Maple Turbo

We didn’t realize Canada got a later Sprint Turbo. Apparently, they had this second generation car until about 1992.  In the US. only the first generation cars had the 1.0L 3-cylinder turbo.  The best version of this body that we got was the Swift GTI/GT, which was pretty darn cool itself and is referenced in the ad.  This one found its way to Arizona – not sure about registering it,especially here in CA.

It’s interesting that Ford just now brought out a similar powertrain…

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At press: $1,000 with 7 bids and reserve not met

Hood scoop wasn’t included on the Gen 1 cars the US got – it was more of an inlet at the leading edge of the hood.  We’re not sure if this is supposed to be body color.

This is where the magic happens.

Owner swapped in a Swift GTI interior.  We assume the stock seats were less bolstered.

Wheel covers are so bad they’re good.

Ad text:
This is a 12th month of 1989 GEO SPRINT TURBO sold in Canada, very rare in the US. It runs good and is ready to drive anywhere—NO RUST—It is bone stock with the exception of the front and rear seats including door and rear side panels. A couple years ago I installed 1989 GTI interior because it was in very nice condition and has more style. I installed a new clutch kit about a year ago. I have many pix so dont be afraid to ask for more. I will accept 500 in my PayPal at close of auction and the rest upon pickup. NO RUST ON THIS CAR. I have included some pix of the bottom of this car. The rubberized part of the dash will need replaced as the Arizona sun has cracked it, check pix.


We’ve always wondered if a certain demographic might have a seemingly unusual interest in the Jaguar 420.  This ad may just confirm that said demographic is indeed interested.

In truth, while it’s easy to make fun of this ad, we car people must admit a bit of jealousy torward the seller for having managed to accumulate these gems and we must pity him for selling.  Could it be a spousal mandate?

“NOTE: The vehicles are not running and need restoration.”  Did anyone really wonder?

Can all these things be combined into one amazing project?  That sounds like a challenge…

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Ad text:

CAR GARAGE SALE!!!!! Come today from 10am-3pm!!

xxxx xxx St.
Lancaster, Ca 93536

Contact number: 562-xxx-xxxx

Car Parts, flat heads, Cars and MORE! It’s a must see sale TODAY!!


** We have for SALE **
– 1939 Ford 2 Door Convertible- make offer (not running, no engine)
– 1941 Ford Pickup 1/2 Ton- $12,000 (not running)— Little to NO RUST
– 1950 Oldsmobile Futuramic 2 door coupe- $5,000 (not running)
– 1967 Jaguar 420 4 Door Sedan make offer (not running)
– 1972 Olds Vista Cruiser- make offer (not running)
– 2 Ford, flathead engines- $275 each
– 1 350 Oldsmobile engine $150
– Other various car parts, seats, steering wheel, wheels and more

NOTE: The vehicles are not running and need restoration.


4-Bus combo package!

Does anyone ever fully understand these group deals?  There are some possibly nice buses here (they’re NOT Vanagons!), but the lacking images and details are a bit surprising, and one has to wonder how many people are interested in four buses.

Maybe it’s just a marketing idea to have one ad and sell individually.  Still, we like to picture it the other way, with some buyer showing up – in another bus, of course – with four friends to help drive ’em all home.

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Cool lineup shot!

Saved the best for last?  This panel van is especially interesting and the ad reveals it’s where the time has been spent.

Was the yellow one the lest photogenic and they didn’t want to spend the extra $0.10 for a fifth image on eBay?

Ad text:

4-Bus Package Special:

1969 Volkswagen Deluxe Passenger bus 1600 single port engine runs and drives.
1970 Volkswagen Deluxe Passenger bus 1600 single port engine runs and drives.
1971 Volkswagen Panel van. Many, many new parts.1971 Panel Van. 1600cc dual port engine, good transmission. Just lowered with Wagens West Kit, 4″ narrowed adjustable front beam, 2.5″ drop spindles and rear plates 3.5″ . The original pastel white paint still sits in the door jambs. The body is clean only a few dents no rust it’s a very solid bus. It has front and rear bumpers complete with brackets that are chrome. See list of New Parts installed on the van below. 

Wagon’s West Kit: 4″ narrowed adjustable front beam 2.5″ Drop spindals, rear drop plate kit 3.5″ 
New steering box 
New rebuilt power assist brake booster 
New German master cylinder 
New NOS German bus ignition switch 
New ball joints (4) 
New front shocks, and steering dampener 
New German tie rods, and drag link 
New rubber brake hoses 
New German front brake pads 
Rebuilt front brake calipers 
New German rear wheel cylinders 
New rear shocks 
New rear brake shoes 
New rear rubber brake lines 
New German C.V. joints (4) 
New USA made C.V boots (4) 
New Gas Burner Wheels 15″ with the center caps (4) 
New 185/60/15 Kumo tires (4) 
New TMI door front seat covers and door panels done in early bus brick red&black 
New Interstate battery 
New Rock & roll bed with deluxe TMI upholstery material 
New quiet pack exhaust system (not yet installed) 
Rebuilt VDO dash clock 
New rubber floor mat 
New fuel pump

1971 Deluxe Passenger bus 1600cc dual port engine runs and drives.

Grab yourself a Grabber!

Here we have arguably the best Ford Maverick edition ever  made.  Everything is relative, of course.  We at Oddimotive remember when Mavericks were just cheap, ugly used cars.  Nowadays, they have retro appeal and, for some reason, don’t really look so ugly anymore.  Times change.

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At press: $1,395 with one bid and no reserve
03/25/2013 update: someone paid $1,635 for this bad boy

This one needs, at a minimum, some cosmetic help.  The ad has no interior shots, which is cause for concern.

There’s the grabber hood.

Unfortunately, this one has an inline 6.  We’re not sure how rare a V8 Grabber might be.

Ad text:

Up for sale (1971 RARE Ford Maverick Grabber SoCal body if your interested in this rare model here’s your chance, 
If you need furthermore details please contact me at anytime 
-Original paint and decals 
-with original factory I6 engine and transmission NUMBERS MATCHING 
-STARTS, tags up to date , could use a tune up ,  
Interior Needs work
So cal body with original paint over 40 years old and decals
Interior needs some t,c
Small rust hole in rear valance 
On both sides
,truck pan and floor pans have no rust 
Doors and fenders are rust free. 
Great vintage muscle car to RESTORE or drive
Ford maverick ford falcon sprint
 Ford grabber impala Chevy Chevrolet chevelle rat rod, Chevy impala, convertible got Pontiac ford maverick 1964 1968 1980 1969 1971 1970 ford Chevy impala caprice,My tags 64 impala ford falcon truck Honda dodge coupe mustang hot rod project 


This was never meant to be such a T-Bird/Cougar-heavy site, but they just keep popping up in weird searches.

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As of press time: $3,500 optimistic starting price with no bids
03/25/2013 update: Shockingly, this ended with no bids at the $3,500 opening price…

Who could say no to this face?

Interesting storage choice.

Lots through which to sort…

Ad text:

Project “Butt Ugly”
1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe project
This has been my ongoing project for over 10 years, but it is time to sell everything and move on.  The plan was to build a bracket racing car, but the title and most of the parts are there to put the car back on the road.  I have a clear Tennessee title for the car.

As stated, this is a project that was headed towards being a bracket car.  I have parts from years of swap meets and junk yard trips.  Unless stated otherwise, assume everything you see here is used, but in good condition.  Some of the stuff is new, and I point those things out.  I have over 100 pictures of everything — just the highlights are listed here.  If you want to see more, please ask, and I’ll give you a url to view them all.  I have them broken down in these groups:


·                     1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

·                                 Clean title, VIN label on the car is unobscured

·                                 Body panels are straight           

·                                 slight surface rust from previous body work, but NO rot.

·                                 all glass is good .

·                     Factory Leather seats, the drivers seat is worn through

·                     Clean headlights, clean taillights (not fogged or crusty)

·                     Factory “Turbo” ignition key

·                     NOS Racing seat

·                     NEW hand laid fiberglass hood scoop

·                     Factory non-Turbo Coupe hood (for mounting hood scoop)

·                     Extra factory trunk lid

·                     Extra factory Turbo Coupe nose (slight damage on one corner)


·                     1979 351W / 5.8L engine, complete and unmolested

·                     1968 Cast iron reworked factory 302 heads(C90E), have been ported.  Need valve guides

·                     NEW Edelbrock Performer #7182 Cam and Lifter set

·                     Edelbrock Performer RPM Aluminum Intake

·                     Factory EFI Aluminum Intake

·                     NEW SFI Certified flex plate

·                     NEW complete Engine Gasket Set

·                     NEW pushrod guideplates

·                     NEW hardened pushrods

·                     1.6 aluminum roller rockers

·                     MAC 351/Fox Body long tube headers, great shape

·                     HPM Solid Engine Mounts, with 3/4″ Aluminum spacers

·                     NEW Chrome Moly oil pump shaft

·                     Forged flat top L3009F pistons, .030 over

 Trans & Torque Converter

·                     Complete AOD (non-electronic) transmission

·                     Extra AOD case

·                     (2) C4 cases, bell housings, lots of internal parts

·                     TCI Street Fighter Torque Converter, 3,000-3,200 stall speed  P/N 451900

·                     NEW B&M Shift Improver kit, P/N 50260

·                     B&M Shifter with reverse lockout

·                     some T5 Manual transmission parts



·                     5 Lug factory spindles, rotors, and calipers

·                     Mustang 8.8″ rear end

·                     5 Lug factory Ranger rear axles, backing plates, and drums

·                     4.33 Rear Gear Set

·                     NEW Rear end overhaul kit

·                     NEW Traction-Lok overhaul kit

·                     NEW MAC 8.8 rear axle girdle

·                     Fox Thunderbird-specific weld-in frame connectors

·                     Torque box reinforcement plates, bolt in or weld-in

·                     Boxed-in factory trailing arms

·                     Bolt-in driveshaft loop

·                     NEW H&R Lower spring set

·                     Lakewood 40511 90/10 Struts

·                     Rebuilt Mustang II Manual steering rack

·                     Hardened long wheel studs

·                     Aluminum 15X10 two piece rear wheels, drilled for tire screws

 Fuel System

·                     Holley 3310 4-barrel Carburetor

·                     NEW Holley carb rebuild kit, P/N 37-933

·                     NEW RCI Fuel Cell

·                     Fram HPG-1 External Fuel Filter

·                     Holley Blue electric fuel pump

·                     Fuel Regulator


·                     NASCAR Nationwide Series slicks (2 sets) 27.5X12, 15″

·                                 These are not good for racing, but great for setup or burnout shows

·                                 Still have plenty of meat left on them


·                     Electric Fan

·                     Master Battery cut-off switch

·                     Line Lock

There is probably other stuff that I haven’t listed that I will throw in when I find it, but what is listed is what is for sale.  Don’t assume anything – ask me if you have any questions.  For example, there are parts missing from the dash and center console, and the driver’s arm rest is gone.  You don’t see them, so they aren’t there.

I REALLY want to sell this as one lot.  If it doesn’t sell by the end of March, I’ll break it up.  The other option is to trade for a 28’ or longer gooseneck enclosed car hauler OR a 1937/38 Dodge/Plymouth 4 dr. sedan.  If you have either one in decent condition, let’s talk.

Perfect? No. Cool? Hell yes!

These don’t come up too often.  Someone here at Oddimotive HQ has a strange bit of Volvo experience involving a yellow 1974 142 and will always have a soft spot for two-door bricks. At 159K miles, this thing is just getting warmed up, although it needs a lot cosmetically.

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At press time: $405 reserve not met.
Update 03/28/2013:  $1,009 with 21 bids and reserve not met.

Groovy fog lamps were part of the GT  trim level.

The interior had unique GT trim, as well.

Wheels were unique to the GT and we don’t remember the name.  Most Volvo wheels have catchy names and most are interchangeable among 20+ years of cars.

2.1L, baby!  That must have scared off the muscle car guys.  Engine was the same as any other 240, as the Turbo hadn’t arrived yet.  Suspension was upgraded, however.

Ad text:

Up for your consideration is a 1979 242GT coupe complete with original interior with factory wheels, factory AM/FM Volvo stereo, 6×9 Volvo speakers in rear deck with original radio booklet with fuse and owners manual with the plastic Volvo dealer card. The car was repainted a while back and the clear coat is coming off. The seats will need to recovered do to sun damage, the dash only has 2 cracks which are on each side of the cluster. Door panels, door pockets, ebrake console are in very good condition. Mileage is unknown since the odometer does not work at this time. Original spare tire with tool kit and jack are still in the trunk but, the air can is missing, the plugs are still in the wheel wells. The car had a tow hitch at one time and still has the wiring plug that was installed next to the lic. plate. The original GT rims, “V” center caps in fair condition with a set of real good tires are on the car. There is a small dent along the right rear quarter panel. The clear coat is coming off but the paint appears to look okay. The is a small piece of the plastic trim that goes around the driver side fog light that is damaged see close up pic of grill. Reg. is Jan. 2013. A/C works but has a leak so it need to be recharged.

I have tried to give as many details as I can about this car, it is also being offered locally so I reserve the right to end the auction early. The is sold “as is with all its faults”, remember you are bidding on a car that is 33 years old and so there may be some issues that I am not aware of. I do suggest that you inspect the car yourself or have someone inspect the at you expense. I will gladly make myself available to your mechanic to inspect the car. email me with your questions. Paypal deposit of $200.00 and balance due within 3 days after the auction has ended wired to my bank.

I will gladly ship world wide and will deliver the car to L.A. for $200.00 or you can pay to have it shipped yourself.

German Hearse

Why not?

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Manual trans is a huge bonus!

They’re a bit proud of this hood ornament.

Ad text:

1979 Mercedes Benz W123, hearse. Very RARE to come across a Mercedes hearse like this in North America, as most hearses used here are Cadillac. This one was used for an entire season of a television show, where they toured the U.S. in it.
There were a few repairs encountered while on the road during filming, so as a result, the car has had A LOT of money and work put into it to get it back to purring like a kitten! Among other things, the engine was completely re-built, and now has only about 2,000 miles on the new engine. Just put another $2,000 into it recently getting all the brakes completely redone. It runs great and looks amazing!! This car is definitely one-of-a-kind, and guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!
It has dual fuel tanks and can run on either Diesel, Bio-Diesel or vegetable oil (WVO conversion). Body is in excellent condition, with new black paint job, red interior with red velvet curtains. The coolest part I think is the custom-cast, skeleton hand hood ornament that’s throwing horns!!
This would be great for a touring band, hearse club, musician, movie…..or for just any enthusiast who loves hearses!!

Asking $10k or best reasonable offer. No TRADES. Serious inquiries only please, don’t waste my time or yours. Thank You.

Chrysler TC by Maserati

This ad pretty much says it all – the love child of Iaccoca and an Italian. Undeniably, is was the costliest K-car ever!

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What was the result?  Well, something that looked more-or-less like any other LeBaron, but with a T-Birdesque porthole top.  I seem to recall these, like Cadillac Allantes, were flown over the Atlantic as part of their journey to showrooms and, ultimately, failure.

Yeah, okay, it was the best looking LeBaron, but still…

This thing did have extra leather heaped on in a rather gaudy fashion.  Anyone who’s seem a Biturbo understands.

Just to make it weirder – how about some Mitsubishi power.  I recall some of these had a turbo four and manual trans, but this ain’t one of ’em.