Dismantling a 1986 Corvette Yields a Unique Hot Rod

Here we have an interesting idea. The owner apparently had T-bucket hot rods before and noted (correctly) that they’re not really long-distance cars. We don’t know how, but he ended up with a 1986 Corvette and proceeded to remove most of the body panels, then construct a Model T-type “trunk” and add an old school radiator frame. The result sorta-kinda resembles a hot rod, but maintains Corvette running gear and suspension; so it theoretically is perfectly driveable for the long haul, assuming the lack of a top doesn’t bother you.

The car titles as a 1986 Corvette and the seller points out that insurance and registration are cheap. The engine was rebuilt under 900 miles ago. The seller claims the engine has a “mild” build for reliability, but we do see two four barrel carbs; so it’s not too mild. Given it’s clearly not built to original L89 specs, you’ll need to see about passing inspection and/or smog in your state.

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Hagerstown, MD, USA
$18,500 BIN with offers considered

Well…it is unique.

We’re not sure whether the front end protrusions are factory or added, but we hope they’re factory.

Here’s the early Ford-type radiator treatment.

Rear end has the classic box trunk.  Who needs fenders?

Quad tail lights and badge are nods to the Corvette.

Interior appears to be completely custom and rather basic, but that’s the hot rod style.

No, that’s not an open cubby, that’s a digital gauge pack.

The trunk contains the large battery and a fuel tank.

As we noted above, the factor fuel injection has been scrapped in favor of two carbs.  The engine is finished out for show, which is good, considering there’s no way to hide it.

Ad text:

A true ONE of a KIND car that is not only a looker but a DRIVER! This handles and drives like a really fast go kart is the best way to put it.  What we have here is a custom chopped corvette. It has all corvette suspension so it handles like a dream, the weight has been drastically reduced. The body of this car is a 1986 C4 corvette and that is how its titled as well. The chevy 350 engine has been fully rebuilt and only has 875 miles on the odometer, all digital gauges have been installed. This is a very flashy gets lots of attention no matter where you go kinda car, people will try and stop you at red lights, take pictures and videos you name it! So if you don’t like that kind of attention this car isn’t for you. The engine has been mildly built for reliability and runs on pump gas. I have owned a couple T Buckets in my day and if you ever drove one they are very sketchy to drive and a “around town car”. Plus they are not safe, this has seat belts and a roll bar.  You can actually hop in and drive it on a trip down the interstate without a problem. Countless hours have been put into this car with an attention to detail to truly make it shine, the car needs nothing and is ready to drive home.  The car will easily burn the tires or sling sideways if that is what you like to do. I have pampered the car and it hasn’t been abused or ripped on by any means, was just a nice summer cruise car. It has a custom built in stereo has been installed with a CD player,  newer corvette staggered rims and tires. A custom red flame paint job, well over $40,000 has been put into this car. If you never built a car you don’t know, parts add up VERY quickly. This is a MAN toy and for about the price of a Polaris Rzr you can have a toy that is drive able every weekend. I really don’t want to sell this car by any means, but am in the process of moving and won’t have a garage anymore to store this beauty, and I refuse to let it sit out and cover it.  Its pretty obvious just looking at this car that it would be a blast to drive and it truly is! It easily fits on a 7×16 trailer as you can see from the picture above.

Title is in hand for this car, and insurance is very very CHEAP on this. It cost me $120/year full coverage. I will accept SERIOUS offers on this car, I know everyone is looking for the cheapest best possible deal you can find-but keep in mind a lot of money and time has been put into this car and its truly one-of-a-kind!  When making a offer make sure you have funds to pay for this car.  Any questions ask about or call text me 240xxxxxxx.