Frazer Manhattan Promotional Pickup

Apparently, this is a one-off (or one of three?) promotional pickup and is well known among "Frazerphiles."  This vehicle even has its own Facebook page!

It seems Earl "Madman" Muntz (of Muntz Car Company) commissioned these in an effort to convince Kaiser-Frazer leadership to produce them.  They never did, so no more were made. Frazer was a short-lived, upmarket attempt by Kaiser; so a unique Frazer is rare indeed!

The seller points out that there is no rust-through, but that the bed needs new wood.  Apparently, this is powered by an inline six and features a column-shifted, three-speed manual.  The engine is not stuck, but has not been started in a long time.  Whomever takes on this project will  have something really cool if they see it through to the end.  Hopefully, some old photos exist to show its original condition and finishes.

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Dixon, NM, USA
$10,000 with ZERO bids and half a day to go

One can safely say this looks like nothing else out there.  We like it!

All cleaned up, the chrome on this front end should be beautiful.  We'd ditch the aftermarket wheels for steel and hubcaps, though.

Maybe these steelies would work?  Note ornate rear bumper for pickup.  No tailgate is included.

Floor pans look solid.  We think the accelerator pedal goes on the right, unless the clutch is to the far left.

This truck has had recent press coverage.

Ad text:

As Found in Original condition the much talked about 1947 Manhattan Frazer Promotional
Concept Pickup, Commissioned by the Entrepreneur Earl "MADMAN" Muntz!

Muntz presented the car/truck idea to Henry Kaiser but the concept didn't catch on.

If you havnt heard of Madman Muntz, google him. Amazing individual.

It is featured in "Vintage Truck Magazine" and is due out in "Street Trucks" magazine soon.

This is a documented Commission.

There were three trucks built in 1947 from 3 new Kaiser or Frazer sedans in southern California.

Truck was found in eastern Oregon (dry climate) and now resides in New Mexico (dry climate).

There is very little rust on truck and is only surface rust (patina).

There are two of the three trucks still around but this is the only original one that exists.

Look at pictures, ask questions. do your research, and bid on a chance of a lifetime!

Shipping is on the buyer

Low starting price and NO RESERVE 

Needs to be in a Museum like the other one (it's sister) at the AACA Museum in Hershey Pa.

Engine and drivetrain is complete original and turns free, but hasn't been started in many years.

Wheels were changed at some point in life to the Cragers Mags on it now.

Old tires hold air but are shot but rolls and steers well

All Original!

To answer a few questions asked:
        The wood in the bed needs replaced, as most things need attention.
        Motor is free and not stuck. I think it will start with little work.
        There is no rust through anywhere, just surface rust.
        Was found in eastern Oregon at a collectors old wrecker service.
        Three speed on the tree, (there was a three speed. four speed and an automatic made). This is the first one with the three speed.
Also, there is no tailgate. The way it looks there may never have been one.
The other truck in the AACA Pa Museum is like a 40's ford tailgate. One could easily be adapted to fit and look nice because the rear window of this truck looks like a 40's ford truck rear window.

The Frazer Manhattan was the top of the line in the Kaiser/Frazer line up!

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