Sightings: Newport Beach, CA July 6, 2017

I went to Newport Beach for a Duffy Boat ride and was rewarded with a few odd sightings – all in one parking lot.

This gem speaks mostly for itself, but we first noticed the Pep Boys hood scoops and the body side molding used on the hood, as well as the horrid decal work on the side.

Under the front bumper is a strange assortment of LED lights.

The rear features very thick molding applied in odd locations. Its a bit sad to see the car that introduced the DOHC Ford modular V8 (later used in the SVT Cobra) to the world treated like this. That being said, we’re not sure whether it’s better or worse than the geriatric, puffy top treatments these usually get.

Lumina APV – need we say more?

Finally, in the same lot was a genuine 280ZX 10th Anniversary Black Gold edition!

The paint has oxidation, but the car is overall in pretty amazing shape and appears to be mostly original.

MSA/Grant steering wheel is a common mod and we also noted a MSA 6×9 speaker panel in the back. Great news in this pic is the manual shifter.

Is The Price Ever Right for a Mitsubishi Mirage?

We say yes, if it’s a Mirage Turbo from almost thirty years ago (hey, look, a dedicated site!). With this new one, however, we’re not so sure. That being said, we at Oddimotive are drawn to this product’s unique position as a true sub-subcompact – essentially the most basic thing one can buy.

The car in question was a prize on, you guessed it, The Price Is Right! The seller apparently has no desire for a new car (at least one with a CVT) and is selling it with a little bit of TV hype. Still, the price isn’t crazy vs. MSRP, though we wonder about transaction price.

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Mullet on Wheels: 1992 Chevy Astro Pickup Conversion in Teal!

The Astro and Safari Twins represented GM’s initial entry into the minivan segment, but featured body-on-frame construction and a rear-wheel drive configuration, vs. the unibody, front-wheel drive minivans that would eventually dominate the market. While this breed may not have lived on, these did offer truck-like payload and towing capacity and thus were popular with contractors. With that capability, why not make one into a pickup?  Well, someone did…

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Shorty VW Thing

Is a VW Thing too practical for you? How about a shortened one with two doors removed? Nope, VW never produced a two-door VW Thing, but a few unique individuals have decided to chop them over the years. Today’s feature is the victim of this practice.

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World’s First Wankel: 1965 NSU Spider

Mazda may own the volume rotary engine production story, but NSU put them into production first. So, in a sense, Audi has rotary heritage. We’ve not heard of any plans to bring one back, however. All that said, this is a second-year NSU spider, which has a rear-engine, rear wheel drive layout and makes the most of this compact engine with storage above it (see images below). There aren’t a lot of these and they don’t come up for sale often.

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