AMBEE, the Mighty Mini Monster Truck

Here we have a full-on, custom miniature monster truck!

Make no mistake, this truck is small. The seller has been nice enough to include a video of it running and driving and which gives a good idea of scale.

Ultimately, this is a custom tube frame with a tilt-up body, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and a Ford 302. The diffs are shortened Dana units. Oddly, a full multi-siren system from an ambulance is included and is fully operational. Given this could be a parade vehicle, that might make a bit of sense.  The seller claims one can climb in and out of the front, if need be.  There's also a fire suppression system, so that might alleviate some of your death trap concerns.

We love this thing, but it will never be remotely street legal and we're not sure what we'd do with it. If you have land, this could be for you! We hope someone has a blast with this thing!

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Fresno, CA, USA
$9,101 with 21 bids, reserve not met and 1.33 days to go

There are minivans and then there's this.

Front 3/4 reveals painted "grill."  Yes, that light bar works.

Straight-on, the rear shows the backwards-mounted Ford V8. Given it's a Ford, that makes the distributor easy to access! Grey tubes go to the top-mounted radiator.

Cool from every angle!

This is the front, with steering and a diff.

Here's the rear steering mechanism.

We imagine elbow banging would be common if off-road.  At least the harness may help prevent head banging, but a helmet may still be a good idea.

Cockpit is small, but appears to have everything it needs.

Here's the 302 with its headers and oddly-mounted radiator.

Here's the body tilted up to reveal the cage structure.  Pretty cool!

Ad text:

This is a one of a kind, professionally built Mini Monster Truck that was used at monster truck shows for exhibitions. As you can see, it has a custom fiberglass ambulance body with fully functional lights and multi siren sounds using the actual Code3 system from a real ambulance. This incredible machine has been affectionately named "AMBEE, the Mighty Mini Monster Truck".  

Everything about this truck is custom and was created by a team of professionals here in Central California. It's powered by a Ford 302 V8 with a C4 transmission, Shortened Dana 44 differentials and four wheel hydraulic steering just like a full size monster truck. The front wheels are controlled by the detachable steering wheel (easier cockpit access) and the rear wheels use a joystick for steering which is located on the right side below the shifter. It has and electric fuel pump, electric fans, a race car "Flame Out" fire suppression system with a fully enclosed roll cage and detachable side nets for safety. This monster truck is not for the timid. We are selling this for a private party so we've only driven it a few times and it's a little insane to say the least!

We listed it as a 1955 since it has no actual VIN number but were guessing it was built around 15 years ago. It only shows 93 hours on the Hobbs meter so there's not much running time on this awesome machine. It's been used as a promotional vehicle for a local business which is the best fit for this vehicle. Everywhere is goes it draws a HUGE crowd! So, if you want something that no one else has, here it is. I will be adding a video of it running and driving soon so please check back.

This vehicle is located in Fresno, California and can be seen in person anytime. We are selling this vehicle for a private party so please ask any questions you may have before you bid and we'll try and get them answered. Selling as-is. We do not provide shipping but we will help with any transporter you hire. 

See the video here:

On Apr-30-17 at 04:19:22 PDT, seller added the following information:

A buyer had asked about the body and as you can see it tilts up which does make it easier to get in and out. Depending on your size and flexibility, you can enter/exit through the front window with the body down. I'm 6' tall and I can do it no problem, especially if I remove the steering wheel. The body did have an electric lift that was operated by a toggle switch on the dash but I'm told it was removed, sent out for repair a few years ago and somehow lost. The current owner has no idea who it was sent to or where it is. The switch and mounts are still there so it looks to be an easy thing to replace if you wanted to. Also something you should know, the tires have great tread as you can see in the photos but they are original and do have cracks from age. Obviously this is not a highway vehicle so its not a big deal but they do show some age. Thanks!

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