Panther Motors Scoot Coupe P150 Trike

The Panther Motors Scoot Coupe is pitched as a side-by-side scooter and is allegedly street legal, at least somewhere.  We think it looks pretty damned fun.

This is a trike, but it at least has the twin wheels in the front.  One can hope this means it goes around corners.  Despite the three-wheeled nature of this vehicle, the seller makes the odd claims that it has "4 wheel" disc brakes and "4 wheel independent suspension."  Perhaps there's a fourth wheel hiding somewhere?  The spare?

While this was born in FL, it's now in CA and apparently can be registered here.  If it's legal in CA, it's probably legal everywhere.  Frankly, we'd like to find out how it drives and it's tempting below about $2K.  That's less than one-third the cost of an Elio that may or may not get built...

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Ojai, CA, USA
$1,425 with 15 bids, reserve not met, $4,300 BIN price and four days to go

It's definitely low-slung, sporty and meant for nice weather.

Front end has vague New Beetle resemblance, but is essentially unique.

Rear reveals scooter roots.

Interior is about what one would expect - simple.  Note handlebars, as opposed to steering wheel.  Also, it looks like all hand controls were maintained, as there appear to be no pedals.

There's a little bit of storage space in a locking rear compartment.  Your stash will share space with the battery and what we assume is the fuel filler.

Ad text:

This is a practically new three wheel fun mini-car in sparkling red. It has 4 wheel disc brakes, seat belts, electric start, automatic transmission and is street legal.  It has full lighting, blinkers, horn,  full gages, 4 wheel independent suspension, rack and pinion steering and a top speed of 55 mph . The Scoot Coupe seats 2 adults, has a gel coat fiberglass body with windshield, folding mirrors, large storage trunk, locking gas cap and stainless steel safety bars.  It is Titled and sold by Panther motors in Florida   .  It is here in Southern California .  Great fun!

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