Get to Know this Homemade Geo Metro Pickup

That's right, folks, 1997 represented the end of a glorious run for GM's often-confused, import-based Geo brand.  Does that make this a collectible?  Probably not - especially considering the continuation of the Metro as a Chevrolet product for several more years.  Today's feature, however, isn't really about brand heritage, it's about yet another tiny hatch (AKA shitbox) turned into a pickup. If you think a Subaru Baja is just too practical, this might be the vehicle for you.

First - yes, this makes three Suzukis in a row.  Why not?

Small, FWD hatchbacks seem to make good pickups, or at least they tempt people into making them.  We'll venture to say that this one is pretty well done and the only issue we see is the lack of a folding tailgate.  Given the diminutive size of the "bed" and the nature of the vehicle, however, we don't imagine it holds the type of cargo that can't be lifted over the sides.

Think past the custom work and this is a three cylinder, manual Metro with 118K miles, which means it's barely broken in.  The seller has provided good pics and info, including some "in progress" pics from the build.  We respect that.

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Redlands, CA, USA

From a distance, the profile is vaguely similar to the Metro convertible.

Here, things look a little different.  Though we partially lament the lack of opening gate, the rear panels are pretty well done.

Chrome exhaust tip is a nice touch, but may over promise.

Here's a look inside the bed.  You could probably get a few bags of fertilizer (or "bags of sand") in there.  A beer keg might even fit.

Hopefully, the taillight lenses can be removed from the outside, as they're not reachable from the inside at this point.

Pep Boys seat covers usually mean shredded seats, but the rest of the interior looks pretty good.WeatherTech (or imitation?) mats fit with the pseudo-rugged image.

In case you were wondering, the spare is behind the front seat.  The builder even finished the panel with carpet, which is better than what most do.

This little beast actually came with a tach!

Here's the three cylinder in all its glory.'s one of the in-progress pics.

Ad text:

One of a kind, 1997 Geo Metro customized into a truck. Bedliner, custom back glass, two tone paint, chrome wheels, 80% tire life, low miles, new spark plugs, starts & runs great, 40 MPG, awesome gas mileage. Current registration, ready to drive. 

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