1964 Renault Dauphine and Shop Closing Sale!

Here we have a claimed solid example of the classic Renault Dauphine.  That means rear-engine, water-cooled goodness!

Well, okay, it's a rear-engine platform, but there's no engine in it right now.  Well, that's not entirely true - it looks like the engine is currently sitting where the passenger seat should be.  The transaxle is in place, however.

So, what we have here is a project car, which means it's a deal at the current, sub-$2K bid, but shouldn't go up too far before one enters the realm of diminishing returns.

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Cullman, AL, USA
$1,425 with 18 bids, reserve not met and one day to go

What's not to love about this face?  It's good to see the chrome bits present and in apparently decent condition.

Similarly, thing look pretty good here.  We love the large-for-the-era wheels/tires.

Supposedly, this wheel was off for repair or replacement of a tire.  Note the four-wheel discs.  Do those make this a Gordini??

Reddish-brown interior bits are a welcome sight.

Rear seat appears to be in good shape. Note the air intake for the rear engine (well, cooling thereof).

The seller doesn't specify, but that looks like an engine to us.

Yes, the passenger seat is included!

Frunk contains some more carpet and the horns.

Here's the vacant engine compartment. We'd like to understand the cooling system better...

Ad text:

Now at age 75, after many years of restoring old race cars, we have sold our main shop building, and it's time to sell off most our accumulated stock of parts , and many of our cars.

This '64 Renault Dauphine is for sale at the shop and elsewhere and this listing may be cancelled at any time.  As usual,  we will consider reasonable offers to end the listing at any time

Not many of these SOLID Dauphines are left for restoration, and this is a very good opportunity to acquire one of the very desirable 1964 models that have the 4 speed transmission AND disc brakes on all 4 wheels.  Please look the pictures over carefully, this car appears pretty complete and has only surface rust on the floors...which is why we had it shipped here from Sunny California...

Will need a windshield....    and of course a motor build. 

There are some dents in the body, but it is SOLID

Tires all hold air, except the right rear which is being replaced while the pictures were taken.

VERY LOW reserve....

This is one of several cars in the shop that we continue to work on , and if not sold,  the price will change as work continues

Other cars , include the ex Karl Flessa '59 Bugeye race car, a '65  Morgan +4, a '57 Mercury Montclair w/Tpke engine, the ex Bill Leonhardt/ Dan Gallant  '57 Volvo 444 race car (oldest Volvo race car still actively racing ), 59'LaDawri Daytona 292 T'Bird w 3 deuces, a '60 Lotus 7 Series1, , the ex John Helms Fiat 124, spider race car,  '72 TE27 Corolla Vintage race car,a'52 BucklerMk10 TaylorAlloyBody, the original Fiberfab Factory Azteca mid-engine Corvair/Porsche 356 base , a'58 Turner 803, a PreWar Ranger 440 Aircraft engined race car, a '29 Studebaker Lt Six Boattail speedster,  several Vintage race car rolling chassis(s), bodies, and numerous other parts cars and cars for restoration..as well as a 4000 sq ft building full of Vintage parts.


  1. Back in 64, I was 17 and watched Concentration (with Hugh Downs) wiith my Mom. They were giving these away, and they weren't "solid" when they were new

  2. My brother had a similar era 1100cc Caravelle. It was a fun little car with top down goodness, but I can't remember if I spent more time in the passenger seat or behind the car pushing it. I'd consider owning one with fuel injection. :-)