Mid-Engine, Manually-Shifted Van: 1991 Previa

Sure, it looks like an egg, but we respect the Previa. What other minivan has offered a mid-engine layout, manual trans, supercharger and all-wheel drive? Sadly, one couldn't combine all of these concepts, as it seems all supercharged Previas were of the automatic, rear-wheel drive variety.  Today's feature is a rare one with its five-speed manual.  The addition of Lexus SC430 "pie plate" wheels is an added bonus.  We stand by previous claims that this is among the five ugliest OEM wheels ever offered.

This is a 231K mile van, but it's a Toyota, so maybe it's just getting broken in. The seller has had quite a bit of maintenance done recently, but anyone buying should assume this high mileage vehicle will occasionally need attention. That means anyone buying should be prepared to take to YouTube for videos on how to get to the engine for even the most basic of services. It is, after all, located under the floor between the front seats.

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Laguna Beach, CA, USA

Here's the delightfully odd profile and those hideous wheels. Oh, those wheels.

Odd from every angle (which is to say we love it).

Sorry, there's no S/C badge on the right rear corner of this'un.

This money shot shows the manual shifter.  We assume seats look like the inside of a pumpkin when we see cheap seat covers used for hiding.

How about one more show of that shifter and a touch of dash. It looks like a double DIN head unit will fit here. That means Android Auto can bring you all the modern technology you need!

Here's the third row. The second has been removed, but that's a temporary issue.

Here's the second row, which appears to be in great shape.

Yes, there's cargo space behind that third row!

Ad text:

ULTRA RARE 91 TOYOTA PREVIA/ESTIMA 5SPEED MANUAL! Mid-engine, RWD, old-school Original TOYODA PRODUCT(YES Toyota with a D) Extensive maintenance has been done. Here's what I did just in the last 3 months.....New NGK Iridium IV spark plugs and NGK wires, Brand new Clutch master cylinder, Brand new slave cylinder, Brand new Stage 2 Carbon Kevlar clutch and new transmission fluid, brand new rear main seal, brand new tie rods, brand new ball joints, Brand new rack and pinion, New stabilizer bar bushings, New control arm bushings, New stabilizer bar rod ends, new starter, new battery tie down. Drain, refill and seal rear differential, fresh oil change with Castrol 10w-40 with magnetic aluminum drain plug, BFI intake mod, Lexus SC430 plate wheels may or may not want to keep depending on the offer. Has a brand new alternator and belt. I might be forgetting something but yah, a lot of maintenance has been done! All pure and manual everything! Also has the Tow Package! I believe I'm only the second owner since I bought it.Just drove it to Vegas and back with no problems. Cons are has dime size dents here and there, could use some paint, Needs a new cat and o2 sensor. (no prob with smog). Needs a new compressor for the AC if you want AC(Windows down in Cali is the way to go). Heater works and Fan works. Also the interior is fairly clean. 7seater, 5 with the middle row taken out easily, and 3rd row can be folded out of the way to reveal huge cargo space if you need it. I was going to stance it out but I don't have any more to keep it. Original, oldschool, and bad ass bippu or stance start. 3800obo negotiable. CLEAN TITLE and Registered until April of 2018, 2nd owner, 231kMI. Other pics are examples of how it could be modded. Email me if your interested. Thanks

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