Rear-Wheel Drive, Manual and T-Tops: Suzuki X90

We've featured a few X90s in the past because, frankly, we can't pass them up.  The X90 is perhaps the least likely vehicle to have made some level of mass production in the last twenty years (give or take).  While we'd love to have one in the Oddimotive stable, we have to confess that the X90 is also the least performance-oriented answer to the question of what has RWD, a clutch pedal and t-tops.

Today's example is a bit of time capsule, as mileage is very low and it appears to be in great shape.  Supposedly, this is an estate-sale car.  We're not sure whether the previous owner was embarrassed to drive this or truly cherished it, but the relatively high bidding price (so far) indicates that it will be cherished in the future.  This car has a funky color and goofy interior trim, as it should.  The only thing missing is four-wheel-drive; but this isn't likely to get out in the messy stuff, anyway.

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Old Lyme, CT, USA
$5,000 with 10 bids, non reserve and three days to go

Here's that unmistakable shape in a funky purple-blue color.

The rear reveals the very flat rear glass, tiny deck lid and spoiler.  Note the T-Top.

The interior looks like it's in great shape, but could use a vacuum.  The layout is basic, functional 90s.

Here's the door trim.  We hope the seats are just as delightfully odd.

Ad text:

Ultra low production number being the 57th off the line.

What a cool car!! Constantly gets attention where ever it is driven!  You cant get gas without people starting a conversation.  This vehicle is still ahead of its time to THIS DAY!

Mint condition and cared for with pride.  A one of a kind with the super low miles and most importantly the condition.  This will bring smiles to you face every time you drive it.  

Zero cracks in dash, Garaged and owned by an adult woman.  This was only a summer car that she drove here in CT.  Unfortunately, the only reason this vehicle is up for sale is because the owner has passed away and being listed as part of her estate.


Answer to eBay member question:

A: I have the sun shades and the bags or protective covers that the t-tops slide in to. I have everything that came from the factory. NO, they are not for sale. The shades will be going along with x-90 to the new owner. 

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