Reliably Weird: 1985 Toyota Van Pickup Conversion

We’ve featured our share of van to truck conversions, but haven’t previously encountered one based on the creatively named 1980s “Toyota Van.” This seems like a winning combination of weirdness and reliability.

The body has 180K miles, but the seller proudly states that a new Toyota forklift engine has been installed. The 3Y and 4Y engine originally installed in these vans were also used in lifts; so this isn’t as strange as it sounds.

Paint here is described as camouflage, but we’re not convinced. What’s the worst news? Well, it’s the automatic trans. Still, this isn’t built for canyon carving – it’s built for hauling parts for your unreliable European project cars; so we can deal with the slushbox.

Someone already did the Sawzall work; so what’s this worth to you? At the current $500 bid, it’s a no brainer, but we don’t know how much higher it can go…

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Sandy, OR, USA
$500 with one bid, reserve not met and six days to go

These are front-mid engine vans; so the engine is contained within the cab in this arrangemnt. We assume the rear of the “cab” is all custom and perhaps fiberglass?

Tailgate actually drops and the bed looks well finished from a distance.

License plate on gate might preclude hauling long objects without police issues.

On close inspection, the bed finishing is very DIY, what with ill-fitting diamond plate and wood floor. It probably works for hauling, but we wonder how well (and where) it drains, given water can easily get through those gaps.

Cab-forward, though not as much as my Vanagon…

What’s left of the interior appears to be largely stock.

Ad text:

C u s t o m M o d i f i c a t i o n

1985 Toyota Van custom modification.
Registration exp. 2018. This viva little truck was custom built for me from a 1985 Toyota Van (see photos), numerous work hours put in from start to finish.
Newer fork lift motor installed, all the wheel bearings greased/packed, runs like a top–of course it is very light weight so some added weight in the rear is good; automatic transmission, 2 wheel drive, 180376 miles on odometer.
It is pretty nice and I get lots of questions about the van when I park at the stores or places I visit.
it has camo paint on the body, diamond plate on inside of the box.
New fuel pump installed, gas gauge works, new alternator (have receipts). I wanted to put rails on the box, have not found the
ones I like. Drives very nicely, it is one of a kind, and gets tons of attention every where we take it, the upholstery on the inside of the van makes it nice to drive.