get this out of the way: this doesn’t fly.  It’s just a novelty, but it’s an unusual one.

Apparently, this was used by Delta Airlines for some sort of promotion.  The Delta decals/logos have been removed; so it’s now just a white Mini with fiberglass airplane bits.  Want attention?  This might be for you…

Underneath it all is a 50.5K mile, automatic-equipped, Mini Cooper non-S – a very expensive one.

Click for eBay ad
Bellingham, MA, USA
$12,500 with ZERO bids and four days to go

Yep – tail fin and cone with some sort of light.  We’re not sure if that light works.

Beyond just the wings, doors have simulated jet profiles.

Front is unmodified.

Here’s another front 3/4 view.

This is what it once looked like.

Interior is stock.  We actually  like the white over black’n tan look, as much as anyone can like a white car.

Ad text:

Do you want to turn heads or create conversations? How about being photographed constantly? Well, this Custom Mini Cooper / Promotional Vehicle is sure to do the trick!

This is one of four custom Mini’s that were created for promotional purposes and used by Delta Airlines.  This vehicle is in excellent condition given its age and intended use. 

Although, It has been driven only a handful of times, since we acquired it several years ago, it drives great and its a blast to drive!  We originally acquired two of these “airplane cars” and several other vehicles as part a “collection” that we purchased.   Our intention on this one, was to keep it as part of our private collection.  We had this car gone over by our mechanics and new tires were installed upon arrival at our garage.  

To answer a few questions, that we have heard since we acquired it:

– Whats it made of?  Its a regular Mini Cooper body.  The wings and rear tail fin are fiberglass.  They are not removable.  
– Does it fly?  No.  Although, its very convincing and I’ve always wanted to bring it to a private airport and see if they would let me “test it”!!
– What else makes this car unique?  It has a built in Siren / Sound System that is extremely loud and perfect for parades and large crowds.  
– How do I know it’s authentic? Just Google “Delta airplane car” and view images. 
– Is it street legal?  Yes – it complies with all DOT regulations for width, height and the extrusions that are added to the vehicle meet DOT requirements. 
– Has the vehicle been modified mechanically?  No.  The fiberglass details are the only modifications to the car.  Its registered as a Mini-Cooper.

A couple of questions that we expect to receive:
– Does it currently have graphics on it?  No.  Its all white and all graphics have been removed.  
– Will I ship it?  No.  All transportation will be the buyers responsibility.  
– What is the reserve? That’s confidential. 
– What’s the buy it now price?  There is none.  Lets see what happens with this auction. 
– Will you consider a trade?  No.  
– Why are you selling it? Well, we have a growing custom car business and the overall curiosity factor that this car creates needs to be better utilized!  Its a shame for it sit in our warehouse and driven once or twice a year.  

So, that is the story.  Feel free to ask more questions or make a bid on it.  Good Luck!