California-Made 70s Oddball: The Aerocon Boa

This is one of several fiberglass-bodied, kit-type cars sold without engine or trans and designed to accept Porsche or VW goodies. This one's special, though, as the fiberglass body sits on an aluminum monocoque. That is only now becoming more common, thanks to Jaguar, Audi and a few others; but it was seriously exotic stuff at the time, which probably explains the high price - equivalent to $70k in today's dollars.

The seller indicates that this example is powered by Porsche 914 bits and is "as-is" and waiting for restoration. It's not clear whether it runs or drives, but it certainly looks complete in the images and dealing with the 914 engine and/or transaxle will be the easy part.

We hope this oddball finds a loving home in which it will be revived as a runner for occasional drives and lots of smiles.  At somewhere around 2,000 pounds, the flat four should work nicely.  Hopefully, the handling is good, too.

Note that the seller put TONS of period brochure and press info in the ad - cool stuff!

Click for eBay address
Tampa, FL, USA
$6,350 with 3 bids, reserve not met and six days to go

The profile is simultaneously unique and familiar, with bits of Dino and Porsche visible to these eyes.

With the deeply recessed headlights, the front is unique,though some might say the Nissan Z31 got got some ideas from this one.

This angle exaggerates the already-long hood.

As does this one.  Note the t-tops!

Rear shows flying buttress design - not uncommon for mid-engine cars.

Before we go inside, take a look at the riveted aluminum door structure!

Interior is in great shape and has tasty, classic looks.

We feel a definite Lotus vibe in here.

Frunk is pretty tiny, so don't bring too much stuff.

Rear luggage compartment (aft of engine and on top of transaxle) offers a little more room.

Here's that trans.

Note more rivets.

Yep,T-Tops are included.

Ad text:

1977 Aerocon Boa "Porsche"  Special

Aluminum Monocoque  Chassis; Porsche Mid-Rear Engine; Aerospace Design

"The Fusion of Automotive  Design and Aerospace Technology."  That's how Dave Saunders, creator of the  Boa sports car and President of the Aerocon Corporation (an aerospace engineering firm  based in Ventura, California) put it in the Aerocon Boa  brochure. In  an April, 1978 Road & Track article, author John Lamm shared the following:

"Considering Saunders'  aircraft background, you wouldn't expect something too conventional for the  Boa's chassis and it isn't - unless you consider 'conventional' the Formula 1  automobile.  That's right, Saunders uses an aluminum monocoque chassis."

The Boa was designed for either  a Porsche 914 or Volkswagen engine - the choice was up to the buyer.   This is a rear mid-engine sports car with a wheelbase of 101 inches.  Total weight  is 1800 lbs, and in stock form, the Boa is approximately 15% (250  lbs) lighter than a Porsche 914.  With appropriate engine tuning combined  with the sophisticated chassis, the Boa would trounce a Porsche 914.

The price in 1977  for an Aerocon Boa was $18,000 - that's approximately $70,000 in 2017 dollars. While projections of 200 being built the  first year, just 15 cars were built before  production ceased in late 1978. The serial number of this car is "BOA-77-1013"  and may indicate this was the "13th" of 15 produced.

For Auction Today

Our Aerocon Boa was found several years  ago in Los Angeles, California and eventually made its way to Tampa, Florida.   In storage for the last 5 years, the odometer shows just over 7000 miles which given  the condition of the car may be original.  This Boa uses a Porsche 914  engine, and the drivetrain has not been tested.  The Boa looks great for a  40 year old sports car. It is unrestored and being sold in “as-is” condition  inviting the new owner an exciting opportunity to finish this car to their taste  and standards.  

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