Quickie: 1993 Centurion Ford Bronco Dually

Talk about a tease!  Here we have one of the rare Centurion four-door Bronco conversions, apparently set up as a dually.  Sadly, that's about all we know about it...

The ad does indicate that the truck has an automatic trans (no surprise) and gas engine.  To get any more info, you have to call Charlie.

The interwebs contain some images of other Centurion duallies, but it's not clear whether they were a custom-ordered add-on or were part of the normal offering.  Given the non-matching fenders on the subject car, this one appears to have been modified at home.  The wheels also appear to have come from a dually donor truck.  What else under this one has been changed?

Click for Craigslist ad
Santa Ana, CA, USA
No Price Listed

Ad text:

Please call Charlie for details. Make an offer!

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